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Is it only physical? UNIVERSE | Is it only physical?

… However, once upon a time there must have been a non-physical state, because matter does not last eternally.

From the protocol [What is truth?] – page 31

The term universe stands for the created vibrations, created matter within an unlimited space and time continuum. The cosmos is unlimited space without matter, without vibrations and it finds expression in physical matter.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 3] – page 51

Matter undoubtedly represents a reality, but only from a terrestrial perspective and not from a spiritual one. The DIAMAT(*) however regards all matter as a universally exclusive substance as if nothing HIGHER existed.

  • Matter does not represent the whole universe, but only one of its building blocks, one that arose from an incredibly multilateral spiritual PLAN.

(*) Internal comment:

From the protocol [To all and sundry] – page 9 - 10

… Insights gained in regards to supposedly concrete and solid matter are false. Matter is unstable. The electrical energy ratio of subatomic particles, or scientifically named corpuscles, maintain the shape of matter. But this solidness is only imaginary.

  • Matter represents a compression of the divine SIRIT, a commutation of divine FORCE. Only the divine UNIVERSAL SPIRIT keeps everything together. HE regulates the distance between stars, the distance in the relationship of atoms with one another and the distance between sub-atomic particles.
From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 80 and 81

… Your sciences are much too engaged with physical facts. Only a visible and measurable universe exists as far as they are concerned. This is a scientific mistake, because:

  • An opposing, invisible universe also exists next to the visible universe, ergo a reciprocal pole.
From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 8

You must take into account that everything throughout the universe is bipolar. Every item has its corresponding counterpart. Propagation is also based on this principle. This is why anti-matter exists whose energies have a different polarity than that of physical atoms. You have already gained some research results in this direction.

Why are you so reluctant to accept that an anti-world exists where human beings lead an existence within a different polarity?

From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 37

Anti-matter’s existence has already been scientifically verified. This offers you great insights. Lectures about it have been given. …

Anti-matter is something completely natural. This is where the law of relativity comes into effect. It is always a matter of perspective. One universe doesn’t seem to exist for the other and vice versa. But both of them exist just the same! – It is only a delusion.

  • Both universes constitute two enormous magnetic polarities!
  • Neither one of these two matters may be forcefully unified. The result would be catastrophic. But the TOTAL ANNIHILATION of matter does not eventuate; only partial chaos would ensue.

Your sciences assume that a differently polarised universe exists. Evidence of anti-matter’s existence is at hand. But one should not make the mistake of assuming that this anti-universe is completely different from your, respectively our universe.

  • Life forms and matter’s configuration do not differ from our universe. Because everything is created according to the WILL of the incomprehensible GREAT PLANNER.
From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 16 and 34

  • Antimatter is also matter, but it is completely differently polarised. Antimatter is as stable in its own state as your matter, but antimatter is unstable as far as you’re concerned. Those beings that live within the levels of antimatter cannot perceive you, because your physical world is unstable in their eyes.
  • Your matter and antimatter repulse one another. The universe would be plagued by constant collisions, if there was no antimatter.

Everything has been wonderfully deliberated, planned and arranged. …

  • … Pole and reciprocal pole. – This is a lawful development.

However, there is a nucleus where the HIGHEST INTELLIGENCE reigns.

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 38

The anti-universe – I say: The anti-worlds in conjunction with the physical worlds form a whole. A certain inter-relationship exists between these two MAJOR CREATIONS. It consists of two enormous, magnetic polarities of incredible energy and they permeate one another. You would call these energies POSITIVE and NEGATIVE. From these two polarised energies springs the gravity that keeps everything in its place for you.

  • The distance between heavenly bodies is not determined by their own gravity, but by the two gravity constants of the physical and the anti-physical worlds. The energies of the anti-universe influence matter and maintain the equilibrium of the cosmos. …

… The anti-world is another dimension. It is in itself also three-dimensional.

From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 8

  • The construction and the structure of the anti-universe are similar to that of the material universe, because it has almost the same types of life forms. The life forms of the anti-world, human races are part of it, can also not be perceive by you, at least not without very complicated measuring devices.

The anti-universe should however not be confused with the spiritual realm, because the spiritual realm is one of GOD’S spheres, an intermediate station occupied between physical incarnations and also subject to JURISDICTIONS. This is where reward, compensation and atonement take place. Evil is also domiciled there.

From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 8

  • The CREATOR brought two worlds into being that are interconnected and that complement one another. There is the material world on the one hand – and the spiritual world on the other hand. Physical matter can neither think nor produce consciousness, nor plan the future, nor feel or react. Matter is therefore subordinated to the spiritual world and it is moulded and controlled by it.
From the protocol [To all and sundry] – page 7

The spirit is rated higher than physical matter and this applies to the material as well as the anti-material world. …

From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 9

There are infinite ASTRAL REGIONS in between all the star systems and they have been created by the VIBRATIONS of mental imaginations. We are dealing with a SUPERLATIVE CREATION here that exceeds your power of imagination by far. This world is also ruled by spiritual LAWS.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 87

There exists a psychic drawing that depicts GOD’S CREATION in the following manner: The physical universe and the anti-universe are portrayed as two independent circles; they repel one another but they permeate one another in spite of this. These circles symbolise both main creations. Both of these major creations are embedded in a large, distended ellipse, which illustrates the spiritual realm, the so-called hereafter, and it encloses the world of matter and anti-matter. At the periphery of the ellipse, drawn as a waved line and encompassing everything, are GOD’S enormous VIBRATIONS. - Can one adopt this construction to support one’s imagination?

One could not express this in a more beautiful and representative fashion in either words or pictures if one tried, because it is difficult to explain something so enormous and so multi-dimensional. What GOD actually is, is difficult to explain. It is difficult to explain that all of you are a part of HIM. It is difficult to make it comprehensible to you that all of you stem from one ORIGINAL SOURCE. It is particularly difficult because you don’t even humanly respect and accept one another here on Earth. Your mind and you spirit is not developed enough to actually understand this.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 7

… let’s try it with a parable. It is only a comparison: Imagine an egg with two separate yolks, enveloped by the albumen and to finish it off, the all-encasing shell:

  • The two separate yolks symbolise the physical world and the anti-world.
  • The albumen encasing both yolks represents the spiritual realm, the so-called hereafter.
  • But the shell, which holds everything together, is the spiritual POWER of the CREATOR.
From the protocol [The power of thought] – page 32 - 33

A different question: Why did all the physical particles and anti-particles not obliterate one another within the first seconds of the big bang and why didn’t everything just turn into radiation? If anti-particles represent the identical counterpart to physical particles, they would have to have obliterated one another during the big bang. The universe would then have been filled with nothing but radiation and galaxies, small planets and therefore people would not exist.

What would have been the logic of having the elemental particles neutralise one another? The reason for this birth was that planets would develop in order to accommodate, protect and provide a viable basis for souls. A neutralisation would have opposed this in a way as if this birth was like a loop that constantly repeated itself. Evolution would run on idle and life and advancement would not be possible. It would be akin to a hamster running inside an exercise wheel, never reaching an end. …

The big bang released elements that effect a screen between matter and anti-matter. All major creations arose within what you call “seconds”, something we cannot call “seconds”. The HISTORY of CREATION, with everything that goes with it like duality, free will and the CREATION that contains life and VITALITY, is mirrored in this. These ENERGIES are there and they still flow to this day.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 38

What can you tell us about the existence of the anti-world?

Well, we have discussed this already in the past. The world of anti-matter is its own individual sphere, consisting of many, agglomerated universes, the same way your world exists, the difference being the anti-polarity of its make-up. Matter and anti-matter repel one another and apart from that, anti-matter is invisible to your eyes. One was able to verify the existence of anti-matter here on Earth and to measure its enormous energy potential. When this anti-matter interacted with your physical matter, both of them dispersed into pure energy. People like you live in the worlds of anti-matter and they are also looking for the opposite polarity, in their case the world of matter. These people are looking for you the way you looking for them, but you are invisible to their eyes.

Will an amalgamation of the two worlds take place one day?

No, because that would mean that everything would disperse into pure energy. It would be as if you would return to the original big bang. The universes, respectively both major creations repel one another they way two identical polarities repel one another. If GOD were so inclined, HE could abrogate this polarity and everything would turn into radiation, spelling the end of matter and anti-matter. Things would return to the way they were before, when no physical worlds existed, just before the fall of the angels. Not influenced by the radiation of the disintegrating worlds in any way, your souls would move into the spiritual realm which contains all major creations and they are enveloped with GOD’S VIBRATIONS at their peripheries.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 43

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