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Terrorism, war - what to do? EARTH | Terrorism, war - what to do?

… Resistances can only be eliminated through patience and not through force! Permanent peace can never be achieved through the application of violence. Every war is the result of a general ignorance in regards to the divine PLAN and ACT.

  • For as long as the people on Earth know nothing or too little about the actual meaning of their terrestrial existence and about life in different conditions, they will continue to regard inhuman acts a necessary evil.

A war is everything but an event based on the laws of nature!

From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 37

Different races and peoples live on our planet. Their levels of development are totally different from one another and upbringing plays a role in this. One attacks the other. How else could one country defend itself against aggressions?

I am aware that this is a very pertinent question. One aims for greater might, because one fears the might of other nations. This can never lead to anything positive. The fact is that might knows no boundaries, because there is no such thing as impossible throughout the universe. This endeavour will present the people on Earth with new opportunities and it increases the dangers for all and sundry. This is absolutely the wrong way to go, because it can never lead to mutual understanding between people.

  • There are no political opportunities to gain peace through the application of force. This is against all logic!
From the protocol [ Messengers of the future] – page 31

What should the United Nations (UN) do, if it is a fact that some nations are producing atomic and other weapons of mass-destructions?

There are many nations that use these weapons as a protective shield because they don’t trust anybody else to keep them protected and so to live in peace. The excuse, to protect oneself from some imaginary enemy, is always a deception. You haven’t realised that all of you are inter-connected with each other and if one is affected by something, so is the other. It is a chain that cannot be broken. If it comes to a nuclear war, it will mean the complete and utter destruction of your materialistic world. You have not recognised that you don’t have to guard against others, but you must realise that all of you are brothers and sisters.

  • The amalgamation of countries is the start of GOD’S WILL, namely a brotherhood between diverse people and diverse religions. …

… Building walls around you and thinking thoughts of destruction is not the right way, it will definitely lead to annihilation.

From the protocol [Conflict with Iraq] – page 5

Fanaticism is very powerful.

This is the NEGATIVE and never anything DIVINE. These are such ENERGIES and your duality you have to fight against here. It is difficult for you to find the right way.

It is difficult to explain to you what your thoughts, your deeds and actions are all about. One must not fight war with war, but one ought to try to find different avenues and different opportunities. …

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2001 - Part 3] - page 7 and 8

The fact that intelligent people make each other’s lives a veritable hell and refuse to accept better indoctrinations could drive one to despair. What should one do?

This is why I continue to mention that you should take education into consideration. You should be more sympathetic, because these people have not yet gained higher KNOWLEDGE. But your legislation is too lenient in regards to the enemies of your human society. One ought to tame them with harsh penalties. We certainly do not approve of crime. The judges must direct their attention to a HIGHER COURT, before they pass judgment.

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 43

It is about time that your Churches and other religious leaders, in combination with the sciences, finally verify and explain to the population any anxious questions in regards to death and the meaning of life and this irrefutably. But the dogmatic tenets lack a healthy foundation. Your pyramid of faith stands on its head! If a healthy basis were available, a scientifically proven religious foundation based on knowledge, attacks like that would be impossible, because the assassins would be absolutely aware of the fact that they will have to give account for their actions after their demise, something that is far worse than any earthly court would ever be able to mete out. …

Your worst penal institution could be called humane in comparison to the treatment that awaits these souls in the dark spheres of the spiritual realm. If these were known facts and if you would accept GOD as your CREATOR, you would have a paradise here on Earth, not only in regards to yourselves but also in regards to flora and fauna. But it will take a lot of work on our part and on yours until this can be accomplished.

From the protocol [Terror attack on the USA (1)] – page 5

People unfortunately promote the negative too much and this in any way possible. Positiveness naturally has its own power, but the negative only has this power in connection with the masses. This is a problem and this is the reason why the creation of groups and political parties is so dangerous.

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 43

… You find it inconceivable that so much destruction can crop up to such a degree and with such force and that you’re so mightily confronted with this negative and forceful POWER these days. We also observe with sadness and shock that so much hatred and fear allow a new seed to grow on this planet and that the VIBRATIONS amplify in that direction.

From the protocol [Terror attack on the USA (1)] – page 2

Is it possible to successfully fight this current terrorism and to gain control over it?

This new type of terrorism is not going to be subdued through physical weaponry. It is impossible to bring the MIGHT that is hidden behind this to its knees by force. Because we are not dealing with a human body of some person or other here, but with the SPIRIT and the ENERGY of the NEGATIVE SIDE. This is an eminent and powerful ENERGY and it cannot be contained by force of arms. On the contrary - the use of force creates new mourning, new fears, new hatred and fresh negative VIBRATIONS. The result of this is that the negative WORLD receives new LIFE ENERGIES from you, something it doesn’t receive from GOD. This is not a containment of the situation, but by doing this, you stoke the FIRE even more and you give it the necessary NOURISHMENT for its survival and the flames will flare even higher.

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2001 - Part 3] - page 3 - 4

These dark FORCES are not to be combated in rehashed wars, with hatred and with counterattacks. This would only create even more dark ENERGY and it would only mean fresh nourishment to these dark FORCES. You can only conquer these dark FORCES with your luminous ENERGIES and with your faith in goodness. …

… Remember that these terrorists are also misguided souls and their source of creation and source of life is the same DIVINITY you sprang from.

From the protocol [Terror attack on the USA (1)] – page 3

It is important to us to make it clear to you that your inner attitude is the major component when it comes to fighting the negative.

  • It is important to make you understand that no nuclear power and no force of arms will be able to contain and combat these ENERGIES. Only through your thoughts and the LOVE you emanate here on this planet will you help push the ANTAGONIST back to where he belongs.
From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2001 - Part 3] - page 2 - 3

  • Do not waste precious time and ENERGY with thoughts of hatred. This will only further strengthen GOD’S antagonist. Turn to your CREATOR and ask HIM to help your world. If you will allow this to happen, the spiritual realm will guide you.
From the protocol [Terror attack on the USA (1)] – page 4

It is difficult for you to understand and difficult for you to recognise that the negative WORLD can only be brought to its knees through LOVE, goodness and humility and that only this will extinguish this FIRE, this SEA of FLAMES. This has the effect of water and it serves the purpose of re-extinguishing this ENERGY, this negative LIGHT.

  • With your limited human mind, you find it difficult to imagine that it suffices to light a candle, to sit in silent meditation and to emanate LIGHT and LOVE in order to conquer such a powerful, NEGATIVE FORCE. But this is the solitary and only way to once again reduce the SHADOWS on this Earth.

This is what makes it so difficult for you to believe and to accept, namely that it is possible to effect a change through such means. But remember that you are not alone, but that ENTITIES are around you who re willing to collect and to redirect these voluntary LIGHT CAPACITIES. You cannot imagine the STREAM of LIGHT that exists here on Earth and that flows across into the dark areas of the world.

You are afraid, because your past and your experience teaches you that violence can only be answered with violence. But that is a human fallacy!

  • Violence creates violence and the dark FORCES gain stature!
From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2001 - Part 3] - page 4

Some people do the only thing that is right in this situation and that is to quietly go within either individually or as a group in order to partially compensate for this concentration of negativity and this with the help of their own luminous VIBRATIONS. This is of vital importance so that the pendulum doesn’t swing in the opposite direction. …

From the protocol [Terror attack on the USA (1)] – page 4

There are people who have organised LIGHT CIRCLES with other people in order to send LIGHT into the world.

You can see that thoughts are ENERGIES of VIBRATIONS and that they do exist is being verified here once again. One does not have to be physically in the presence of others in order to be able to send these VIBRATIONS of LIGHT. Important is the thought and the good intention of sending LIGHT to others in their times of stress and despair. …

From the protocol [Terror attack on the USA (1)] – page 7 - 8

  • You can only conquer this POWER by sending your LIGHT, your LOVE, humility and your brotherliness in order to contain this dark LIGHT and to take its impetus away.
From the protocol [Terror attack on the USA (2)] – page 5

This will be difficult to explain to politicians. - In what way should one fight terrorism and how can one have an effect on hardened fanatics?

This negative coinage, something you become acquainted with through the terroristic scene, has already existed in other centuries. It only had a different name and title. Something that has continuously repeated itself throughout your history repeats itself once again: You try to establish an opposing force and you don’t realise that this is the absolutely wrong thing to do.

  • If you were to abide by the divine LAWS you would realise that this is not necessary. These dark SHADOWS would disappear, because they would no longer find a growth medium here on Earth. They would lose, because no soul would be willing to deal with their negative WORLD.

… There is no other way!

  • Of what use is eradication, if this only releases fresh, negative ENERGIES and other human souls fall prey to it? The only way to fight the negative here on Earth is the way your MASTERS have demonstrated to you in the past. Take a look at Gandhi; you can see just how much he achieved with his calmness and his linearity.
From the protocol [Terror attack on the USA (2)] – page 5 - 6

Does the free will of fanatical power-brokers override the free will of millions of people wishing for peace and freedom?

If you send all your thoughts in positive vibrations, then the negative free will not be carried and applied. You all have it within you to subdue negative wilful elements by applying your free will, your LOVE and your LIGHT with divine intent. With the LIGHT of GOD it is possible to change the situation. But you can’t change any individual’s free will so that they suddenly start thinking positive thoughts.

From the protocol [Conflict with Iraq] – page 3

… How is this going to continue?

… Well, you decide how this will progress, not us. The spiritual realm had to stand by helplessly during many wars and atrocities and in spite of an increase in inspiration, was often not successful. In contrast, the negative POWER, with its suggestive thoughts, has the opportunity to control those people, which are in bondage, like marionettes. We will continue to try to help through the power of inspiration wherever we can. But humanity must also help, that is to say, they have to concentrate their POWER of thought on the positive and ask for an end of this war, that is to say, all wars on this world. You don’t know of half the battlefields on this Earth! There are terrible conflicts between ethnic groups in other parts of the world, in which your news media show no interest whatsoever.

  • It is imperative that more and more people realise that to participate in violent peace protests and thereby starting new battles, makes no sense, but that as many as possible join in the SPIRIT of GOD and ask for help. Such a cumulative FORCE can sweep the planet clean of all that is negative, without firing one single shot!

We are about to reach more and more people and when the necessary numbers have been contacted, there will be no more wars. The FORCES of LIGHT will then have won the day.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 50

What could we specifically undertake?

… Get together whenever you wish. Get together every day, every week or whenever you feel like it. You have all the information necessary from us and you have carried out widespread meditations for Earth before. Whether you want to hold this within the framework of a large group indoors or everyone for themselves at a prearranged time, is your decision. We are not going to influence this. The deciding factor is, what all of you united together think and transmit and consider the significance behind it and also what will be gained by this. These proposals from you are important, so your free will is preserved. This is top priority!

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 25

There are many people speaking out against this war. Many are so worried about it, that they become quite ill!

They go about it the wrong way. These souls can only help themselves by searching their thoughts for negative contents: be it a hatred for despots, be it violence against other people or groups. One cannot argue against warmongers and their vassals with negative hateful thoughts. Such thoughts strengthen the negative POTENTIAL and certainly do not help to reinforce those AREAS filled with LIGHT and HELPERS.

  • It doesn’t make any sense to damn the despots! The quality of these thoughts is by no means divine. Is this so hard to understand?

Only when a certain majority of human souls on this planet show with their thoughts what they want, and this in a divine SENSE, will this bundle of thoughts neutralise the negative ELEMENT like an enormous FORCE and peace will reign on Earth. Change will only then eventuate, when people realise the mistakes they make and realise that the power of the thoughts they send out into the world, is mix together with negative ELEMENTS.

… Send a lot of inner LOVE into the world, so that human souls can absorb it to protect themselves spiritually from whatever befalls them. We direct these ENERGIES and they will make it possible that many ENERGY VIBRATIONS can bundle together.

  • What is important is that you remember, that thoughts are very powerful and that it is in your hands, whether your power of thought is positive or negative. Your souls absorb all of these VIBRATIONS!

We know that the daily news disturbs you and tears at your heart. We know that these reports trigger fear and that they are very hard for you to come to terms with. We know that you can be right at the scene of the battle thanks to your information media and that you recognise that whatever is happening there is the truth. It is hard for you to build up a PROTECTIVE SHIELD to safeguard yourselves from it. Nevertheless, try to convert your thoughts to positive ENERGIES, so these ENERGIES can go to where they are needed. It doesn’t help anyone, if you allow yourselves to carried away by your circumstances and to be destroyed inside by information about what is happening at these places. You cannot change it immediately, but you can contribute through your WORK with the LIGHT to set INDICATORS, to transform LIGHT into these areas.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 50 - 51

How can a single individual help to avert a war?

By prayer and trust, by stopping all activities that create negative vibrations on your planet and to do this through DIVINE LOVE and by what you can send to those around you under the guidance of DIVINE LAWS.

  • Prayers and LIGHT will be the shield that stops all that is presently happening on Earth.

… We wish for you, that in the near future you will succeed in sending your LIGHT and in keeping up your positive thinking. Do not be negatively influenced by external distractions, the things you perceive. It is a chain that is possible to break. You have the potential to convert it all into something positive. We wish you the strength and energy so that it will be possible.

From the protocol [Conflict with Iraq] – page 5 and 6

… A war, whether “hot” or “cold”, is part of evils’ superlative. This is why the most accurately calculated war can never be right. Its arithmetic cannot be squared, because the divine PRINCIPLE is missing. This is why I beseech you:

  • Terrestrial warfare will also come to an end one day, because it will destruct itself and it will then become an absolute impossibility and this for ever more.

If war represents a superlative evil these days, it will also experience a superlative self-dissolution. It will self-destruct.

  • This self-destruction will come about through the complete destruction of all weapons of war. A great disarmament will take place throughout all nations. Only weapons required to maintain law and order in inhabited regions will remain. These weapons will not be pointed at peace loving citizens, but against those that break the peace and those that behave inhumanely.

The stars will send harmonious VIBRATIONS in the future. We are now dealing with what you call the Age of Aquarius. The future belongs to a spiritual awakening. However, this awakening will also bring insights and you will know why it is better to choose GOOD over evil.

Many believe even now that it is irrelevant whether one opts for GOOD or evil. One’s main concern should be to stay out of trouble in regards to federal laws. But mankind does not just live in various countries here on Earth, above everything else it lives in a homogenous universe. Mankind must correctly identify this. – Your existence is not just restricted to living on this Earth!

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 77 - 78

  • It is important for you to become aware that you alone have the opportunity to change this Earth back to where it was.
From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2001 - Part 3] - page 3

  • To send the LIGHT of GOD into the dark consciousness of the powerful is the great chance of the potential that is inherent in the masses. This potential, when fully activated, will sweep the Earth clean of any dark ENERGIES.
From the protocol [Genetic research] – page 29

  • The only means to avoid a war and to implement a general disarmament is and remains a healthy FAITH in GOD, knowledge and the TRUTH.

  • Teach all nations on Earth that GOD and HIS ORGANIZATION exist and do so in the form of a convincing science! – No peace is ever possible without the appropriate RESPECT for the CREATOR.
From the protocol [From star to star] – page 36

  • This wonderful LIGHT of KNOWLEDGE will illuminate this planet with its whole population, …
From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 40

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