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Do angels exist? GOD | Do angels exist?

Many ask: “Do ANGELS exist?”

  • I can answer this by saying: Yes, ANGELS do exist! – ANGELS are spirit BEINGS with great POWERS; they are positive and help wherever they can.

There are a lot of people who come in contact with ANGELS; they are perceived even though they are astral. Great artist saw them sometimes – and they then tried to paint their image. However, those that are not psychic enough to perceive them deride this fact and reject their existence.

From the protocol [What is truth?] – page 31

That angels exist is a very old theme in the Church’s eyes and their existence within their doctrine is welcome. Angels have been a part of the Church’s symbolism for centuries and in the eyes of the Church quite plausible. …

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2001 - Part 2] - page 11

… But GOD created HIS ANGELS. From HIS LIGHT HE created BEINGS that stood at HIS side, assisting and discussing every NEW CREATION with HIM and share HIS JOY.

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 12

When GOD allowed little ENERGY ENTITIES in his IMAGE - I would like to call them BUNDLES of ENERGY - to come into being from within HIM, a REALM was created that has no equal in its vastness and beauty. It is the REALM of the SPIRIT, GOD’S REALM that developed simultaneously.

From the protocol [Man and the reason of his earthly existence] – page 3

  • Next to GOD stand ANGELS with eminent assignments. Their numbers and their powers are many.
From the protocol [Mankind's greatest hour „X“] – page 28

What is an ARCHANGEL and what are its ASSIGNMENTS?

ARCHANGELS are GOD’S HELPERS. They are responsible for the construction and expansion of the cosmos and all life forms therein. These assignments are so enormous that we cannot simply tell you all about it. GOD has many HELPERS, but those called “ARCHANGELS” are kind of GOD’S ELITE. The LORD has absolute trust in these powerful ENTITIES and they continue all that HE PLANS. They are the EXECUTORS of the PLANER in every respect.

From the protocol [Archangels] – page 2


What position do the HIERACHIC ARCHANGELS occupy in regards to GOD and to CHRIST?

ARCHANGELS are the executive force, the EXECUTIVES of GOD. CHRIST also occupies this level of development and he irradiates the whole LEVEL with his LIGHT. As FIRST BORN and direct CONTACTEE with GOD, CHRIST has the task of enriching all LEVELS with his LIGHT and knowledge.

  • The way CHRIST is at one with GOD, the ARCHANGELS are at one with GOD also. They are at one with the further construction of the universe, at one in empathising the sensitivity of soul essences that live on other planes as it were.

It is GOD who fills the whole SYSTEM with LIFE’S ENERGY. …

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 19 - 20

CHRIST is a BEING of LIGHT of the highest LEVEL. …

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 4

What is CHRIST’S position within the ranks of the ARCHANGELS?

CHRIST occupies a special place. I told you before that the ARCHANGELS are responsible when it comes to maintaining the universe. CHRIST is a SON of GOD with different assignments in the form of indoctrinations. About 2,000 years ago he brought you a correction of the indoctrination, in fact a correction of the bible. Unfortunately, he was not able to complete his important mission.

CHRIST is therefore a TEACHER and a SON of GOD; GOD has a number of them. CHRIST is GOD’S REPRESENTATIVE for the Earth and there are other eminent ANGELS like CHRIST, which have similar assignments, but on other planets. ,,,

From the protocol [Archangels] – page 4

  • If you look back at the starting point, the “Day X” of all being, then GOD was all alone in the universe.

Now HE has HIS HELPERS in the flesh and the astral, but also HIS antagonists, HIS enemies, whom HE shows a lot of understanding for in spite of this, because every soul throughout the universe has its origin in GOD.

Even Lucifer came from GOD, he too is a SON of GOD! GOD loves him, but because of this love, HE was hated by Lucifer later on. …

From the protocol [Jesus Christ] – page 16

GOD produced HIS CREATION in an unimaginable PROCESS of TEAMWORK. Lucifer is also a part of this cosmic TEAM. He failed because of fanaticism and ambition, because he wouldn’t stand for any contradiction from any side. And when GOD chastised him, all the GOODNESS within changed into unimaginable hatred. He didn’t find any pleasure in doing something for CREATION anymore. He put down his tools the way an evil, mortified person says: “Do the work yourself.”

But after some time had elapsed this inactivity lost its attractiveness and he went looking for something to do. But this something couldn’t be the same work he’d done for GOD as a co-worker of LOVE, JOY and BEAUTY; it had to correspond with his hatred. This eventually led him to malicious joy. - The destruction of CREATION was supposed to be fun.

  • Malicious joy is really the only motive the antagonist has to offer his demons! …

Hatred is behind all of these acts and it will eventually contrive to destroy oneself.

From the protocol [The souls] – page 19

The fallen angel Lucifer gathered an enormous amount of LOVE for himself, but his all too pronounced love of self turned into hatred against all constructive, positive FORCES. This hatred turned against the LIGHT, against GOD’S CREATION and even against GOD. …

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 46

… This then was the beginning of the NEGATIVE. …

Lucifer is the “lost son” and many of his supporters followed him!

From the protocol [Jesus Christ] – page 16

2 Corinthian, Chapter 11, Verse 14 states: “Well, no wonder! Even Satan can disguise himself to look like an angel of light!” Is this correct?

This is right, because once upon a time, Lucifer occupied the same rank as JESUS CHRIST. LUCIFER is also a SON of GOD and he also originated from the CREATOR. In spite of his apostasy, Lucifer still maintains his status as an angel. Both are fed by information from the CORE of his SOUL formed by the CREATOR, but it found its apostasy through a completely different ENERGETIC ONENESS. The CORE of LUCIFER’S soul is overshadowed, but that doesn’t mean that the CORE of his SOUL has lost contact with the CREATOR.

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 23

… This is the reason why the great ANGEL of LIGHT, GOD’S antagonist, completely relinquished his once lucid guise. He is no longer an ANGEL; he is an entity of his own making. GOD does give him life, but that’s all. …

From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 41

The fallen angel Lucifer is however a great copier and he takes divine CREATION as his model, he imitates it; that is to say, he converts it into something dangerous and malicious. In spite of being a great copyist, he possesses one great aptitude, namely:

  • To mask evil through blinding beauty and conspicuous uniqueness.
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 82

… When GOD sends one of his ENVOYS down to LUCIFER’S DARKNESS, this eminent ANGEL will act as if GOD was undertaking this journey. GOD has his REPRESENTATIVES and HE can count on them.

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 20

It is quite correct to say: “Descent down into Hell…”. Immediately after leaving HIS physical body, CHRIST visited the sphere of Lucifer in HIS astral body and there accomplished HIS DEED of REDEMPTION. A throng of ANGELS and MESSENGERS of GOD followed HIM and carried the divine LIGHT into this unimaginable darkness. - Theology has hardly the slightest idea about this infinitely great labour of LOVE, CHRIST performed in this darkness.

  • As from the day of this “descent into Hell”, everyone on Earth has now divine assistance. The great act of redemption by the MESSIAH consists mainly in the way CHRIST arranged, in a most wonderful way, the ORGANIZATION of the GUARDIAN ANGELS, so that every human child has HIS divine protection, right from the day they are born.

It is unfortunate that people seldom become or are aware of the GRACE they’re blessed with; this makes the job of the GUARDIAN ANGELS considerably more difficult. How often do you hear: “I was nearly killed!” or “In all this misery, I had a stroke of luck!” People do not want to mention GOD or CHRIST, that why they mainly talk about “coincidence”.

From the protocol [Jesus Christ] – page 24

Has really everyone got a GUARDIAN ANGEL?

Everyone has a GUARDIAN ANGEL, but they are very different. The higher a person is developed spiritually, the better is its GUARDIAN ANGEL, because they should really harmonize with each other. …

  • The GUARDIAN ANGEL is an individual HELPER for the person living on earth.
From the protocol [The Guardian Angel] – page 2 and 5

… To be a GUARDIAN ANGEL is a very conscientious and difficult duty.

  • GUARDIAN ANGELS are not angels, but souls of persons, who have come to the spiritual world, and find they want to fulfil a MISSION to improve themselves spiritually. …
From the protocol [The Guardian Angel] – page 5

An ANGEL is a spiritual BEING. ANGELS are subject to the same LEGALITIES that apply to human beings living in the spiritual realm. An ANGEL can never appear in any other way than the way any otherworldly soul is able to appear.

Well, bible experts insist that there are fully materialised ANGELS, that is to say, that they can assume physical form.

Bible experts are wrong here!

An ANGEL remains an ANGEL, it can never ever materialise in physical form. This is the real difference between a human soul and an ANGEL.

  • An ANGEL can possibly appear to a medium, if the medium is clairvoyant.
From the protocol [ Messengers of the future] – page 25 - 26

Do ANGELS really exist in the spiritual realm?

ANGELS are EMINENT BEINGS that possess more divinity than human beings. They have specific assignments to fulfil. As they possess the POWER to change their appearance with the help of their will power, they can certainly produce wings on their backs, they are however are not suitable for flight, but symbolically represent FREEDOM. - Pictorial depiction of them like that usually discredits any FAITH in GOD. This happens because one knows too little about ANGELS in the first place. …

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 54

  • There are great souls in the spiritual realm, for example eminent TEACHERS, one could call ANGELS.
  • The wings of ANGELS are not a congenital part of their body like in the case of birds. These wings are only symbolical and if requested, are produced from their own ASTRAL MATERIAL through a thought process. These wings are only created in very special occurrence, for instance to show that they are GOD’S MESSENGERS.

More important than the actual ANGELS are their ASSIGNMENTS.

From the protocol [ Messengers of the future] – page 26

GOD has HIS ANGELS of AFFIRMATION, which are not always of an invisible nature. Your bible bears witness to such encounters.

From the protocol [ Veritas Vincit] – page 49

Religions assert that ANGELS from GOD’S HIERARCHY are supposed to have appeared on our Earth. Is this correct?

A. S.:

  • ANGELS do not materialise. If a seer has seen them, he has only seen them in their astral state. If a person on Earth has actually perceived a physically solid ANGEL, this person has not seen an ANGEL in the rue sense of the word, but a SANTINER.

Your bible often mentions encounters with ANGELS, the reality is that almost all of them were SANTINER: …

  • The shepherds in the field near Bethlehem saw a SANTINER and there are many more cases like that.
  • Your sagas report about Gods that came down from the heavens. Here again we are dealing in most cases with encounters with the SANTINER.
From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 10

The SANTINER already appeared in biblical times. Were they called by this name even then?

No, they were called “CHERUBS”. One classified them as ANGELS.

Are we dealing with ANGEL or do they have something to do with ANGELS?

No, they are not ANGELS; they are people that are somewhat more ethereal than you. They have however an ASSIGNMENT that brings them a little closer to the ANGELS. They should guide you and protect you.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 30

But your bible mentions the appearance of ANGELS. I can however assure you that there is not one single case in the whole bible where a real ANGEL actually appeared. Even the ANGEL of PROCLAMATION that talked to Mother Marie did not take on form; this MESSAGE came across telepathically, ergo through her INNER EAR. …

You can see how one twisted and erroneously comprehended the facts out of ignorance.

Where Sodom and Gomorrah is mentioned in the Book of Genesis it states:

“Two ANGELS came looking for Lot in order to warn him.”

These were two SANTINER with long hair. – But it also states that two ANGELS stood a CHRIST’S tomb. They were SANTINER dressed in white garments and with long hair.

From the protocol [ Messengers of the future] – page 26

The term CHERUB or CHERUBIM was first used by people on Earth, when they chronicled their encounters with the BROTHERS from the STARS in days gone by. The Israelites believed that the BROTHERS from the STARS were GOD and HIS ANGELS. …

Further encounters with the BROTHERS from the STARS also caused out-and-out astonishment amongst the people. One therefore assumed that the brothers from the stars were ANGELS proclaiming the word of GOD. - The term CHERUBIM actually means: ANGEL of BROTHERLY LOVE. According to their mission they are in fact in the service of GOD and brotherly love.

From the protocol [The SANTINER] – page 78

Biblical evidence of GOD’S extra-terrestrial HELPERS

It makes sense to read the following passages of the bible impartially, taking our present-day technological knowledge and the possibility of extra-terrestrial life into consideration, in order to find out more about GOD’S HELPERS, the CHERUBS of the bible. Terms like “airplane” or “spaceship” were not part of the vocabulary at the time. All one was aware of then were clouds floating in the sky and carts and wagons moving along the ground. Unknown flying objects were therefore denoted as clouds or ‘wagons of fire”. The scribes at the time didn’t know gravity or anti-gravity in order to explain technical processes in a language clearly understandable in the 20th century. …

From the protocol [The Bible] – page 89

Your bible consists of a collection of notations and some of them are declared to be divine INSPIRATIONS. You must however consider the fact that the people making these notations were very uneducated in regards to science and technology. Everything inexplicable was rubberstamped a “divine miracle”.

What do you believe would have been reported if one of your present day jet planes would have landed in Jerusalem? - … Let’s assume that the Moon was inhabited by undeveloped people. What do you think these people would feel when terrestrial astronauts would land on the Moon? – One would undoubtedly regard them to be gods.

From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 19 - 20

GOD certainly created the whole universe. HE is the greatest ARCHITECT of the whole universe. In spite of that, HE left the running and safeguarding of the universe, starting from the gigantic spiral nebulae to the smallest microcosmic unit, to HIS billions of INTELLIGENCES, which would otherwise be superfluous if they had no mission to fulfil.

From the protocol [Invisible truth] – page 15


… HE makes the final decision in all critical cases. But all of this deals with the great UNIVERSAL CREATION.

To look after the welfare and the preservation of mankind, a different ORGANISATION is provided for. It is the SPIRITUAL REALM, animated and inhabited by human souls, which looks after the people on Earth. Contact takes place through the spirit, which is available to every human being and every otherworldly soul in equal measure.

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 5

GOD the PLANNER called many ORGANIZATIONS into being that have absolute authority within the spiritual realm. There are millions of spirit entities representing GOD.

  • This gigantic ORGANIZATION is called “HOLY SPIRIT”. – JESUS CHRIST is one of its REPRESENTATIVES we once supported – and we still support!
From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 34

  • GOD’S ORGANIZATION or rather CHRIST’S ORGANIZATION is there to look after every human being, that is to say, that it does not leave them unattended for one second. Therefore, when GOD observes you, HE does so through all the many authorised and purpose-trained SOULS who are constantly with you and who have very specific TASKS to perform within the guidelines of their EMINENT POSITIONS. …

  • GOD’S ORGANIZATION is unimaginably enormous and unimaginably reliable. There is not one soul amongst it that falls out of line!
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 52

The CREATOR confers HIS CONCERNS to the spiritual realm only, that is to say, to the SPIRITUAL MESSENGERS (ANGELS) and HELPERS, whilst for all material things and affairs, the HEAVENLY HOSTS are at HIS disposal. It has been like that from the start and it will and must remain like that forever.

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 46

  • GOD does not have to make an appearance in order to herald in a change to terrestrial affairs. However, GOD has HIS HELPERS and profound MEANS at HIS disposal in order to force you, if the need arises, and to do so without trespassing against your personal free will. What I am trying to say is that GOD directs in a way that isn’t always clearly apparent!

Only a few are sensitive to HIS HELP. The spiritual spheres however know of this happening and assiduously assist. For as long as there is a GOD, this world will not be lost. And HE does exist! HE is immortal and. …

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 81

  • If the spiritual realm did not provide the people on Earth with billions of spirit GUIDES and HELPERS within a divine-christian ORGANIZATION, to guide you and to protect you in an invisible and hardly perceptible way, not one human being would be left living on this Earth, that is to say, this humanity would have perished thousands of years ago.

You have no notion of the invisible dangers that lurk and that you’re sounded by. Lucifer’s forces and intelligences try everything in order to remove every human being from this planet of redemption. Hardly anyone ever gives this a thought, on the contrary – one asks for GOD’S HELP. When nothing happens, one simply denies GOD’S existence. Nobody ever entertains the thought that GOD’S HELPERS make a super-human and sacrificing effort on your behalf and that they are there for you with LOVE in their hearts. They do so without reward, ungratefulness is actually the order of the day most of the time.

… Are you of the opinion that GOD protects and observes mankind with just a handful of ANGELS? GOD’S HELPERS are innumerable! GOD alone knows their numbers. This number is however under one percent on Earth, that’s how immeasurably large the ALMIGHTY’S, the omnipotently loving LORD’S realm really is!

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 50

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