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What is the hereafter like? HEREAFTER | What is the hereafter like?

Do worlds exist that we cannot perceive with our senses that have nothing to do with the spiritual realm?

Yes, that’s right. …

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 38

Life has various forms of existences at its disposal. Worlds therefore exist that evade your perceptions. One such a form of existence, with fauna and flora, is for instance the otherworldly REALM that people arrive in after their retirement from the Terra-Materia. Almost all of mankind on Earth doubt this objective TRUTH. – I therefore ask myself, do your religions and churches have meaning at all? …

From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 7

There are further forms of existence with fauna and flora next to this so-called hereafter, namely the anti-world.

From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 7

… there are also a lot of intermediate levels you also cannot perceive, because they are on a completely different FREQUENCY. But man’s soul doesn’t change. It can traverse all of these levels – and it certainly does so!

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 38

You were talking about the anti-world. Are we dealing with a spiritual world here or a parallel universe? Does life in this anti-world run differently from in ours?

It is a physical / mental world, wherein development and duality exists that runs parallel to yours.

… It is a universe, but of a different polarity.

From the protocol [The power of thought] – page 25

… The anti-world is a world like yours, that is to say, also a universe, respectively more than one universe. Let’s call this another mega-creation. Your mega-creation is the physical world. The anti-world consists of the same matter, of physical particles that are the complete opposite polarity of your physical matter. The result is that these two mega-creations repel each other. It’s comparable to two magnets with their positive poles opposing each other. But in the case of the mega-creation, we are dealing with monopoles, which do not exist in this shape in your world.

The creatures in that world are people with a soul and they are dealing with the same problems you do. They too are trying to reach you, respectively to grasp the physical. They also have the same problems when they try to reach you. How could it be different, because they are inspired by the same spiritual realm, respectively led astray by it. The spiritual world of the anti-universe is therefore also the spiritual WORLD of matter. It is the same spiritual realm. …

What is the purpose of these two opposing mega-creations?

In the first instance, to take duality into account, because after the fall from GOD’S grace, duality came into being. In the second instance, enormous repulsive forces between the physical and the anti-material mega-creation develop. These energies are utilised by other inhabitants of the universe as a source of energy. A source of energy that is inexhaustible!

From the protocol [The power of thought] – page 32 and 33

The anti-universe does not significantly differ from your universe. It exhibits great similarities.

From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 8

  • Imagine two enormous intertwined spheres. One is the physical world with its universes and the other is the anti-world, the reciprocal pole with its universes. Both of these enormous creations repel one another thereby allowing precision to reign in the cosmos. The spiritual realm surrounds both of these enormous creations in a sweeping, elliptical fashion. Both of these gigantic creations are therefore embedded in the spiritual realm. The CREATOR’S ENERGETIC VIBRATIONS enclose everything at the periphery of the ellipse. - This is just an illustration.
From the protocol [Man and the reason of his earthly existence] – page 16

  • Every life on any physical planet is just an excursion away from the SPIRITUAL REALM, which is really man’s actual HOME. The SPIRITUAL REALM is incomprehensible to any human being living on any planet. It is enormous and larger than the physical universe.
From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 44

… The spiritual realm represents the source you all come from. The material is totally secondary! The spiritual realm has been around a lot longer than the physical worlds.

From the protocol [Sleep and dreams] – page 8

Is the spiritual realm spherical in shape?

The spiritual realm is found in the middle of you and is constructed in a spherical form with various LAYERS and LEVELS. The SPHERES merge with each other seamlessly and are interwoven and intermingled. These are seamless crossover points, made visible by their QUALITY of LIGHT and by their purity.

Do we find the two great creations of the worlds of matter and anti-matter within the gigantic, all embracing orb of the spiritual realm?

That is right. …

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 44

What is situated outside the orb?

The orb is not closed, …

  • The orb of the spiritual realm is surrounded by the CREATIVE ENERGIES of the ORIGINAL SOURCE, which act towards the centre.
From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 44

GOD’S realm is a world of LOVE, because GOD is the source of all LOVE! This realm is unimaginably larger and more versatile than the physical plane, which is also visibly apparent in your sky. But this spiritual realm, consisting of a composition beyond any physical perception, is organised into many levels, that is to say spheres. All of these spheres serve as abodes for people’s souls and also the souls of many animals, because they virtually represent classes in GOD’S MACRO-UNIVERSITY.

There are also some spheres near your Earth that do not belong to the higher categories. The reason lies mainly with the behaviourism of the souls that physically live on Earth, because they attract souls that have distanced themselves too far from GOD like a magnet and this according to the law of “each to his own”. GOD might be everywhere, but these souls have little contact with HIS great SPIRIT of LIFE. …

From the protocol [Spiritualism versus Spiritism] – page 30 - 31

However, nobody can avoid spiritual REGIONS, because they form part of everybody’s existence. The here and the hereafter are closely related; because the departed work with those left behind, only the opportunities are different.

A human being virtually goes from one country to another. This is what the world should finally comprehend and act accordingly!

From the protocol [What is truth?] – page 34

The way the perception takes place is very different between the various planes of existence. Only by the process of traversing between the here and the hereafter can man experience the wholeness of divine CREATION. There are for instance aromas present in the hereafter that are not present on this Earth. The same applies to light and colours. But there is no wind in the hereafter. One more perception there - one less perception here.

As a matter of fact, the hereafter is unimaginably larger and versatile than the here.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 24

You have to envisage that from our side, we can see and perceive your physical world merely as a permeable haze of rays. For this reason, we walk through a permeable wall with a body that feels very solid to us. In our life, everything mundane is considered “otherworldly”, the difference being that we can perceive the mundane in spite of it.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 16

The OTHER WORLD, with its different reality and LEVEL of VIBRATION, is not unnatural, it is actually very natural even if it does not conform to your senses. Music or speech send through radio waves only becomes perceptible to your senses once these vibrations have been converted by the receiving set, thereby accurately adapted to your senses of perception. …

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 28

I recognise that it is quite difficult to imagine such a world, something you can’t perceive unless you are psychic. But the hereafter is not a world of ghosts, not puff and fluidity in your sense of the word, but a bona fide reality to us - but not real to you. We perceive this ethereal world with direct senses, whilst you perceive yours with indirect senses. Spirit is spirit and material is matter. But this doesn’t exclude the fact that we have MATERIALS at our disposal of a more refined nature, one we can also mould in a certain way.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 31

There is however an enormous difference between the shaping of the physical or the spiritual region. In the spiritual regions, man creates everything with the help of willpower according to a plan and his fantasy, whilst terrestrial man has to create everything by the sweat of his brow.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 24

People in your world can live in close proximity to one another, even if they are very different from one another. This is not possible in our world! Entities can only live in a specific sphere, one that befits their development.

From the protocol [Spiritualism versus Spiritism] – page 66

… The LAW “birds of a feather flock together” applies in the spiritual realm and not the general view of: “Opposites attract”!

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 25

  • GOD created spheres wherein there is no chaos, only a peaceful coexistence between equally evolved souls.
From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 118

  • … Like and like belong together and like inevitably attracts like!

This LAW already finds application in one’s terrestrial existence…

From the protocol [Illnesses and psychic healing] – page 8

… Can you tell us something about the structure of the spiritual realm?

It is a kind of “succession of layers”, as we might call it for now. There is no evolutionary apex of a pyramid, but more a succession of different SPHERES of EXISTENCE of various frequencies. In these SPHERES of EXISTENCE live ENTITIES who according to their development have assimilated with these FREQUENCIES.

  • These different FIELDS of FREQUENCIES or LEVELS of VIBRATIONS were established by the CREATOR and are suitable for those ENTITIES, who have developed themselves accordingly. …
From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 3

What are we to understand under the term sphere?

There is a continuous leaving of physical bodies taking place in your world, because the soul is prepared to lead a life in another sphere. Try to understand that these are, in a sense, not places of predetermined space with borders, but a series of graduated lives that merge with one another and amalgamate. People live in different worlds even on your Earth, even though they occupy the same level; but there is a difference from the spiritual aspect.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 34

Can you tell us something about the otherworldly spheres?

These spheres can be anywhere. These spheres can be quite close to one another, they don’t necessarily have to be immeasurably far apart. An otherworldly sphere can begin one centimetre away from you.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 24

… It is GOD’S will to grant every soul the same opportunities of probation.

The partitioning of the spheres is akin to a schoolhouse: The student is promoted according to his development. His assignments depend on the trust placed in him. There are cases where a soul can gain in two month what others can’t achieve within five incarnations.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 32

Does one have to imagine the spiritual realm as a considerably extended palette of colours and the higher one climbs in one’s spiritual development, the brighter and luminescent it gets?

Yes, one can put it like that. Your present physical eyes are limited to a small range of possible colours. Only through your open spiritual EYES will this limitation be removed.

  • These spiritual EYES are dependent on the overall development of the soul and can only recognise the colours of the particular LEVEL of VIBRATION the soul has developed towards.

The next higher SPHERE appears to the incompatible EYE like a flood of blinding LIGHT, with all the colours of the new domain embedded in it. There is always something new to discover. …

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 4

Whoever intrudes unauthorised into higher LEVELS, will not be able to stay there very long, due to the existing higher VIBRATION that is perceived as very uncomfortable by an ENTITY not developed to cope with it. Maybe one can compare it to something like this: If someone looks at the sun without sunglasses, he will be highly dazzled. The sunglasses represent the individual development. This is naturally only a comparison.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 3

Do the spheres have anything to do with sunlight?

No, the LIGHT in the spheres comes from GOD. It isn’t physical. This is why developed souls can see everything, even in complete terrestrial darkness. A person on Earth can be thoroughly observed in absolute darkness.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 26

Life on Earth is relatively very short and once in the hereafter, one has the feeling of only having made a short side trip.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 25

  • Earth is finite. - The hereafter is infinite and void of time.

But the hereafter represents a certain MODEL for planet Earth: There are mountains and lakes, trees and flowers, houses and gardens to be found there and the people there behave the way they do on Earth.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 32

Unfortunately many people can’t believe that the spiritual realm is very similar in many ways to Earth, for instance, that there are also trees, meadows and flowers etc. there. Can you tell us something about that?

Your earthly flowers also remind us of paradise. Nature, as a part of GOD’S CREATION, as far as beauty, inventiveness and originality is concerned, still unsurpassed. The flowers you have here on Earth have more wonderful fragrances than you can perceive. The scale of your perceptions and your senses is relatively small. Only the purely spiritual within you is able to perceive the actual nuances.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 38

  • These SPHERES of EXISTENCE are equipped with everything you know: Landscapes and the corresponding fauna and flora, whose variety of species and colours increase, the higher one climbs in these SPHERES of EXISTENCE. …
From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 3

Therefore, a world of animals and plants is present in the spiritual realm but considerably heightened in its diversity of species and the splendour of its colours?

And through other attributes. Plants and animals exist in the spiritual realm much more intensive and much brighter, because they have reached their true conscious expression in their reality there. They can express it in the spiritual realm, because you do not perceive the consciousness of nature on Earth anymore. On the contrary! You do not respect and accept nature.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 48

There are supposed to be houses and towns in certain spheres of the spiritual realm. What can you tell us about that?

We can say yes to this. There are SPHERES - as I have tried to explain before, where it is important for souls at their level of development, to have these elements around them so they can process and absorb them again. It is important for these souls, to observe and absorb the things you know here on Earth, like houses, human shapes, animals, plants, the air, the sun, the moon and all the other elements. It is all a fiction of the soul. The reality is a different one.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 6

Are the buildings on the other side artfully constructed? …

Each soul has the possibility of self-creation and modelling. There are certainly master-builders, which are able through their spiritual capability, to visualise and then build houses. The human souls, who live there, need this inner firmness, to take the next step in their development.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 7

According to GOD’S LAWS, the hereafter is the superlative, greater FORM of EXISTENCE. It has enormous opportunities on offer, but they are open to abuse.

  • This is the reason why a terrestrial life in the physical represents training to improve and to maintain GOD’S CREATION as GOD’S HELPERS.

This is the only way man will be able to receive all of GOD’S blessings!

From the protocol [What is truth?] – page 13 - 14

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