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Is death the end of everything? DEATH | Is death the end of everything?

… most people do not believe that the immortality of the human soul is really a fact. One naturally assumes that the personality of man is completely nullified and voided, because the body dissolves and disappears from one’s view. This is a very uncomfortable thought, one that people prefer to ignore. This is why they don’t want to know anything about death or the secret of death. Whatever goes against their own version is therefore also rejected. Mankind is slowly going to rack and ruin because of this mistake.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 29

  • As you know much too little about man’s existence, death will also remain an atrocious secret to you.
From the protocol [Armageddon] – page 20

Almost all vital guidelines in regards to the human existence are completely falsely represented, because the alleged brainiest people on this Earth, who create or condone these guidelines, are absolutely convinced that the demise of a human being and the associated destruction of the human brain, puts a stop to the consciousness of man. This conviction culminates in such indemonstrable nonsense like the assumption that consciousness is bound to physical matter. One assumes that it is impossible for consciousness to exist without the presence of physical matter. There are a hundred million pieces of evidence of a non-physical existence of man’s consciousness on the other hand, but they are all called hallucinations, illusions, illnesses, hysteria, self-deceptions or superstitions.

From the protocol [ Too hot to handle (a hot potato] – page 24

It is strange that the people living on Earth basically prefer to be dead than to believe that they are immortal. All efforts are made to prove that death exists. I can tell you that it is a lot harder to furnish such evidence than prove immortality, because everything offered as absolute proof is nothing else but an enormous distortion of facts!

Please remember that all such attempts only arise from human thoughts. Nature shows you quite conspicuously that there is a second, for you still reserved level of existence. But all of the facts are intentionally misinterpreted.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 2

… You placed limits on the human existence that do not exist at all.

  • As far as you are concerned, human beings only exist between the time they are born and the day they die. To create enormous universes for such a short time span would be the most ludicrous thing one can imagine. …
From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 10

  • The world of matter hypnotises you people on Earth to such a degree that you cannot see beyond the limitations of the physical.

CHRIST, the most significant and most intelligent knower of the divine TRUTH, the most eminent medium that ever walked on Earth, challenged death that reigns on this Earth and witnessed eternal life. Wasn’t he ridiculed, derided, gibed, beaten and threatened with death because of this and finally murdered in a most inhuman fashion? Death should continue to reign - these days more than ever. But CHRIST survived death; he got rid of death.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 4

JESUS of Nazareth has truly conquered death. He walked on Earth and announced EVERLASTING LIFE and the HOUSE of his and our FATHER, where there are many MANSIONS.

  • Original Christianity did not fear physical death.

We read, that the first Christians looked death in the eyes with joy and aware of the eternal association with the deceased. They still had that deep trust in GOD, the loving FATHER, who doesn’t damn any of his children, but leads us with infinite patience and allows us to mature spiritually with each new life.

The institution of the Church began very early, to worry and shackle its “sheep” particularly with their ignorance about life after death. “Buy indulgencies or suffer eternal damnation”, was the motto in the Middle Ages. One threatens those who place themselves outside this institution even today, with the prospect of hell.

The ecclesiastical doctrines in respect to this important point are very disappointing:

In Protestantism one talks about this; when man dies, he is “as dead as a doornail”, to be awaken and judged only on Judgment Day, through an act of new creation.

According to the Catholic religious doctrine, death is punishment for the original sin. The state of grace or sin of someone, decides at the moment of his death over his eternal bliss (Heaven) or eternal damnation (Hell). The New Testament, so they say, doesn’t know the division of man into a mortal body and an immortal soul. Man, through sin, is considered completely at the mercy of death. On Judgement Day, all the dead will resurrect “in the flesh”, and this resurrected body, as the body for the immortal soul, is the same as the physical one, even though it is now immortal and incorruptible. (Brockhaus Encyclopaedia “Tot” bzw. “Auferstehung”)

Who can understand this?

From the protocol [Reincarnation] – page 57

Philosophical thinkers have tried to get to the bottom of this, but they didn’t find the TRUTH, because they didn’t turn to the correct source. They were arrogant enough to trust themselves to get results, because they considered themselves to be super-smart.

Hardly anything resulted from these doubts and contemplations.

  • People therefore have a completely false perception of the hereafter, because they consider that region to be absolute “nothingness” for a “non-event”. One therefore states: “Man goes into a great nothingness.”
From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 6

“Death is only a word and its concept is wrong.

You understand death to be the complete dissolution of body and spirit. There is however no complete dissolution, but in all cases only a transformation. There is no such thing as “nothing” throughout the universe, respectively throughout the cosmos.

From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 24

Many people believe that death puts people to sleep because on tombstones and wreath one finds words like: “Rest in peace” or: “Here rest in the name of the LORD…” or: “Here rest in eternal peace” - etc. …

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 7

The headstone inscriptions of civilised nations are for all living people misleading, because they don’t conform to the TRUTH. …

In reality, it would have to read:

  • Passed over to the SPIRITUAL REALM.
  • His duties on Earth have come to an end.
  • His mission in the REALM of the LORD begins once more.
From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 35 - 36

  • Under no circumstance is there an “eternal sleep” for anybody, not prior to birth and also not after death.
From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 25

The supposedly “dead” are very much alive in the spiritual realm and extremely active; they still participate in the physical creation process. They certainly do not “rest in peace”, nor do they “rest with GOD “or rest in “eternity”. …

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 4

  • There would be no more wars, if responsible humanity would know more about death and if it would know more about life!

But amongst the responsible of this humanity, I mean the leaders, most are of the opinion that death is akin to “eternal sleep” from whence there is no awakening. This is a terrible nonsense!

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 25

  • It matters not whether a person was kind hearted and obedient or whether a person acted devilishly evil; every human being possesses a soul that, due to a law of nature, continues to live after disembodiment.

A human being reincarnating on a planet finds that his or her consciousness reacts on a new FREQUENCY and this is the reason why a past life cannot be remembered. This circumstance leads to the delusion that people only experience an existence for the first time on the day they are born. This is the reason why people presuppose that death will once again obliterate their existence.

From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 37

JESUS talked in parables when trying to make the transcendental comprehensible.

I will therefore give you a modern parable:

In the mean-time, man has acquired the technical wonder of television. This apparatus can be tuned to various frequencies. Let’s assume that you can follow and observe your life on the “first channel“. Then the broadcast comes to an end; but you don’t switch the apparatus off but continue to observe your life on the “second channel„, that is to say, on a different frequency. Your existence in the great hereafter is also a life, but in a different way, respectively a life of a different FREQUENCY. But once this play comes to an end, the APPARATUS of GOD is switched back to the “first channel“, where life begins anew so that you can observe it on television.

This is a parable that helps to make you understand that there is no “great nothingness”, also no “eternal sleep” and also no “resting till the day of judgment”, …

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 7

Well, thoughts about death are for everybody something disagreeable. One prefers to avoid anything unpleasant.

Church religions try to alleviate these unpleasant thoughts by promising salvation if one is prepared to believe. How often does REALITY look entirely different than first thought? …

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 24

  • The fact remains, that the complete education of the theme “life after death”, is practised, not by the Church, but by scientists, researchers into the afterlife and by people on a free and spiritual path. Through these, we know that the soul, after the so-called death of man, lives on in the garb of a new, delicate body and has to develop further in a world invisible to the human eye or in further re-embodiments, until it has found its perfection in the unification with GOD.
From the protocol [Reincarnation] – page 57

Almost all of humanity has completely false concepts about the word “death”. How can one rectify this error?

The word “death” means the disintegration of the physical body. The soul is dismissed, respectively released; it returns to its GREAT HOME, because it actually only came to earth to enrol in the school of life. All of you have died many times if we talk about the disintegration of the physical body, because the body is actually quite often replaced and this without your knowledge. You don’t mourn after every cell of the body that dies within you. Death is therefore a very earthly term denoting the dissolution of the physical. But as far as people are concerned, they begin a NEW LIFE, one that plays out in a completely different dimension.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 32 - 33

No human being, no scientist is capable of preventing this process. Once the physical body is no longer able to perform its functions it becomes unusable to the soul. There are however philosophers and wiseacres that insist that man’s consciousness is tied to matter.

Where did these thinkers get their knowledge from?

Surely only by assuming this because consciousness can no longer express itself after one’s demise? Who can play a trumpet when it is broken? – Who will therefore assert that the trumpeter no longer exists? – The trumpeter naturally requires a new instrument if he wants to play a tune – and this can be with a similar instrument also. He will one day get his hands on another trumpet – and he might be able to play this instrument even more proficiently or neglect it once again. Death is a natural event in any case, even if we’re dealing with an accident or the result of an illness.

From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 21

… False definitions about death spring from the assumption that the soul is a product of the physical body. One believes that the brain produces the activities of the soul. Ergo, when the brain is dead, it could no longer produce any of the soul’s activities.

I could ask you whether you are of the opinion that the sender no longer exists when the television set no longer works or when it is destroyed. The appliance doesn’t produce the transmission, but it receives it on a specified frequency. My thoughts can therefore be picked up by every human being who can tune into the FREQUENCY of my THOUGHTS. …

  • When a human being passes away, the receiver breaks asunder, but consciousness and memory are not affected whatsoever by the dying process. Consciousness with all its mental characteristics remains exactly where it has always been, namely within the universe, respectively the cosmos.
From the protocol [ Messengers of the future] – page 11

You look at a corpse. You look inside a corpse, but you can’t find the soul. Have you ever found the soul in a living person? The body was animated, but that alone wasn’t the deciding factor. A movement is not actually a soul.

  • A language becomes comprehensible only if there is intelligence, a personality behind it that makes itself known. The LAWS of GOD manage matter, but the human body is managed by a divine soul!

Matter can’t comprehend itself, or its environment. But on the other hand, a divine soul perceives CREATION, even if it utilises matter for a medium. Your doctors and experts on life don’t want to accept this fact, they continuously say to themselves: Couldn’t it somehow be different?

The physical body - the body of animals too - is a perfect allegory to the soul, the only difference being in that the body can’t call sensations into consciousness without the soul’s activity. The body, as a highly developed recording and performance system, brings all attractions and sensations into the consciousness of the soul, which in contrast to the body isn’t made up of physical atomic systems, but out of immaterial ENERGY. It regulates the brain, which is the control centre of the body.

  • But if you intend to look for the soul in a living body it would be akin to someone looking for the announcer inside a radio.

The soul is COSMIC and connected to the physical body through an individual FREQUENCY. These are immaterial VIBRATIONS!

From the protocol [The souls] – page 7

Well, if it is still very difficult to believe in a personal life after death, then it has certainly something to do with one’s views on life in general!

The sciences still haven’t managed to investigate life as ENERGY.

I will give you a technical example to explain this scientific blunder. Let’s take the case of an engine for instance. This engine receives its supply, giving it its energy. This engine doesn’t just run on its own accord, but it also drives some compound machinery connected to it. But if this compound machinery sudden fails due to wear and tear it doesn’t necessarily follow that the engine also stops!

In a sense, life behaves in a similar fashion. The engine, as it were, represents the soul; it receives it energy supply from the cosmos. The soul receives a compound machine, namely the physical body, which in turn serves as an instrument for the soul. The engine represents life and this life continues even after the compound machine (physical body) breaks down or is missing altogether.

Life cannot die; it can also not be destroyed. This therefore means that the soul is immortal, but from time to time has a physical instrument at its disposal, namely the earthly body that is connected to it.

  • When a person dies, only the physical body is affected, but never the soul, it actually equals life.

The scientific mistake consists in the fact that one assumes that life represents an individual energy produced by the physical body. One therefore assumes that this energy one calls “life” cannot exist anymore once the physical body ceases to function. This enormous mistake makes it impossible for the sciences to reason beyond death. Every thought, every assumption, yes, even every piece of knowledge based on experience is completely blocked, yes, even cut off. -

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 10

  • When a person is born, the soul of that person brings its allocated LIFE ENERGY with it for its prepared physical body, that is to say, the body is animated.
  • When a person dies, the soul removes its allocated LIFE ENERGY from the physical body.
  • Life therefore remains at the disposal of the soul, …
From the protocol [UFO-Contact I.N.D.] – page 12

… Like GOD’S SPIRIT, life itself is inviolable.

  • When you kill someone, you believe to have snuffed out a life, but that in itself is an aberration. Throughout the whole universe, not one single life called into being by GOD has ever died.

You concentrate on homicidal weapons: Cannons, rockets and mega-bombs. Fire, iron and deadly rays are your powers and you use them to threaten every individual on this Earth. Even if you manage to exterminate all of mankind on this Earth for ever and ever, you will not have changed anything in regards to the existence of life, nor will you have managed to harm one single creature.

  • Life’s existence is inviolable into all eternity.
From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 113 and 114

  • Your MESSIAH did resurrect, but this MESSIAH did not accomplish a unique miracle. Every adept is capable of doing so. Every human being continues to live in the spirit.

This insight is the most important formula of your whole existence! – You will not find peace without this formula; because death will grasp everything if one is inclined to believe in death. Life however will give you everything, if you believe in life. …

  • You are also incarnated, spiritual beings. You unfortunately realise this fact only after your demise.
From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 6

… There is life after one’s discard of terrestrial, physical matter. The so-called “dead” continue to live in an immensely enormous realm. This realm has its superlative beauty, but it also has its superlative abysses of darkness. Messages from these regions reach you from all points of the compass.

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 20

  • The absolute REALISATION that the human existences cannot be extinguished by death, brings with it the inevitable realisation that one has to bear responsibility for everything one did during one’s lifetime! This is the actual rationale man baulks from and not from a death that extinguishes everything.
From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 20

People’s fear of dying is taken advantage of in a most deplorable way by those in positions of power. This threat turns ineffective when the TRUTH pulls the veil from the mystery and the REALITY becomes apparent.

  • Death is by no means dreadful.
  • But people’s existence that follows death is extremely varied. It can be very good and also indescribably excruciating.

But in your unequalled carelessness about these prospects, you think that you are dealing with cock-and-bull stories. …

From the protocol [Armageddon] – page 20

  • Life has nothing to do with death, it exists anyway!

Only the connection between the earthly body and life can be switched off. …

When you die you separate from the body, but not from the soul. The personal SELF actually is above the soul! GOD the CREATOR keeps the pot boiling, it is SUPPLIED by GOD. This is why people continue to exist within the spiritual realm, even if they have no need for earthly substances (matter).

Once scientists have finally come to understand this process, man’s existence will be differently treated and esteemed.

  • Life is the most precious thing that exists throughout the universe.
  • Life is not linked to time; it is even inalterable.

Therefore, there is only death for the physical body, when it is separated from the immortal soul, but it is never the generator of the enormous ENERGY one calls “life”.

This conclusion brings the whole atheism to its knees. - It is complete nonsense!

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 10 - 11

  • There is no death, only ETERNAL LIFE!
From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 37

All the great religious denominations in this world have unfortunately no answer to the question about immortality.

  • It is utter nonsense when one asserts that people are given just one life on this Earth!
  • There is only one kind of immortality, namely a recurring existence after death in another dimension. …
From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 30

… The spiritual realm is the actual HOME of all creatures. In regards to matter, that is to say, worlds that are still rated physical, there is no eternal life. - Your existence is eternal already, but you are unaware of this and this is where these linguistic differences spring from and they often only bring confusion with them.

  • Every soul has eternal life. We always only deal with CHANGES you experience during the course of your evolution. An apprentice will one day turn into a master.

Once again:

  • There is no death the way you imagine it. There are different PLANES of EXISTENCE and they are separated from one another by the differences of their VIBRATIONS. In order to change from one PLANE of EXISTENCE to another, a change of FREQUENCY is required. This change can only be achieved through spiritual evolution.

This is why you are here! To gather experiences in the physical. …

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 33

  • Human beings lived for eons and will continue to live after eons and will pass through countless levels of development.

What is important for you to know is that each of you will go to a different SPHERE of EXISTENCE, respectively different DIMENSION, fully conscious. Heaven and hell have however been ridiculed by your twisted Church religions and are therefore completely incredulous in the eyes of those with a logical mind into the bargain.

  • Heaven and hell are however factual – even if in a different form than you imagine.
From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 10

Death doesn’t represent an end, but only a transformation. The fact that religion cannot give an objective opinion in regards to this important question represents a huge gap. …

… Immortality makes no exceptions; it is a LAW that applies to every human being.

Because human beings tend to delve into everything, they will also solve this puzzle of their own accord. This will result in an enormous shock that will affect all of mankind. A completely NEW WAY OF REASONING will come about after the initial shock.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 35

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