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Where is the hereafter? HEREAFTER | Where is the hereafter?

  • Human existence in the garment of matter is a condition. This condition changes after death, but LIFE is not extinguished herewith, only the body is taken away.

But where remains the dislodged life, the soul, as you call it?

I have observed you and ascertained that whenever HEAVEN or the BEYOND is discussed, you look up. As if the HEAVEN of the souls lies somewhere between the stars.

This is an error!

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 29

It is written: Heaven is within us. - Take heed, this doesn’t mean that there is no heaven anywhere else. Heaven is in this case not really the correct term. We prefer to say sphere. It is therefore very sad to see that the Church of the LORD has so little notion about this heaven, about this sphere.

Astronomy has ascertained that the stars orbit in space and that the space in between is filled with dust, gases and stones, which also hurtle through space in a dangerous fashion or burn up as meteorites on the way to Earth. But when someone dies, doesn’t move anymore and releases his or her invisible soul substance, you ask yourselves: Where could this heaven, this sphere be? Where does the soul float to? - This question is as silly as if someone asks: How is it possible that there can be such a lot of music and so many conversations inside a little radio.

  • The cosmos has FREQUENCIES, the same VIBRATIONAL PLANES as your world has fire, water, air and earth. These are visible frequencies to you, visible vibrational planes. But the spiritual realm is an unimaginable plane of existence, the biggest realm throughout the universe. This realm is certainly not separated from matter. There is an extremely close contact between these two PLANES of EXISTENCE.

The perceptions of a spiritual existence are convincing and comprehensible to you. But you unfortunately make the great mistake to declare any of these perceptions as pathological. …

  • A soul can only enter a particular realm, namely the one that is his actual home.
From the protocol [The souls] – page 6 - 7

Why is it actually called: “The hereafter?”

I use the word “hereafter” because it is commonly used in your vocabulary. I don’t really accept this expression, because it isn’t the right word for the actual concept.

  • The word “hereafter” separates your world from the world of spirit!

You forget in the process that the world of spirit deeply penetrates your world so that one cannot talk about an absolute separation. There is not one human being in the flesh that is not spiritually connected with the world of spirit every day and every night.

  • Every human thought is a process that is already happening in the so-called hereafter.
  • Every physical sensation and every conscious process is connected to the world of spirit the way electricity is present throughout the universe and can still run through wires and machines in spite of this.
  • The hereafter is also part of the here and now and it represents a UNIVERSAL UNITY.
  • This UNITY only exhibits two different attributes, namely the spirit within the astral body and the spirit within the physical body.
  • The spirit alternates between these two bodies; these are interrelationships that cannot be justified by a word like “hereafter”.

It’s not surprising therefore that people spontaneously balk at the idea that this concept of a “hereafter” informs them that their spirit is confronted by a world that is completely separate from them.

  • You have to know that the spiritual realm is part of your world, that it is part of your human existence.
From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 18 - 19

… One often hears the question about where the other side is situated. How can one answer this?

The other side is in the midst of you and intertwined with what you call “matter”. It is an invisible PLANE, which, because of your physical coarseness is not visible. The other side is an expansive dimension, which includes the atmosphere of Earth and by all means is certainly within your grasp.

… You are facing VIBRATIONS, which you can’t perceive because of your physical coarseness. These PLANES which surround you, are full of LIGHT, clear and contain warmth. …

  • The spiritual realm starts with matter and ends with the divinity of the CREATOR.

Accordingly, matter and the spiritual realm infuse with one another?

It is an interwoven unity, which cannot be separated from each other.

Is there around these interrelated dimensions the VIBRATIONS of GOD, enveloping all and acting towards the centre?

One can describe it like that, to make it clearer for you. It is hard for us to explain this, because it is hard for you imagine how the divine PLANES connect with each other. Divinity is present in every one of you people. In the spiritual realm, in your material world and all around you, exist divine ENERGIES and VIBRATIONS, otherwise LIFE’S ENERGY would not be available to you.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 10 - 11

You said: “These PLANES which surround you, are full of LIGHT, clear and contain warmth”. …

… It is not a contradiction as such. It was the SPHERES of the spiritual realm which were meant with this, it begins one centimetre, one millimetre above the surface of the Earth, or put another way, it starts directly there where you now sit. …

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 11

You further say, that the spiritual realm and matter were an “interwoven unity”, inseparable from each other. Is matter the opposite polarity to the spiritual realm?

Matter is an important element; it is here so you can mature as souls. The one is inconceivable without the other.

  • At this moment in time, the interplay between matter and the spiritual realm is absolutely necessary for the complete development of the soul.
From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 11

… Your world can’t understand that the “dead” are still here; they are not in a different universe, because everything is part of the same universe. The whole life is one life, but with millions of graduations. …

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 34

The souls in the hereafter are not separated from you. But it isn’t all that easy for you to perceive them with your senses. But these otherworldly souls once lived on Earth and are therefore still interested in all your problems. …

From the protocol [The souls] – page 8

… Because of their different FREQUENCY, it is possible for them to live in the midst of the physical, the way you live in the physical, namely in the air around you, only that it is lighter than solid objects.

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 29

Even the most famous scientists cannot get comfortable with this thought. For them, the invisible must be perceivable and measurable in some way. But nothing? - This is asking too much! According to experience, where nothing is detectable, nothing can be.

It is imperative that mankind on Earth gets over this error, otherwise a catastrophe of unimaginable proportion will take place. This eternal doubt can bring terrible consequences with it.

You see how a correct cognition is urgently required here.

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 29 - 30

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