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Recalled by GOD? DEATH | Recalled by GOD?

Theology has dispensed the mistake that people are call away by GOD. If a person dies here on Earth, he is not call away but subject to a completely natural process. If the body ceases to function so that the soul cannot connect with it anymore, the body and the soul separate. It doesn’t matter whether the person dies of natural causes or by force. …

  • Instead of “death” one should preferably call it “de-soul”, this would coincide with the truth more closely.

For people on Earth death means as much as: Now everything is finished!

  • When the body is “de-souled“, the contact to the soul changes within the body. A SPIRITUAL TIE that connects the soul to the body tears. But nothing changes with the soul itself initially, only the body is switched off.
From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 31 and 33

When somebody dies of natural causes one tend to say: “GOD has called him away”. Is this correct?

No! - Death follows along the lines of natural LAWS.

  • If somebody dies in this way or that way, sooner or later, it has under normal circumstance nothing to do with GOD’S WILL. …
From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 39

… GOD never sees fit to recall anybody! The soul decides when and how it leaves this world again. The soul can also leave this world earlier; think of suicide brought on by negative, destructive thought processes or accidents preceded by negative influences. But theologians naturally see this differently.

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 16

  • GOD does not determine the length of one’s existence, time does, that is to say, time runs out because the physical body is no longer able to perform its functions.
From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 21

Is the time of death of a person determined at the point when the physical body comes into being or is death an end product of the biological body, after it has been created?

The fact is that the time of transition has been pre-ordained for every individual. But this doesn’t mean that this individual cannot die earlier, for instance through a voluntary death, we are talking suicide here, or if someone voluntarily exposes themselves to a dangerous situation, even thou they are quite aware of its dangers. In a few exceptional cases, the predetermined time of death can even be postponed. This will only happen though, when a human being has developed in such a way that remaining on the Earth would very much benefit THE WHOLE. This is extremely rare and remains the exception.

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 5

  • The establishment of the day of one’s death - as you like to call it here on Earth - represents a certain time span the soul is allocated in order to learn, to continue to mature and to grow here on Earth.
From the protocol [Time of death, Guardian Angel and more] – page 5

If the time of death is preordained, wouldn’t it follow that the way death occurs is predetermined also?

This isn’t always coupled to the original date of death. It also depends on the way someone has lived here on Earth, the way he kept his body healthy and gave it its vitality. It can certainly happen that a premature illness is the cause of death.

From the protocol [Preparing the soul for transition] – page 17

… From what you told us we understand that the time of birth and death is fixed. How are we to understand this?

We have informed you that the predetermined time of death can be postponed, if special situations arise, which we cannot influence. These are fateful elements, which we also cannot exactly calculate. There are souls who were wrenched out of their bodies due to events (accidents, wars), which were not anticipated in the time plan. These souls are reincarnated as soon as possible, to guarantee a continuation of their earthly existence. -

An exact stipulation, as you determine it in segments of time, like seconds, minutes and hours, cannot be made by us, because we haven’t got these types of time segments where we are. There is a spiritual TIME STATEMENT, which sends a SIGNAL to the spiritual realm, indicating that a soul is ready to end its physical journey on Earth and wants to be brought back home to the spiritual PLANES. It is an interplay between the SOULS who have accompanied and protected the earthly citizens.

  • It is certainly not the case that the date of death is fixed to the exact second. There is a variable timeframe a soul may use to determine when it thinks it’s ready to leave the physical plane.
From the protocol [Mental blockages] – page 4

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