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Does GOD exist? GOD | Does GOD exist?

Since time immemorial, every human being has dealt with the mystery GOD represents in one way or another. It matters not whether we are dealing with a cannibal or an atheist, a Christian or a Muslim, all contemplate the idea of a super-being that reigns the world.

The different levels of development of people makes God appear in the most different assumptions and insights. Even God’s greatest antagonists cannot avoid these thoughts. Atheist do indeed doubt, but their doubts are only the last assumption of constantly returning thoughts that will stay with them until the last days of their life. They try to extricated themselves from this haunting crisis of conscience with grim defiance and scornful derisiveness. The less successful they are, the greater their resistance becomes.

  • GOD cannot be ousted from the consciousness of a human being, not even from the most primitive consciousness of a cannibal. He also seeks the MYSTERIOUS ONE in his own primitive way. He will also not be relinquished by HIM, even if he immoderately fears GOD.
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 27

Even if GOD is irrational, this doesn’t mean that HE does not exist. One cannot simply deny the existence of something because it is incomprehensible to the human mind. You however practice this nonsense.

From the protocol [ Too hot to handle (a hot potato] – page 7

“GOD” is just a word. But the correct concept is important. The concept almost everybody on this planet entertains is radically false.

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 5

Some of the great thinkers endeavoured to define GOD. Even though many explanations were found, their deliberations weren’t quite satisfactory. Even the greatest thinkers of this Terra could not define the correct positive point in all of their contemplations. Their definitions might induce deeper cogitation, but they could not remove the doubt in regards to GOD’S existence.

From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 25

What you consider to be the origin of this “nothingness”, has always been very much existent, namely something that was, is and remains GOD.

From the protocol [Spiritualism versus Spiritism] – page 27

  • … GOD was the beginning of all there is. GOD brought the LIGHT into the darkness so that it may shine for ever.
From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 3] – page 51

Question: Why won’t the sciences simply admit that there must be a GOD?

AREDOS: A GOD, the way the churches depicts him, does not exist!

This is the main reason why intellectuals do not want to believe in GOD. But this doesn’t mean that there is no GOD! It’s just that HE is different from what you have been taught about HIM! This is why we don’t say GOD, but call HIM the GREAT PLANNER.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 59

The sciences know of no genuine formula that solidly anchors GOD’S personal existence.

When I say “personal existence”, I use your vocabulary to say, that this GOD has a CONSCIOUSNESS, that HE can think and reason.

Of particular importance is the consideration that GOD is the CREATOR of the universe and HE achieved this by creating a spiritual and a physical realm.

Atheism and dialectic materialism will not acknowledge these main characteristics. Almost all the sciences on Terra willingly abide by this doubt. We are talking about great logicians and meritorious researchers from many different fields of interest. They are pioneers within the sciences and technology and they accept this aberrant as the truth. One has to make a great effort to convince them that this doubt is a mistake.

  • If we take all that exists into consideration we come to the conclusion that the universe must have a PLANNER.

Give me one single example of something meaningful that could possibly come into being without planning! – The unimaginable PLANER is the UNIVERSAL SPIRIT you could call “GOD”. Without a PLANER, the universe would be impossible. A planer must however have an idea that he can use to carry out his plans with. The same applies to all your inventions and activities. This is a spiritual process and it comes from spirit.

  • Physical matter does not plan and does not have ideas, only the spirit can do so.

Human beings have a divine spirit within that allows them to plan. People can plan far into the future. They can calculate everything and they can include their experiences in their calculations. But a higher, more powerful SPIRIT reigns over man’s spirit, one that can plan even further into the future, one that can calculate far better and take far greater and richer experiences into consideration.

You balk at the word “GOD” because it has been desecrated by man, terrestrial science should therefore finally get rid of the undefinable “Factor X” and substitute it with the word “PLANER”. We are naturally dealing with the greatest PLANER that exists throughout the universe.

From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 25 - 26

HE is the origin of all being.

HIS GENESIS is a mystery any terrestrial vocabulary is inadequate to explain.

From the protocol [What is truth?] – page 30

Universes are so huge and complicated, so polymorphic and full of ingeniousness, meaningfully ordered and bodacious that with the help of logic, no other explanation for its existence can be forwarded than that of an incredible, ingenious ADVANCE PLANNING.

From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 22

All of creation is based on very accurate calculations. But who is supposed to have established these calculations? - Well, I know exactly what you’ll say based on your erroneous thought processes, you simply call it: “Nature at work.”

Nature certainly is at work, but what INTELLIGENCE is behind this nature, as it is well-known that nature doesn’t represent a super-brain? - …

  • Where is the BRAIN or where is the SPIRIT that allows this INTELLIGENCE to reign so that creation can arise and also be sustained?
From the protocol [The SANTINER] – page 76

Atheists say that Mother Nature produces everything and that she does not require a GOD to do so. Mother Nature would have to have some enormous ENERGY at her disposal to make all of this happening.

But where does Mother Nature get this INTELLIGENCE and these ENERGIES from? – The atheist, the faithless and ungodly doesn’t say anything about that. GOD does not have to get this INTELLIGENCE and these ENERGIES from anywhere, because HE possesses them already. They are HIS CHARACTERISTICS the way human beings also have their characteristics and their life force.

Man draws his spiritual ENERGY from the cosmic universe. Man only receives a minute amount of ENERGY from the enormous mass of ENERGY available. GOD however has a far greater capacity for these cosmic rays and forces. Compared to man, HE is a gigantic generator, whilst man is just a minute aggregate.

Mother Nature would not know what to do with these ENERGIES, even if the greatest sun were shining. However, GOD, with HIS COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, meaningfully controls this greatest of chaos of unfettered forces of nature and HE constructs and expands the universe with these forces.

  • GOD therefore possesses all of Mother Nature’s capabilities. They are however only meaningful and harmonious through HIS INTELLIGENCE, through HIS supra-dimensional CONSCIOUSNESS, which intervenes to bring order to this enormous INTERPLAY of FORCES.
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 14 - 15

… Intelligence without a thought process is absolutely impossible. Let no scientist or politician stand up and say to me that Mother Nature neither requires planning nor thought processes. Let somebody try to verify this answer.

  • Mother Nature, that is to say, all of CREATION, is the result of an INTELLIGENCE and also of an unimaginable CONSCIOUSNESS. – GOD is this UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS.
From the protocol [ Messengers of the future] – page 15

  • Matter itself would not stir, it wouldn’t show the slightest sign of life if there wasn’t something above it that plays a decisive role in triggering its behaviourism.

The sciences cannot ignore this invisible, but verifiable INTELLIGENCE, but it cannot explain this intelligence. This is why it is reluctantly accepted, but only classified a process.

One cannot dismiss such a high INTELLIGENCE this easily!

The frightening thing about this is the fact that the whole universe - compared to man – is of such an unbelievable size. The polymorphism of CREATION also enters the equation. Man will never be able to completely grasp CREATION, man might be a divine creature, but man is no GOD.

The CREATOR is of course the highest INTELLIGENCE.

  • The CREATOR is the total sum of all experiences throughout the ages.

Man was only created after many eons had passed, long after GOD represented a perfected INTELLIGENCE.

From the protocol [Transgressions and justice] – page 31

… GOD’S INTELLIGENCE is in every cell, in every molecule, in every atom and beyond that in all the cosmic space between the atoms.

  • GOD’S SPIRIT is something completely SELF-CONTAINED and it doesn’t show the slightest crack or microscopic gap.
From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 35

The doctrine of order deals with the question of whether the world is a whole or the sum of many coincidentally thrown together individual occurrences. There is only one answer, namely that order must abide by the LAW of CAUSALITY:

  • Accordingly, GOD is the CAUSE of CREATION.
  • The universe is HIS IMPACT.
  • Individual things as IMPACT within the CAUSE create a UNIT.
  • The order of things is however interfered with by the negative anti-polarity that has a disorganising effect everywhere and that will eventually even destroy itself.

Man however is incapable of grasping GOD’S greatness and mightiness. He cannot imagine GOD and he will not find something to compare HIM with throughout the universe, even if he were to imagine GOD in the form of a gigantic sun. This inability to grasp GOD’S divine MAJESTY is the main reason why man avoids this line of thought. Because he, who pursues these thoughts must, per force, gain a more forceful and more convincing conviction of HIS EXISTENCE.

… These people, assessed as atheists, do not want to have anything to do with GOD. The only explanation for their stance is based on GOD’S invisibility. How many things are invisible and their existence can still be verified? Is GOD’S invisible existence verifiable? This is the most important question man has to deal with.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 27 - 28

It should become clear to every human being after some consideration that it isn’t worth one’s while to think about the manner of the divine EXISTENCE. It suffices to recognise HIS EXISTENCE in the reality of HIS CREATION. Apart from that, GOD is so immense and enormous that no human consciousness is capable of comprehending even the smallest part of HIS functions.

  • He, who wants to define GOD, is insane, because he overestimates his own intelligence!
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 28

What GOD actually is, is difficult to explain. It is difficult to explain that all of you are a part of HIM. It is difficult to make it comprehensible to you that all of you stem from one ORIGINAL SOURCE. It is particularly difficult because you don’t even humanly respect and accept one another here on Earth. Your mind and you spirit is not developed enough to actually understand this.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 7

Just envisage a small portion of the universe. – Doesn’t this attempt force you to feel reverence? – The enormousness of what’s present, of life, of LAWS and the associated invisible should truly be cause enough to make you sink to your knees and adore these things.

All of these phenomena reveal the incredible MAJESTY of a sentient FORCE with only goodness on its mind, one that continuously makes corrections -, even if man is evil and does not want to comprehend.

From the protocol [ Too hot to handle (a hot potato] – page 47

… Admire a flower and you will recognise that all the wisdom you need is contained within it, because it harbours GOD within.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 67

Why do you deny a FATHER who created space, a so-called universe? – With whom do you want to replace HIM with? – To whom do you want to bear reference to? – Verify your origin? – Can you list any reasons that give you the right to judge your CREATOR so disrespectfully and viciously that you even pretend not to know HIM at all? …

You have lulled your conscience to sleep and you have numbed it through your materialistic and egotistical attitude. You believe that you do not know GOD, because you cannot see HIM face to face. Is there a reason for an orphan who has never seen his father to say: “I have not been created by a father; I have been born on Earth of my own accord or by coincidence or some caprice of nature.”?

One does not have to see everything that exists! – There are an enormous number of things throughout the universe that you cannot see and new discoveries are made by scientist every day.

  • You want to discover GOD! – GOD is not there to be “discovered”, because GOD is omnipresent and HE reveals HIMSELF through all the things in your life, beginning with the breath you take to the greatest stars and suns you can only see through a telescope.
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 24 - 25

It is a blasphemy to say that man visited space, but never encountered GOD. –

How can you possibly recognise GOD, if you are not even capable of recognising HIS TRUTH or willing to adopt and abide by HIS LAWS?

From the protocol [UFO-Contact I.N.D.] – page 16

How many theologians have tried to explain GOD? All of these attempts were inadequate. If one tries to represent GOD as superhuman one automatically separates GOD from HIS UNIVERSE.

Herein lays the whole problem, one that hinders any further contemplation.

From the perspective of the spiritual world, GOD is regarded as a TOTALITY, whilst human beings only represent a minute part of this TOTALITY. Therefore, those who do endeavour to think about GOD’S existence do behold GOD not as a part, but as a TOTALITY within the universe.

GOD is therefore so all-inclusive that we could not mentally remove the SLIGHTEST from the universe without removing something of GOD, the TOTALITY. But we have to take into consideration that GOD’S antagonist has terribly abused the divine CREATIVE POWER - and still does so even now.

From the protocol [The Bible] – page 114

  • If someone says: “I don’t believe in GOD”, it is akin to saying “I don’t believe in goodness.” In spite of that, he knows very well that GOOD and evil really exist. - Therein lies the contradiction!
From the protocol [The souls] – page 18

GOD is no craving for recognition element, but an actually existent and real terminology. Just a concept to you, because in regards to LOVE, LIGHT and the extent of HIS GREATNESS and EXISTENCE, you cannot envisage anything at all. GOD is no presumption or an unreal CREATIVE ENERGY, but reality and a component of your life!

From the protocol [Sleep and dreams] – page 16

A so-called “nothingness” does not exist! Everything can be converted in any case; but what will eventually remain is GOD. HE represents inviolable CONTINUANCE. Any material or anti-material structure can be changed or destroyed in some way, but never GOD or any SOUL for that matter.

  • The SPIRIT of the LORD is an inexhaustible ENERGY and it is POSITIVE. When you feel this ENERGY and this POSITIVENESS within you, you feel GOD. – But a negative person, one that rejects the LORD, because he does not absorb HIS ENERGY, is ill.
From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 36
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