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Can GOD's existence be ferified? GOD | Can GOD's existence be verified?

The assessment to begin with: Can GOD be verified or not? – This is what you would like to know. - …

To continue: What measures and means are required to achieve a positive result?

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 34

… Well, mankind has been yearning for millennia for a higher ENTITY that reigns over everything. All quests seemed to be in vain, because GOD is not visible. Should the existence of the CREATOR of the universe simply remain an unrequited yearning?

The greatest philosophers and theologians have dealt with this question that must surely be the most important question man can ever ask. Unfortunately, not enough information has come from this quest to convince mankind of GOD’S existence.

But this is due to an error of judgment, of observation.

The moment one tries to comprehend GOD or explain HIM, one deals with something that is INEXPLICABLE. Nobody will ever succeed in explaining GOD the way one usually explains other things. This means that GOD cannot be objectively verified. This assessment has unfortunately led to atheism. However, this is certainly not the last word on the subject.

  • But GOD can certainly be verified subjectively.

There is no doubt about that and this is why one should stick with this conclusion. This subjective evidence is man and we are not dealing with his bodily functions, but his spiritual EGO, man’s personality that has its origin in GOD’S will. …

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 32 and 33

… No animal throughout the whole universe is looking for evidence of GOD’S EXISTENCE. However, man, in his divine similarity, is the exception. He is able to comprehend parts of the universe and he looks for DIVINE EVIDENCE. Apart from GOD and HIS ANGELS, he is the only creature that can utilise his own mind as a yardstick. There is only logic and it does not allow any other possibility of interpretation, that is to say, it does not allow one single doubt to remain. Measured with this yardstick, GOD is unmistakably existent and absolutely comprehensible. The formula is:

  • Every human being on Earth is proficient, if of good will, in recognising EVIDENCE of GOD’S EXISTENCE within.
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 34

You look for EVIDENCE of GOD, because the most obvious evidence that GOD exists, namely that you are endowed with HIS soul energy and that you could not exist at all without HIM is not enough for you.

Did you create yourselves?

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 7

  • The CREATOR will be completely recognised and comprehended the moment you are prepared to accept the fact that you, yourselves possess a soul and that this makes you spiritually immortal.

The main reason why you might be unable to comprehend GOD, lies in the fact that you do not want to understand yourselves – and that you make fun of those that do.

From the protocol [What is truth?] – page 31

GOD is SPIRIT and SPIRIT represents indefatigable action, the way it also acts within you. But you cannot see nor grasp your spirit. Notwithstanding this, a “dead” person can think and feel more, because his spirit is outside of his body, where it continues to be sedulous active.

Understand your own mind, your own inner EGO, you will then finally believe in yourself and beyond that, in the CREATOR.

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 6

… There is no logic without planning. There is no logic without thought; the construction of the universe is however planned and logical. – Who would insist that a computer came into being purely by coincidence, without thought and planning?

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 30

… If we assume that physical matter does exist, we have to assume that it could never have created itself and certainly not in such a well ordered and deliberate fashion. Every project testifies and verifies the planner and creator. This is a law that cannot be refuted.

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 42

  • One does not necessarily have to personally come face to face with an inventor in order to assess the geniality of a great (terrestrial) planner; it suffices to see his works. The same applies to the GREAT PLANNER. HE is the sentient, planning CONSCIOUSNESS of all of nature.

This CONSCIOUSNESS is not tied to physical matter the way man’s consciousness is also not tied to physical matter. However, GOD’S CONSCIOUSNESS controls matter the way man’s consciousness controls his own body. …

  • Nothing is easier to verify than GOD’S subjective existence!
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 33

Where is your spirit, respectively your intelligence, which guides you?

I can’t see it and neither can your fellow human beings. - Some professors have dealt with the brain. But there was no sign of any spirit or intelligence. Your intelligence wouldn’t be present at all, if it wasn’t verified by your activities. Not by the actions of your arms and legs, but by the creation of many wonderful works.

Well, The INTELLIGENCE of GOD is also not directly visible. But it reveals itself also in its actions and its wonderful WORKS. …

From the protocol [The SANTINER] – page 76

Even GOD draws your attention to it by reminding you that the Earth is like a speck of dust amongst the stars in the universe. Therefore, the mind of a child[*] would suffice to ascertain without doubt that there are far GREATER THINGS than a terrestrial existence.

  • The, for you, unfathomable vastness of the universe is one piece of evidence of a divine EXISTENCE and GRANDEUR.
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 34

The world situation degenerates, everything become more critical. This situation brings forces into the foreground that propagate: GOD is dead - and lots more. What has the spiritual realm got to say about this negative development?

It is not enough to say that GOD exists or that the sinner is punished. It is more of a situation where GOD is scientifically verified. This can eventuate by looking at HIS CREATION. CREATION ideally lends itself for verification, because all the innumerable forms and figures that work like clockwork and as a whole, constitute an absolutely meaningful unit, are in themselves irrefutable proof that a PLANNER exists who is also an INFORMER at the same time.

There would be no meaningful universe without PLANNING, only chaos! Nothing would function, not even the stars would travel along their designated path.

  • GOD’S CENTRAL CONSCIOUSNESS, nature, is omnipresent and this includes HIS HIERARCHY.
  • Everything alive, everything conscious is connected to HIM. GOD sees through the eyes of people and also through the eyes of animals.
  • Man is also connected to NATURE’S CENTRAL CONSCIOUSNESS; it guides him and controls and animates his heartbeat and his breathing.

Man is either a good or a bad instrument in the service of the CREATOR. If this was not the case, man would never be creative. Even though man is not the centre of the universe or the Earth for that matter, he still occupies a meaningful position between the microcosm and the macrocosm. …

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 47

(1963) The emergence of materialism has pushed man’s spiritual maturity into the background. What do you say to this development?

Pursuing the lines of materialism, man will also find spirituality. Here an example: Insights gained in regards to supposedly concrete and solid matter are false. Matter is unstable. The electrical energy ratio of subatomic particles, or scientifically named corpuscles, maintain the shape of matter. But this solidness is only imaginary. …

  • Matter represents a compression of the divine SIRIT, a commutation of divine FORCE. Only the divine UNIVERSAL SPIRIT keeps everything together. HE regulates the distance between stars, the distance in the relationship of atoms with one another and the distance between sub-atomic particles.

Doesn’t the dialectic materialism called “Diamat” bear reference to self-development by asserting that matter always existed and that it wasn’t created?

The “Diamat” was penned in such a way that it completely avoids the crucial question. One is obviously aware that one can contemplate things every which way, but the only possible answer will always be that CREATION had to be created. But this means that there has to be a CREATOR – ergo GOD. But as one does not want a GOD to oversee CREATION, one simply denies HIS existence by saying that matter always existed. The proletariat is happy with this explanation, because it saves any further need for contemplation. In other words: One falls prey to absolute nonsense.

Can one use one sentence everyone clearly understands to replace this nonsense?

Oh, yes! The INTELLIGENCE that can easily be verified throughout CREATION is evidence enough that it was created by some INTELLIGENCE and not randomly from dead matter. As one is dealing with an intangibly EMINENT INTELLIGENCE, one has to give IT a unique NAME, something that has already happened. This EMINENT INTELLIGENCE is called: GOD. …

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 80 - 81

This places GOD’S LAW, which takes care of the progressive and practical running of the universe, squarely behind physical matter. It is impossible for one single movement to occur without INTELLIGENCE and without rational thought …

  • Not one single speck of dust exists in space that is not guided, informed and inspired by a, for you incomprehensible, THOUGHT PROCESS.
From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 42 - 43

Physical matter would not exist if it didn’t have perpetual characteristics, because its constant state of flux holds everything together.

  • Motion verifies the existence of a living GOD, because GOD has always been movement right from the start.

The universe is endowed with ORDER. But ORDER springs from COMMANDS and these come from GOD. Nothing can move and nothing can develop without COMMAND. There is no meaningful ORDER without COMMAND.

A COMMAND must be directed at a target; at a visible motion in this case, at an expression of life. Such a COMMAND presupposes CONSCIOUSNESS. Without a target, every COMMAND would be senseless and therefore worthless.

  • Matter cannot give COMMANDS; they must spring from CONSCIOUSNESS. Matter can only accept such COMMANDS and react to them according to its organization.
  • The same applies to the brain: The body does not control the spirit; the spirit controls the body!
From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 47 - 48

There is not one single ENERGY in the whole universe that is not in motion. This very clearly states that every FORCE and every existence is eternally in motion. But every ENERGY must have a SOURCE that emanates this FORCE. GOD is such a unique SOURCE. HE is the MOTIVATING POWER that makes the universe possible and keeps it going.

  • All of creation consists of MODULATIONS of divine ENERGY.

Every grain of sand, every speck of dust is in a state of rapid motion and therefore full of divine MOTION, full of divine LIFE, even if the speck of dust can’t think for itself. GOD does the thinking for the atom in this case and every divine THOUGHT becomes dynamic LAW.

From the protocol [The souls] – page 3

… Well, you are well aware that everything here on Earth requires guidance, supervision. If this wasn’t so, no nations, no organizations or political parties would exist. Even the military would be without leadership, without officers and chaos would reign.

  • In spite of this self-evident insight, the majority of the human race tends to entertain the idea that the universe, respectively planet Earth, does not require this sort of GUIDANCE!

Mother Nature, meaning the world with all its fauna and flora, apparently governs all its function of its own accord. There are apparently LAWS of NATURE that do not have a LEGISLATOR and one thing calls something else into being. There exists not one single example in the whole wide world that could be called upon as evidence to support this.

There is not one single enterprise, factory or institute here on Earth that doesn’t require supervision and responsible leadership. – The same applies to the affair of the universe. This is why the whole universe is also supervised and conducted by GOD and HIS ORGANIZATION.

  • You will find out by yourselves that this comparison is irrefutable. It unequivocally verifies GOD’S EXISTENCE and the EXISTENCE of HIS ORGANIZATION mankind is also a part of. Beyond this, GOD’S EXISTENCE is additionally verified through the inevitable effect that follows every cause.

Mankind’s negative behaviourism is also one cause that triggers an inevitable, divine EFFECT. It is a great mistake when some believe that such negative behaviourism does not have any repercussions at all.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 50 - 51

All EVIDENCE of GOD’S EXISTENCE has been abstract in some respect up to now. For instance, various theories have been established. But what is a theory? The TRUTH is that the world and the universe exist.

  • This universe is guided, otherwise chaos would reign! You can look wherever you like; a mathematical order reigns everywhere and this verifies GUIDANCE.
From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 2] – page 50

  • Only logic and the objective application of this logic in regards to the existing universe is the only reliable tool that can provide EVIDENCE of GOD’S EXISTENCE.
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 35

  • Logical thought demands that logical evidence must be furnished if one asserts something. But if one denies GOD it represents an assertion that certainly demands a clear definition and argumentation!

Where is this argumentation that GOD doesn’t exist? - Where is the evidence that nature doesn’t need an INTELLIGENCE to be able to survive?

From the protocol [The SANTINER] – page 75

It is easier for you to move mountains
and to stop the world in its tracks,
than to prove to someone something
he’s not willing to accept!

From the epilogue by H. V. Speer in the protocol [Spiritualism versus Spiritism] – page 84
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