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When and where did we develop? HUMAN BEING | When and where did we develop?

According to the way we measure time, how old is mankind?

… The present-day humanity living on Earth began to be incarnated with higher souls, which deserved to be called “human beings”, during the time of Neanderthal Man. All the entities that existed before were in an experimental stage, because their bodies had to be adapted to the environment, that is to say, to the planet and the emanations from the sun. Only then was the physical body in a position to make the incarnation of a higher soul possible.

From the protocol [Man and the reason of his earthly existence] – page 8

  • The first people on Earth were the Neanderthals and they appeared well over 100,000 years ago.
  • The fact that the human body underwent a pre-development has been correctly identified and it derived from protozoans.
From the protocol [From star to star] – page 26

When was the first human soul incarnated?

The first incarnation of a human soul took place at around the time when Neanderthal Man walked on Earth. There were creatures here before Neanderthal Man with a similar human body, but their spirit was not able to reflect upon its own existence or ask questions at the sight of a starlit sky. These creatures accepted everything as a given, similar to the way the animal kingdom does. They were creatures that helped to prepare the way for the next level of human development.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 17

… The Neanderthals also had souls, but very coarse ones without finesse. These only became more ethereal over a period of around 70,000 years due to their own efforts thereby freeing themselves from purely instinctive actions. …

From the protocol [From star to star] – page 26

… What can you tell us about man’s first appearance on Earth?

The first viable life form to guarantee a divine soul a dwelling place existed long ago. Its isolated appearance was possible here on Earth, because on various continents incarnations of souls had taken place. Your history of evolution tells you that simultaneous developments took place in various regions on Earth, which made it possible later on that more and more souls were able to incarnate here on Earth, giving them the opportunity for further development.

GOD’S PLAN took a long time to establish such a framework for the human soul in order for everything that is of importance from a divine VIEWPOINT to find cognisance within man. Then the mind, the spirit, your ego, your divine spark, your soul and your heart are ELEMENTAL COMPONENTS that HARMONISE in unison and together form one unit, mutually complimenting one another. …

From the protocol [Man and the reason of his earthly existence] – page 6

Fossil records and genetic evidence indicate that man’s nursery is to be found in Africa and that the modern homo sapiens of today developed from there. Africa doesn’t just seem to be the place where man developed from primitive pre-human to early human beings, but also the place where the decisive genesis of intelligent, modern man took place. Are anthropologists correct? Was our “primeval mother” African? …

The first incarnations took place on that continent. All the other incarnations were realised from that location. You must remember that geographically speaking, your Earth did not look the way it looks now in the past. There was a more limited amount of land present and only a small region where GOD’S BLUEPRINT could be realised.

From the protocol [Man and the reason of his earthly existence] – page 6

  • The development of races occurred according to an archetype, namely from the Neanderthals. Racial differences only exist in regards to the physical and the mental state. The soul knows no racial differences. This is why all races are on an equal footing, but however not uniformly knowledgeable and of the same character. Mentality is the only thing that is different between the races.

The development of the terrestrial races began through mutations from the Neanderthals according to divine LAWS. This is why every race is the result of divine DEVELOPMENT and appointed as a planned complement for the whole terrestrial humanity. This provides every human being, whether black, white or any other colour, with the complete equality of rights in regards to a free existence on this planet.

  • Races ought to mutually compliment and support one another in order to gain complete INSIGHTS and the TRUTH.
From the protocol [From star to star] – page 27

There is a funny question doing the rounds at universities there is no answer for: “What was created first, the egg or the hen?”

A. S.:
The hen naturally! Only the hen can lay an egg. GOD doesn’t lay eggs, but always creates something that’s complete.

From the protocol [The SANTINER] – page 90

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