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Now - change, evolution? HUMAN BEING | Now - change, evolution?

What do you make of current world politics and its associated risks and difficulties for mankind on this planet?

Oh, that’ a special theme. It has become quite dangerous in your little world. We find it inexplicable why you do fight one another the way you do. You have come here on your own accord in order to perfect and to redeem yourselves. All of you have the same goal and you still fight one another just the same, wherever you can. This starts in the family, continues on at work and ends up in world politics.

  • If you can’t get this under control - and this only functions through recognising your CREATOR - your planet is heading towards terrible times and events and they will no longer be locally limited.

You must acknowledge that your path is the same, regardless whether you’re a Moslem, a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu or any other religious denomination. Because of your religious beliefs you radiate in all directions away from one another, instead of searching for the TRUTH together. Searching for the TRUTH is very simple: You have to make a start and then begin to discard all false dogmas and any other narrow-mindedness. You can only survive by recognising GOD!

From the protocol [Genetic research] – page 51 - 52

… There can only be one TRUTH, because there is only one GOD! For as long as this is not acknowledged and you continue to murder people in the interest of the economy and power, nothing will change in this respect. …

From the protocol [Various questions and answers] – page 3

In the article “Nine ways to happiness” the Dalai Lama writes: “He, who sets himself free from all the unnecessary things in life, will reach his goal.” What do you say to this?

That’s exactly right. We can only underline the Dalai Lama’s words. The Dalai Lama is no Christian and no Moslem; he is no Hindu and no Jew. What is he? - He is all of the above! And this is exactly where every human being must arrive at; the word “war” will then become a part of history.

From the protocol [Various questions and answers] – page 3

Global insights, knowledge about life after death and the concept of the enormous vastness of the universe inhabited throughout its farthest regions, is a REVOLUTION that will lead mankind towards true PEACE someday.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 49

A change for the better on this Earth cannot be achieved through sociological or political changes. All attempts would not just be futile, but they would even worsen the situation. This humanity requires specific KNOWLEDGE that cannot be found in any of your books. Healing this illness on Earth is only possible through the spirit and never through politics. Aberrations can only be rectified with the TRUTH and not through more aberrations!

From the protocol [Your Earth] – page 25

  • There must be no blind faith!
  • FAITH in GOD should rate number one in all empirical sciences.

… I told you once before that this KNOWLEDGE is not part of theology, that it is part of general, international natural science.

  • This KNOWLEDGE therefore should be taught in lecture rooms at universities!

Like receiving sustenance for one’s survival on this planet, to live in peace is the birthright of every person on Earth. Peace on this Terra and a mutual understanding between the races depends on the KNOWLEDGE and worldwide understanding of the human existence within the universe.

  • Only when this theme is no longer derided and mocked in corridors and lecture rooms at universities will a PERMANENT PEACE come about.

The way things still are with you, everybody seriously dealing with this is regarded an idiot who is unable to adapt to the times you live in.

Modern development has nothing to do with the TRUTHS that possess eternal validity and are completely independent from time.

TRUTH is and remains TRUTH, even if “modern developments” are unwilling to acknowledge this, because they are in the way of atheistic views.

  • Atheism considerably retards mankind’s further development. It severely interferes with politics and it goads despots into making decisions they will live to regret one day.
From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 20

… You live in a world that is invisibly pervaded by your actual WORLD - HOME to all of you. You are aware of quite a number of things that are invisible and you know what’s behind them. You can’t see the air around you for instance, but you know that it is there. You can’t see your radio waves but you know that they exist in spite of that. You have built receivers for that.

  • Why don’t you use yourselves as RECEIVERS for FREQUENCIES coming from the spiritual realm?

You seem to have an inexplicable shyness in this regard. Why? - This would give you the key to solve all the problems of the world, even illnesses would no longer exist. …

But you are so confident in your abilities and in your technological developments that you fail to see that you destroy yourselves and you even laugh when other people, with more delicate ANTENNAS, report about the world of the SPIRIT and about GOD. Do you also disown your natural parents? No, you don’t do that! But you laugh in the FACE of THE ONE who created all of you and say: “We only believe in what’s physical and not in such fairytales!”

From the protocol [Genetic research] – page 52 - 53

Mankind has no idea about the truthful EXISTENCE and RESPONSIBILITY. It has no idea that the soul is an immortal STRUCTURE, because it is the offspring of an immortal GOD and because it can and does exist in other DIMENSIONS also. Mankind laughs and cynically ridicules a grandiose TRUTH and the results are the present conditions on Earth, which scream to the heavens for redemption.

One should now assume that the KNOWLEDGEABLE would simply have to instruct the ignorant and everything would be o.k. But this is unfortunately not the case. The KNOWLEDGEABLE is ridiculed in exactly the same as one ridicules his assertions. One simply doesn’t consider him to be knowledgeable, but for very limited and backward.

If the human race on Earth would have to courage to accept this divine KNOWLEDGE, the negative would turn into the POSITIVE over time.

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 19

  • Negative’s MIGHT can only be conquered through the MIGHT of the POSITIVE.

This fact has been ignored by your sciences so far!

From the protocol [What is truth?] – page 32

When one looks at the present world situation one can come to the conclusion that the negative side is more powerful than the POSITIVE!

It is a great mistake to believe that the negative side is more powerful than the POSITIVE.

The POSITIVE will always prevail, but it will do so in its own good time!

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 27

I have no doubt that there are a number of people here on Terra who try to give this humanity better guidance. These people are mostly unsuccessful, because they are at the mercy of the brutality of their adversaries or because the effective weapon of ridicule abrogates their efforts.

From the protocol [ Too hot to handle (a hot potato] – page 16

Are we heading in the direction of a new world order or in the direction of a new disorder?

We cannot answer this question at this point in time. Everything is still in a state of confusion and bemusement. We do not know where your journey will lead you. We hope that you find a new world order and a new togetherness and we support you in this.

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2001 - Part 3] - page 6

You told us that you possess a limited projection in regards to time. Assuming that we continue along the path we have chosen, what would the result look like?

That you must do a lot more to awaken these ENERGIES to their BRILLIANT GLORY. You can see that it isn’t just mankind that practises violence in many parts of your Earth, but that Mother Nature also tries to catch your attention. Mother Nature also suffers from your actions and it is difficult to keep a reign on NATURE’S ENTITIES.

Does this mean that we will receive the answer to this through Mother Nature?

That’s how it is.

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2001 - Part 3] - page 6

Very powerful insecurities can presently be perceived within your physical world. In addition to this, a lot of confusion is caused by events of wars and natural catastrophes. But all of this also has the effect that mankind huddles closer together and a positive insight gains a foothold so that the suppressed and the poorest of the poor are fed and blessed by the more affluent. This means that you adopt JESUS CHRIST’S doctrines and you hand them on. The first steps in that direction have been made and are therefore a given.

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 21

Generally speaking, people are very discontented and values seemed to have undergone a lot of serious changes in general. My personal feeling is that we make retrogressive steps instead of going forward, nearer to DIVINITY. How is this going to continue?

Within you community you live in a pyramid-like society, a society wherein a few get exorbitantly rich on the efforts of the masses in the lower regions of this pyramid. You need a horizontal form of society, one where the garbage collector is as important and esteemed as a doctor or a professor. This is your problem! This is different with GOD. He is the most eminent ENTITY that exists, but still treats all human beings the same. GOD and HIS HIERARCHY live a - so that you understand what I mean let’s stay with this terminology - horizontal “society”.

We may need all this disquietude in order for mankind to recognise that is has to continue to amalgamate.

You can recognise this in your economic situation and in politics: One has to have reached the absolute bottom, before one can build anew from the rubble. Changes made during the descend hardly ever function, because most people would not believe what is being suggested or they would not understand why they of all people should change anything. This is unfortunately the case. …

From the protocol [Various questions and answers] – page 6 - 7

Faced with the present world situation, many people are so acerbated that they are no longer interested in GOD or in religion. What can you tell us about this?

I have never told you that heaven will reign on Earth over-night. I have never mentioned that you will wake up one morning and the great change will have taken place.

  • I attempt to give you the good news that freedom is on its way, that new ideas, new and nevertheless old concepts will stir up people’s emotions and that this widespread discontentment will be recognised and experienced. Only reaching an all-time low will make mankind come to its senses.

I already see concrete signs that this all-time low will be bettered. We are dealing with LIGHTS that illuminate the horizon and they are the forerunners of a New World.

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 44 - 45

… The New Age will also bring with it an evolution whereby your body and your soul will take one more step forward.

Thus, the development of man’s present physical body has not been completed?

That’s the way it is. You have not managed to consciously become aware of everything about your body by a long shot. Remember that you only utilise a fraction of your brain. What would happen if you were successful in activating your brain to a degree where you could see and hear beyond your five senses thereby achieving perfection? …

From the protocol [Man and the reason of his earthly existence] – page 26 - 27

Man is in possession of a far larger brain than he actually needs to think and regulate. A part of the brain the present civilised person possesses is shut down after eons. It will have ceased its respective functions, then technology will have taken over some of these functions. This might sound a little incomprehensible. …

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 22

Mental training influences the brain cells exactly the way any other training changes nerves and muscles.

Brain cells therefore also undergo changes even if they are not made use of.

  • Most people living on Earth at this point in time fall into this category!

Rational man, as he is selectively bred at universities and other educational institutions, due to his one sided, material thought processes, suffers a not to be underestimated atrophy of those brain cells that are intended for the comprehension of terrestrial CREATION.

These rational people are veritable geniuses in regards to physical secrets and transformations, respectively figurations. But they unfortunately lack the required ganglia (nerve cells) for divine THOUGHT, whilst other cells are sometimes overly normal.

  • It comes as no surprise that these people look upon all spiritual phenomena with a complete lack of comprehension. The human soul is unable to produce a specific tune from its instrument if a string is missing or if it is out of tune.
From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 62

  • The part of your brain that is shut down blocks the necessary insight to a mystery of enormous proportions.
From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 23

Can you give us the reason why the people on Earth cannot extricate themselves from this situation?

This is mainly due to the fact that the people on Earth never engaged their brain with only positive thought processes. One half of the human brain is inactive and their negative thoughts prevent people from utilising their entire brain. Only when people gain the ability to also activate the other half of their brain will they be able to think more logically. Only when this completely senseless bloodletting ceases for ever, will the ability to also utilise the second half be conferred on them.[1]

(The footnote from the protocol:)
[1] Scientists have actually ascertained that a part of the human brain lies fallow.

Woe to you, if you would already possess this ability! Woe also for as long as people do not possess the maturity to respect and to love their fellow men! This blood shedding would eventually eradicate the whole human race. …

… But people must first educate themselves to think and to act better. …

If the people on Earth were already able to utilise their whole brain, they would exploit this ability to do evil.

The other half of the brain has exceptional occult abilities, for instance telepathy. If the people on Earth would concentrate more on spiritual insights, they would also further the discovery of their psychic abilities. …

From the protocol [ Messengers of the future] – page 41 - 42

… You would be surprised if you could perceive your brain in its full capacity. The extend of the capabilities the CREATOR has given you are so great and so numerous that you just can’t grasp them.

From the protocol [The power of thought] – page 11

… You are at a crossroads where you have to decide whether to tread the path in a divine sense or whether to select the path to destruction.

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2001 - Part 1] - page 2

One has been talking about a change of consciousness and also of new values for a long time. But the number and severity of all kinds of catastrophes on this planet are up at the same time. Is the majority of mankind actually in the process of heightening their VIBRATIONS or are we heading towards a new disaster?

This is the balance I mentioned before. On the one hand the NEGATIVE receives a lot of new ENERGIES and energetic DOORS open. On the other hand, especially those souls are awakened who begin to realise that one has to consolidate oneself against all this upheaval in order not to lose oneself. This opportunity has always been around and it is still there even now. We are dealing with an ANTI-ENERGY that is amplifying more and more. And this is the chance given to you here on Earth.

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2001 - Part 3] - page 6

The time is right, because new CONSCIOUS ENERGIES are flooding planet Earth. It is time for you to open up your consciousness to the things the ethereal world has on offer and to what ANGELIC BEINGS hold ready, in order to inspire you and in order to confirm for you that there is more than meets the eye here on Earth. You must gain the insight that something ETHEREAL does exist and that it accompanies you in a divine SENSE. This is the reason why UFO sightings are presently subdued, because the emphasis is presently directed at inspirational guidelines. It is our wish to reach you within your heart, in order for you recognise GOD and particularly in order to cultivate the knowledge of your soul’s life after death within your consciousness. Your consciousness is now ready to absorb and to evaluate this information.

  • You will recognise that the physical world does not serve the purpose of satisfying your innermost needs and of healing your soul. - You will recognise that your soul becomes substantially ill from the disequilibrium within your worldly existence.
From the protocol [Genetic research] – page 4

We continue to gain more knowledge about the biological processes within our physical systems. Just how will our DNA react if we continue to advance with our genetic research?

Well, the DNA will restructure, that is to say, the souls that are going to incarnate here on Earth will adapt to any future physical bodies on hand of a new BLUEPRINT. Whilst still in the spiritual realm, the souls will receive the MATRIX that will enable them to develop their own physical body for their next incarnation. The result of this is going to be a more ethereal physical body. But this only applies to divinely-ordained, positive developments within the field of bio-sciences, the way we explained it during earlier meetings. …

From the protocol [Genetic research] – page 43

Are the reasons why we become more ethereal based on the fact that we will then fulfil a development that is a part of GOD’S LEVEL-BY-LEVEL PLAN?

Ethereality proceeds with a positive consciousness, that is to say, with a consciousness focused on GOD. Your planet is also positively influenced by your thoughts and receives further IMPULSES of VIBRATIONS, which will also make it more ethereal. …

The soul, being a part of GOD, is influenced by this, because it is already ethereal and this in a way that is far superior to anything physical. …

From the protocol [Genetic research] – page 44

  • Your level of consciousness will change over the next decades and you will become aware that all of you, with all your existing diversity, will have to try and cope with this and accept it.
From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2004] – page 39

This means that you will be faced with severe tests not just on an individual basis, within your family or the country you live in, but also throughout planet Earth through powerful upheavals that will produce new structures and new thought processes. This new level of consciousness will serve the purpose of amalgamating all of you into a whole, so that you will receive the divine LAWS not just from without, but also from within your hearts from whence you can externalise it at will. This is GOD’S WILL and the assignation of your own existence.

From the protocol [Whitsuntide meditation (Pentecost)] – page 2

… What does this mean?

It means that your whole political, social and also economic scene will change dramatically. Identified by the fact that your environment here on Earth has been very exact in showing you the way and identified by the fact that many FORCES become active at this point so that many changes within your economic situation will take place. Mother Nature doesn’t just teach you how to get to know yourselves, it also gives you a lot of knowledge about itself and its CREATURES, so that you succeed in establishing a connection between your own ENERGIES and all the things you’re confronted with from outside. …

… What was meant here was that you will no longer regard yourselves as individuals, but that you recognise that you are a community that depends on every single person within its ranks. This doesn’t just mean your opponent or your partner, but the whole society and the whole human race. Beyond this it also meant that you must find coherence in order to change the negative forces and confusions that reign here on Earth through peaceful coexistence so that individuals can no longer be led astray. –

You will recognise that you can act from within a sense of togetherness. This will be marked by the fact that you will then approach one another and realise that you are all interconnected, not just genetically, but also on an emotional level and that you form a unit between your own self-image and that of your fellow men. This indicates that all of you stem from the same SOURCE of ENERGY. – This insight will have such a powerful effect that you will then acquire a completely different way of dealing with one another here on Earth and gain a completely different sense of worth of your fellow men.

From the protocol [Whitsuntide meditation (Pentecost)] – page 3 - 4

Therefore, live within this LOVE with one another, because you cannot call yourselves human beings without this divine LOVE. You are mere creatures without this LOVE and you should therefore not be surprised and complain about the fact that you are treated and regarded as mere creatures in this world of yours. But GOD loves every kind of creature and this is why HE loves you the way you are. …


Where LOVE ceases to be, violence rears its ugly head. For as long as you seek your salvation in violence, you will not experience peace, because peace gained through violence and without LOVE is a demonic aberration. But GOD in HIS LOVE for you will cure you from this aberration and HE will show you a LIGHT, something HE did 2,000 years ago.



From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 6

A new world reform will develop in the near future. …

  • The present situation will trigger great changes within man’s political thought processes.

There will be pros and contras and they will trouble you often. But the overall development of the New Age will console you and it will lead you closer to higher knowledge and thereby also closer to the desired peace. And this is how the New Age will develop:

  • Thrones will fall and rulers will have to abdicate. Tyrants and dictators will disappear. People will gradually find their roots and the spirit will triumph in everyone’s life.

Faced with the TRUTH, aberration will lose its power. Youth will find new ideals. The LIGHT of GOD will be clearly recognisable and the New Age will dawn. The material age will lose the fight and it will have to yield. The spirit will have dominion over matter.

Not all predictions can be fulfilled, because events intervene sometimes, new things appear on the scene and they can abruptly change a chain of events. But a large part of the future events will still remain.

… Everything takes time and mankind’s development is no exception.

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 124 - 125

We firmly believe that the time is not too far away when you will realise that atheism is a mistake without equal. Once mankind on Earth has comprehended this, almost everything on your planet will change. You will then experience one miracle after another, because the starting-point of all your endeavours will have been brought to the correct level.

For as long as the starting-point of all analogies is incorrect, everything will be looked at from a false perspective…

From the protocol [ Messengers of the future] – page 30

SETHAN said in one of the October protocols from 2004: “By the events taking place around you, you are guided back to the limits of your faith”. …

It was a hint to make you remember the divine LAWS, which we have discussed here very often and in great detail. …

  • It was a hint to tell you that a whole lot more will take place within the history of this Earth to help you fashion your level of consciousness to such a stage where you’ll be able to recognise by yourselves, exactly where your blemishes and shortcomings are and what you still have to learn.
From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2004] – page 32

(From the preface by Rolf Linnemann on the opening page of PsyGrenz)

Superior LAWS naturally also affect those that do not want anything to do with them. The LAW of cause and effect is right at the top: „What you sow, you shall reap“. If one would grasp this LAW in all its complexity it would be hardly possible to still steal, to deceive or to murder, not even to think evil thoughts. …

The acceptance of the UNIVERSAL LAWS of cause and effect leads you along a straight path and it teaches you to take responsibility for all your actions. If these coherences were taught in families, kindergartens, schools and universities, there would indeed be a chance to gain control over problems like drug addictions, hostile attitudes towards foreigners, loneliness etc.

The divine LAWS are the key to solving all the world's problems. …

It really represents a scientific scandal that man, at the apex of terrestrial creation, is not even clear about his own existence. It is high time that we become aware of our assignation and of the meaning of our existence. …

The catastrophes happening around us are the result of the catastrophic conditions within us. One cannot deal with „hi-tech“ when „high-spirit“ is missing! The more questionable civilised and military superpowers become, the greater the chances of rediscovering the ancient secrets of the soul, because the greatest of crisis also offers the greatest chances.

To question the „there is nothing after one is dead“ attitude and all principle questions in regards the meaning of life here on Earth and within the universe are crucial questions! No other field of research is more important than the one that can give us information about our wherefrom and whereto. Psycho-science bases itself on verifiable facts. Once it has established itself, it will reveal its great importance in that it will represent the synthesis between religion and science, respectively metaphysics and the study of nature. The world is, next to an aesthetical, ethical and metaphysical problem, indisputably also a natural-science problem. All of those that have looked beyond the surface of things have come to the same conclusions.

From the preface by the publisher of PsyGrenz

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