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Is GOD a person? GOD | Is GOD a person?

  • Your concepts of GOD and HIS HIERARCHY are wrong! So wrong in fact that matter of fact people cannot give them credit. Not even today’s schoolchildren are prepared to believe such aerial fancies. We can only applaud their stance.

GOD is certainly not a human being and also not a supreme human being. These types of concepts are about as valid as your Father Christmas.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 8

… GOD is not a person in the human sense.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 4

… GOD’S unimaginable MAJESTY has neither been recognised nor appreciated by the people on Earth at all. GOD is not a human super-being.

  • GOD is an intelligent, cosmic FORCE!

Enormous spiritual FUNCTIONS are not reflected in man. This is why it is a biblical aberration, when one looks upon GOD as a human being or if one regards man to be created in the image of GOD. To attempt this is pure blasphemy. – However, the LORD has a MIND, a CONSCIOUSNESS and all the SENSES, well, beyond that many thousand SENSES more than man.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 48

… Those that assume GOD inside a human being or connect a human being with GOD will never be able to get rid of their doubts and mistakes. We have a focal point here that is anchored in the bible and it leads you into a labyrinth of false beliefs: “And God created man in his image, in his image he created him and he created a man and gave him a wife.” I cannot tell you how this text crept into the bible. It is however as nonsensical as one can imagine.

  • Not one human being exists that could even approximately be compared to GOD!

The opinion is advocated here on this planet that GOD incarnated in CHRIST. This clearly indicates that people take notice of the bible. People can only imagine GOD in the form of a human being. But as GOD does not visibly appear, they make an image of HIM. This image should be as vital as possible and should do something positive for mankind and this is why they find a suitable subject in CHRIST.

From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 22

The bible, respectively the New Testament represented the MESSIAH as a SON of GOD. HE certainly can call HIMSELF a SON of GOD but there are other high-quality TEACHERS and ADVOCATES who also have the right to call themselves that.

Under the title SON of GOD, Christianity has always understood something else, namely an absolute likeness of GOD. This has lead to make the CREATOR and real GOD more human-like in the imagination of mankind.

Under the title SON of GOD, Christianity has always understood something else, namely an absolute likeness of GOD. This has led to make the CREATOR and real GOD more human-like in the imagination of mankind. If the SON of GOD was human, walking on Earth and dying like a human being, HE could not but look, react and think like a human being. At this point an enormous blasphemy is created that no theologian has ever recognised.

The result was, that GOD was dragged down to our low level and given a superfluous and theatrical cult but never the appropriate, worthy understanding and certainly not HIS due respect.

There is an enormous difference between GOD and a SON of GOD, something no human being with its present development can understand. If mankind can ever accept GOD as HE really is, this kind of comparison must cease.

From the protocol [Jesus Christ] – page 4

A senior priest offered the following opinion during a morning mass: “GOD has stepped down from HIS throne and taken on the guise of a servant in human form in order to redeem mankind”. Can you explain this to us?

This is of course nonsense! – However, this priest must surely have thought that this is so, because this is what has been drummed into him. It does verify though that even church elders and pastoral carers do not know the TRUTH and that they stick with their false interpretations.

GOD is a SPIRIT BEING that never makes an appearance in human form. …

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 62

There are circles within the Church who talk about an incarnate GOD?

CHRIST always talked about the FATHER. With it HE meant the CREATOR.

  • GOD will never walk on Earth as a human being. This would be an immense relapse…
From the protocol [Jesus Christ] – page 10

GOD has never ever left the position HE holds within the universe.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 21

  • But CHRIST said: “The FATHER and I are one.” With this statement He meant that HIS points of view and those of the FATHER were in agreement.

As a matter of course, calling GOD “FATHER” indicates a personification and a certain gender. The word “father” in those days was superior to the word mother, as women were less respected than men. The word father as a masculine conception expressed a lot more, namely security, shelter and responsibility. CHRIST new that the conception of GOD could only be brought closer to the people by calling GOD “Father“.

  • GOD is without shape! You must look at the word “FATHER” only as a symbol. Unfortunately, the Churches don’t do that.
From the protocol [Jesus Christ] – page 10

People have depicted GOD in many ways, but none of them seem to describe GOD satisfactorily?

That is true. But what you have to take into consideration is the fact that mankind is subjected to its own advancement and development. Its spiritual horizon continues to expand. Its boundaries are slowly set further and further away. Mankind’s expanded knowledge brings with it a greater understanding of the universe and everything that is contained within.

Way back in the past, man knew little about his environment and about the miracle that life represents. Everything around him was connected with the activities of the “gods”. He could only imagine GOD to be a glorious, but human-like being. This is how the original thoughts of making sacrifices developed: When thunder growled and when lightning lit up the sky, they assumed that the gods were angry. They were of the opinion that their anger could be averted by the giving of presents.

These childish imaginations slowly gave way to greater concepts. Man endeavoured to find the LIGHT. He fought his way through ignorance’s darkness and superstition’s veils to realise that the cause, the GREAT CAUSE, is way beyond his own fancy. But old and traditional ideas do not die an easy death and that is why the image of a glorious and radiant man, a person that created the universe, could survive for centuries. Mankind has finally come to the conclusion that the divine ARCHITECT, the eminent GOVERNOR of the universe, in neither a man or a woman nor an entity at all.

GOD is not a person! - Only HIS LAWS control the universe and these LAWS are not only infinite in their scope, but also in their applications.

These laws, they do not have their origin in the human consciousness, are the result of divine LOVE and WISDOM, perfect, infallible and never wrong, nor subject to any mistakes.

  • Life is spirit and spirit is life.
  • Spirit is infinite, without beginning and without end.
  • Spirit cannot be forced into any matter; he is only connected to matter. Matter only represents a faint reflection of the spirit.

People who live in a physical world are compelled to think that everything operates the way their five senses see, feel, taste, hear and smell. They are unable to comprehend what an existence outside these senses is all about. Those subjected to these limitations are therefore unable to understand what lies behind it.

We maintain that the universe is governed by completely natural LAWS and that the INTELLIGENCE behind these LAWS is perfect. But man is unable to understand this absolute perfection, because he is imperfect himself. Because man is a personality, he can also not understand the impersonal.

A person backward in its development cannot comprehend that there is a consciousness outside its brain. It can also not comprehend that GOD is a COSMIC, UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, a sentient INTELLIGENCE, not bound to any physical or ethereal body. …

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 31 - 32

  • Consciousness represents a COMPONENT of GOD – and this is where we encounter this human-likeness.

Man also possesses his consciousness; it represents the highest CREATION throughout the universe. Nothing would exist that could still be perceived without consciousness. Man’s consciousness is naturally just a small SPARK in comparison to the FIRE of GOD’S SUN.

From the protocol [ Too hot to handle (a hot potato] – page 9

  • GOD is the central, ingenious CONSCIOUSNESS that controls CREATION!
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 30

  • GOD does not require hands to construct or to create something.
  • GOD does not require feet in order to move.
  • GOD does not require eyes in order to recognise things.
  • GOD does not require a human body at all! HE exists wholly and solely through HIS INTELLIGENCE, HIS POWER and HIS SPIRIT. …

People cannot show genuine respect for GOD and HIS REALM if a false God has been described to them and if they have not learned the TRUTH about the spiritual realm.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 65

  • Give GOD the respect HE demands and never imagine HIM in human form.
From the protocol [Jesus Christ] – page 4

… Most people balk at the fact that GOD is invisible.

But I ask you, have you ever seen a human consciousness?

After all, you are aware that you have one!

  • GOD is a SPIRIT that permeates everything eternally.
  • HIS OUTWARD APPEARANCE is the universe.

He, who looks for GOD in human form, will never find HIM. – Please never equate HIM with human beings. You are being misguided by the bible in this respect. After GOD, man on Earth is not the highest creation by a long shot. GOD has co-workers that number beyond all description.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 72

Many people believe in a personal GOD in human form. What can you tell us about this?

The number of people trapped within a rigid, orthodox faith is continuously diminishing. The number of those that bring new insights to these circles is steadily rising. This is a part of the unstoppable influences of evolution. There are naturally still a great number that, due to their particular psychological state, will not change and continue to bow to the pressures of strict formulas. They are certainly not the majority. On the contrary! Their numbers have increasingly diminished over the last 50 years or so.

A healthy spirit of renewal is at work. Progressive insights make the old images and concepts of a personal GOD disappear. All new knowledge in regards to the size and extent of the universe, the vital life contained within in and the discoveries of RAYS and VIBRATIONS beyond your scope of vision have completely changed people’s ideas about religion.

Nobody believes the old concepts of heaven and hell anymore after the sciences have discovered a world of four dimensions. …

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 38

… The present high standard of science and technology creates the situation where GOD can be explained more easily and comprehensibly.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 62

A GOD with human traits does not exist!

This nonsense must now finally and energetically be discarded. If the CONCEPT of GOD is correctly amended, atheists will also accept HIM. One should not dismiss them outright, because some of their deliberations are correct.

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 4
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