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Is GOD almighty? GOD | Is GOD almighty?

Well, the religious communities have managed to falsely interpret GOD’S omnipotence for many thousands of years. I know that it is difficult to revolt against such dogmas, but the conditions on this planet verify just what dire consequences these kinds of mistakes can produce.

Believers and atheists alike have a completely erroneous concept of GOD’S omnipotence. It therefore does not surprise us that atheists reject an almighty GOD, because this erroneous concept produces infinite contradictions and this on a daily basis.

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 4

… Everything one hears about GOD indicates that HE is supposed to be omnipotent and merciful. If GOD does have all these characteristic, he is a magician as it were, all HE would have to say is: “Let there be ..„ and the miracle would be accomplished. This is how people think and they would like to participate in this magic. One simply asks GOD, one prays fervently and the ALMIGHTY shows mercy and fulfils one’s wishes with the words: “Let there be!”

Millions and millions of people have put their trust in GOD’S OMNISCIENCE and MERCY, hoping with all their might - but the anticipated miracle has not come about. Is GOD not MERCIFUL? Is HE per chance not OMNISCIENT? Or does HE not EXIST after all? Who can tell these days? What seemed to be confirmed over gain is the fact that these prayers are not answered and that one cannot rely on GOD’S MERCY or HIS OMNISCIENCE.

It therefore come as no surprise that millions of people show no interest in GOD and prefer to rely on the promises of governments or political parties. Better a pseudo-religion with a pseudo-god than a biblical GOD, one that doesn’t help and promises nothing.

Many think like that!

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 45

What does mankind ask for?

  • If GOD would take notice of all these billions of prayers and would act upon them, the whole universe would turn into chaos. The aim of most prayers is to give GOD instructions, telling HIM what to do and what to leave alone.

GOD is treated as a scapegoat, one that must be dumber than the illogical petitioner: GOD is supposed to punish and disown and make beggars and cripples out of all the people the petitioner can’t get along with. The rich are supposed to become poor and poor would like to receive power and wealth. Well, GOD is even asked to put HIS ARM into the lottery barrel and draw the price-winning ticket. But everything within the universe is guided by GOD’S LAWS. HE has though of everything. There are in numerous LAWS ensuring a just arrangement.

  • But these divine LAWS also apply to the LAWGIVER! HE, the LORD, may break them less than all of mankind. Nobody throughout the universe can therefore ask for something that contravenes GOD’S LAWS.

GOD is the LAWGIVER, the JUDGE and the TEACHER; HE is the GUARDIAN, the FATHER, the ROLE MODEL. How would it be, if the greatest human ROLE MODEL, namely GOD, would disregard divine LAWS, whilst asking of man to obey these LAWS? It would be akin to a teacher giving his pupils responsibilities he’s not interested in himself. It would be akin to a judge convicting a culprit for a crime he himself commits on a daily basis.

No, consider this very carefully!

This is not the right way to go about this. This is illogical! …

This is the reason why people may not ask for something irrational. They must first ask themselves whether it is within the parameters of the LAW. Therefore, there should never be a request that could harm someone, no matter who it is!

From the protocol [The Bible] – page 112 - 113

You say that GOD is “omnipotent”, but GOD is no sorcerer. HE is also subject to statutory development. …

But we have to consider the fact that man has his free will and that he may not be coerced into action. GOD also has HIS free will and as all of intelligent life originates from HIM, any intelligence - good or bad - must retain its own will.

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 18

The Church’s interpretation is that GOD is omnipotent. They assume this position by saying that CREATION verifies this omnipotence. The word “impossible” does not exist in GOD’S vocabulary, because the attainment of a specific goal depends on time only; it might take eons. GOD is patient and knows no time. But it is incorrect to look at this omnipotence as if every human being on Earth could make use of it. In this regard, no prayer will help, no matter how sincere the request might be. Man’s free will is a LAW, a sacred TABOO that has nothing to do with omnipotence.

… GOD doesn’t use HIS omnipotence to supply someone with money and esteem. HE also doesn’t fight and conquer the enemies of a person or a nation! …

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 5

But the real, ALMIGHTY and MERCIFUL GOD is just. HE doesn’t listen to the requests of HIS children who are confronted by their development, trials, probation or penance. This is why the CREATOR always acts contrary to expectations. If HE would fulfil these requests, HE certainly would not be just - HE would actually support injustice, damage HIS CHILDREN’S body and soul and act against HIS own LAWS.

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 45

But everybody has to stand trial for their deeds that arise from their free will!

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 5

Is GOD almighty?

The Churches say: Yes. I say: No! – You know what a perpetual motion machine is: A machine that runs by itself and never stops. GOD is bound the LAWS HE has passed. These laws of nature are perpetual, they never stop. The whole universe is therefore perpetual, it will never stop moving. No amount of “almightiness” will make a difference in many instances.

  • If GOD did not abide by HIS LAWS, HE would have to abrogate some of HIS LAWS and this would spell the end for the universe!
  • ALMIGHTINESS is meant in regards to the CREATION that has been called into life so far, it is so unimaginably profound that no scientist will ever be able to comprehend it all.
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 73

  • GOD is not as omnipotent as HE is portrait by theology.
From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 37

  • GOD, as the highest LEGISLATOR, is omniscient.
  • GOD is merciful, because HE atones for injustice through HIS JUSTICE.
  • GOD is merciful, because HE is not vindictive, once an injustice has been atoned for.

We can understand GOD only through insight, repentance and atonement.

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 46

Many people who contemplate religion and general conditions here on Earth profess the opinion that if GOD was really omnipotent, HE would have to change everything. This places the guilt of omission squarely at HIS feet.

This is a great mistake! – If GOD would use HIS OMNIPOTENCE to coerce every human being, no free human beings would live on Earth, only HIS robots and marionettes. All of CREATION would then have lost its purpose. This must surely make sense! - …

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 42

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