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Giving account - tribunal? DEATH | Giving account - tribunal?

Many people trying to believe in GOD fall by the wayside, because they see that nothing happens to warmongers and mass murderers. They say: “If there was a GOD, HE would not allow this horror to take place.” – All I can say to this is that the CREATOR does not allow such horror to go unpunished.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 15

… Mankind created a judicial system in order to maintain order and so that crime and misdemeanours do not gain the upper hand. Wouldn’t it be nice for any sinner, if there were courts of law that adjudicate so lightly that they would always escape punishment? Pay attention to me please, you have a very peculiar juristic concept in regards to justice and injustice when it comes to dealing with the sins of all of mankind, when it comes to dealing with GOD’S COURT of LAW:

All of mankind is not free from any kind of guilt. You are well aware of the trespasses against GOOD, against LOVE, because everybody knows exactly what’s allowable and what’s forbidden. But it would be unthinkable if every human being would confront a HIGH COURT after their demise, after their disembodiment that would be mild in its judgment, but still absolutely just. This HIGH COURT may be ever so tolerant, you cannot escape its judicial influence. You cannot pretend nor lie to this COURT; you cannot use weak excuses or even buy your way out. Wouldn’t you say that the prospects for any culprit are not exactly rosy?

Here GOD lends a helping hand. HE, the FATHER, sends us a SAVIOUR. – Well, it never has been and it never will be a case where CHRIST simply acquits us. This would be a bad judgement in an unconvincing COURT. But CHRIST taught us how to separate right from wrong – and HE warned all of us about this HIGHEST COURT.

But most people who feel more comfortable sinning than living a hard but righteous existence, neither feel redeemed nor any better. …

… All these mega earners and mega sinners never quite feel comfortable when they think about the SAVIOUR’S warnings. Any type of COURT of LAW is always something disagreeable, particularly when punishment can be expected in the hereafter. They therefore had a marvellous idea that removed all their worries from their conscience. The coined the phrase: “Religion is the opium of the masses!” The reality is that they actually needed opium themselves to replace a true RELIGION that promises such dire consequences for all sinners.

Nothing is less complicated than that. One simply abolishes the otherworldly COURT and calls the JUDGE a figment of one’s imagination. In order for the whole process to gain greater acceptance one had to proclaim GOD’S non-existence a new religion. This pseud-religion now became the opium for the masses and also for a small number of their leaders. …

From the protocol [Transgressions and justice] – page 34 - 35

… Every human being received a mind from GOD that elevates him or her above the rest of the animal kingdom. Every human being can apply this mind. The voice of conscience speaks within every soul, in every living human being. You cannot assert that the voice of conscience does not also continuously speak to you. But you do not want to hear this voice – and you derive great pleasure when an ungodly person says to you: “There is no life after death, no judgment day, no eternal life, no responsibility, no hell and no paradise, because when you die you’re dead and so is your soul, because it only lives as long as your body is alive.”

This is insane!

From the protocol [Transgressions and justice] – page 14

CHRIST said: “Nobody gets away until that the last penny is paid.” There is no forgiveness in this sentence. The invoice is presented without recourse.

What is meant here is that when a soul passes across to the Spiritual Realm, a bill, down to the last penny, is presented. You have a chance here, with your thoughts and your divine LOVE, to keep your “account” to a minimum.

From the protocol [Tolerance and Forgiveness] – page 9

Every law is associated with punishment and penance. The divine LAW is not exempt from this. Philosophy however said that this DECALOGUE was conceived based on political and social considerations. …

If the people on Earth would really believe in GOD, things on this Terra would be completely different. This planet is however enveloped by the darkness of ignorance. This is why there is murder and mayhem. Our problem consists in trying to demonstrate to you that this faithlessness is a mistake. This is not an easy assignment, because the most august TRUTH can be twisted and devitalised through malevolence. Religious communities are not exempt from this. The fanatic and dogmatic doggedly sticks to his points of view and woe to him that dares to question this. A lot will have been achieved once the LEGISLATION received on Mount Sinai has been verified; a lot of things will inevitably have to change. The people on Earth only obey orders when they fear something and this is why the divine LAW must be feared.

  • The LAW of the LORD however doesn’t just apply during one’s terrestrial existence – on the contrary, is also has an effect after one’s life on Earth. The MESSENGER CHRIST solemnly indicated that this was so.

GOD’S LAW does not only concern man’s behaviourism according to GOD’S wishes, HIS LAWS are more than terrestrial laws; they are a part of the laws of nature.

  • He who acts against the laws of nature will face the potency of the consequences.
From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 8 - 9

  • Man acts with a completely free responsibility …
From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 11

Higher responsibilities begin with one’s individual person: He, who knowingly damages his body and spirit, must bear the responsibility. But he, who causes harm to his fellow man, bears even more responsibility. He, who kills his fellow man, must atone for this deed. He does not end up in a morass of sulphur the like the bible proclaims, but his development will suffer such a setback that he will forfeit more than a thousand years of his development. You are hardly able to assess what kind of punishment this really is. – Now the super smart raise their voice and say: “GOD therefore is cruel. HE is an AVENGER”.


GOD is just. HE has HIS LAWS! HE could never allow an irresponsible person in an eminent position or on an elevated level of development to play cat and mouse with his fellow man. He would fail once again and kill without remorse. He will therefore end up in a certain situation. He will be reincarnated, therefore reborn again, on a lower developmental level. He will then find himself amongst people that are not too concerned about the lives of those around them or will fall prey to Mother Nature.

  • He, who kills must suffer the same fate, even if it happens in another life!

But there is a plane of existence between reincarnations and this is the spiritual realm. This is where the sinner must achieve self-realisation. If he doesn’t do so voluntarily, it will be made clear to him in a draconian fashion. Mankind unfortunately knows very little about all of these things. But a sense of responsibility is present! Everybody possesses one! It should supply you with enough information. He, who doesn’t listen to his own admonitions, cannot complain later on. But the opposite is the case most of the time.

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 83

Man cannot avoid temporal death – and this temporal death leads man to within the confines of this JUSTICE, something man cannot escape. Even if man was able to show all the riches of the Earth, it would be to no avail. This supernatural JUSTICE is incorruptible. Man must atone for any wrong he has done!

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 40

  • No human being can escape JUSTICE, because every human being must die, whether he wants to or not. The moment he leaves the physical body he finds himself in GOD’S spiritual realm and will find that this realm of spirit is incorruptible in its JURISDICTION and inconceivably just. Everybody should keep this in mind!
From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 46

Accordingly, we will be credited in a future existence with everything that we do now?

We can clearly answer this in the affirmative, because it expresses exactly what you can expect when you cross over to the spiritual realm. You will be confronted with whatever you have managed to produce and strived for. You will be presented with an accurate list. But don’t dread this, because everybody has something positive to show for.

From the protocol [Reincarnation and karma] – page 19

  • Mankind on Terra must know that all human beings must account for their life on Earth. After having given account of one’s thoughts and deeds, one is led to one’s appropriate LEVEL (sphere).
From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 35

Like the soul of ARCHANGELS, the human soul is also immortal. It is a SPARK from GOD that can never be extinguished. This is why, after its physical disembodiment, it is reborn in a new garment that is subject to other LEGALITIES.

  • This is the moment where man reaps the fruit of his labour!

A soiled soul receives a soiled garment. By the same token, a pure soul receives a pure garment, something that is available in all graduations, according to merit. The soul has no opportunity to change its appearance in this state. Neither a tailor nor a beautician can change the way it looks. It is a visible indicator of what somebody’s soul looks like. This garment can only be altered if the soul that wears it also alters. When the soul becomes purer and more beautiful, its external appearance also changes.

  • This is why all those that have already made a start, by seeking the direct path to GOD whilst here on Earth, have an advantage.
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 42

What awaits man after he’s dead?

After his demise, man is confronted by his own conscience in a most severe way. Without a physical body, man is completely at the mercy of his own conscience.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 71

… A self-appraisal is very important, as there are no judges here as you might think.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 31

  • GOD is not a judge!
From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 9

  • … No execution ensues nor is one confronted by a court of jurors - or whichever way one may describe this.
  • The soul passes its own judgment! That is to say, when experiencing the mental REVIEW that takes place, it suffers unspeakable agonies and they can be hell. Hell isn’t really a place, but a condition.
From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 6

There is no Last Judgment! The soul is assessed and not condemned, it can change at any time – and this will also change its appraisal! All you have to do it to be above board with yourself in your self-assessment. Most people deceive themselves until these deceptions turn into suggestions.

We look deep within your hearts and we recognise your true character and also your soul’s level of maturity.

  • Practice objective self-assessment, it will spare you a lot of mental anguish!

Imagine the following, you have committed a crime and you are about to be dragged to court. The accused naturally suffers a lot of anguish and would like to be acquitted of his crime. The greater the crime, the greater the fear of punishment. …

  • Be true and don’t delude yourself.
  • Take care of your health and respect your existence.
  • Respect GOD and only do GOOD in regards to all of your fellow men.
  • Fight with your spirit and not with weapons!
From the protocol [Transgressions and justice] – page 34 and 35

Punishment for every misdemeanour against the LAWS of GOD is inevitable for every soul. It consists in being placed into groups in the respective SPHERES. Man ends up where he belongs, all based on his development and reasoning.

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 11

What are the main factors applied when a soul is incorporated into the spheres?

Departed souls are accurately assessed on what they have done, the heart is tested in the process. The smallest of marks play an important role.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 26

What method is used to identify the state of redemption of a soul in the hereafter?

By referring to the AURIC IMAGE, every ENTITY in the hereafter is able to immediately ascertain the quality of the soul in question. This is easily recognisable.

  • A charade or even a lie are not feasible in the spiritual realm.

This is why the Earth is the first touchstone when it comes to ascertaining whose spiritual child man really is.

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 50

Let’s assume that someone has a normal passage into the spiritual realm. Would he end up where his relatives, friends and acquaintances live or do you decide where he belongs? …

We don’t decide anything. It is always the soul itself. Based on its life on Earth, the soul decides the particular PLANE of EXISTENCE it goes to after their physical death. If a soul comes to the spiritual realm and doesn’t know anything about its new environment, it will have to be looked after in a different way, than a soul who knows about this PLANE of EXISTENCE. A sick soul, sick in a sense that in its earthly incarnation, it didn’t find itself, is received differently again. …

  • Earthly life is a school, but first of all a character school for the spirit, even if is not seen as this by people.

You already know, that each soul is collected by its relatives and friends, but if it is going to be possible to stay together, depends on the spiritual LEVEL of DEVELOPMENT and therefore they will have to part company. Each to his own.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 8

How many souls, after having experienced their REVIEW, can say: I have lived a good life and I have achieved the goals I set myself before this earthly incarnation?

The fact is that many souls have managed to accomplish a part of their development before they return to GOD’S bosom, back to their ORIGINAL SOURCE. GOD the CREATOR is pleased about any percentage points the soul manages to advance. The one’s that take retrograde steps within their state of consciousness are few. These are those that have fallen prey to the activities and the might of the antagonist. We are dealing with souls that are very young and very inexperienced and they did not listen to their HEART.

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 13

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