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Why did he create us? HUMAN BEING | Why did he create us?

Why did GOD create souls in the first place? Was HE tired of being alone?

The SOURCE of LIGHT, the ORIGINAL SOURCE of divine BEING, filled with LOVE and with a great DEVOTEDNESS, released SOURCES of LIGHT in order to give these SOURCES of LIGHT an independent existence in this particular form, because the universe and the cosmos was supposed to be enriched by these SOURCES of LIGHT. Darkness was supposed to give way to light. The release (birth) of individual SPARKS shows the LOVE GOD represents for every single, divine ENERGY ELEMENT. It is a present and a gift that endorses independent existence. Your life, your soul’s existence was made possible through GOD’S LOVE.

From the protocol [Man and the reason of his earthly existence] – page 5

… The original idea is to equip the all-encompassing universe with CREATIVE SOULS in order to allow LOVE to grow everywhere.

From the protocol [History of the Earth] - page 4

Millions of solar systems make up the divine universe. Man has no concept of the enormous variety of life that forms part of it! But all of this would be meaningless, if man with his soul, were not an observer of this universe through his perceptions, that is to say, through his feelings and his thoughts. However, as he is able to contemplate it, this enormous CREATION turns into something meaningful after all. It was created and configured to benefit man. The whole universe is at the disposal of every human being!

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 43

… - If you ask someone whether he knows why he lives on Earth, he is unable to answer this question, because the answer isn’t written in any newspaper and not taught at any university. He lacks a judicious basic education in regards to his ELEMENTARY KNOWLEDGE. This basic education must make it clear to him:

  • that he is one of GOD’S children and that he only dies a physical death,
  • that he does not live alone in this world,
  • that there are other inhabited planets,
  • that he has to fulfil a terrestrial ASSIGNMENT,
  • that he has a higher MISSION,
  • that he may not transgress against cosmic LAWS,
  • that he has to appreciate life immensely,
  • that he destroys his own life and his soul, if he transgresses against the LAW of almighty LOVE.
From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 34 - 35

Human beings are not only found on this Terra.

The whole universe is at their disposal!

The terrestrial existence is only a period of probation with the help of a borrowed instrument, the human physical body that has certainly not yet reached it full maturity. – This is followed by new periods of probation with new assignments and new perspectives, well actually with new borrowed and better developed instruments that demand even more responsibilities and care.

From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 14

If man was really created in the image of GOD he would have to be in a position to be GOD’S equal as a creator. What the FATHER can do is potentially inherent in his children. Is man supposed to be a creator?

You are creators by giving your children your genes and all the things that are important for these human souls. Associated with this are the divine LAWS, LOVE, gratitude and all the virtues your children bring with them in order to hand them on to their children and on to the souls that come into being in the future. …

… You exist through the history you bring with you, through all your many lives on Earth, your creations which continuously bestow life and which are awakened to new live through the CREATOR. Remember that you are designated to familiarise yourselves and others with the divine LAWS here on Earth.

From the protocol [Genetic research - Addendum 1] – page 7

The majority of people are destined to join together as one UNIT and to mutually support one another. This UNIT aims to serve the divine PLAN accordingly and to complete the PLAN of CREATION. -

  • Every single person is important! - Just how important he is in GOD’S PLAN, no human being can determine.
From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 10

  • There are very good reasons for man having a material body that also provides him with an excellent tool without which he could not achieve anything within the physical world, even if his spirit was ever so great.
  • This is why man creates the things within physical nature that GOD cannot do here on Earth, because HE does not have an analogue body for it.
  • Mankind is in this respect GOD’S REPRESENTATIVE in regards to its terrestrial creativity, but it does have the eminent responsibility to realise GOD’S PLAN – and not bring about the opposite effect! …
From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 35

If GOD is almighty, why did the planned paradise not come into being? – But GOD naturally needs HIS helpers and HIS instruments to achieve this. Even GOD cannot cast HIS spell; respectively change the universe in seconds. Every change is subject to certain LAWS. This is why GOD gave man all the required abilities and gifts so he can change the face of the world on HIS behalf. This has actually happened, but unfortunately not quite according to GOD’S PLAN.

  • GOD’S greatest and most powerful enemy, namely the fallen angel, crosses GOD’S PLAN with all available means and he utilises mankind on Earth, with all its god-given abilities and gifts, to do so.
From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 116

GOD is naturally interested in something new and better being created all the time. If it turns out good, it will find HIS support. – Man however only measures with small yardsticks. He shows no patience for anything and always wants immediate results. GOD on the other hand has eons at his disposal. CREATION is a long way from being completed. Mankind represents HIS extended ARM. …

Are you telling us that GOD created man to fulfil the role of a valuable co-worker?

A. S.:
Yes, this is correct. This collaboration however stops the moment man begins to turn against CREATION, when he begins to attack it. Once GOD has generally been acknowledged as the highest AUTHORITY, this planet can also turn into a paradise.

From the protocol [Armageddon] – page 27

  • Every single individual has to fulfil a divine ASSIGNMENT within the PLAN of CREATION. Every sensible human being would have to contemplate this.
From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 42

It is not a case of one individual rising above the masses to develop his or her auto-dictation capabilities and promoting their individual humanness. No, it includes the masses, the whole human race of a planet, because every human being after all undertakes the same journey towards regions and spheres that await according to one’s personal development.

  • People must join the community and it matters not what skin colour they are. Any animosity towards another human being is a mistake!
From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 19

… Remember that you are connected through the LOVE the CREATOR emanates throughout the whole universe and that it represents true LOVE. A LOVE that is incomparable to what you call “love” here amongst you. To evaluate this LOVE is certainly difficult and incomparable to what you make “love” out to be.

From the protocol [Universal Love] – page 8

… People must do something good, otherwise they will not find true happiness. One either helps with the set-up and with the advancement of the divine PLAN for planet EARTH or one helps one’s neighbour, one’s brother, one’s sister or some dumb creature. These tasks are so versatile that they will never come to a standstill. Every good deed, every positive action done in the name of GOD and HIS angels eventually shows good returns, namely a remuneration called happiness.

  • Positive action within the whole circle of universal CREATION is the only possible way to true eternal bliss!
From the protocol [The souls] – page 10

  • According to the LAWS of NATURE, man is the apex of CREATION and this is why man is free.
  • For as long as man abides by the laws of human coexistence, his freedom may not be taken away.

Every human being has the right of free self-determination.

  • Man is amongst equals within every nation and every race, even though his development might be dissimilar to that of others.
  • It is man’s function to strive for higher KNOWLEDGE. All people should genuinely and energetically support one another in this endeavour.
  • The evolution of man’s character takes first priority.
  • Man has to develop to a point where he is free from hatred, envy and also free from any craving for admiration.

Every human being is part of a community that is not restricted to a people or a country, but a community that includes the whole universe.

  • The Earth is a part of the universe and even after people have “died”, they will continue to live within a UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY.
  • Man has the eminent duty to prove that he is a human being.
  • No human being may hinder anyone’s voluntary higher development.
  • But it is also man’s duty to prevent all retrograde development.
From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 40 - 41

You have been placed on Earth in order to fulfil an assignment. All of you are pilgrims on an eternal journey. You must select your accoutrements for this journey by applying common sense. A big dose of common sense and intelligence guides you.

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 50

Why does the development of the human soul implicitly happen in the physical and not within the evolutionary stages of the spiritual realm?

These evolutionary stages are not adequate enough for you to learn and to recognise what you have to recognise. You will not be able to achieve perfection on these evolutionary stages, because there is stagnation and long waiting periods on many of these STAGES.

From the protocol [Man and the reason of his earthly existence] – page 5

… Physical worlds were created to provide opportunities for incarnations in order to accelerate the soul’s progress. This is where human beings and other life forms, with their inherent free will, can decide to be either for or against the CREATOR.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 79

The planets offer such an enormous educational potential; this is something that is very difficult to achieve in the spiritual realm and something that can only be gained over an extraordinarily long period of time. The reason being that the various levels of development are separated from one another by SPHERES, because not all ENTITIES possess the same level of development. …

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 79

  • Earth represents a great opportunity for you to make up time and to turn towards the LIGHT, the divine BRILLIANCE.
From the protocol [Man and the reason of his earthly existence] – page 5

  • One’s will is a decisive factor!

Their will fails them because most people assume that there is no need for them to endeavour to improve their strength of character.

  • Those that do not endeavour to improve their spiritual EGO have lived their life in vain!
From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 54

  • It is very important to GOD that you, as human beings here on Earth, receive the opportunity to exercise your free will in order for you to realise that all of you are and will remain separate personalities! You ought to recognise the ORIGINAL FLOW and the ORIGINAL ENERGIES you stem from.

There are various planets with different types of developments. This is necessary, because maturity cannot be gained from one day to another, it takes many decades and centuries.

  • Every individual soul will pass through this process and repeated incarnations until it recognises its ORIGIN within to then proceed along the path that will bring it back to its ORIGIN and its ORIGINAL ENERGY.
From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2001 - Part 3] - page 6

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