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Do we descend from apes? HUMAN BEING | Do we descend from apes?

Darwinism has very dangerously influenced the consideration about man.

  • Darwin expounded a theory. All the other scientists formulate a doctrine from it! Neither the theory nor the doctrine are correct!

Man could look far back in time in his own development, because everything originates from the same source. We don’t consider the theory of evolution to be important, because it rather confuses man instead of furthering his cause.

Man has overcome all animalistic stages in his development to such a degree, that he represents an entity that rates way above all of fauna. To still take Darwinism serious is not appropriate anymore.

  • Darwinism is already refuted by the notions about the INFORMATION. It’s impossible that the INFORMATION guiding the development of apes, allows a mutation that eventually leads to a Nobel laureate!

Man possesses it’s very own, very special INFORMATION, which is absolutely binding. Any similarities that might arise are purely coincidental. The brain of an ape doesn’t offer the human soul any opportunity, to connect properly. Just because apes imitate the movements of man, doesn’t constitute proof of a relationship between the two. - Even a parrot can learn to talk, ergo mimic the human voice!

Mankind has naturally progressed through many animalistic stages, but they only build foundations for man, whose appearance on Terra and also on other planets was predetermined long ago. The human development follows exactly along the INFORMATION within this development.

The theory of tendency is only a weak excuse for the behaviour of man. Darwin did actually observe the changes within the animal kingdom on the Galapagos Islands. But one species doesn’t change into another one. An ape can branch out into various species, but it will always be a species of apes, never any other species.

  • If man was of a higher level within the species of apes, it would have been quite possible for man to mate and to breed with an ape starting way back when the separation of the species took place.

Darwinism is a point of view that has managed to embed itself deeply within the sciences. Man’s elevated position within the universal fauna is considerably discriminated against by Darwinism. The results are manifested in the way man behaves, in his negativity and in his interpretation of the arts. We distance ourselves from such primitivism.

From the protocol [The SANTINER] – page 21

… But CREATION is preceded by a WORLD PLAN, one that is designed by the CREATOR; ergo the INFORMER.

  • There isn’t such a thing as a caprice of nature and there are no coincidences in nature either. There are only interferences by GOD’S antagonist, because he wants to create chaos.

Every change within an existing form is not an unimpulsive arbitrariness, a vagary or a coincidence, but a cogitated, sensible PLAN carried out by the SPIRITS from the SPHERES of CREATION. …

The ‘Theory on the Descent of Man’ is therefore incorrect in saying that the creation of the various species is an arbitrary, an uncoordinated act. The various species are spiritually predetermined, because the CREATOR stores the OVERALL EXPERIENCE of HIS CREATION within HIMSELF.

Darwin was unaware of these processes and this is why he never gave them a thought. He simply excluded GOD’S WILL from his deliberations. Everything was more of a coincidence and assimilation to him. …

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 7

Darwin’s ‘Theory on the Descent of Man’ is generally correct in its main observations, every plant and every animal develops from within its own line of ancestors.

  • Man’s development also has passed through metamorphoses from primeval times, but they had their beginning on other planets also in primeval times and were already well advanced eons ago.
  • But of great significance is the leap that interrupts these metamorphoses to give it new directions, which can only be initiated through GOD’S WILL alone, because the CREATOR alone may break though the LEGALITIES, otherwise it will result in deformities. …
From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 7

  • Man does not descend from apes, but from the combined fauna and flora of the universe. Every life form has made a contribution to make the most eminent creation, namely man, possible. This development required eons. …
From the protocol [ Too hot to handle (a hot potato] – page 20

In regards to this we would like to tell you that the physical body came into being due to the fact that entities existed here that used Earth as a “laboratory” - in inverted commas - in a divine SENSE, this was before your time on Earth and before you could be called “human beings”. To give you an example: Remember the way you began to fabricate a car in the past and what the car has turned into nowadays. -

It took a long time of development to achieve such perfection that man, at his present stage, could master the assignments put to him. You possess a highly developed brain, but you presently only use a fraction of it. You are not yet capable of complete control over your brain. GOD has provided certain characteristics for the human form and they are necessary in order to put what the divine PLAN contains into practise, namely the cognisance of free will, the mind, the spirit and one’s own inner LIGHT and also the ego. …

From the protocol [Man and the reason of his earthly existence] – page 9

Well, man has the gift of communication through language. He can transcribe all his mental terminologies into ciphers and sounds. This gift separates man particularly from animals – and this fact alone should prove to him that man does not descend from apes, that his evolution has undergone and still has to undergo a different development.

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 42

  • Man’s development has already gone well beyond that of animals. His brain capacity towers over that of every other creature.
  • The scientists are absolutely not interested in where the soul descends from. But it is the soul after all that makes the man!
From the protocol [ Too hot to handle (a hot potato] – page 20

Can the human soul also incarnate into the body of an animal?

This is completely impossible! This would signify a retrogression of millions of years. The human soul has reached a state of development that only a human body will suffice to exist in the physical.

  • To be able to incarnate, the human soul needs a brain, which has a specific development. No animal has such a brain, not even a dolphin. It is therefore impossible, that human beings descended from apes!

Naturally many animal species can be regarded as the forerunners of humans. But only one of those animal species could develop to such an extent, that a brain developed, so a human soul can incarnate.

What animal species are we talking about?

Not the apes! It is a human-like creature evolving from Neanderthal Man.

From the protocol [Reincarnation] – page 47 and 48

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