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Inhabitants of the hereafter? HEREAFTER | Inhabitants of the hereafter?

The world of spirit is filled with entities that once lived on Earth. It is certainly not a world full of ANGELS; you find a diverseness of entities there, from the poorest in spirit to the greatest of SAINTS.

From the protocol [Spiritualism versus Spiritism] – page 66

Compared to the regions of the spiritual realm, life on a planet is very restricted. The spiritual spheres on the other hand are superlative. They are a hive of activity - and besides, the disembodied souls are assiduously active on behalf of your development. Lounging around only happens in the lower spheres and on your Earth, because there are people who were lazy during their life on Earth and naturally bring this laziness into the spiritual realm. This is a regrettable standstill. -

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 25

The general cult of the dead is aligned with the idea of “eternal peace”. The writing on tombstones reads: “Here rests…” or “Here sleeps…”. This is completely back to front, because there is no such peace, as imagined, in the hereafter. On the contrary - there are great MISSIONS, a lot of work and GREAT SERVICE to be performed on mankind.

Not all souls are capable of this GREAT SERVICE. But there a few that dedicate all their LOVE in the SERVICE of mankind, it means everything to them and they are therefore very happy. …

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 58

… But the living there are a lot livelier than you on Earth! For a start they’re as quick as a flash in their movements and they are also a lot faster in their activities and thought processes. Boredom only exists in the hellish regions.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 9

Indeed, there are small periods of time, where people need time out to recuperate, where the spirit also demands some relaxation. But life after death has nothing to do with “eternal sleep”. This opinion represents quite a considerable mistake.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 25

He who wants to live and progress in the hereafter, that is to say, wants to develop higher, must decide to undertake a meaningful activity, do a good DEED for mankind. One’s past position or one’s past occupation is neither here nor there. All that matters is goodwill.

  • Academic awards or degrees do not count; they have no meaning in the spiritual realm!

A road worker or a garbage collector can undertake a higher MISSION and can absolutely be closer to GOD, because his will is exemplary positive. He will then be placed well above the millionaire or socialite that had the whole world at their feet.

  • Different concepts apply in the hereafter. People ought to orientate themselves about this, it would save them many a disappointment.
From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 60

The hereafter doesn’t consist of thoughts that wander about lost. It is the spiritual realm. And as GOD is SPIRIT, it is HIS REALM. But HIS REALM is not darkness, but a paradise, a brilliant world, large and worthy of being a REALM of THE ALMIGHTY.

But a lot of lost souls wander about in GOD’S REALM, the hereafter, they are blind or nearly blind and therefore live more or less in darkness. These souls need the LOVE of their relatives and friends, even if these relatives and friends still live on Earth. They can be helped enormously through prayers. Not by taking flowers to the cemetery, but through an honest, quiet prayer before you go to sleep.

These lost souls in the hereafter suffer, because the people on Earth have no genuine faith in the LOVE of GOD and because they don’t believe in the continuation of life immediately after death. It constitutes great support and a great comfort for the otherworldly souls to find out through the prayers of friends that their relatives possess such beliefs. It eliminates their great worries concerning the TRUTH and allows them to take better care of their own well-being so that they can then leave the earthbound spheres.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 8

Lower, that is to say, undeveloped souls inhabit these spheres close to Earth. These souls engaged in animosities here on Earth, they exploited one another, they continuously lied and cheated one another and fought one another, even killed one another. Why?

  • What is lacking is a truthful INSIGHT, an intelligent, informative RELIGION and the certainty of life after death.
From the protocol [Spiritualism versus Spiritism] – page 49

  • Just how often must a soul in the hereafter realise that particularly his presumed best friends are nothing but the biggest scoundrels ever… How often does it only then become apparent, that one misjudged and hated a real friend?

Everything and I mean everything looks entirely different when viewed from the hereafter,

  • Therefore, be careful with your thoughts and dialogues, when discussing a departed soul, because nothing remain hidden from it.

There are many other sad disappointments in store in the hereafter in addition to his sorrow and it could eventuate that this soul despairs and will sink even deeper into the darkness in its ignorance. What the souls in the hereafter really need are lots of love and not quite as many flowers. … Give these flowers to those that live on Earth! They will find great pleasure in them. They have a lot less meaning that you give them credit for. They’re given most of the time because of traditions, often without heart and only to attract the attention of one’s neighbours here on Earth.

Many ill souls live in the realm of GOD, actually more than here on Earth!…

These are mental agonies that make seconds feel like hours. …

  • The worst pains a soul has to endure in the hereafter are their own reproaches, in regards to their existence on Earth, for not having gained any insight. …
From the protocol [The souls] – page 21

Do the deceased remember their life on Earth?

Naturally, actually very good, sometimes better than during their life on Earth! All memories have a COSMIC CHARACTER, they therefore remain eternally conserved. Everything is absorbed and nothing is forgotten. Everyone can therefore be confronted by all their actions and thoughts at any time.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 66

Does the soul recollect past lives in the spiritual realm?

Not immediately, but it becomes possible after two to three years. The soul can remember up to four to five reincarnations, depending on its level of spiritual development. The memory blockage man has on Earth will be slowly lift in the hereafter. This allows the soul to gain a great overall picture of itself.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 77

… Scientists and many other intelligent people say to themselves: “The teachings about the hereafter cannot be correct, because if there is no matter in the hereafter, how can one live there, dress oneself, eat and drink, build and lots more?” - The hereafter is supposed to be the realm of the dead and of “eternal peace”, a realm of “eternal sleep”.

All of this is nonsense!

There is actually no physical matter on the other side, because it is perceived by the otherworldly soul only as a picture of light. But instead of physical matter there is some SUBSTANCE that subordinates to the wishes of the people living there, that is to say, which can be formed and shaped at will.

  • Everyone on the other side can manipulate this SPIRIT SUBSTANCE. This is why there are demarcated spheres there, so that no nonsense takes place, something that could have dangerous consequences.
From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 13

This is not a fantasy, but an otherworldly reality, which is however taking place on a DIFFERENT SIDE of one’s existence.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 14

One also controls “spiritual” MATTER in the hereafter, but it reacts to one’s will power. Wishes can be realised like that.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 26

The soul receives its spiritual POWER of CREATION back after its earthly death. This enables it to create everything it desires. But a positively educated soul will be selective and only create positive and beautiful things.

Souls that were badly educated on Earth and are backward and negative can only create dreadful and evil things. That is the LAW. They therefore have to change first and eradicate their guilt until they’re ready to also create good with their POWER of CREATION.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 70

Do souls enjoy different freedoms?

If we talk about movement, you’ll find that developed souls enjoy a much larger elbowroom in regards to bridging cosmic distances. But if a soul happens to be immobile for quite some time it is usually self-inflicted. A good soul can naturally pass through good SPHERES. But an evil soul can’t do so, it will not get through. - That is the LAW!

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 25

  • The material world is left like leaving school.
  • The disembodied can move at a speed that is beyond that of light. He can now move with the speed of thought if he has the FREEDOM, that is to say, if he not tied to the Earth due to a wasted life on Earth.

This can only be achieved once a spiritual level of DEVELOPMENT has been reached that offers him this FREEDOM.

From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 28

But the hereafter is a realm of superlative possibilities. Everything is actually superlative. LOVE and hatred are heightened, as are the TRUTH and lies. Yes, the scent of the flowers is stronger and the colours more intensive. But those that are hysterical seem to see things even more fantastically and unlimitedly enhanced.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 16

After death - as your world is apt to call it - you discard your physical body and begin to develop whatever mental or spiritual qualities you had on Earth. These will then be significantly greater than on Earth; because the restricting influence of the physical body isn’t present anymore.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 32

  • Everything is enhanced in the hereafter and this also includes the sensory activities of the soul.

He, who lied often and with glee on Earth will not find it difficult to continue with this particular habit. … He, who was particularly negative during their life on Earth will be even more negative in the hereafter than during their life on Earth and these souls find it immensely difficult to let go of this particular habit. …

He, who was affectionate and considerate here on Earth will express this more than ever in the hereafter. LOVE is also superlative there. LOVE in the hereafter is far superior; it is more powerful than here on Earth!

From the protocol [Spiritualism versus Spiritism] – page 43

One of the most important gifts GOD bestowed on man is language, therefore communication. It can be of an acoustic nature, but also telepathically. Generally speaking, communication within the spiritual realm is very simple. It takes place incomparably faster than here on Earth, because the physical brain is switched off. The detour that would otherwise slow down the thought process is missing.

  • All people can communicate very well with each other in the hereafter, even if they speak different languages. Telepathic concepts and mental pictures are sent and received. Everyone acts as his own interpreter and translates the received concepts into his own mother’s tongue. But if the sender speaks the same language as the receiver, the transmission can also take place verbally. These transmissions are of such a high standard that they can’t be compared to any form of communication on Earth.
From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 17

If someone dies and ends up in the spheres of the spiritual realm, does he meet up not only with his friends and dear ones, but also with his opponents and enemies?

It all depends whether they stand on the same spiritual rung. Most of the time the enmity soon subsides and they become companions. Efforts are seldom made to leave the respective spheres.

If this applies to enemies, LOVERS must also be in the same sphere.

What applies to individuals also applies to others. LEGALITIES come into play here.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 68

The hereafter is divided into levels, that is to say, spheres. Every human being ends up in his sphere, which he cannot leave unless he changes spiritually and gains the maturity of another level. A higher developed human being can descend to a lower level, but he cannot intrude into a higher level. An otherworldly can therefore visit lower spheres to spend time there as a guest. …

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 75

There are no kinships in the hereafter the way you know them here on Earth. All souls consider one another as related. The deciding factor is LOVE and a common aspiration towards higher goals. On the other hand, animosity between people continuous in the lower spheres!

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 77

Is it true that enemies continue to fight each other in the astral world?

This depends entirely on the souls involved. Everything depends on the state of progress of the individual. There are cases where they fight one another for a long time. But the realisation eventually dawns that due to the death of their bodies, the enmity that existed on Earth no longer exists.

  • In the lower spheres of the SPIRITUAL WORLD there exist replicas of all the things that happened on Earth.

War and fighting continues. But slowly, once the reflections awaken, these souls leave this area and abandon all their prejudices and animosities brought to us from your world. From then on the problems begin to resolve by themselves.

By truly understanding the spiritual LAWS, all will recognise their common assignment, which consists of equipping oneself, to perfect one’s gifts, to develop one’s talents, but this can only come about through the provision of service to one’s fellow man. All of these are only temporary problems. The assignments of how to impart the knowledge of spiritual facts to those who are still ignorant in this respect are given. All gainful attempts must be undertaken.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 67

If two people love each other, but there is a very large age difference so that one of them dies many years before the other, how do the two get together in the hereafter?

Age on Earth is only of physical significance. Age doesn’t play any part in the spiritual realm, because death rejuvenates people. Therefore if two lovers meet in the spiritual realm after many years, they are not of a physical age. - Once a certain level of development has been achieved, only the spiritual factor is of significance.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 76

Is this “rewind”, this rejuvenation, a LAW and does this go all the way back to infancy or babyhood?

As mentioned before, it is correct that the deceased become younger as time goes by. But there is a stop and it is somewhere in the middle. This stop corresponds to your age of 30 - 40 years. One can also say that we in the hereafter are at our “prime” and will remain so for some time. An old man doesn’t remain an old man. But he will not end up an infant, even after years.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 70

When a soul has spent a certain time on the other side and didn’t have the possibility to climb to higher spheres, then GOD with HIS GRACE comes and HELPS and gives the soul the opportunity for a new life on Earth. The souls then dies a different death, it is a transformation, that is to say, a physical reincarnation. But when a soul dies in the GREAT HOME (spiritual world) then all his memories are cast away, as they are only unwanted, ascension-hindering ballast. It is the other way when a person dies on this side, here the soul grows younger and younger until it is so childlike, that it is ripe for a reincarnation. When such a childlike innocence is reached, this soul slowly interlocks with a growing foetus, taking on new hereditary traits that will have a changing influence on the soul.

From the protocol [Reincarnation] – page 17

To what extent is reincarnation bound to gender, nation or race?

There is no difference, whether of race or confession (religion). A Christian can be born again as a Jew or a Hindu. A Caucasian can be born a Negro. Karma can be the deciding factor.

  • Racism and religious wars can determine that the persecutor will be the persecuted.

When someone enters the spiritual realm, he doesn’t do so as a member of a race or a representative of a religion. Only the soul is left and it is crucial!

From the protocol [Reincarnation] – page 27 - 28

All souls who change over into the spiritual realm, leave their physical body, their nationality, their language base and their religious believes behind. They are therefore free of all the dogmatic guidelines fixed on this Earth. A soul exists of energetic SOURCES of LIGHT, free from any exterior conditions.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 38

Is there a specific religion in the spiritual realm that has precedence?

Service is the denomination of the spirit. The only religion I preach is:

  • Help wherever you can!
  • Don’t pay any heed to theology, declarations of faith, rites, ceremonies or doctrines. Don’t pay any attention to altars and church steeples, colourful glass windows, robes of office and the like. Don’t attach any importance to these things, because they count for nothing.
  • The only religion that enjoys preference here is serving mankind, it is more important than any prayer. …
From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 26

Are the souls in the hereafter without gender?

Only highly evolved angels are genderless. All other souls are within their mental thought process sexual.

  • The difference between the sexes remains in the hereafter.

This is why everybody on Earth has his own GUARDIAN ANGEL according to the thought processes of the protégé. A male protégé can for instance have a female GUARDIAN ANGEL and - also vice versa.

  • All the assignments are also according to gender.
From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 32

Do people retain the same form after their demise, when they begin their spiritual life?

Not always. Human beings in their astral state change according to their spiritual ascend or descend. They will become ever more beautiful or the opposite. It all depends on the astral man.

  • Lower otherworldly are absolutely ugly!
From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 70

Is it true that someone in the hereafter, a soul, has no solid body?

An otherworldly body has correlative contours; it is limited in shape, therefore has a certain shape. But this fluid-body is flexible; it can expand and also reduce its size. It is supple.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 29

The body on the other side is a shell, FLOODED through with LIGHT. …

… It is not rigid, solid matter, but it is flowing, energetic VIBRATION. This is the difference between your physical, earthbound life forms and here.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 34 and 35

What likeness does a person adopt after death? Can a departed soul be developed to such a degree that those that follow can’t recognise it at all?

SILBER BIRKE: You don’t change your identity, nor your individuality and your consciousness remains the same. You grow mentally, but you remain the same individual you have been before. Your knowledge expands and your gifts become stronger. You remain identifiable, the way you were on Earth, with the exception that your flaws and shortcomings disappear.

You shape doesn’t change, because the spiritual still needs some kind of manifestation, a body, a vessel, an instrument that allows the spirit to control itself. This fine and tender body already existed whilst you stayed on Earth. …

The second half of the question depends on one single factor, namely on LOVE. …

… Wherever LOVE is present, those who leaves the physical horizon have no desire to separate from the one’s their LOVE is concentrated on.

  • But whenever there is no LOVE, the connections are dissolved.
From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 35

Are the children that have grown up in the meantime, recognised by their parents in the spiritual realm?

If children remain connected through the bond of LOVE, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be recognised. Because the children can observe the life of the parents they left behind on Earth. …

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 76

Do our dear departed ones know what those left behind on Earth think?

SILBER BIRCH: Before I answer this I would like to say: If they were really loved, when genuine LOVE exists between the two - yes.

But I believe that I have to explain this in more detail: Those entities living in my world are not always listeners. But those that are connected by a band of LOVE are always together in spite of the interference of death. …

Once the expressions of an existence are transferred across from the physical to a spiritual phase, the abilities of the spirit become REALITY, whilst those of the body fade away. The result of this is that your thoughts are more real to those you love than your words. - But where there is no LOVE there is no connection and also no reunion, because LOVE is the only dominating principle within the spiritual plan.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 34

There are people with solid knowledge about life after death. But they worry whether they will ever see their loved ones again in the hereafter after their demise. What really does take place?

… Lovers almost always meet one another again. …

… If you have a dear friend that meant everything to you whilst in the physical and he enters the realm of GOD with the proper preparation and willingness and you also have the desire to be united with this friend, you will certainly find him and will be able to stay with him. The main thing is that your heart has the desire for it. The way you have learned it here and the way your desire and you love outlasts everything, will determine whether the prerequisites have been fulfilled.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 75 and 76

  • Souls that feel comfortable with the VIBRATIONS of other souls will be reunited with these souls in the spiritual realm. Souls that are the true soul-mates of other souls will continue their journey with the other soul in the spiritual realm also. This is a divine LAW and it is not prohibited in the spiritual realm.

Do souls of a particular level throng together?

You can depict it like that.

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 14 - 15

Is it true that lovers meet in the hereafter and stay together?

Genuine and sincere LOVE for one another is the strongest bond; it is inseparable also in the hereafter. Whole groups can assemble in the name of LOVE.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 29

  • Only a LOVE that mutually complements itself finds validity in the hereafter.
From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 75

Are all the HELPERS in the spiritual realm specialised?

Yes, most of them. No LOVER, residing in a higher sphere and vouching for someone on a lower spiritual level or someone that is bad, can pull that soul up to his own higher sphere. He would have to leave his higher sphere and climb down to a lower sphere so to speak. There are situations where one soul loves another soul dearly. One soul is good, the other soul is bad. In a situation like that the good soul can go down to the bad soul, if the LOVE is great. But the bad soul can, if the LOVE is great, work its way upwards. One can mutually help one another to reach a more pleasant sphere.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 68

In the spiritual, completely different values apply. What is appraised there is:

  • How humanly you have treated each other.
  • How you perceive the divine LAWS.
  • How willing you are, to let this divinity within you, grow and mature.

… You can further develop yourself at the speed of your choice and according to your inner spiritual constitution.

You are embedded in LIGHT and LOVE, which you have no perception for here on Earth. You experience these kinds of inner elations very seldom and for only a short time. You are so earthbound, that you cannot recognise the SPIRITUALITY within yourself.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 34 and 13

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