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Evidence - near-death experience? DEATH | Evidence - near-death experience?

There are reports that people have been able to take a look at the hereafter by externalising their consciousness, due to an accident, a momentary physical weakness or psychic ability. Are these reports always authentic or are they often the result of someone’s fantasy?

These kinds of experiences do exist and represent a real perception for the soul and also the mind. They represent a chance for the soul to gain an insight into the LIFE that is still on the agenda, the real and actual LIFE. What can arise from this is that these people will receive an impetus to deal with this subject with their consciousness and their mind. It is in connection with taking a good look at one’s life and finding new values.

From the protocol [Preparing the soul for transition] – page 24

A report about a near death experience states:

“When I finally understood my situation, I was filled with amazement that this thing we call “death” was going to be so easy.”

An astonishing statement. What can you tell us about that?

The process of separation and what you call “death” is in reality associated with lightness, euphoria and brightness. It is not something dark or sad or depressing. On the contrary - it represents rebirth, breathing and enlightenment. It is as if you are released from all the weight on your shoulders, released from everything, a floating sensation, unlimited and weightless.

This report further states:

“It is very important for people to know that when they leave Earth, they immediately cross over to another world and will find themselves in an environment that, in its characteristics, resembles their existence on Earth and is therefore not necessarily agreeable.”

What do you make of this statement?

It would be nice if people could accept this. But you are doubters at heart and find it impossible to grasp that all of this exists. A multitude of human souls cannot understand that something like that exists. The fact remains that you still regard death as a heavy burden, the end of everything. Death is not a normal element in your daily course of events, but is connected with good-byes, finality and sadness.

But the exact opposite is the case!

You have been programmed for hundreds of years by this slogan and this apparent finality. You do not believe in a “Heavenly Gate” that opens up for your soul. You doubt the divine, you doubt GOD, because you do believe that all of this exists. You do not trust your own feelings and emotions and are not prepared to have a closer look and sense just what your soul and your divine CORE want to tell you. You are doubters and you live in a world of illusions - and you are unaware of it!

From the protocol [Preparing the soul for transition] – page 25

Why is it that there is a widespread reluctance amongst physicians to deal with the dying process, even though their patients have more near-death experiences than one generally assumes?

In regards to your physicians, the mind is the primary element. They play the role of a companion and they see themselves as promoters of life. Death to them means defeat and to some degree a personal insult. Their own ego often plays a vital role.

Naturopaths know that death represents the crossing over to another form of EXISTENCE. They accept death for what it is and they also accept that Mother Nature writes her own LAWS and this within the divine PLAN. - The fact remains that here on Earth, particularly in western medicine, physicians have not yet gazed beyond their own noses. They are unaware that life and death are connected to one another and that it constitutes one unit.

Even though near-death experiences of reanimated patients reach the ears of physicians more often; these experiences are often dismissed as pure fantasies.

Many of them do not deal with this, but get lost within their own professional ambitions.

But nurses on the other hand report about the near-death experiences of their patients more often than doctors.

Nurses have a more intimate relationship with their patients. They are there more often and therefore have a more personal relationship. Nurses often have a calling for their profession and this means that they are able to accept death as part of their profession.

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 27

The sciences often say: “We are confronted by a mystery”. Should we accept this explanation in regards to death lying down?

The people on Earth take a lot of things lying down. Every phenomenon out there in the universe has its causes and every cause has LAWS it must comply with! There are therefore no puzzles that cannot be solved. If the people on Earth cannot solve these spiritual phenomena, of which the contact with souls living in the hereafter is a part of, it verifies the fact that they approach the solving of these problems with false concepts. If the concepts are correct one is able to explain the most difficult phenomenon also.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 82

Dr. Kübler-Ross,

is an American doctor with lots of honorary degrees and in her book “On Life after Death” she looks back on 25 years of research into the phenomenon called “death”. She specifically dealt with the re-animation of the blind during that time. An example: During a car accident, cardiac arrest of a passenger who had been blind for years was medically established.

The revival of the patient succeeded at an intensive care station. The patient was able to give the number of the getaway car as well as the looks and the behaviourism of the people around him whilst his heart stood still. Blindness returned after the revival. All the details given by this blind person were proven correct after an investigation. The “lack of oxygen theory” is refuted through the constantly recurring number of conforming cases.

The humane care of the dying at hospitals prevails here and there and this is partially due to this well-known researcher into the phenomenon of dying. May her words, based on decade long experiences, benefit the incurably ill and their relatives when she explains:

… when they approach the bed of their dying mother or their dying father, they should also know this woman or this man can hear everything what they say, even in a deep coma. And that it is certainly not too late to say: ‘I am sorry’ or ‘I love you’ or whatever they want to say. It is actually never too late to say such words, even after death because the deceased can still hear what they say. They san still deal with “unfinished business” even if they go back 10 or 20 years, thereby admitting their guilt so that they can get on with their own life.

The “deceased” will in the second phase notice, if I may put it like that, that they are whole again: the blind will see again, the people that could not hear or speak can do so again. …

A documentation of basic scientific research [Secondary literature - A documentation of basic scientific research] – page 3

Reports of people coming back to life after being clinically death are without doubt genuine. These people, children amongst them, surely didn’t tell lies. But even they cannot satisfy our need to know what happens after one’s demise. Because these people returned and they were not really dead.

What we would like to say to this is that these souls, you called them “clinically dead”, had a chance to open a DOOR and to take a look inside the spiritual realm. Their earthly consciousness retained their experiencing certain feelings and certain LIGHT VIBRATIONS.

  • The REAL LIFE that awaits the soul on the other side can only be regarded as MAGNIFICENCE and PERFECT CREATION.

Death, from a doctor’s point of view, might be experienced, but in the final analyses, they see no scientific reason for it. Therefore, many doubts will continue to remain. …

This problem is a profane problem and it can only be solved when every individual human being here on Earth realises that all of us descend from GOD and that we form a part of the OVERALL PICTURE. Without this TRUST in GOD and without the acceptance of the SPIRITUAL WORD, there will be no LIGHT shining on this planet and dark HOLES will continue to exist.

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 30 - 31

Is it a case where the living fear death and not the dying?

Someone that is dying, a soul that leaves this planet, does not develop fears. A soul feels tranquility, peace and happiness about what is about to take place. A soul is - as you say - going HOME.

It is a fortunate state of affairs that even scientific reports indicate that the process of dying is different and obviously easier that we imagine it. Struggling with death is only a futile fight to stay alive the dying is engaged in instead of letting go. Is this assumption correct?

Put like this, we can confirm this. We are dealing with souls that are very much earthbound, they do not want to relinquish their life here on Earth, they are not prepared to let go of their possessions without a fight and the life they have created for themselves here. These souls are engaged in a battle with themselves and they do not realise that they only damage themselves.

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 32

Is it true that the dying perceive the things that take place around them, the crying of relatives and the conversations between doctors who think that they are in a coma, more distinctly than usual?

The dying person’s senses are heightened and the ETHEREALITY is improved. All LEVELS of VIBRATIONS experience a heightened intensity. Even after the soul has left the body it still has the opportunity to contact those that are present there. This is a significant theme. It is also an important theme!

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 32

People that had a near-death experience stop worrying about things. The ability to feel envy, anger and hatred diminishes. Many of those brought back to life say: “All anyone can do is take my life away and I will lose that one day anyway. This thought alone gives me all the freedom I want. I become more and more indifferent to the pressures of perceived needs and desires like career, status symbols and social pressures.” Have these people solved the problem that “death” represents for themselves?

They have recognised that through contact with DIVINITY they now live from the HEART of this divine LOVE. These souls have recognised that there is nothing more important than this in life.

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 32 - 33

Dr. Melvin Morse,

a paediatrician from Seattle, in the USA state of Washington, recently presented a study that suggests the conclusion that: Death is not the end of life.

Dr. Morse’s witnesses were hundreds of children)!) who had stood at death’s door and - independent from one another - all reported the same: The children exist their body, they sometimes see the doctors at work, they go through a kind of tunnel into a bright environment. The usually very critical “New York Times” wrote amongst other things:

“… These children are too young to be narrow minded sceptics. They talk about their experiences when they were dying, the universal love that they felt, the bright light and about their conversations with deceased friends and relatives. This book is remarkably convincing and enormously appeasing.”

A documentation of basic scientific research [Secondary literature - A documentation of basic scientific research] – page 4

Dr. Osis and Dr. Haraldsson

collected information from head physicians, doctors and nursing staff on an international level during years of research and published it in their book „Der Tod - ein neuer Anfang, Visionen und Erfahrungen an der Schwelle des Seins; erste wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen auf internationaler Ebene“, Heinrich Bauer - Verlag, Freiburg. Strictly scientifically evaluated results are published in this book.

Patients were observed, next to many other factors, that were fully conscious during their dying stage and they explained that they saw familiar, deceased people approaching them. Researches revealed that one was sometimes dealing with deceased people the reanimated patients could not have known that they had died! For instance, the sudden accidental death of a relative of the dying person etc.

It was also established that these clear-minded patients exclusively saw deceased relatives and friends and never)!) people that were still alive, so that one can derive a certain level of regularity from these observations.

One can further conclude that these processes are not due to hallucinations, but that one must be dealing with genuine visions and forms of fact as revealed by the actual seeing of reanimated blind)!) people.

A documentation of basic scientific research [Secondary literature - A documentation of basic scientific research] – page 5

Stefan von Jankovich,

Dipl.-Eng. and architect, holds lectures about his personal near-death experience that fundamentally changed his life in a positive way. He summed up his evaluated experiences, he experienced this during a cardiac arrest, in his book: „Der Tod - mein schönstes Erlebnis“ (Drei-Eichen-Verlag, München)

A car accident inflicted 18 broken bones on Jankovich. He was also able to exactly and factually describe his resuscitation – confirmed through police and medical reviews – namely how the emergency doctor and those standing around behaved. An astonishing fact is that Jankovich could demonstrably even read the thoughts of those present!

A documentation of basic scientific research [Secondary literature - A documentation of basic scientific research] – page 6

Parapsychological examinations and observations have shown that human beings on Earth have a second “body”, an astral body (sometimes also called ethereal body, spirit body etc.), next to their physical, material body. It consists of an invisible, up to now physically undetectable substance, it is normally embedded in the physical body and connected to it through a thin, very elastic cord.

… This astral body has a “memory cache” at its disposal wherein all memories of our terrestrial life are stored the way they are stored in our physical brain. The astral body irretrievably separates from the physical body at its physical death, but it can also temporarily separate from an unconscious, physical body in life-threatening situations without the connecting cord, the so-called “silver cord” being severed. When this occurs the “experiences” of the astral body often enter the consciousness of terrestrial people after they have been “resuscitated”.

Such incidences have been published in a series of books in recent years. They deal with the death experience of patients that were temporarily, clinically dead, that were very close to their physical demise but were able to be brought back to continue their physical existence. …

From the protocol [Otherwordly exeriences by the departed] – pages 2 - 3

If one would only take the physical plane into consideration one would hardly find it possible to define death, because the body looks the same before and after. The heartbeat, breathing and the circulation might be missing, but these functions are not directly a part of the body as such. There must therefore be something that is non-physical. What distinguishes a dead person from a live person is quite obviously a lack of consciousness. Why is this logical conclusion not recognised?

This cannot be accepted, because the whole faith structure of Churches and other powerful authorities would be destroyed. This will not be allowed to happen, because the domination of individual people would no longer be possible.

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 43

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