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Why does GOD allow this? GOD | Why does GOD allow this?

With all personal misfortune, tragic events and catastrophes one can over again hear and determine that man blames the CREATOR with the words: “Why does GOD, if HE exists, allow all of this to happen?” – All I can say to this is:

  • GOD is the CREATOR of all there is. However, nobody is capable of comprehending why something evil exists in the universe. The God-given freedom gives every being the power to choose to develop in a positive or negative direction.
  • It is not within GOD’S principle when a being turns towards evil!

GOD endeavours to explain this to HIS children. However, HE is not prepared to change HIS LAWS, because GOD looks absolutely further into the future than will ever be possible for any human being.

  • All ENERGIES stem from the CREATOR and man utilises these ENERGIES. Evil people however utilise these FORCES to destroy CREATION.

People are very much aware that an evil force constantly menaces the world and creates a lot of unrest. They don’t however consider the fact that this force stems from a superhuman intelligence.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 84 - 85

  • GOD gave every human being FREE WILL, self-determination as it were, HE never applies coercion.
  • A negative individual does not respect GOD’S holy LAWS. He dominates his fellow men and he applies coercion.

There is not one single person in the whole world, not even amongst the most primitive and amongst disbelievers, who does not possess an INNER VOICE that warns him and tells him exactly what’s GOOD and what’s evil.

  • But most people are without scruples, they are not prepared to listen to that INNER VOICE, to the GUARDIAN ANGEL VOICE of their own conscience.

It is said that those that will not hear must feel.

Therefore, do not complain when disregarded LAWS trigger other LAWS that might harm you!

GOD wants to keep you save from harm, harming you is not part of HIS plan!

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 66

GOD is not responsible for all the crime on Earth, they take place because of the absolute freedom man’s actions enjoy. Man is not a marionette in GOD’S hands, but with a negative attitude, rather a marionette in the hands of evil. All the many accidents and catastrophes are also not GOD’S handiwork. These types of events take place within the generally valid laws of nature.

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 41

Churches hold the opinion that GOD endorses wars, otherwise HE would prevent them from happening.

This is unbelievable nonsense, conceived by a handful of priests.

  • GOD does not prevent crimes; HE therefore does not prevent the crime of war. If HE were to do so, HE would trespass against HIS own LAWS.

GOD granted every human being throughout the universe the absolute freedom of self-determination. HE allows all human beings to do the things they are capable of.

  • However, GOD has also predetermined the consequences for everything!

If this FREEDOM is abused, every human being and every humanity everywhere must bear the consequences.

Most people who believe in GOD are of the opinion that GOD should interfere.

Most people see it like this: An express train full of innocent children on holidays hurtles towards a train travelling in the opposite direction. The accident is unavoidable. Why does GOD allow this accident to happen? According to them, HE would have to stop the train abruptly, but this would also cause a catastrophe. – Or: A bomb is falling, accurately aimed at a specific target. It would have to be diverted at the very last moment or even better, be turned around!

It doesn’t work this way!

If this were so, the LAW of CAUSE and EFFECT would lose its validity!

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 43

Mankind’s negative behaviourism is also one cause that triggers an inevitable, divine EFFECT. It is a great mistake when some believe that such negative behaviourism does not have any repercussions at all.

All leadership on Earth bears responsibilities. Why should this be different in regards to the leadership of the universe? GOD also bears the main responsibility for the smooth functioning of the universe’s operation. The LEADERS of HIS divine ORGANIZATION bear full responsibility for their ASSIGNMENT at the same time. Not just on behalf of mankind, but also in the name of GOD and the LEADERSHIP of the universe!

  • Just because it looks like these people are not being asked to give account in the eyes of terrestrial humanity, doesn’t mean that account is not demanded from them. It is demanded with all its consequences! The responsibility of the divine INTENT is naturally aware of every injustice and all developments here on Earth.
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 51

  • Everyone receives their final balance sheet.
  • Mankind’s leaders naturally also receive their final balance sheet, a very accurately calculated balance sheet, even if it doesn’t happen during their lifetime.
  • Nothing is ever forgotten!
  • A number of things will be struck off or credited on a lot of balance sheets. JUSTICE is infallible.
From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 39

  • Every offence punishes itself. Every good deed rewards itself. Only the date cannot be predetermined.
From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 9

People generally ask the question: “Why does GOD allow evil and war, if HE wants GOODNESS?”

GOD allows it to happen so that you can recognise who you are!

People chase after other people’s happiness in order to be happy themselves. You don’t look for peace in your own backyard, but upset the harmony of others with your discontentment.

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 42

… The bible threatens you from start to finish with death. Man is supposed to be put to death for this or the other.

  • GOD doesn’t threaten any creature with death! - According to HIS LAWS, life is sacred and runs along these LAWS. No matter where this threat comes from, it is and will always be negative and has nothing to do with GOD and HIS ORGANIZATION.

Nevertheless, the Holy Scripture reports that the thousand or more tribes of Israel fought with their bloody swords under the PROTECTORATE of GOD. These abominations of war in the holy textbook of mankind are an obvious blasphemy; we denounce in all seriousness. If man does fight, he does it out of his own impulsion or he is forced by other people to do so.

No human bloodletting has anything to do with GOD and HIS ORGANIZATION! …

* Man acts with a completely free responsibility and GOD’S ORGANIZATION lets it all happen, but this doesn’t indicate that the negative behaviour of man is accepted.

Punishment for every misdemeanour against the LAWS of GOD is inevitable for every soul.

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 11

The bible erroneously teaches that GOD is an avenger. - The LORD says: “Vengeance is mine!”

The abuse of HIS NAME appears in all shapes and sizes in an infinite procession. Only the realm of Lucifer knows revenge. But with GOD and HIS REALM there is understanding and JUSTICE. But your political development is marked by this erroneous application of revenge instead of JUSTICE. - An error that ends up in death!

  • Natural catastrophes, floods, erupting volcanoes, typhoons and electrical disasters are not retributions of the LORD! Swarming ants, plagues of locusts or epidemics neither. All of these occurrences are side effects that are dependent on the development of an enormous power play between the higher powers of CREATION and of destruction.

It is not the WILL of GOD to harm anyone. Martyrs and victims of this enormous struggle will find justice in the REALM of GOD. Those that make the sacrifices will reap the benefits.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 12

The doubters and mockers say: “In regards to people, GOD is completely powerless, if there is a GOD at all.” – If there was an almighty GOD, HE would surely subject all of mankind to face a terrible tribunal and HE would also deal with every single sinner individually.”

GOD’S ANGELS say: “GOD is LOVE – HE is not vengeful!”

GOD is compassion and GRACE – certainly not menace and violence. GOD does not punish all of mankind, because there are a number of good and just people amongst them. But GOD does actually deal with sinners and they have to give account for their actions. Not the way vengeful people imagine, but the way GOD has it in HIS POWER. HIS MIGHT is enormous! Look at your Earth and compare it with the universe. Remember that the whole universe is one of GOD’S CREATIONS – and remember the POWERS, the PLANING, the DESIGN, the LABOUR, the PRAXIS and the experienced required for such a CREATION.

From the protocol [Transgressions and justice] – page 13 - 14

… One blames GOD for everything and it matters not whether it is good or evil, even though there is not one person on Earth that knows GOD well enough to allow such an assessment.

From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 20

People question GOD’S competence when they blame HIM for all their self-created problems. This is a great mistake, because almost all of them fall within the competence of man. …

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 86

  • GOD exists, HE is the PLANER, but HE is not responsible for all the things you make HIM responsible for – and for all the things one demands of HIM.
From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 28

The PLANER maintains this world though the laws of nature HE created. But you must control and account for the things that take place on Earth as far as you have been given dominion over it.

From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 27

Over hundreds of years we have observed that in good times - when everything is rosy, when everything runs smoothly, when life is pleasant - nobody shows an interest in GOD. Only when things don’t go too well, when accidents, wars and natural catastrophes with many casualties increase, one calls on GOD. Well, one would actually like to blame HIM for everything, even thou the cause of all this evil are the squealers, the people! - To blame the CREATOR for everything and to ask sanctimoniously why HE didn’t prevent all of this borders on blasphemy. Well HE could have prevented it, but HE would have had to take away your free will to do so, the free will for your unmindful actions against Earth. To do this HE would have to trespass against his own LAWS!

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2004] – page 22

GOD bestowed your free will upon you so that you can develop without coercion, exactly the way you want to. This is why the question of why GOD “allows” these natural catastrophes, and a lot of other things where people lose their lives, to take place - please excuse the word - asinine, because you are not prepared to contemplate the coherences logically. The world is on its way and the speed and the period of time for this to take place depends entirely up to you.

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 41

  • Through your thoughts and through your deeds and actions you are the ones that are substantially co-responsible whether something here on Earth amounts to something good or not. …

GOD didn’t cause all of this! GOD didn’t go to war against another nation. GOD didn’t sow anger and rage amongst the various factions of your nations. You did that! - Your mundane images are reflected there. They are your hatred and your vileness that come to the surface here.

  • GOD is the LIGHT! - GOD is LOVE and warmth! - GOD certainly didn’t cause all the tragedy that is played out here on your home planet, because the Earth would cease to be a planet of redemption.
From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2004] – page 31

  • Everything that is presently happening and is going to happen on Earth happens according to your own will - and not the will of the CREATOR! Consider this carefully when you ask why GOD allows all of this to happen. So, don’t make the LORD your scapegoat!
From the protocol [Mental blockages] – page 57

If GOD had not given intelligent creation free will, all of his creation would exhibit only a robot like existence. Through the freedom GOD ceded to man, he’s able to continue to design existing creation. He embellishes it. But GOD stays in the background and observes. But when a situation arises that threatens to destroy his creation, HE will not remain in the background anymore. Because GOD acts so reservedly, man on Earth believes that his freedom to do as he pleases is unlimited. This is a grave error! - One that many will rue one day.

From the protocol [The SANTINER] – page 88

  • GOD also has HIS FREE WILL and as all intelligent life originates from HIM, every intelligence, whether positive or negative, must retain its own will. This is the reason why demons and Lucifer also have their own free will.

GOD could certainly abolish this free will and HE could also eliminate injustice through coercion. However, GOD as autodidact, as GIVER of HIS own LAWS, would by exercising HIS FREE WILL, cease to abide by HIS own LAWS and would therefore have to bow to the inevitability of events! Mind you, I only indicate the mistakes you make by abusing the application of your own free will!

  • You yield to events around you.
  • You yield to your environment.

  • You are not independent enough and you do not utilise your free will correctly.
  • You kowtow to the persuasive powers of the negative and you allow yourselves to be totally controlled by evil.

However, you could be partially almighty through the correct application of your own free will. You should also emulate GOD by being autodidactic instead of listening to the ululations of some people who behave like a mob of voracious wolves. He, who is an autodidact, self-educated as it were, does not listen to sanctimonious promises of pompous people, but is guided by his own power of reason and not by the mistakes of alleged pundits that only lead to false prejudices.

  • Emulate GOD and rely on the latent, divine FORCES within you!
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 77

People hardly ever think things through to the end.

So-called sentimentalism, a weakness of mind, is a dangerous precipice many Christians has come to grief upon, because they didn’t know what true brotherly love was all about!

  • Even the worst adversity can under certain circumstances be the best brotherly love, if it ends up guiding a licentious person to a life of diligence and duty.

GOD will not save anyone from an adverse situation HE knows to be a blessing in disguise. GOD will not save a despairing humanity from a crisis HE knows to be the only opportunity for spiritual renewal. But GOD would have to be the greatest role model in regards to brotherly love - GOD certainly is - and this most of the time in HIS inexorable JUSTICE!

From the protocol [Love and emancipation] – page 13

GOD is like a father that doesn’t like to see his children burn their fingers. But if it happens repeatedly, HE allows it to continue for a while longer. Let them burn their fingers! Maybe something positive will eventuate from it. But the father certainly wouldn’t allow his children to burn to a cinder.

From the protocol [The SANTINER] – page 50

… We must actually see GOD in the role of a FATHER who determines the fate of humanities. HE acts like an educator in all cases by respecting all types of freedom HE endowed us with, but this not completely without constraint.

From the protocol [Armageddon] – page 21

  • Any deviation from the DIVINE LAWS of NATURE inevitably leads into a mental, spiritual darkness and physically into an ocean of diseases!

He, who is obstinate and transgresses against GOD’S PLAN, has to deal with the negative consequences in the here and now and the hereafter. Ignorance doesn’t protect against the consequences! You have enough opportunities to acquire positive information. The KNOWLEDGE is available! It is up to you to find it.

Negative causes create negative effects and they appear without fail. Nothing can save you from this, unless you do an about-turn towards goodness. One might be able to defer the looming consequences with trickery and ruses, but one time or other the full consequences will eventuate. If the causes of the decline are not eliminated, one’s karma becomes ever more severe!

From the protocol [Illnesses and psychic healing] – page 30

Man on Earth or in the spiritual realm must come to the conclusion that he cannot go against divine JUSTICE. He must know that the LAW of CAUSALITY, of cause and effect, also applies to him.

  • He who wants to reap goodness must do good first!
From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 77

Nothing, absolutely nothing happens unobserved. People believe that they only have one life and they cannot see the justice in that.

From the protocol [Reincarnation and karma] – page 29

  • Absolute justice is only possible through reincarnation.

But because nobody teaches you about reincarnation, there are questions like why a person can live off the fat of the land, while somebody else is ill and can hardly sleep because of his pain. There are innumerable examples of alleged injustices and also many questions of why the CREATOR, who represents LOVE, allows something like that to happen.

  • Only reincarnation and its associated karma can satisfactorily explain the law of cause and effect.
From the protocol [Reincarnation and karma] – page 3

  • Human beings are subject to a higher JUSTICE. For human beings to be disadvantaged in any way is impossible. What was withheld from him or her here on Earth can be given in the spiritual realm or also be compensated for in a new incarnation.
From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 44

Those that have to suffer a lot are being spiritually tested to a higher degree in order for them to advance further than others.

From the protocol [Illnesses and psychic healing] – page 11

Are serious illnesses also such an examination of the soul?

No, these illnesses of the body are not within GOD’S plan. They spring from CREATION’S duality. But they also develop through mankind’s blunders. Mankind has lost its natural protection in most cases, that is to say, the natural antibodies against certain diseases have been lost. All accidents are also neither GOD’S WILL nor HIS fault. But man should guard against illnesses. This is his responsibility!

From the protocol [Illnesses and psychic healing] – page 12

GOD doesn’t want people to be ill, he wants people to find pleasure in their existence and to want to get to know the divine LAWS. This is absolutely imperative and desired by the CREATOR. …

From the protocol [Spiritual (psychic) healing] – page 10

GOD discovered long ago that portions of HIS CREATION were in danger of gradually losing control. HE therefore made provisions for this long ago. The fact is that GOD’S TIME SCHEDULE does not coincide with our human time schedule. This is the reason why doubts arise, because something that could save you does not happen right away.

  • GOD knows that no human being can die, but HE knows that human beings can be disembodied. The mass extinction through human sanctions is not within GOD’S PLAN.
From the protocol [Armageddon] – page 21

But GOD the LORD doesn’t idly observe the situation. Don’t believe this for a moment! – HE has the POWER to also interfere in your physical existence and HE is MASTER over everything that exists, MASTER over spirit and matter, over life and death.

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 28

GOD does not forsake you! HE has an ARMY of unselfish HELPERS ready for you. He, who intrusts his faith in GOD, thereby intrusting his faith in HIS positive HELPERS, will be helped, you can rely on that. But the help received doesn’t always comply with the way one envisages it. GOD looks further ahead and HE knows exactly what represents genuine HELP is and what is just a stopgap.

  • He, who has opted for GOD and against the negative, he, who wants to undertake this journey and makes this journey unperturbed, finds that the trodden path will lead him out of all mental, spiritual and physical wretchedness, may the contestation be ever so great. GOD with HIS positive REAM will eventually be THE WINNER.

Even by contemplating this a little you can learn to recognise this without fail and then come to a decision in regards to whom you want to turn to. But your decision must spring from a genuine desire. The slightest hypocrisy will be detected; it belongs to the negative characteristics and never leads out of any misery.

GOD wants honest co-workers! The final “reward” is so overwhelming that you could never imagine it, even in your wildest dreams.

These are no empty promises!

CREATION is full of genuine miracles and you can participate in them. All you have to do is to make a genuine effort. Why do you want to continue your ill-fated journey through this world-wide misery?

From the protocol [Illnesses and psychic healing] – page 30

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