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Catastrophes - what causes them? EARTH | Catastrophes - what causes them?

… Earth’s inner core also has an evolutionary history to record.

It isn’t just you here on the Earth’s surface who have a cycle of development behind you, but within the Earth, lifecycles are also experienced at the same time. You can see this on hand of natural events that presently and for decades have convulsed your planet. These are indications that you, as human beings, harm the core, the soul of your Earth, through measures that affect it arbitrarily. These are the effects of your actions. It is a giving and a taking: The things you do will eventually return to you as something positive or negative.

The violability of the earth’s core, its soul, has increased a lot. You forget that you disrupt life within your Earth’s core through drilling and subterranean nuclear explosions. The implications are cries for help from your Earth! - But you do not recognise them for what they are.

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2001 - Part 2] - page 6

There is a tension zone between the core and the Earth’s surface and nuclear tests change the pressure within this zone. Due to the absolutely solid consistency of the Earth’s core, this pressure cannot dispense towards the inside; the excessive pressure within the pressure zone must therefore push towards the Earth’s surface. If this pressure continues to grow, it will eventually not be able to disperse within the zone and with enormous force, will look for an escape route. The resulting explosion does not necessarily ensue through the usual pressure valves. This excessive pressure isn’t necessarily regulated through volcanos. The Earth’s crust can burst open anywhere where it is thinner than usual. Geologist are however unaware of where all these weak points within the Earth’s crust are. A seemingly solid base can easily turn out to be a location where an eruption will take place.

From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 34

Large earthquakes have always been with us, but the quakes we experience these days have been provoked.

  • I have told you once before that every shockwave within hollow spaces proliferates to then have an explosive effect at a far distant location. Long, hollow spaces also exist under the Earth’s “eggshell” and they encompass the whole planet. In addition to this are weak areas under the ocean’s floor that represent a specific danger.
From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 33

What did you mean when you talked about a “heating up of the inner core”?

I was talking about an energy that can no longer flow the way it was foreseen because of damage. This is damage to the energy budget that unites inside the Earth’s globe. This inner core is thrown out of balance due to the radical changes that are taking place and it can no longer function energetically the way the CREATOR intended it to function. These disturbances can produce natural catastrophes, climatic changes and threaten the viability of plants.

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2003] - page 6

Is there anything you can tell us about the Earth’s magnetic field?

These magnets have shifted and relocated a number of times. The Earth’s inner FREQUENCY DISTURBANCES add an additional, aggregating factor and this leads to an intensified level of stress on the outside and on the inside. These FREQUENCY DISTURBANCES were triggered by your nuclear tests, whereby you have directed fissures towards the centre of the Earth. The inner structure, the INNER CLOCK, has suffered some damage.

From the protocol [Extraterrestrial life] – page 7

(As of 1965)

The Earth is embedded in a magnetic envelope. This envelope was damaged by an American atom bomb exploded at height. One was aware that this encroachment on cosmic natural processes is dangerous for planet Earth. Those in responsible positions do not shy away from sinning against the cosmos. They dared risking the creation of a hole in the radiation belt.

The fact that the Earth has not received a different rotation is a miracle; because it turns like a motor between magnets. The changes within the magnetic conditions have an effect on life on Earth. Fauna as well as flora is affected by this. The process of life’s rhythm is then out of order for a long time.

… The Earth’s rotation also affects the atmosphere and the oceans which are also part of the physical makeup of the planet. The rotation of the solid part of the Earth, that is to say, the globe, has not yet been affected.

  • The rotation of the layers of the atmosphere are however no longer the same. Huge eddies and also huge holes within the atmosphere are created and all the air currents are pretty much in disarray.

People might read in the papers that enormous floods and devastating hurricanes create unimaginable damage here and there, but nothing is said about why these catastrophes developed. Due to the fact that such catastrophes have always been around, one simply includes them in past records. Just who is going to investigate this more closely? …

From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 32

  • Your planet is an entity and it is alive! - We are dealing with FORMS of ENERGY here that are alive and that were provided by the CREATOR. By doing the things you do to the Earth, you destroy one of the LORD’S CREATIONS. This planet possesses PLANES of ENERGY that stand in connection with the CREATOR.
From the protocol [Telepathy] – page 83

… You cause the Earth to lose balance of its own axis. The displacement of the axis brings with it a dislocation of all GRADES of VIBRATIONS on this planet, with the result that volcanic eruptions and natural catastrophes are evoked.

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 1998] - page 4

Are there still dormant volcanoes on Earth?

Oh yes and enormous caverns, created by underground nuclear tests and filled with highly radioactive dust. Woe, if ever cracks should appear! Compared to this, the biblical flood would be a minor event. Volcanoes and volcanic tremors will arise anew and old volcanoes will continue to erupt.

We can therefore expect that volcanoes can erupt any time?

Yes, new ones and old ones and that at any time. …

From the protocol [History of the Earth] - page 2

What can you tell us in regards to the over-utilization of raw materials?

This is more within the surface structure. More destructive are your nuclear tests, because every atom possesses an INNER CORE and it sends its FREQUENCIES towards the Earth’s insides - and this in a destructive manner.

Are we dealing with FREQUENCIES we are not yet able to measure?

That’s how it is, your technology does not yet allow you to do so.

From the protocol [Extraterrestrial life] – page 7

  • With a shift of the Earth’s axis and also with climatic changes, you have to expect more severe natural catastrophes - and your life will therefore also change.
From the protocol [Extraterrestrial life] – page 6

The question about the reason of such catastrophes arises, …

A reason is not given, because these natural catastrophes were not triggered by the divine side, but by your human side. One of the reasons could be expressed as follows, namely that you have now begun to realise that you are the instigators of these natural catastrophes and not the spiritual realm! You are the ones that live here on Earth and claim this as your home. You are not here as guests in a guesthouse, but you are responsible for your deeds and actions and for the thought processes that are present here in the form of VIBRATIONS and other STREAMS of ENERGY.

  • Through your thoughts and through your actions you are the ones who bear a substantial responsibility in regards to what is good for your Earth and what is not.
From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2004] – page 30 - 31

If one can believe literature and various reports, enormous catastrophes have always been happening, even before the birth of Christ. There weren’t that many people here on Earth before the time of Christ as there are now and technology also wasn’t up to today’s standard. Surely it isn’t only mankind that can be blamed for the catastrophes of the past.

You are quite incorrect. Just think about the debaucheries of Pompeii: People only had time for themselves, they allowed their passions free reign and the divine core of their soul was ridiculed and pushed aside. - Remember the biblical sites of Sodom and Gomorrah, there too unbelievable debaucheries were taking place, quite similar to what takes place these days. Both cities didn’t survive. - I could itemise a lot more, even the time of Atlantis, a long time before the LORD, CHRIST arrived on your Earth. - There have always been distractions and temptations for people and they have always fallen for them. And so you will find many, many debaucheries and all of them have come to a terrible end. Civilisations came and went here on Earth. You also find yourselves in a declining civilisation. You should make every possible effort to turn around!

What have the ancient civilisations with their human debaucheries to do with the deforestations of the rain forest and with present day nuclear tests?

Every culture has in their own way, that is to say, through the power of their thoughts, the ability to damage the Earth. You damage the environment these days with your technical installations, other cultures also damaged the Earth through their respective debaucheries. You actually do both! - Consider this: All actions are preceded by thought! …

  • These are always the ENERGIES that shape or destroy the Earth and they emanate from you -, so you shouldn’t really be surprised.
From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2004] – page 34

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