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Negativity on Earth? EARTH | Negativity on Earth?

This is why this point is so important, because not only positive VIBRATIONS exist on planet Earth, but that also negative VIBRATIONS have a home here and they represent a mighty power potential. This power potential is marked by your thought processes which in turn are still characterised by power structures and dogmatic measures, whereby everyone tries to wield his dominion and his power over the others.

From the protocol [Telepathy] – page 37

  • What is important is that you remember, that thoughts are very powerful and that it is in your hands, whether your power of thought is positive or negative. Your souls absorb all of these VIBRATIONS!
From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 51

… Thought is followed by action – and every thought, no matter how negative, has the tendency to realise itself. …

Thoughts take on invisible, but permanent forms. You will find them difficult to get rid of, because they continue to exist in the cosmos and they can do a lot of damage. He, who deals with murderous thoughts or with bellicose or criminal eventualities will be completely entangled and feel like a fly in a spider’s web.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 3] – page 18

… Like attracts like. This entails that your thought processes open WINDOWS so that ENERGIES of a negative nature can flood in.

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 24

  • Free will gives every soul the right of free thought, allowing it to choose between positive and negative thoughts.

… If the soul journeys with divine thoughts in its mind, divine ENTITIES will guide it, they will protect it so that negative ENERGIES cannot penetrate.

From the protocol [Protected contact] – page 28

… The negative world of thought on your Earth is very strong, because you support and feed this with the POWER of your thoughts. The LORD doesn’t do this; you do, because you are on an equal level of vibration to these ENTITIES.

From the protocol [The power of thought] – page 4

  • Your thoughts are carried beyond your planet and they also return to you, because they represent FORMS of ENERGY that were manifested here.
  • Your thoughts are the mirror image of your deeds and your actions. You manipulate your whole sphere of existence through your power of thought.
  • Therefore, take care with the way you align your thoughts and with their contents!
From the protocol [Telepathy] – page 69

You, as human beings, not only mould your life with your thoughts, but also that of your Earth! Thoughts are not neutralised, they continue to be present in certain REGIONS associated with planet Earth. This thought-energy is utilised as a culture medium, not just by the NEGATIVE SIDE, but by the POSITIVE SIDE also. You can initiate good or evil with your thought energies. Thoughts represent ENERGY FORMS and they are looking for somewhere to go. Negative ENERGY will also find its way, there where it is supposed to go.

From the protocol [Telepathy] – page 5 - 6

What exactly are “sins” and is there such a thing as the forgiving of sins?

To “sin” means that you, as human beings, are responsible for the negative thoughts that typify you when they trigger negative actions. You will be presented with these thoughts after your crossing over into the spiritual realm and you will then recognise all the damage your thought patterns and all the NEGATIVE ENERGIES you released have caused. …

From the protocol [Telepathy] – page 6

  • Recognising that negative thoughts not only have a damaging effect for this planet, but also causes damage to you as soul entities, should, under normal circumstances, be enough impetus for you to deal with your thoughts on a more conscious level.
From the protocol [The power of thought] – page 39

  • Thoughts are a PRESENT and a GIFT of GOD that you should guard and protect. Make sure that these thoughts are not placed in the hands of the dark SIDE.
From the protocol [The power of thought] – page 37

If we consider all the things we think about, human beings mentally pollute their environment something terrible.

If you like to call it that, it is mass-pollution. The planet is also damaged by your thought energies! You should become aware of the fact that thought energy can trigger destruction and illnesses.

From the protocol [The power of thought] – page 27

The Earth’s MORPHOGENETIC FIELDS is present everywhere and every country can utilise this FIELD. This FIELD reacts particularly well to thought vibrations. But this knowledge has to find an echo within the broader social stratum before one can strategically experiment with the MORPHOGENETIC FIELD. The time to do so is now!

From the protocol [Telepathy] – page 66

There is a SHIELD around the world, which acts as a reflector. This prevents the dark ENERGY you create with your thoughts, from flowing into the divine universe. All negative ENERGIES stay around the Earth and influence you to such an extent, that you think and become even more negative. This increase in energy received daily from you, is most welcomed by the DARK SIDE, it furthers the thought process of the spiritually blind person with the corresponding inspiration. The antagonist undertakes everything, to keep humanity in spiritual darkness so that he can continue, as a non-existent entity and ridiculed as a clown, to wreak havoc. There couldn’t be a better disguise for him!

Therefore, it follows that all wars are a welcome SOURCE of ENERGY for the NEGATIVE and for the antagonist himself?

Oh, yes, this is unfortunately so. A better SOURCE of ENERGY doesn’t exist for the antagonist. You people and nobody else, place the necessary VITAL ENERGIES at the disposal of him and his entourage, which will set off catastrophes. Many people ask in spite of this: What have I done to deserve this? Reverse your thinking process and realise, who is behind all of this and who in reality causes all the problems on your planet. Once you know about the reasons behind it all, you will find it easier to handle difficult people. Maybe this difficult person is subject to special hostilities from the antagonist and reacts in an exaggerated fashion. Please think about it. It is important!

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 5

A section of mankind plans and prepares the destruction of this world. In their absolute IGNORANCE in respect to the human existence, they don’t realise that they are preparing their own terrible downfall. They know nothing about the continuing existence after death and believe that once the world is destroyed, their consciousness doesn’t exist anymore.

This is an extraordinary error!

Even the warmongers and those in positions of responsibility will not die, but only leave their bodies. They also have to continue their existence on the devastated plains of this world, as lowly GHOSTS!

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 34

You don’t just manage to jolt this world with your power of thought, but also with the things you do to yourselves with your own laws. The divine natural laws are not accepted and abided by, by you. You try to out-trump one another and to force your might onto others. …

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2000] - page 3

Do ARCHANGELS have an influence on the negative CURRENTS that stress our Earth?

Well, it has to be said to begin with that you stress yourself through your negative thought structures. It would not be a good school if ARCHANGELS would simply compensate for this as if nothing happened so that mankind on Earth could continue as before. This is not the case! And this will not change either, even though these ARCHANGELS could interfere. It would be an easy thing for these eminent BEINGS to do so, but they wouldn’t think of doing your self-inflicted work for you. Learn from this! Because everything contains positive aspects also, especially for you in your present situation.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 59

The Earth is supposed to be the last domicile for the antagonist of GOD and represents the centre of negativity. Is this correct?

We can confirm this, because the Earth is the last link of a developmental chain wherein souls can develop to a higher level.

  • The Earth is the lowest centre of development within the universe.

From a developmental point of view your Earth is an area where, because of the duality, the antagonist finds nourishment. This isn’t possible on other planets, because pure divine ENERGY already exists there. Because of the law of duality here on Earth the opportunity exists for the antagonist to reach souls and to pull them into negativity.

Remember that you always have the option to weigh up on whether you want to do this or the other. This is your chance to decide on the path you want to choose and therefore have the opportunity to choose. Other planets don’t have this, because they are developed to a higher degree and have made the decision in a DIVINE SENSE long ago. The antagonist has still the opportunity to exist and to bring his evil power to blossom here in this world.

From the protocol [The power of thought] – page 25 - 26

… This Earth is a divine planet of redemption and its assignment is to reform and spiritually train every human being who incarnates on Earth. The anti-spirit is not interested in this process, on the contrary – he wants to prevent it.

From the protocol [ Too hot to handle (a hot potato] – page 10

  • False prophets preach about an eminent end of the world.
  • But genuine prophets preach about a future world peace.

Who are we to believe?

Dear friends, I will explain to you today why you may believe the genuine prophets: All of you know that good and evil is represented here on this Earth. Both forces fight for control, only their means are different.

However, who will doubt that GOD is the VICTOR?

  • Everything happened and happens according to GOD'S LAWS.

Even evil cannot override these LAWS. It must also abide by these laws. However these LAWS are arranged in such a way that evil can never endure for long. But wherever evil tries to evade these LAWS, it destroys itself through the many mistakes it makes. You are able to observe this wondrous event over again and everywhere yourself:

  • Evil gets a chance for a limited time only. Once this time limit has been exceeded, the end is just around the corner, because it will completely destroy itself to the last!
From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 77

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