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Faster than light? UNIVERSE | Faster than light?

With the help of photon-light rocket technology, a researcher is supposed to have caused movement at the speed of light. Just how fast does light actually travel?

As fast as electromagnetic waves.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 3] – page 17

Is there an absolute ceiling in regards to speed?

The speed of light is not the highest speed by a long shot. The speed of everything material, that is to say, everything based on the speed of nuclear reaction, is limited.

The spiritual realm accommodates speeds that are not based in physical laws. Mental VIBRATIONS are unbelievably fast. A thought is not transmitted; it is a part of the overall cosmos. This is the reason why every human being can remember things in an instant; things that may have happened decades ago, well a million years would make one iota of difference. Everything mental is therefore cosmic and eternal at the same time!

According to one of Einstein’s theories, speed is limited. It does not go beyond the speed of light.

Light consists of matter and it is therefore no measuring stick in regards to the limits of speed. MAGIC reigns over light.

  • Aside from that, mental VIBRATIONS are also a lot faster.
  • Magnetic speeds between the polarisation of matter and antimatter are very much faster than the speed of light.
  • Because MAGIC is related to GOD, it towers over everything!

Most people regard MAGIC to be pure superstition.

MAGIC belongs to the great natural sciences. Its LAWS open up enormous ENERGIES and possibilities. The application of magic LAWS was better known in past epochs. The Egyptians for instance were well versed in managing the heaviest of loads, akin to displacing mountains. Technology replaces MAGIC these days. But technology lags behind the miracles of past MAGIC in many respects. There once was a magic age, but hardly anything is known about it these days.

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 37

It is a well-known fact that one disagrees about the limits of speed. One has been of the opinion up to now, that nothing that can travel faster than the speed of light. This is the reason why we have repeatedly indicated to you that thoughts are a lot faster. One has now undertaken tests to determine the speed of thoughts: The distance was 4,000 km. But the time the thought transmission took was zero, this means that over the distance of 4,000 km, one could not even measure a fraction of a second.

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 30

… It was explained to you once before that energy is gained from sunlight; that we are dealing with extricated rays that can unfold better, once they have been separated from the rest of the sun’s particles.

Imagine a squadron of ships sailing over the ocean all bunched together. There are a number of ships in the convoy that are particularly fast, but are hindered by the rest, the slower ships. If one separates the faster ships from the convoy and allows them to sail separately from the rest, they will naturally overtake the rest with ease. The same principle applies to sunlight.

  • The speed of light is not the fastest speed of locomotion.

It is a mixture of various speeds that give the bulk a certain uniform speed, but separated from each other, they display different speed capabilities.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 3] – page 14

Even if terrestrial spacemen could travel at the speed of light (~ 300,000km/s), they would have to travel for 41 light-years to reach this newly discovered planet. Unimaginable!

Only if the speed of light is regarded as the absolute, maximum speed. But that is a fallacy, one that will be clarified within the next years. You are not familiar with all the natural laws by a long shot and this is why you think that travelling faster than the speed of light is akin to a “miracle”. To break through the sound barrier and to survive such velocities was also thought a “miracle’ in the past. Believe what we tell you and you will experience the kind of “miracles” that might seem irrelevant to you right now.

Do you mean astral journeys that allow us to leave our physical bodies behind at any given time? We would then not have to rely on technical aids like spaceships and the like.

No. We are talking about travelling through space with the help of a highly evolved technology, however one that utilises magical means. You are beginning to understand these LAWS.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 79

(Internal comment: Questions by a physicist to this theme)

… The question is how one can physically interpret such imaginary sizes. Are they measurable and do they actually have a physical relevance?

The measurability is not given, because you are presently not capable of perceiving such highly qualified levels of vibrations. You are actually not prepared to perceive the levels of vibration in your atmosphere and the gravitational pull of the Earth’s core for instance. This level of vibration is much too complex, so that it is presently not consciously recognisable as a unit with your electrical and physical apparatuses.

A similar problem exists with speeds beyond the speed of light. The mass turns imaginary according to the Lorenz-Transformation. What does this mean?

It means that the levels of radiation amplify and compress. It then happens that the quality of light amplifies under these speeds and becomes so powerful that is no longer visible and perceptible with the naked eye. It takes place on a level of velocity that is presently not consciously perceived by your senses. These are interactions that take place in regions that are incomprehensible and unreachable on your present physical planes.

Dematerialisation effects?

That’s how it is. You must imagine that your physical plane is totally changed through this. Your molecular structure and the plane of your cells are changed to a degree where they react completely different to other energy impulses. You would be energised through qualities of energy that are presently unable to reach your planet Earth, because your coarseness does not allow it. – But you are on the way to this level of consciousness that will open the first small door towards the restructuring of coarse physicality. Due to the fact that you are now prepared to change your gravity through certain elementary restructuring, this can also happen to your bodies. Your bodies can change through substances and energetic elements to a degree that the whole cellular construction, the molecular structure can change. Your sciences are paving the way, alone through making changes to the cell structures of plants and through your genetic research and through the things you do on Earth in regards to the structures of cells. All of these are preparations for being able to make such cellular changes to the human concerns.

Another question concerns the elemental field sizes of a vortex theory. Do fields E and B suffice to formulate such a theory or does one have to utilise other potential fields?

You must combine all three elements, that is to say, one without the other is impossible. These are elements of construction that are necessary to gain energies that allow you to achieve velocities beyond the speed of light and to promote the restructuring within your own biological process. Velocities beyond the speed of light are then possible. Let us deal with the first step to make this comprehensible at all to begin with, namely with ordinary speed of light and once the first step has been accomplished, further fields will open up. It is akin to the restructuring of cells when plants are cultivated and cross pollinated. This represents the first level in the process of changing plants from the bottom up.

Through the Mendelschen-Law you have a high potential to build upon that, to not only make changes to plants, but also to your own cell structures and this in a direction to where you dispose over ethereality, where you are able to also see us as ethereal entities and create elements that make it possible for you within the terrestrial realm, to dispose over speeds of light that can transform you into completely different regions.

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