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Are UFOs our enemies? UNIVERSE | Are UFOs our enemies?

(From a report by H. V. Speer – leader of the MFK Berlin)

The problem of unidentified flying objects (UFOS) has been a contentious issue for years. …

Their appearance is certainly not something new, but something that has already been forcefully mentioned in a number of chapters in the bible. …

Many people are not convinced of the existence of an extraterrestrial space fleet and its occupants, because they never had personal contact with the brothers from other planets and on the other hand, do not possess any detailed knowledge about this phenomenon. …

From the protocol [UFO-Contact I.N.D.] – page 2

When it comes to Egyptian gods, are we dealing with myths, human beings or extraterrestrial beings?

Yes and no! Some were human beings, that is to say, born on Earth, but there were also more eminent BEINGS of non-terrestrial origin visiting the Earth at that time. Some of these BEINGS lived amongst the Egyptians for a long time and they helped the Egyptians to appreciate the laws of nature by explaining them in great detail. It was a time of knowledge exchange and this is something that has happened before with societies that existed here on Earth well before the Egyptians.

Were the pyramids build by extraterrestrials?

No, not by extraterrestrials, but with extraterrestrial help. There are laws of nature that make it possible to lift these heavy blocks of stone. They experimented with various sound sequences in those days that allowed the abrogation of gravity to a certain degree. The knowledge about this was given to the priests and they employed this knowledge. Aside from that, there was also the opportunity for spaceships to pass over these stones and that changed the composition of the rock and they became lighter. The radiation from the spaceship had an influence and the stones became lighter. The characteristics of these stones changed over centuries and they are now back to their normal weight. But there is the opportunity to detect residual, magnetic radiation within the stones with today’s sensitive measuring instruments.

In the old days, fishermen sang a specific mantra to make it easier for them to haul in their heavy nets. …

That’s right. This is a relic from those days, one might say a remnant, but it cannot be compared with the knowledge of the past. Extraterrestrial technology and intimate knowledge of the laws of nature allowed the construction of pyramids all over the world. Some of them, especially the smaller ones, were constructed according to earthly yardsticks, that is to say, with muscular strength and willpower. The pyramids of Giza, like the great pyramid of Khufu (Greek: Cheops) and some of the others are exceptions and they were built during the period in history I am reporting about.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 32 - 33

(From a report by H. V. Speer – leader of the MFK Berlin)

Extraterrestrial flying objects are represented in a considerable number of miracles in the bible.

The Earth has been visited and controlled by extraterrestrial flying objects from time to time for thousands of years. The occupants of these objects consist of human beings that originate from a different solar system. These people are members of the universal brotherhood and call themselves SANTINER. The bible often mentions them by the appellation of CHERUBS. …

Even if these people from other star system come to Earth on behalf of divine PEACE and GOD REALISATION, all of these concomitant phenomena are not personally performed miracles of the LORD by a long shot. They do however belong to GOD’S TRUTH, because HE allows them to control our Earth. …

From the protocol [To all and sundry] – page 27 and 28

(From a question within the protocol)

… At the papal observation station at Castelgandolfo, the pope’s summer residence, theologians also search for life in the universe with telescopes. One of these theologians publicly stated that: “Extraterrestrials do exist. They might be out of reach and invisible like the angels, but they are also our brothers in creation.” With this sensational statement the 36 year old Argentinean Pater José Funes, a qualified astrophysicist and theologian, astonished the public and started fresh discussions. …

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2001 - Part 2] - page 11

(From a report by H. V. Speer – leader of the MFK Berlin)

To answer the question of whether extraterrestrial flying objects from alien planets really exist and whether the people on board them send us messages we should give credence to, can be answered with an absolute testimony that cannot be doubted by any pundit or journalist. This testimony of absolute genuineness is the Miracle of Fatima.2 The world-famous Miracle of Fatima has however been falsely interpreted and understood by the Catholic Church.

  • The Miracle of Fatima is an absolute UFO phenomenon!

But this phenomenon has an unprecedented power of persuasion and credibleness, something that has not been equalled by any other such phenomenon of our time. It is of global historic importance that next to this UFO phenomenon, simultaneous, respectively appendant extraterrestrial messages were also given to mankind on Earth. The last of these messages, the third message, was sealed by the Vatican and removed from public scrutiny. …

An initial UFO spaceship already appeared over Fatima on the 13th of September 1917 and at that time in the shape of an oval ball of light which moved from East to West emitting a brilliant, but pleasant glow. This phenomenon was simultaneously observed by around 30,000 people. One called this object “The luminous airplane of our dear lady”. The onlookers also observed white flowers and flakes falling from the sky, but they disappeared at a certain height before reaching the ground. [1]

Looking at these facts, it is impossible to continue with the denial of this worldwide and very controversial UFO problem or to portray it as a fantasy structure of overzealous minds. …

(Hereto the following footnote within the protocol):

[1] We are also dealing with the immaculate identification of a so-called UFO here; the plasma falling from the sky has been a very frequent concomitant phenomenon triggered by UFOS flying close to Earth and it is commonly called “angel’s hair” in UFO circles.

From the protocol [UFO-Contact I.N.D.] – page 2 and 4

(Comment in the protocol)

The American astronaut Scott Carpenter reported at 15:25 hours during an orbit around the Earth: “I see small particles, like white snowflakes.

These are the same flakes that were observes at Fatima. Russian cosmonauts have also ascertained this phenomenon.

At 15:30 hours, Scott Carpenter informed ground control: “I see flying objects!

From the protocol [UFO-Contact I.N.D.] – page 45

(From a report by H. V. Speer – leader of the MFK Berlin)

Test pilots of fighter planes and jets continuously encounter extraterrestrial flying objects. Their visual recordings were immediately confiscated after they landed. The press is not truthfully informed by governments. The ministries of defence of major nations are also falsely informed, because they are unaware of the real meaning of these visits from other regions of space. …

From the protocol [To all and sundry] – page 27

Are you aware of the reasons why governments try to keep the existence and the approach of UFOS a secret?

Yes, they know of no other options, because they are ignorant in regards to the POWER of these interplanetary visitors. Governments are however aware that they bear the responsibility for all the injustices of this world and they are afraid of being asked to give account to a more powerful and higher FORCE.

Governments are by no means interested in any progress or in higher insights they could glean from EXTRATERRESTRIALS, their whole attention is limited to finding out what kind of powers and weapons these UFOS possess. One deliberates back and forth whether the terrestrial armaments suffice to begin a fight with UFOS in case of an emergency. One would not like to introduce any innovations in any case, least of all if there is a chance that visitors from other planets might criticise them and call them to account. …

Governments are also not interested in whether UFOS are occult, whether they can dematerialise or not, they are only interested in everything physical and technological in regards to them.

However, when messages from EXTRATERRESTRIALS emerge that point to GOD and HIS LAWS or use the word “CHRIST”, one doesn’t just smile, but blasphemes into the bargain and calls these messages a pack of lies.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 2] – page 49

… Many amongst the government officials of these mighty nations who are more informed about these secret happenings fight their own moral battles. This is why they do not dare to express their opinions publicly: Firstly, because they were sworn to secrecy, secondly because they fear losing their jobs and thirdly because the fear that they might not be believed thereby exposing themselves to ridicule. …

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 1] – page 8

  • A false attitude towards the SPIRITUAL PLANE created religions and cults, which cannot be accepted by rational thinking people - and that rightly so.

But much that is denied is actually present, but in another way than interpreted and made into a cult. …

It is therefore no surprise that your sensible people just laugh about it and simply refuse to believe those miracles, because apart from a few philosophies, they have nothing better to put in its place.

From the protocol [Before the landing] – page 8

… All of mankind thinks back to front, because it is falsely instructed. The TRUTH is lacking. Only when mankind begins to think differently will logic come into play. Logic is presently inhibited even though on surmises to be logical. …

From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 17

It is not curiosity that brings EXTRATERRESTRIALS to this planet, but a higher ASSIGNMENT.

Why don’t they visibly appear to all and sundry?

Mankind has thought along the wrong lines for millennia. The moment foreign people or beings appear en masse and enter the territory of states or nations on Earth – it matters not whether they’re terrestrial or extraterrestrial – they are regarded and treated like intruders, like enemies.

EXTRATERRESTRIALS are also aware of this, because they have observed you. They are perfectly aware that they cannot come in droves at this point without exceedingly frightening you. In their panic, the people on Earth would behave completely irrational and show feelings of animosity towards the EXTRATERRESTRIALS. …

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 2] – page 50

… Why should extraterrestrial officially visit you when you cannot deal with your own, terrestrial races and you continue to persecute and annihilate one another? In your opinion, what would the reception committee that would welcome these extraterrestrial BROTHERS from the STARS look like?…

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 35

… One is also of the opinion these days that any extraterrestrial race encountered can be nothing but a superior enemy.

  • Open contact with you is at this time absolutely impossible. Planet Earth lacks the maturity for these types of encounters between individual people.
From the protocol [ Messengers of the future] – page 24 - 25

… You have to sort out your own problems by accepting the differences within your own ranks, …

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 35

The UFO occupants will not shed any blood, these are not the directives from the realm of GOD. They want to bring you peace and not destruction.

From the protocol [Before the landing] – page 31

… Is there a difference between the Ufonauts and the SANTINER, or are we dealing with a race of people from a different planet than the one of the SANTINER?

The Ufonauts received the name Ufonauts from you and not the other way round. They are people like you. They do have a physical body and wear clothes. They also tend to wear the latest fashion. They also maintain their physical well-being by eating and drinking. They educate one another in schools the way you do. They live exactly the way you do with one important exception - namely the one that distinguishes them from you:

  • Because you lack POSITIVE FAITH!

It took many thousands of years before the Ufonaut, that is to say the SANTINER, reaches the goal that he defends these days, namely spiritualization. He holds sway over de-materialisation and re-materialisation on this level. These are characteristics nobody on Earth can grasp.

But the SANTINER had to pass many a difficult test. He didn’t pass all of them and retrogressed at times. But he didn’t let go, never deviated from his goal under any circumstance. His development has now reached a stage where he has become a genuine SERVANT of GOD. …

From the protocol [The SANTINER] – page 25 - 26

The more the SANTINER advance technology wise, the more they appreciate the greatness of GOD. They don’t admire their own spirit which produces these technical wonders, but they admire the greatness and the spirit of GOD, which inspires them to these enormous successes. And as they’re quite aware that GOD inspires them and that HE is LOVE, they can’t help but act in a positive manner.

From the protocol [The SANTINER] – page 83

How can one ascertain which reports about extra-terrestrials are true?

The best characteristics is the high spirituality of the SANTINER. But they are keen observers of all of your calamities. Above all, they project immense understanding and indescribable LOVE. If any author describes them as our enemies, it is a lie!

From the protocol [The SANTINER] – page 46

What prerequisites have to be in place in order to produce physical or telepathic contact with the SANTINER?

An inner attitude that this ought to take place in a divine SENSE and not out of avarice or a craving for power. It is important that this soul is prepared to engage in an encounter with a completely different world - as mentioned - under the conditions that this may only take place in a divine SENSE. It is also important that the terrestrial soul wants to carry this out of his free will and without any ulterior motives. People engaged in research possess a completely different intuition to do so. It is quite often children and teenagers and also older people who seek CONTACT only for themselves to then emanate it to the outside.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 75 - 76

Will only a person with higher VIBRATIONS possess the prerequisites to make contact with positive extraterrestrials?

One prerequisite - as you call it - in order to make contact with ENTITIES always depends in the way a person sees himself and others with their heart. As inside, so outside. If everything is right inside, external contact will take place.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 77

Will UFOS remain an eternal secret for us?

This secret will be revealed at a specified time within the divine PLAN. Your negative ENERGIES are so powerfully directed against such sightings at this point in time, that this would constitute a dangerous situation for you. It would be akin to total annihilation, because you would destroy one another here on Earth (With the employment of nuclear weapons against a perceived extraterrestrial “enemy”) and this would not allow GOD’S PLAN to be fulfilled, because a danger beyond your capability of assessment would be totally overestimated.

A danger that isn’t really a danger.

That’s right. How can one explain something like that to you, if you are not even prepared to live in peace and harmony with one another?

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 77

… A genuine step into DIVINITY would be if the conscious thought would change that one should not fight one another, but that one should look upon one another as brothers and sisters and that one accepts one another in spite of all the extraneousness and difference. …

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2001 - Part 2] - page 4

All of humanity, not just limited to this Earth, who makes its home throughout the furthest regions of the universe – no matter whether visible or invisible –is one great family. All of us are brothers and sisters and we have to experience the same fortunes or misfortunes. The journey is infinitely long and it would be senseless to live or to exist here or in the hereafter, if not every single one of us had a MISSION. We are all little workers of our omnipotent CREATOR.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 2] – page 56

What assignment have the SANTINER been given by divinity for Earth for the next decade? Wherein lays the emphasis? …

The main items the SANTINER will concentrate on haven’t basically changed. They have been here at your side for many thousands of years endeavouring to support the indoctrinations of great spiritual incarnations here on Earth. This also happened during the physical life of JESUS. - Nowadays global problems have come on the scene, which, due to your ignorance have considerably deteriorated the situation. Looking at it from this angle, the SANTINER have to make a greater effort these days, because the occasional observational flights, the way they took place in the past, are not adequate any more. The SANTINER are and remain the extended arm of the CREATOR, his HEAVENLY HOST, which will do their work until it’s completed.

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2004] – page 2

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