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What effect does light have? UNIVERSE | What effect does light have?

The creational story in the bible states that: “God said: Let there be light.” Could one also say: “At the beginning there was only radiation?”

Light represents just a minute particle of the radiation that is described here. It is one derivation of the divine RADIATION LIGHT that is spread right across the solar system, a divine AWAKENING ENERGY, providing light and viability for your organisms. Light is a reduced form of what is generally called ORIGINAL ENERGY. All light sources are concentrated rays of light emitting from your central solar system and therefore connected with the ORIGINAL CREATOR, with GOD. As you are solidified within matter, you can only utilise a certain part of the sun’s rays for your body. If you could utilise more of it, you would burn up and your organism, especially your skin, would burn. It is therefore important that you recognise that the whole structure of your Earth is interwoven and interconnected. If you eliminate one link from this chain, the whole construction of planet Earth would be destroyed.

RADIATION is first in line when it comes to supply your organism with energies, vitality, with growth and LIFE ENERGY. The first divine SPARK was also RADIATION and it created the universe and you here on Earth, right up now, by supplying your central sun with ENERGIES.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 19

You don’t know about the enormous POWER SOURCES, from whence one can draw glory. They are at the disposal of every creature. Such a POWER SOURCE is the sun. It is an unimaginable power source, as light is the greatest power in the whole magnificent universe.

There are two variations of light, namely physical light and SPIRITUAL LIGHT.

Physical light is an ORIGINAL ENERGY. Particles of light rush through the longest of distances and are extremely fast. Light has a high gravitation, similar to those of solid light bodies. It is a great force of attraction, pulling every plant and everything in existence upwards. If you fire a rocket, you know that it takes a lot of power to propel it forwards. But light is unbeatable in its power to move forwards; it is more powerful than any kind of magnetism or electricity. …

The INVISIBLE LIGHT is even stronger, is has the pure POWER of GOD and is the carrier of INTELLIGENCE. Its range and speed towers above anything that exists in the universe.

Please notice:

  • Physical light with its secondary rays, like magnetism and electricity, acts vegetatively and intuitively on all atoms and cells and controls and aligns them in groups.
  • The NON-PHYSICAL LIGHT provides the power and substance for all spiritual existence and the POWER for every intelligent individuality.

It is a great mistake to assume that the physical can bring forth some kind of intelligence, with its atoms and molecules it can’t even surpass magnetism and the conductivity of electrical impulses.

Organic life can never exist without SPIRITUAL LIGHT. Through these light oscillations, all intelligent orders and individual expressions of life vibrate.

All light oscillations take place in lawful harmony. Where this harmony is disturbed, all vibrations become unnatural and direct themselves against the LAW.

From the protocol [Before the landing] – page 29 - 30

… Your body needs solar energy to exist and to grow. Growth and life itself is impossible without sunlight. …

… The sun is your ENERGY SOURCE. The sun receives its energy from the CREATOR.

… The sun represents the GENERATOR and the SENDER wherein a filtering and a lessening of divine ENERGY takes place. …

From the protocol [Working with spiritual LLIGHT] – page 2 and 3

Is the sun’s movement controlled or are automatic processes at work?

The processes work automatically via divine LEVELS to the sun from there they are passed on to your planet. The process I have just explained to you is a simplification, more of a pictographic schematics. It will take a radical scientific rethink to explain just what the sun represents to you here on Earth -, namely that it represents a lot more than just what you see with eyes.

From a scientific point of view, the sun is a nuclear fusion reactor.

The sun acts as a “catalyst” and is also utilised as a converter for LIFE ENERGIES, rays of light and DIVINE ENERGIES. You wouldn’t be viable here on Earth, if these DIVINE RAYS wouldn’t reach you via the sun. You need the intensity of the sun with all its associated factors, to maintain your organism, your cells and your cell nuclei actively viable. Without this TRANSFORMER of divine life, you would be lost.

  • The sun provides more than just light and warmth! The sun provides more than you can perceive via your sensory organs and more that you can see beyond your mental horizon.

You would become more aware of the phenomenon that takes place within the growth process of flora and fauna, if your intellectual EYE was mature enough to perceive this. You would be able to experience and witness the biological SEQUENCE and this in a divine SENSE.

From the protocol [Working with spiritual LLIGHT] – page 3

Are there solar system where matter is of a more ethereal nature than here and where higher evolved ENTITIES live?

No living beings could stand GOD’S emanations, that is to say, GOD’S direct EMANATIONS there also. This is why a TRANSFORMER is necessary, there to transform GOD’S VIBRATIONS to a lower level. This is one of the sun’s assignments. Not just your sun, but all the suns throughout the universe. The suns are controlled and they emanate the radiation you measure and you’re familiar with. You must abandon your erroneous assumption that your sun merely represents a nuclear fission furnace. This is a false assumption!- …

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 4

What effect has spiritual LIGHT on the physical world of flora and fauna?

No life would be possible here either without spiritual LIGHT. If you would live in darkness under the Earth’s surface you would perish. Sunlight represents a part of the DIVINE LIGHT and is therefore DIVINE, because it contains the LIFE FORCES for your cells and therefore the LIGHT that is present within your body.

Therefore, the native tribes that worship the sun are not too far of the mark.

The sun is the connection to the CREATOR. The CREATOR couldn’t reach you without this solar energy.

From the protocol [Working with spiritual LIGHT] – page 3

  • Many years ago, space seemed to be empty space.
  • Sometimes later you knew that this space was filled with gases.
  • These days you already know that space is filled with energies.

But you still are not aware that space is actually alive, something we have known for many, many years.

The energies present in space are of the finest composition and are the carriers of an unimaginable INTELLIGENCE. We are dealing here with a cosmos extending into infinity, filled with MOTIVATION, with EXPERIENCE and with CONCEPTS. It is the INTELLIGENCE, the MIND and the CONSCIOUSNESS of the CREATOR.

Every person has a share of an especially designated wavelength in the cosmos, in your words: of an attuned FREQUENCY. No human being can go beyond its individual FREQUENCY, but one’s own wave range can certainly be highly developed.

A decision made, thus a spiritual, respectively a mental act of will, has an influence over matter. A thought can be expressed. A foot or an arm can be moved. All muscles can be moved by spiritual commands. This is a visual power of the spirit and it’s compelling.

Every movement can be guided by the mind. The command is invisible and a spiritual process, it isn’t guided by the brain, but guided via the brain from the cosmos, through an individual FREQUENCY into matter, that is to say, according to the respective molecules and atoms.

  • Molecules and atoms react to the power of these spiritual commands. - Molecules and atoms also react to spiritual commands that originate from the whole cosmos. …

GOD has virtually the MASTER KEY to all rooms, even if the single rooms called “man”, has its own key, it doesn’t fit any other room.

  • The great UNIVERSAL SPIRIT GOD has access to all the memory of a person, if HE uses his MASTER KEY to the cosmos.

It is at least some worldly progress that you recognise thought-transference (telepathy). Therefore, thoughts must race through space invisibly. They move as delicate WAVES through the cosmos, but they don’t emanate from the brain, but from the transcendental soul.

The THOUGHTS of GOD also race through space, but not everyone has gone to the trouble to expand their range of reception to such an extent, that he can receive these WAVES, but it would certainly be possible for everybody. …

Matter used for spiritual TRANSMISSION is divine ORIGINAL MATTER, which one could describe, with your wisdom, as an enormous, invisible and immeasurable LIGHT. The ENERGY is enormous as it has the greatest power of penetration and range.

This invisible LIGHT fills all divine REGIONS of the universe and space; consciousness and actions of thought are based on this material.

  • GOD’S THOUGHTS as well as the thoughts of all other creatures are alive as cosmic LIGHT.
From the protocol [Before the landing] – page 10 - 12

Is the LIGHT coming from GOD identical with the so-called “ether” the physicist Albert Einstein postulated, something that was later dismissed again?

That’s correct. - This is one SCIENCE your sciences have not yet recognised.

From the protocol [Working with spiritual LIGHT] – page 3

The so-called big bang created many solar systems. To what degree do these solar systems differ from one another? …

Not only various solar systems came into being, but also various galaxies, these huge islands of stars, wherein enormous numbers of solar systems are situated. Every planetary system is the progeny of its sun and as there are such a lot of different suns, there are also a lot of different planetary systems. If there is life on any of these planets - and that isn’t always the case - the creatures there are children of their sun in regards to their physical bodies. Their whole appearance is adapted to the radiation of their sun and the gravity of their planet. In addition to that there is also a difference in the level of mental development this also affects the ethereality of the physical body. This should do for now.

Do individual solar systems entertain contact with one another?

Well, as everything is connected to everything else, these solar systems and galaxies are also connected to one another. These are connections of a HIGHER ORDER and they are not always recognised and believed to be that. …

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 59

… everything, I repeat, everything is connected with everything else, whether we’re dealing with minerals, animals, plants or higher life forms that are able to cogitate about their own existence. Everything is interconnected and this naturally includes all solar systems that have ever been created and those still to be created. There is only one CREATOR and he put this interconnectedness between everything that exists in place.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 78

When you say “sun” do you mean the ORIGINAL SUN?

I was talking about the planetary sun, present within your solar system as the central star and delivering the necessary energy to sustain life.

Do we understand this correctly, we also receive VITALITY beyond the well-known energies our sun supplies us with? …

Naturally. Life as you know it here would not be possible without light and the radiated heat from the sun. Apart from that, the rays of the sun also contain other COMPONENTS that you are presently not able to measure.

According to this, the sun is therefore an important focal point, one that the planets that receive its energy are grouped around?

Yes, that’s how it is. Look at the nearest larger system, your galaxy you christened “Milky Way”. You live inside a spiral nebula. Its insides becomes visible as a bright band in a starry night. Galaxies also possess central suns and they are positioned very close to the centre, thereby releasing such enormous forces, that the whole galaxy is provided for. The macrocosm mirrors the microcosm. The microcosm mirrors the macrocosm.

How is our planetary sun connected to the ORIGINAL SUN of everything that exists? …

Through the same kind of CONNECTION you have with all other life forms. You are connected with everything around you and therefore also with this solar system. If your solar system would drop out of the community of solar systems for any reason, this would be communicated to all the others immediately - even to all the other giant systems.

  • This is why it is so important that peace and harmony reign throughout the universe, because this ALL-CONNECTEDNESS immediately communicates every IMPULSE to all the others.
From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 3

According to a newspaper report, US-scientists managed to take sensational pictures of the heart of the Milky Way with the space-telescope “Chandra”. The report literally states: “The centre of the Milky Way has a temperature of 10 million degrees. The way we imagine hell to be.” What can you tell us about this?

It is as stated before: The centre of the Milky Way consists of a multitude of individual suns and their combined energy supplies the whole galaxy with energy. A source of energy that is made up of the most varied forms and frequencies, similar to the frequencies of your own central star. The galaxy’s central sun is as important to life in general as your sun is in regards to you on a smaller scale. …

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 11 - 12

Does a beam of light always travel in a straight line even if we’re dealing with great distances?

Light corpuscles distance themselves from their point of origin, but they are also influenced by antimatter. As we are dealing with a magnetic relationship between matter and antimatter, certain curvatures and deviations do appear at great distances. Yes, it even happens that physical light corpuscles are flung backwards.

This answer surprises us. This would mean that the presently accepted theory about the universe is incorrect. (before 1975)

This is correct. – But I emphasise that we’re dealing with significant distances here. It is insignificant with distances of only a few light years. The picture changes significantly with distances beyond one hundred light years or more. Antimatter repels the physical light corpuscles when contact between them becomes too tight. …

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 37

All of space is brightly lit. It doesn’t take an atmosphere to make an object visible. The rays of light emanating from stars and suns race from the source of the greatest energy in a straight line. These rays of light can experience deviations if they are forced to change their course by other energies. If they come to you from great distances, these rays of light pass through certain zones of interference. This is where the optical illusions come from, for instance the clustering together of stars that are situated behind these zones of interference.

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 41 - 42

I am aware that this has already been discussed on numerous occasions, but it still seems all too fabulous to you. – You will never be able to comprehend this.

  • The divine cosmos, outside of physical matter, contains a mysterious SUBSTANCE, an immaterial SUBSTANCE of incredible lightness and ENERGY. This SUBSTANCE, let’s call it JAHWUS for the moment, contains no gaps and in its consistency is like the yolk of an egg and it has similar characteristics to water. One can neither carve a gap into this substance, nor jab into it and it is impossible to send a ray or other energy through it. This is possible with water, but not with the SUBSTANCE JAHWUS. This universal HOMOGENOUS SUBSTANCE can vibrate in a fashion you’re not familiar with. This self-contained ENERGY continuously vibrates the whole universe and it does not require dissemination. Every corner of the universe vibrates exactly the same as at the place of its conception within a micro fraction of a second.

Formula: A = O ; O = A

There are not reflections, because A and O always have the same capacity. Everything is contained within this unit, even the negative and the positive, well even GOD, GOD’S FEELINGS and THOUGHTS as well as every life form within the universe.

The material plane has its physical laws and the spiritual PLANE also has its physical LAWS; I therefore ask you: What are these laws of physics? – These laws are nothing else but explanations in our eyes. Either plane correspond with the another, that is to say, its forms can be mutually exchanged or adopted by one plane from another plane.[1] Mind you, thoughts and mental impressions and concepts are also part of this.

[1] The following footnote: For instance, through death.

From the protocol [From star to star] – page 29 - 30

There is not one single human being throughout the universe that knows the POWER PLAY and the prevalent INTELLIGENCE within CREATION after a fashion. The ingenious interplay between individual micro and macro systems is so magnificently coordinated that is cannot be comprehended, because the mental capacity of all universal humanities does not suffice to do this. …

Mankind’s powerlessness becomes clearly apparent here.

Man therefore slams the door in GOD’S face, because he cannot endure GOD’S LIGHT and HIS WISDOM. …

From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 35

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