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Compensation - justice? DEATH | Compensation - justice?

Is there compensation for the experienced injustices on Earth?

Through the passing into the spiritual realm, all of you will be confronted with all the godly and ungodly deeds committed while on Earth.

  • All of you will be confronted with your earthly life and with all that has transpired through you and all the injustices done to you by other human souls. You will then be given an explanation, why you had to go along this path.

Consider, that a lot in your life is predestined and necessary. You are subjected, in part, to your own history. You are confronted with events on Earth you are not conscious of, but they will become clear in DIVINENESS.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 17

Can it also happen, that situations are placed in front of you here on Earth, which had not been originally planned?

This can really be happening. You are surrounded and enmeshed by many different negative ENERGIES here. This is naturally not planned. There are always two sides. This is the duality you live in. You must go your way and you have the free will to decide, which way you want to go.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 17 - 18

Is there compensation for the experienced injustices, caused by other people, in another life or in the spiritual realm?

It all depends how you manage this troublemaker. Whether you realise, that this human soul might also suffer very much and if you are willing to give it your inner forgiveness and divineness in the form of LIGHT and LOVE. Then these souls are also souls from GOD and therefore a part of you! You keep forgetting that such souls are also subject to divinity. This is an old theme we have touched upon before. …

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 18

… there are no such injustices; there is always an equalisation, because people don’t just live from their birth to the grave. …

From the protocol [ Messengers of the future] – page 12

But do these injustices actually exist?

Who amongst you professes to know what injustice is all about?

As one hardly knows anything about the whole universe and as one does not even know the visible world in its vastness and augustness, one also knows nothing about reincarnation and also nothing about penance and remuneration in other REGIONS.

An evil person has no right to expect remuneration either here or in the hereafter. It will not be allotted to him in GOD’S REALM, even if he enjoyed a high reputation or lived in opulence during his life on Earth.

  • JUSTICE, a part of Mother Nature and at one with Mother Nature, never ever makes an exception.

A human being that feels that his earthly fate has dealt him a miserable card in every respect has no reason to doubt divine JUSTICE. The LAWS of JUSTICE will give him the opportunity to receive the things he’s missed out on at a later point in time.

  • Nature’s JUSTICE, in its stupendousness, does not align itself according to losses, deprivations or enslavements, but according to the level of human development.

It is constantly revised.

  • He, who has received too much – and this iniquitously so – will have it deducted from his ledger at some point in time.
  • He, who has received too little, will have it added to his ledger if he deserves it.

These are the things the sciences and some of the leaders of mankind are not comfortable with. But whether this is palatable or not, it has to be said.

  • JUSTICE is identical with GOD; it represents Mother Nature’s whole essence!
From the protocol [Transgressions and justice] – page 31 - 32

You however look upon the masses you are absolutely aware of that they commit an outrage. You would however like to be in their shoes, because you are of the opinion that all of them have a particularly good time. You miss the wished for bolt of lightning that should strike these wrongdoers. – But if you knew just what these brutes are faced with, you would have shivers down your spine and you would certainly not yearn to trade places with them! – Their last breath on Earth alone is such a scary experience for these people that I find it impossible to find the words to describe it. The whole agony of their human calamitousness is concentrated within a few last gasps of breath – and the bitter end is still to come. These are no empty threats, but the result of a life on Earth lived upside down, because one never made an effort to find the correct INFORMATION. No creature throughout the universe is capable of abrogating this divine LAW. It is absolutely pertinent!

From the protocol [Your Earth] – page 30

… Almost all people however do not take their final balance sheet into account:

  • Everyone receives their final balance sheet.
  • Mankind’s leaders naturally also receive their final balance sheet, a very accurately calculated balance sheet, even if it doesn’t happen during their lifetime.
  • Nothing is ever forgotten!
  • A number of things will be struck off or credited on a lot of balance sheets. JUSTICE is infallible.
From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 39

It is however different with those that have displayed just a smitten of good will. They receive the SUPPORT of the GREAT PLANNER and HIS INFORMERS according to their merits. Nobody can change this LAW and this is why this HELP is such an absolute certainty!

  • However, those that endeavoured to promote mankind on a daily basis according to the HIGHEST PLANS and carried the sorrow of this difficult MISSION like a cross, will be guided to the spiritual realm by an ANGEL and nobody throughout the universe will be able to prevent this from happening. This is also a UNIVERSAL LAW!
From the protocol [Your Earth] – page 30 - 31

Souls in the physical have the opportunity to decide and indicate through their behaviour, which direction they want to develop themselves. …

… The opportunity to live a further life on Earth gives many human souls another opportunity to choose by themselves, either for GOD or HIS antagonist. …

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 25 and 26

… There is however an active SPHERE of EXISTENCE, it exists between reincarnations and it is in a spiritual realm that offers great opportunities for one’s development and insights.

  • The time this development takes is infinite and man living in the physical can make provisions, that is to say, can reduce the time of his development by endeavouring to be a human being!
From the protocol [Your Earth] – page 29

Neither fame nor fortune can make you happy, because not one soul misses out on what it is due based on its individual development.

  • The SPIRITUAL REALM will make up whatever has not been fulfilled on Earth.
From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 30

Most people unfortunately forget that disinterestedness also brings results. Most people become aware of this only after they come to us in the spiritual realm and when it is too late. People on Earth always believe that they miss out on something whilst on Earth, if they only think of others instead of themselves and they eventually grow old and ultimately miss out completely - error! Life isn’t over by a long shot after death. People have unimagined opportunities to enjoy life on the other side, something nobody on Earth could begin to imagine!

From the protocol [The souls] – page 36

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