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Does GOD hear us - does he see all? GOD | Does GOD hear us - does he see all?

The whole misunderstanding begins already with the word “GOD”!

You cannot comprehend HIM or understand HIM correctly and HE is therefore rejected in most cases. At other times we hear: “GOD observes you, GOD listens to what you say.” Hardly anyone can imagine the fact that GOD can listen to billions of people and observes all of them at the same time. - …

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 52

To what extend is the CREATOR informed about the reasoning and the behaviour of people in general?

The CREATOR is connected through the divine SPARK, found within every soul, with all souls that exist in the universe. Your thoughts are received, no matter what shape or size they come in. If you approach the CREATOR directly as the CREATOR, your thoughts are send and they will find the RECEIVER. The CREATOR has access to every soul and makes contact with all ELEMENTS and all creatures. The CREATOR is the ORIGINAL SOURCE, feeding you HIS ENERGY, so you can actually exist.

But if the CREATOR, as you tell us, is informed about the reasoning and behaviour of every human being, what then is the function of the GUARDIAN ANGEL?

Its function is to give you INFORMATION. The CREATOR cannot interact with you this way. The divine SPARK within you is the CONTROL CENTRE, where everything that’s divine is received, namely the valences that constitute the divine, valences like LOVE, humility, forgiveness, brotherly love and all the divine LAWS you have come to know through us. All of this is stored within the divine SPARK. It’s the ORIGINAL NUCLEUS within you that is in contact with the CREATOR, with the SOURCE of LIFE. The GUARDIAN ANGELS serve you as SUPERVISORS, helping you to make life easier and more enriched and to lead you to a PLANE later on, that is predestined for you.

From the protocol [Mental blockages] – page 58

Theologians say that: “GOD sees everything!” It isn’t GOD who looks into all the nooks and crannies of the heart, …

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 17

… If GOD is omnipresent, capable of looking into every nook and cranny, HE does so through HIS HELPERS, through the SPIRIT BEINGS that have qualified to do serve HIM. There are an incredible number of these BEINGS around you and they observe you and they are telepathically connected with your thoughts.

From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 14

  • GOD has functions that have nothing in common with man’s absurd concepts of HIM.
  • But GOD brought a SPIRITUAL WORLD into being that exercises very specific functions and that is absolutely representative on HIS behalf.
  • This is the reason why man is being supervised, it doesn’t matter whether he commits good or evil deeds.
  • His freedom of thought and action is not interfered with, but he is under GOD’S constant supervision just the same.
From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 17

The various religious denominations continue to emphasise that in your hour of need, you are supposed to turn to GOD, who loves everybody, in sincere prayer.

Is there any reality in all of this?

All prayers that race out into space are heard by those AUTHORISED by GOD, but not all of them are listened to. …

A father here on Earth does not fulfil all of his children’s wishes, especially if he’s aware that they will only cause damage. This is why you should consider very carefully whether your wishes are really that urgent in regard to furthering your development in a spiritual sense. If this is so, the prayer is most certainly heard. The spiritual development has prominence over the physical!

From the protocol [The Bible] – page 116

there is always power in prayer if it comes from the heart and is aimed at doing good.

From the protocol [Reincarnation] – page 26

  • Never believe that nobody listens to you and that you must live in your world misunderstood.
From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 19

  • Human being on Earth are never alone, not for one second!

They are always accompanied by an otherworldly GUARDIAN ANGEL, but this ANGEL can be represented by someone else.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 45

You think that the divine is outside, around you. But this is not the case! - The divine is within you. Due to the fact that it is within you, you will always and at every moment in time have a connection to the CREATOR.

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 52

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