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Redeemed from one's sins? DEATH | Redeemed from one's sins?

Some of you are of the opinion that CHRIST has redeemed you from all negativity, because he paid for the collective guilt of mankind with HIS blood.

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 49

Biblical records insist that the MESSIAH had to die a death wanted and allowed by GOD, so that humanity would be redeemed from its many sins.

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 13

The dogma:
GOD sacrificed HIS SON JESUS CHRIST for mankind.

This dogma gives GOD the hallmark of a cruel FATHER, who allowed HIS SON to die in order to forgive criminals their crimes. This dogma can only produce disrespect for GOD. …

From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 13

  • The death of CHRIST is a crime and it is an impertinence of theology to present it in a fashion that gives the impression that GOD condoned this crime, yes, even desired it. This effrontery is unforgivable; then GOD is not a criminal not even in the name of LOVE.

As it was about an ENVOY of the divine SUPERVISION in the case of CHRIST, the theologians referred to the assumed “ALMIGHTINESS” of GOD.

But this was a great mistake;

As GOD didn’t rescue the dying SON of GOD from the martyr's cross. On the contrary - HE let him die a miserable death and this with the mockery of all accomplices. But one had to find an explanation for this. According to the usual human foolishness it was presented as follows: The almighty GOD let CHRIST die so that humanity will be “redeemed” from its sins. - An innocent scapegoat for all of mankind, which now is absolved of any responsibility and any jurisdiction.

I say to you with all forcefulness:

This is a dangerous mistake all of you will come to regret, if you do not make proper use of your logic!

There is no redemption through the blood of CHRIST! …

One TEACHER, even if he is a TEACHER of GOD, cannot redeem one single person through his death, even if this death is horrific.

This is human nonsense!

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 13 - 14

  • The wishful thinking of theological sinners speculates about GOD’S MERCY.

The LORD is certainly just and merciful, but HE is certainly not as dumb as to forgive a sinner without the sinner having redeemed himself first. HIS terrestrial REPRESENTATIVE (CHRIST) has never mentioned or promised anything like that. On the contrary – he was pretty adamant when he said: “Everybody will have to pay his dues, down to the last penny. No one will escape without paying his dues.”

From the protocol [Transgressions and justice] – page 15

It is a very convenient dogma to burden somebody else (CHRIST) with all one’s sins and to then imagine that this makes one a redeemed soul, one that has gained the right to play a harp in heaven, that is to say, in GOD’S highest SPHERES amongst GOD’S ANGELS.

From the protocol [Transgressions and justice] – page 14

The actual act of redemption by CHRIST is supposed to take CHRIST to the realm of Lucifer to take away his suggestive POWER over human souls. Ever since that time, all the souls living in darkness are supposed to have the opportunity to undertake their way back into the LIGHT voluntarily. The defector may now only try to sway the souls he can contact through promises and cunning. Is this correct?

This is correct. It is typified by the divine free will every soul has been given, so it can decide whether to go into the darkness or into the LIGHT.

From the protocol [Protected contact] – page 4

  • Whilst CHRIST was dead, HE accomplished the greatest wonder of redemption that mankind can imagine. HIS divine SOUL descended into the deepest, darkest spheres of hell. CHRIST negotiated with Lucifer and offered to do the penitence for Lucifer. HE was prepared to take over Lucifers damnation and showed unimaginable self-sacrificial devotion for humanity, so that millions of lost souls were so deeply affected, that they willingly followed CHRIST to the SPHERES of LIGHT, whilst Lucifer gnashed his teeth in humiliation and rage.

The Churches know what it means: “descended into hell” and resurrection on the third day from the dead”. …

From the protocol [Jesus Christ] – page 28 - 29

CHRIST was not afraid of hell. He entered hell, the lower spheres of the hereafter, and collected all the LIGHT seeking souls there to lead them to a place one calls the INTERMEDIATE REALM.

  • You also come from this INTERMEDIATE REALM!
From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 49

What are we to make of CHRIST’S plan of redemption?

CHRIST’S plan of redemption does not mean that the penance or the karmic planes you accumulate here during your terrestrial existence are dissolved, but …

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 17

  • CHRIST showed you the way to redemption and this made him the REDEEMER.
  • But it is up to you to travel this way, this is why HE said: “Follow me.” – (Matthew 8:22) …

But to simply “redeem” a completely negative person so that he can walk amongst ANGELS and MESSENGERS of LIGHT, GUARDIAN ANGELS and all other GOD’S HELPERS is a dogma I would like to call an affront, if not the greatest blasphemy.

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 49 - 50

For once, make use of your logic! Such a GOD, preferring a sinner in such a frivolous manner, would be an idiot. I will prove this fact to you unobjectionably. Let’s assume there is a person who really wants goodness:

  • He accepts all the sacrifices of a difficult self-education.
  • He goes without, where others senselessly squander.
  • He looks after his health and also respects the health and the life of his fellow human beings.
  • He respects the labour of his fellow human beings, does good deeds and goes into action wherever injustice gains the upper hand.
  • He respects the beauty in nature and never pretends in the sight of GOD, but tries to overcome his sins with all the available means of reparation.

This person ascends spiritually and creates all prerequisites for his future spiritual EXISTENCE. He has many FRIENDS in the otherworldly DIMENSION and he belongs to the higher SPHERES you call HEAVEN.

On the other hand, some other person is not willing to go along this difficult path of self-knowledge.

  • He believes that he has to experience everything life on earth has to offer.
  • Beyond that, he thinks maliciously and deviously. He thinks of sinning and acts accordingly.
  • He advances through recklessness and insincerity and controls his fellow human beings according to his will.

This dishonourable individual one day realises that this life might just possibly “reward” him with punishment. Just in case his notion might be right, he takes out a little insurance by going to Church. Here he confesses his transgressions, which he summarises in one: “I’m sorry, I didn’t ACT PROPERLY.” - The priest then gives him absolution.

So, what next?

The “dear LORD” with HIS broad shoulders carries this extra burden. In HIS infinite “mercy”, HE is supposed to allow this good for nothing into the higher SPHERES. HE is supposed to overlook all that has happened. What a most scandalous demand and what recklessness and meanness in regards to all other people whom faithfully went along the difficult path of self-knowledge.

  • If these unbelievable methods theology imagines were applied, chaos would reign in heaven!
From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 14 - 15

Souls enter the GREAT HOUSE, the REALM of the LORD every second of the day; it is the ORIGINAL HOME of man. Do these souls return as “prodigal sons”? - No, not even as such, but with a demand fostered by the Christian Churches through their false promises of the “redemption” of man through CHRIST’S blood. …

Inadequate people have created a dangerous, antagonistic dogma over past centuries here, one that in no way comes close to being the TRUTH. They created this dogma for themselves in order to delude themselves.

This delusion, this self-deception, has managed to survive to this day – and it is cursed by those that have gone home to the hereafter.

From the protocol [Transgressions and justice] – page 21 and 22

  • All souls that happen to believe that they have been redeemed through CHRIST’S blood will suffer the greatest of disappointments!

These souls travelled the most crooked of all paths, because they demand something that is really illogical and also impudent. A misjudgement in regards to GOD’S mercy! Man also does not pardon all criminals and simply let them loose on society again.

  • Without atonement, that is to say, without improvement, no soul reaches a higher, respectively a more pleasant sphere. This is why it is of a subordinate importance to which religious denomination a soul belongs to. All that is of a decisive nature is the quality of the soul. But the quality of the soul depends entirely on the individual’s behaviourism.
  • Every human being bears their own responsibility in regards to the purity of their own soul! …

  • Like the soul of ARCHANGELS, the human soul is also immortal. It is a SPARK from GOD that can never be extinguished. This is why, after its physical disembodiment, it is reborn in a new garment that is subject to other LEGALITIES.
  • This is the moment where man reaps the fruit of his labour!
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 42

  • He who kills his fellow men must atone for this deed, even if he did not personally commit the act, but ordered it!

In regards to sinning, people should not be guided by church mumbo jumbo; they do not end up in a sulphur pit the like one tries to make them believe exists. The development of these people is however thrown back to such a degree that it will take more than a thousand years on Earth to make up this leeway. This is a punishment you find impossible to assess; we endeavoured to find the TRUTH through serious research and we managed to gather some evidence. …

I can well imagine that the “oh so clever” will come and say: ”GOD is after all a cruel avenger. Where is the dear GOD everybody talks about?”

  • GOD is just.
  • Justice and logic are inseparable from GOD.
  • GOD could never allow murderers and negative people to continue to play cat and mouse with mankind without being punished. These people would end up even worse than before.

There exists a GREAT LATCH and KEY for this:

  • These people are reincarnated on a lower level of development, ergo reborn; because GOD does not work with time, only people are guided by timing.
From the protocol [Your Earth] – page 28 - 29

  • There is no other forgiveness than to change a sinner into a better person. Universal justice is unimaginable and untouchable. Whoever doesn’t accomplish the change to the better will be immersed in this misery until he’s had enough of it, and turns from the darkness towards the LIGHT.
From the protocol [Before the landing] – page 27

  • Never believe for a moment that a prayer will absolve you from all your sins or that going to confession will have the same result.
From the protocol [Transgressions and justice] – page 25

You will now ask me: How can one get rid of one’s sins?

  • Don’t believe for a moment that CHRIST relieves you of all of your sins!

This expectation is a fanatical aberration and also a self-delusion, something monks have written into the bible for millennia. CHRIST actually described the way you can gain your redemption. All you have to do is to follow his instructions.

The forgiving of sins takes place according to a mathematical formula you are quite familiar with, one that sounds almost too simple to be true: The more weight one adds to one side of the scales the more the weight on the other side is reduced, unless something else is added to it.

  • You can relatively reduce the weight of your sins through your good deeds and actions.

This is why the forgiveness of sins can only come about through genuine LOVE, genuine JUSTICE, genuine CHRISTIAN VALUES, through the accumulation of good deeds, which weigh so heavily that the y reduce the size, respectively lighten the weight, of one’s sins.

This insight alone is true and genuine humility!

From the protocol [Transgressions and justice] – page 20

  • Only you can obliterate your sins.
  • You can only pay for them by bettering yourself!
From the protocol [Transgressions and justice] – page 26

  • Man can only find redemption through self-realisation, self-betterment and by striving towards perfection.
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 16

… Salvation? - What does that mean? - Mankind must be released from the shackles of disbelief and ignorance. When this happens, people will change their whole life - and therefore the whole world! But this salvation can only take place through the GREAT LOVE.

From the protocol [Love and emancipation] – page 19

Can one come to the conclusion, that all people have to accomplish their own salvation sooner or later, either in one world or ANOTHER WORLD and that it is definitely in GOD’S MIND, that people should take an interest in the other side during their lifetime on Earth?

That’s how it is. Otherwise our assignment here would not have divine approval, but we, as SPIRITUAL TEACHERS would act on our own accord.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 12

  • Only through his divine TRUTHS does the redeemer actually redeem you!

Live according to these TRUTHS and you will deliver yourself from all evil!

From the protocol [Transgressions and justice] – page 26

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