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What do the sciences say? GOD | What do the sciences say?

The majority of people are of the opinion that that the sciences are profane. They arrive at that conclusion based on their own judgement, which isn’t quite correct. The sciences are not quite that atheistic. But scientists deal with the wonderful, the inexplicable and mysterious more often than any other group of people and inevitably have to cogitate about it. There are stars that are a thousand times the size of the sun. Where one galaxy ends another already one already begins. The macrocosm is incomprehensible.

The question arises: “GOD created all of this? All of this, including all the secrets of creation down to the deepest levels of the microcosm? What kind of GOD is this who reigns over this diminutiveness and grandness?” At this point the human mind rebels, because the concept of time also enters the picture, namely eternity. A star dies and a new one is born. Even considering Earth’s age causes a hair-raising sensation.

He, who progressed this far in his contemplations, finds himself in a dead-end street, from whence no amount of logic will allow him to find his way out of. What does a scientist do in this situation? He will certainly not admit that his mind balks at these deliberations. He will not own up nor admit this understandable shortcoming. He capitulates in the sight of the majesty of the CREATOR. He doesn’t say: “GOD is incomprehensible”, but: “GOD is the factor X.”

This factor “X” is unfortunately handled incorrectly, namely as something that doesn’t exist - at any rate as long as it isn’t recognised, analysed and defined. But that is impossible and because every normal thinking scientist is aware of this, they prefer to capitulate before GOD.

  • World-wide atheism has developed from this situation.

The majority of the world’s population does not think this through as thoroughly as the scientists do, because they are not informed about all the details in regards to space and time. They abide by the sciences’ latest findings, accept them without thinking about them and also capitulate by avoiding this question because that is a lot more convenient.

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 19 - 20

The sciences do not take kindly to the term GOD, because the churches have humanised this concept. The sciences have however not tried to correct this erroneous concept. GOD cannot be compared to man. HE is irrational, but HE exists just the same!

From the protocol [ Too hot to handle (a hot potato] – page 9

The explain GOD in human terms is more than just a blasphemy. It is akin to making an idiot out be a genius! The main emphasis of any EXPLANATION must be on CONSCIOUSNESS, because:

  • GOD is the CONSCIOUSNESS of all of nature throughout the universe. – This CONSCIOUSNESS is invisible, the way it is invisible in man, and it only makes an appearance through its actions.

This would surely have to be comprehended by every human being these days. However, the correct interpretation by the sciences is lacking, as the sciences are given more credibility than the church.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 63

There certainly is no Church God, because a Church God is a caricature that one can only smile about. No human being is able to get even close when it comes to imagining the majesty of the CREATOR. People are curious and they don’t appreciate secrets. But GOD is a mystery and will always remain that for you.

Your sciences do not appreciate this kind of enigma. This is why they distance themselves from something that they cannot fathom or explain. This would only harm their standing, because people think that scientists would surely have to know the answers. - But distancing oneself does not constitute evidence that there is no GOD!

But the masses constituting mankind on this planet interprets this distancing by the scientist differently. They assume that the sciences have given up their search for GOD, because they have recognised that they will never find a GOD, therefore HE doesn’t exist.

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 2 - 3

A “level-headed” scientist might say: “There is only one explanation for all of this: Space with all its contents could never have been created; it has always been there.”

  • The result of this definition is pure world-atheism, the rejection of a CREATOR, who supposed to have achieved such a miracle, such a gigantic construction.

The human intellect, in quest of the TRUTH, despairs at the sight of the incomprehensible vastness of the universe and his belief system crumbles, because he recognises how infinitely small he really is within this CREATION.

By rejecting the GREAT PLANER and PERPETRATOR, man believes to grow spiritually and deludes himself into believing to be the mighty spirit and the most important intelligence of the whole universe.

From the protocol [Invisible truth] – page 8

Your sciences search for evidences. If the sciences should be successful in tracking the human existence to its origin thereby able to explain it, it would not change the fact that having discerned the smallest molecule and the minutest x-particle, they would continuously be confronted by the efforts of the GREAT PLANNER. – GOD cannot be left out of the equation!

But GOD is not a human being! Those that assume GOD inside a human being or connect a human being with GOD will never be able to get rid of their doubts and mistakes.

From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 22

The sciences are these days well aware that life and all of CREATION comes into being through INFORMATION, respectively, came into being. Logic must therefore dictate that there must also be an INFORMER, because from where else would this INFORMATION come from?

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 59

Exerts from a scientific report (also published on the HP

For as long as we restrict our thoughts to the deep, fixed physical condition and for as long as we are so fatuous to negate everything else, our development in regards to higher regions will be nipped in the bud.

  • We must open our vista, we must widen our horizon and we must look at nature from the aspect that everything that we see around us is energy, that everything is flooded and carried by energy!

A physicist that has advanced to this insight becomes a believer. Not a believer in the sense of some religious community, but a believer with the deep understanding that everything is carried by an ORIGINAL POWER, that everything has been created and is still being created by an ORIGINAL ENERGY:

  • The spirit is the origin of all life!

Those that have reached an actual insight into the machinations of nuclear and quantum physics are no longer surprised about the following utterance by Albert Einstein, but know that Einstein avows only the things that every physicist can and must research, seek and avow to:

“The deepest and most august feeling we are capable of is the experience of the mystical. True sciences springs from its seeds. Those that perceive this as an alien feeling, those that can no longer lose themselves in wonder and in awe are already spiritually dead. The knowledge that the inscrutable actually exists and that it reveals itself as the highest truth and the most radiant beauty, something we can only have a dull inkling of, - this knowledge and inkling are the core of all true religiousness. ... The cosmic experience of religion is the most powerful and precious motif for scientific research. My religion consists in the humble adoration of an infinite, spiritual being of the highest nature, one that reveals itself in the minutest details our weak and deficient senses are capable of perceiving. This deep, emotional conviction of the existence of a higher power of thought, one that manifests itself in an inscrutable universe, forms the content of the way I image God to be. (15)”

Many similar citations from famous people exist. I would like to cite one from Max Planck, one of the principal movers within quantum physics:

“As a physicist, as a man that has served the research of matter within level-headed science, I am surely beyond the suspicion of being considered over enthusiastic. According to my experience, I can therefore say the following about atoms: Physical matter doesn’t exist as such, all matter develops and consists only due to a force that makes atoms oscillate and stick together like a tiny nuclear solar system. As neither an intelligent nor an eternal force exists throughout the universe – mankind has never succeeded in finding the ardently yearned for perpetuum mobile (something that eternally moves of its own accord) – we must therefore assume that a conscious, intelligent spirit is behind all of it. The spirit is the original foundation of matter, not the visible, but transient matter is the real and actual (the foundation) because this matter, as we have seen, would not exist at all without this spirit, therefore the invisible, immortal spirit is the real and actual. But as spirit cannot exist as it were and as every spirit belongs to an entity, we must per force assume that a spirit entity exists. But as spirit entities cannot exist from within themselves, but have to be created somehow, I do not shy away from also calling this mysterious creator “GOD”, as all ancient cultures on Earth have called him over the past millennia..(16).”

From the report [Scientific insights verify GOD's existence] - page 22 - 23

Mankind has been searching for millennia for evidence that the universe is controlled by a GREAT SPIRIT and that the human existence continues on an individual bases after death. Some say “yes” whilst others say ”no”.

A whole science was organised to lift the veil on this secret. Great thinkers tortured their spirit, but they themselves didn’t believe neither one thing nor the other. Even these days the people on earth are searching for the life that seems to be hidden from them and allegedly doesn’t exist.

For more than a 1,000 years the matter couldn’t be clarified. CHRIST clarified the matter, but this happened 2,000 years ago - and you still doubt it!

You use your physical sciences and technology to analyse this, but they don’t give you any explanations. One cannot look at the REALM of GOD or the realm of Lucifer through a telescope, nor can they be x-rayed with Roentgen’s invention.

Do you really want to deny this EXISTENCE?

With your egomaniacal and arrogant mentality, you could have done so long ago and placed a final period at the end of this important chapter of your existence. This final period is missing, and you are still searching for the TRUTH. - Why?

If you reject the realm of GOD and HIS intelligent WORLD of the HEREAFTER, you don’t have to continue to search anymore!

It seems you don’t believe your own words, nor your opinions or assumptions. Your “no” is not a definite “no”, because fear and uncertainty are hidden behind it. And if you do say “yes”, this “yes’ doesn’t count either, otherwise you would have peace and a paradise on your world. …

Thousands of years of uncertainty in the most important field of your earthly existence, that is certainly extraordinary, yes even unbelievable!

Shall I tell you the TRUTH?

You fear your own weakness, the way Paul recognised his own weakness. You just don’t want to recognise that in spite of thousands, yes even millions of pieces of evidence that the REALM of GOD and that life after death does exist. You prefer to declare all of this proof to be lies and deceptions, morbid and impossible. Otherwise your weakness would come to the surface and you would be deeply ashamed of yourselves.

You don’t want to change! - …

But a tiny DIVINE SPARKE within you still warns you.

You can’t deny GOD within!

You are insecure!

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 4

Who is going to verify GOD’S existence, the Churches or the sciences?

Actually, the Churches would have to do so, because that is their reason for being, but the exact opposite is the case on this planet. The sciences will inevitably, that is to say, without actually meaning to, bring you the proof that GOD exists. This will also verify the soul’s existence and with it the soul’s immortality.

The Church unfortunately acts like a skid under the wheels of all the sciences dealing in this field of knowledge. But it is not a bad thing that Churches exist on Earth, because scientific research would often have gone too far, something that has already happened a number of times. I’m sure that one would have proceeded in a more extreme way. The Church is aware of a lot of things that is part to the scientific domain.

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 43 - 44

The world has changed a lot over the last few decades. We are overrun by technology. The “with each another” went missing. Where will this trend lead us?

This trend will lead you in completely different directions and they direct you into a positive future. Please do not look upon everything in a negative way. There are always two sides to a coin, even to this coin. Technology and the natural sciences will be instrumental in verifying that GOD is the CREATIVE POWER!

  • Your materialistic-atheistic sciences will verify the existence of the CREATOR and will expose their own attitude to GOD as absurd. It is only a question of time, respectively, development.

We naturally understand that every one of you would like to experience this reversal. Your time races ahead in a compressed state and it just might make this possible for you. Please be patient and give it all you’ve got, all that is required. Everything runs within the flow of time, exactly the way the CREATOR has foreseen it. Show more trust in HIM. HE deserves it!

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 4

  • It is time that the sciences a) redefine the term “evidence” and b) that they take the spiritual, respectively, the metaphysical aspect into consideration. This would give them the key to solve all the problems of the world.
From the protocol [Reincarnation and karma] – page 35

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