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Does the hereafter exist? HEREAFTER | Does the hereafter exist?

… faith in GOD and HIS REALM has been discriminated against to such a degree that people have no general concept of its existence. They also know nothing about the hereafter and even less about life after death.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 6

We admit that the people on Earth have recorded some very important insights in regards to matter. We admire the facilities that were installed to wrestle even more insights from physical matter. All of this takes place according to GOD’S PLAN, so we do not object to this. For some strange reason you do however balk at the existence of a world of spirit. This is not intended within the CREATOR’S PLAN. …

You must take into account that everything throughout the universe is bipolar. Every item has its corresponding counterpart. Propagation is also based on this principle. …

  • The so-called hereafter is of course the reciprocal pole to the here and now. …

Your scientists behave completely biased if they do not take these physical and metaphysical facts into consideration.

From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 37

… It represents a natural connection with the spirit world; the secular and the hereafter form one singular sphere - divided into two parts. Both parts serve the development of the soul.

From the protocol [Psychic ability and mediums] – page 4

… CHRIST also talked about the REALM of the FATHER which is not of this world and he also mentioned that there are many ROOMS in his FATHER’S MANSION. These ROOMS are for the souls who have left the physical world. For whom else would they be?…

From the protocol [Reincarnation and karma] – page 34

  • This spiritual realm developed long before GOD created matter.
From the protocol [Man and the reason of his earthly existence] – page 3

Why does the general public show so little interest for life in the spiritual world?

Life in the spheres of the hereafter is more significant than life on Earth. Every human being, without one single exception, must inevitably go to these spheres. When they do, they will stand there ignorantly and will find it difficult to find their way. Furthermore, these people believe that only exceptionally decent and pious people can resurrect in the hereafter, whilst the others remain in darkness, completely unconscious.

Man finds death objectionable; man fears death and finds everything related to it unsympathetic. He doesn’t want to hear about it, even if it’s dealing with the hereafter. Beyond that, the hereafter is denigrated and derided by individuals of reputable character.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 31

We are experience over again that people are just not in a position to imagine a life after death.

There is a UNIVERSAL LIFE for every human being, one that isn’t just limited to this Earth. - Every life develops in stages and is divided into various forms. Life on Earth is therefore one stage and also a special form of an enormous existence. People return over again to their ORIGINAL HOME after they die, namely to the regions of the spiritual realm. …

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 38

Man takes leave from his familiar body, which has served him for such a long time. He withdraws from the range of perceptions of his fellow man, whilst they’re not outside of his range of perceptions. There is nothing one can say against the term “went home”, because after one’s earthly demise one does go to the place one actually belongs to and where one’s FRIENDS are.

The concept one could denote as general looks comparatively speaking like that: The captain in control of a fully booked ship wanted to ignore an iceberg, because he could only see the tip of it at an assumed save distance. The largest part of the iceberg lies invisibly beneath the surface of the ocean. The hereafter is completely ignored in the same way. People don’t want to see what this life is all about. CHRIST already wrestled with the same problem and this is why he used parables so that they would understand him. …

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 33

(From a report by H. V. Speer – leader of the MFK Berlin)

Modern man’s rational thought processes demand evidence from the invisible, namely that the invisible must be measurable in one form or another with the HELP of the mind or instruments, otherwise it doesn’t exist.

Therein lays the whole mistake, namely in the way one looks at this!

The invisible WORLD of the HEREAFTER, one calls an ASTRAL and MENTAL WORLD, does not consist of any type of material. Every type of matter is simply and solely measurable, even if it is a delicate, invisible waft of matter. Every ray of light, all warmth or electricity is also a form of matter. Certain types of magnetic forces are also still of a material nature. …

The vibrations of the ASTRAL and MENTAL PLANES have nothing to do with these electrons, molecules or ethereal vibrations, radiation etc. The waves and motions of the spiritual WORLD, which are unimaginably greater and more animated, more real and more intelligent than those of the physical world of planets, consists of a substance that does not react to any physical, technical invention or construction. …

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 3] – page 38 and 39

The hereafter is a world of perceptions, exactly the way your world represents a world of secular perceptions, only under a different FREQUENCY!

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 7

Man is endowed with a number of sense organs, which reveal everything physical within a significant range. But this doesn’t negate the fact that beyond the physical, other WORLDS exist, which are beyond the scope of human senses. This WORLD cannot be perceived by the organic senses, unless this spiritual WORLD adopts a physical structure. But these events are very rare for the European who has changed to such a degree, that he is lacking the SUBSTANCE for it. Materialisations and dematerialisations are rarities for you and are therefore not enough to completely convince science. But there is a substitute for this in no way lacking in persuasive powers. Spiritual phenomenon and contacts have never abated. They are possible at any time. But they are all governed by CONSTITUTIONS, which have to be observed.

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 30

In spite of quantum physics, a physical explanation for telepathy is presently impossible to expect from physicists. But if there ever was a physical explanation for telepathy, today’s physics would be seen as utterly incomplete. To close such a gap would surely be deserving of winning a Nobel Price. When will this gap be closed?

Mankind has made great strides in many areas. Many have recognised that new ideas, new information is available through meditation. They have recognised that they can gain access to other SPHERES, which are usually only accessed through the medium of drugs, through the power of their thoughts and by neutralising thoughts. They end up in SPHERES that are still impossible to assess here on Earth.

  • The gap will then close, when mankind is prepared to acknowledge that the spiritual realm exists and that therefore ENTITIES do exist that are willing to go about their business here on Earth, not just in the way things happen within this circle, but in other ways as well.
From the protocol [Telepathy] – page 6 - 7

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