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Heaven - Paradise? HEREAFTER | Heaven - Paradise?

The Holy Scriptures tell you that heaven is a paradise. Christians would like to enter GOD’S paradise one day-, they would like to go to heaven. But the Holy Scriptures unfortunately reveal very little about heaven. This is why the people on Earth have only a very faint idea what heaven is all about.

I would like to tell you today just how GOD’S HEAVEN is really compiled:

It may be true that heaven is a paradise of unimaginable splendour and beauty, but heaven is certainly not a place of quietude, of leisure or some gourmandising. Heaven is a place of constant high activity, a place of unimaginable industriousness, great responsibility and the highest command post of the whole universe.

  • How utterly wrong are your words on your tombstones: “God rests here” - or “Here in eternal peace lies …”
  • One doesn’t sleep in heaven. Inactivity goes against divine PRINCIPLES. Those that are inactive are lazy and the lazy belong in the spheres of darkness!

I will describe it to you accurately: Even millionaires are discontented! - You can do whatever you like, but if you don’t serve GOD doing it, you’ll always be malcontent. Whether you’re in the most beautiful paradise eating delicacies, whether you’re drinking the best of wine or whether you laugh till eternity - no matter what you do, even if you rest till eternity, there is nothing you can do you won’t eventually get enough off. There is no passion, no vice, no activity, no sensory perception you enjoy in overabundance, you won’t get sick off to a degree that it will eventually disgust you. To add to this there is boredom, disconsolation, lingering illnesses and despair.

Just how do you image paradise really is?

No soul could stand living in paradise forever, I dare say, not for too long anyway. In one word, true eternal bliss can’t be found there either, it is of limited duration there also. But how does a good Christian obtain true eternal bliss, which will last forever?

  • People, that is to say, the human soul originates from the spirit of GOD. Our CREATOR we call GOD represents the eternal PRINCIPLE of ACTION. The hyperkinesia of man is a divine INHERITANCE, and only through tireless activity can man be happy and content.

It doesn’t matter whether in heaven or on any other planet, infinite opportunities present themselves for this. People must do something good, otherwise they will not find true happiness. One either helps with the set-up and with the advancement of the divine PLAN for planet EARTH or one helps one’s neighbour, one’s brother, one’s sister or some dumb creature. These tasks are so versatile that they will never come to a standstill. Every good deed, every positive action done in the name of GOD and HIS angels eventually shows good returns, namely a remuneration called happiness.

  • Positive action within the whole circle of universal CREATION is the only possible way to true eternal bliss!

There is a school in heaven, an ELEMENTARY LESSON, which slowly leads all souls to the recognition that they have to be GOD’S HELPERS in order not to become completely miserable. Those that offer their POWERS received from GOD, their endurance and co-operation to the negative side, will not find contentedness, no genuine happiness, no remuneration and no recognition of enduring value. They will again and again feel discontented, unhappy, bored, disharmonious, and rebellious and fall prey to mental derangement. They become ill and waste away, not only in heaven but also on Earth.

From the protocol [The souls] – page 10 - 11

How should we envisage paradise? The churches are unable to answer this question. One has a completely unclear concept of what paradise is like.

Answer :
Paradise is not a place, but a CONDITION. It is a feeling of absolute contentedness. Just because somebody has reached this state of contentedness doesn’t mean that it means paradise for anybody else. …

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 39

  • Paradise can only develop within the heart that represents a mirror image of your divine EXISTENCE. Paradise is your divine SPARK and your heart which stores this ENERGY, giving you the assurance that death can be overcome.
From the protocol [Man and the reason of his earthly existence] – page 12

Do our imaginations coincide with the reality of paradise?

No, that’s certainly not the case, because paradise is a spiritual realm of harmony, beauty and peace. If the people on Earth were successful in creating permanent peace and if people would be nice to each other, a paradise would be created on Earth that would come close to the spiritual paradise. But people would have to become creatively active within GOD’S PLAN. But unfortunately, people are very creatively active on behalf of the great antagonist of GOD and prefer to work for his terrible cause.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 38

The designation “Heaven” is not adequate enough. We sometimes wonder why you call the space around you star “Heaven”. Instead of the word “Heaven” I recommend the name “DIVINE REALM”.

  • The DIVINE REALM is not a gathering place, nor a paradise or a place of rest.
  • The DIVINE REALM is divided into many SPHERES. Every one of these LEVELS has particular MISSIONS. The SOULS that congregate there in great numbers are the greatest role models of social order and justice. Its objective is always communal. Reciprocal respect is the highest commandment, as only through this respect pure LOVE can be achieved. Whoever contravenes this law eliminates himself from the group.
  • The DIVINE REALM allows the souls certain sensations. The activities of the senses like hearing, smelling and tasting and also the sensation of genuine joy are part of it. All activities of the senses can be unimaginably enhanced, in a way not possible in physical life.
  • Every separation taking place in these SPHERES happens without sadness and without hatred.
  • The boundary to the higher LEVELS cannot be crossed, if the MATURITY to do so has not been achieved.
  • The boundary to the lower levels has been rescinded completely.

The DIVINE SPHERES obligate the HUMAN SOULS to important MISSIONS, which are undertaken voluntarily and are always linked with a vow.

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 37

What does the “heaven” that constitutes the highest spheres look like?

The higher the spheres, the greater the responsibility. The higher the spheres, the harder the task and the greater also the joy when this task and responsibility shows success.

Who reaches these high spheres?

It is those people that have very high moral laws within themselves and a keen sense of judgment and tranquillity. I know that this is very difficult, because the antagonist of GOD always comes between GOD and people. Unfortunately, most people don’t believe in the existence of the devil. But he is here and everybody should actually feel it quite distinctly! …

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 27 - 28

CHRIST is a BEING of LIGHT of the highest LEVEL. The PLANE of LIGHT he is in is inhabited by wise and luminous souls. These are souls who have taken on the assignment of guiding physical planes of existence, like for instance certain planets within the universe, to the higher PLANES of LIGHT. We are dealing with BROTHERHOODS of LIGHT here and they no longer have to live in a physical garment on a physical plane of existence. They exist on the highest of PLANES of LIGHT. …

… It is difficult to express this with one metaphor or in a pictorial form so that you can understand this. It is even more difficult to describe this in a logical, verbal fashion to you. …

… We are dealing with a completely different life form here, one that has nothing to do with your physical Earth’s history.

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 4 and 5

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