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Where is GOD? GOD | Where is GOD?

For eons, an enormous INTELLIGENCE lives at the centre of the universe, which continuously developed from a condition. It is the eternal SPIRIT of GOD. HE created a SPIRITUAL REALM and populated it with HIS children, which HE developed and gave life to.

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 8

… “Where does GOD live and reign?” – GOD has rightfully and with objective logic selected the by far greater and immortal part of the whole universe as HIS domicile. I am naturally talking about the spiritual realm wherein HE reigns as a spirit!

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 35


The dogma:
GOD is everywhere, in all things also.

GOD is located at a place within the universe that nobody from planet Earth can reach. No terrestrial soul can approach HIM. …

  • If GOD is in all things, we are not talking about GOD, but about HIS ENERGY. – This ENERGY has nothing to do with HIS CONSCIOUSNESS; because GOD is a sentient and sensitive PERSONALITY, an eternal BEING.
From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 14

GOD has HIS DOMICILE and HIS GAZE reaches just as far as HIS POWER – and it is unlimited.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 37

The SPIRIT of the LORD is an inexhaustible ENERGY and it is POSITIVE. When you feel this ENERGY and this POSITIVENESS within you, you feel GOD. - …

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 36

What is this divine POWER? - It is ultimately the LOVE, EMPATHY and WISDOM that ought to be unfolded and that ought to be imprinted in your thoughts, feelings and actions so that this LOVE, this EMPATHY and this WISDOM is expressed through you. You will then find that people willingly accept the things you tell them.

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 52

  • GOD is pure LOVE!
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 3

LOVE is actually the most powerful FORCE in the universe.

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 8

Do you know where GOD’S DOMICILE is?

According to our experience, GOD’S DOMICILE is everywhere where there is true LOVE.

  • Wherever there is no LOVE, there is no GOD!

However, LOVE can be everywhere. – This is why GOD is omnipresent, that is to say, unlike all other beings, HE is without limitations.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 73

You think that the divine is outside, around you. But this is not the case! - The divine is within you. Due to the fact that it is within you, you will always and at every moment in time have a connection to the CREATOR…

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 52

The CREATOR is connected through the divine SPARK, found within every soul, with all souls that exist in the universe. …

From the protocol [Mental blockages] – page 58

GOD is in everything and in everybody and CHRIST is also a part of GOD. …

From the protocol [Genetic research] – page 35

GOD is the here and now and everything that exists. HE is the epicentre and the ORIGINAL SOURCE of you and your soul’s existence also.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 7

You have no respect for the SPIRIT of GOD living within you. You say in your ignorance: “If there were such a mighty GOD, he would have to show himself or punish all sins on the spot or visibly save all the innocent. - But nothing like that happens and you simply assume that the THRONE of GOD is empty. …

GOD does not leave HIS THRONE; if HE would come down to Earth to you, HIS THRONE would really be empty and the universe would be thrown into chaos, only because HE had to visit you to call you to order. This is why HE has completely different opportunities to visit, …

From the protocol [ Veritas Vincit] – page 19 - 20

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