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What are human beings? HUMAN BEING | What are human beings?

To the question of a newspaper journalist, “Is the genetic alphabet just a series of bio-chemical molecules or a kind of code from GOD?” the boss of the International Gene Projects said:

“To have this text in front of you and to see how elegant the system of recording information is built up is very inspirational. To decipher this script wasn’t just a scientific, but also a spiritual experience. But even if we end up understanding the sequence, many aspects of what it means to be a human being will remain incomprehensible. We are not just mechanical beings: And this is why we shouldn’t utilise this discovery to end up looking at ourselves as mechanical objects.”

This man seems to have comprehended more than many of his colleagues. What is your opinion on this?

I find it difficult to add anything to these words, because it is the meaning of these words that are important when it comes to helping you comprehend your own life form.

  • It is imperative that one understands that there is not just a physical side to one’s existence, but that there is also a mental-spiritual SIDE. Only with this in mind will you find the answers to all of your questions.
From the protocol [Genetic research] – page 39

Well, there is not one single higher being on the whole Earth than man. He has the gift of being able to comprehend creation in all its complexity. With his mind and his senses, he is able to grasp everything he is surrounded by.

However, the Earth does not represent all of creation, it is only a part of an immeasurably enormous GRAND CREATION. This places man not just on this planet, but smack in the middle of a huge universe. He is made up of two parts, namely of matter and of the cosmos. Without the cosmic part, man would just be a lump of flesh. When man dies on Earth, his cosmic part leaves the physical body and only his flesh remains on Earth whilst the cosmic part remains in the cosmos, which is its actual home, its original home. Man has not yet grasped this fact. He searches in all directions, but he only reluctantly dares to deal with the divine REGIONS.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 20

  • The spiritual MAN is a CREATION you call “soul”, but it is something you cannot exactly define.
  • The physical man is spiritual MAN’S organic counterpart and it only allows its utilisation by spiritual MAN in as far as this is possible.
From the protocol [UFO-Contact I.N.D.] – page 13

Your sciences regard life as being the fluid condition of the body. But as they discovered the fluidness of atoms, you are nowadays of the opinion that organic life is a condition that equates with your metabolism.

The mistake you make is: That life is inseparably connected to this metabolism. Once the metabolism stops, life comes to an end. …

One further mistake consist of: That your sciences assume that life is limited by time. – …

The denotation “life” does actually describe a condition. This condition is perpetual, that is to say, it never ends. GOD is perpetual – and as man is a part of this condition, man is also immortal. …

… A physical body on its own cannot live at all, it can only move. …

  • An organic body can certainly be animated.

When such a body is animated, it receives a perpetual individuality, that is to say, a living soul. Religion speaks about GOD’S ODEM. Life is given an organic instrument at its disposal. Life controls this instrument for as long as it is usable. …

  • Life is not movement, but ENERGY that can cause movement without exhausting itself in the process, because it is after all perpetual.
  • Life’s energies do not come from the physical household; the physical household receives its perpetual ENERGY from the ethereal universe, that is to say, from cosmic rays.
  • Life is indestructible, even as individual particles. …

  • Physical movement makes life visible!

Whereby you never see life itself, you never see the ENERGY, only the movements of the body, respectively the movement of its parts and limbs. The physical movement ceases after death, but the ENERGY remains, the difference being that it can no longer animate a physical organism. A dead, no longer serviceable body is no longer animated, only the atoms that constitute its physical make-up continue to move and change. …

Your mistake consists in assuming that the soul can no longer continue to exist after the demise of the body.

Every soul continues to exist after its disembodiment, because it still possesses the same life as before its embodiment. This perpetual LIFE FORCE is the non-transferable property of spiritual man. The spiritually perpetual MAN represents life at the same time. …

The fact that the sciences never gained a clear insight into this is because they allowed themselves to be duped by the functions of physical matter. Empirical medical science does not come up with a theory or a relevant explanation for fantasy or spiritual planning, even less so for ingenuity, in spite of this deceptive theory. But one has the impudence to say that man is a caprice of nature. Not GOD, but blind coincidence is supposed to have created man. All terrestrial university sciences endorse the invisible faculty of atheism with its doctrine of eternal death.

From the protocol [UFO-Contact I.N.D.] – page 11 - 14

There is no doubt that there is VITALITY. Life only exists because there is a FORCE that supplies ENERGY, which in turn represents a dynamic. Nobody from your world can explain the kind of FORCE it represents. This FORCE is beyond any testing by scientific instruments, chemical analyses or physical investigations. There is death - the way you see it - and there is life.

  • The physical world represents the shell; the spirit represents its contents.
  • The COSMIC SPIRIT, this VITALITY is present within every human being. Man is an individual, a spark of the divine FIRE.
  • Man represents an integrated part of infinite intelligence many call “GOD” - and I call the “GREAT SPIRIT OF ALL LIFE”.

The grave cannot touch the spirit at all. The crematory fire can never destroy the spirit. There is nothing on the whole wide world that could extinguish the eternal spirit. …

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 5

You are spirit within a human body and not a physical body with a bit of spirit. That’s the difference! Spirit entities and ENERGY go hand in hand, but these ENERGIES flow through matter like through a sieve. Try to contain water in a sieve… you know what happens. The same thing happens to ethereal ENERGIES, they flow through the coarse sieve of your physical body and this is why your sciences cannot measure them. The opinions of many of these people are irrelevant, because they are not interested in ETHEREAL MATTER.

From the protocol [Telepathy] – page 43 - 44


  • You exist because the FATHER emits HIS LOVE, that is to say, your LIFE FORCE.

The fact is that you are able to exist at all through this LOVE of the CREATOR. HE sends this FORCE to HIS CREATION and this FORCE is received everywhere. But the instruments of reception are often attuned to HIS antagonist and this is when this relatively extensive flow of LIFE FORCE is reduced to a mere trickle for these people. …

But this mere trickle will not completely abate. If this would happen, you would die in body and soul. You would be dissolved and that is impossible.

From the protocol [Universal Love] – page 3

No single being would exist if it were nor created by GOD’S LOVE. No human being could live on Earth, if he or she wasn’t sustained by GOD’S LOVE. One talks of a LIFE FORCE, of biological insights and laws. But they are merely poor periphrases, because life, the immortality of the soul, the abilities of one’s consciousness etc. are all things that originate from divine LOVE.

From the protocol [Love and emancipation] – page 7

  • Man basically consists of one SOUL, that is to say, one SPIRITUAL BODY, whose VIBRATIONS are outside the physical.
From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 35

… Every living thing carries a divine SPARK, an ineffaceable CENTRE of BEING within. If there was no divine SOUL, no SPARK of LIFE, there would also be no GOD and without GOD, no creation, therefore nothing would exist. The divine SPARK within man is especially strong, it will not allow man to rest and expresses itself as an enormous feeling of love, longing and the search for eternal bliss.

From the protocol [Bringing up children] – page 11

… the divine SPARK is the GIVER of LIFE. It gives all of you your ENERGY of LIFE. Compare this SPARK to one of your broadcast receiver which has to be tuned to a specific station, so you can hear something. The divine SPARK is permanently tuned to the FREQUENCY of GOD and receives from there the ENERGY. This SPARK is a part of HIM. One tends to forget this. - The human mind has no influence on this SETTING. But the mind can prevent the necessary amount of this ENERGY of LIFE from reaching your physical body - and if this happens, psychosomatic problems and illnesses appear.

From the protocol [Mental blockages] – page 72 - 73

… You know that everything constitutes a oneness. Man is a unit, consisting of a body, spirit and soul and this is why all of these components influence one another reciprocatively.

From the protocol [Mental blockages] – page 35

  • You continually forget that you are SPIRIT ENTITIES that utilise a physical body and that every SPIRIT ENTITY is endowed with all the faculties the CREATOR also possesses, but in a diminished form. …
From the protocol [Telepathy] – page 78

  • If man is deemed to be in the “likeness of GOD”, it mainly indicates man’s ability to think and to perceive. …
From the protocol [From star to star] – page 21

  • It is therefore not man’s image, but man’s consciousness that is god-like!
From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 23

  • Man is GOD’S mirror image in as much as he possesses a certain creative ability through his intelligence.

This makes GOD a CREATOR of the HIGHEST ORDER and man also a creator of many things that are produced from the physical matter and from the vibrations the universe provides him with.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 65

As the majority of people on Earth believe that the human soul is a physical product, many scientists seriously pursue their research based on this erroneous assumption. But this is the wrong way and it leads to absolute aberrations. The thought processes of these researchers are wrong, because they are based on a preconception that has managed to gain a solid foothold over thousands of years.

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 50

The medical fraternity fall prey to a whole series of deceptions. They therefore assume that one’s consciousness is located within the human brain; they believe that the brain gives rise to all thoughts and that it registers and stores all perceptions.

This however is a dangerous aberration! …

… Researchers verifying that the opposite is true, namely that man has an astral soul, are viciously attacked and dismissed in a most unfair way. I will select just one crass example of a medical contortion:

  • Every amputee still feels the limb he physically lost. He feels the limb of his astral soul. Every nerve is present. Physicians explain this phenomenon by asserting that we are only dealing with memory here, an echo of one’s senses. Those aware of the TRUTH would have to laugh, - if the consequences weren’t so dire. [1]

The broader masses within nations assume that a scientist with a doctor’s degree is, based on his academic education, is able to think more logically and more reliably than your average citizen.

This is another world wide mistake that has dire consequences.

(The following footnote in the protocol:)

[1] Soviet experiments have verified that human thoughts exhibit no trace of magnetism or electricity. They penetrate any type of shield and do not display any physical characteristics.

From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 11 - 12

  • The human consciousness that takes care of all thought processes is not located within the substance of the brain, but in the cosmos!
  • The cosmos is large enough to accommodate these intangible VIBRATIONS. These

RECORDINGS endure for an unimaginably long time so that these ordered VIBRATIONS can be traced and located on a specific FREQUENCY.

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 50

If your brain had to stack all these impressions within its cells, all of mankind would walk around with heads the size of hot ait balloons instead of a normal sized head; well balloons of that size would not even be large enough. But believe me, this “BALLOON” really does exist:

  • It represents the individual FREQUENCY of the universe. All the impressions and all the concepts of your soul end up there.
  • But as your soul is closely enmeshed with your body, you naturally gain the impression that your thoughts and your memories are within your brain. Every single brain cell has its specific function: It is the connecting link between the cosmos and the blood.
  • That’s right, the blood is the bearer of the soul, the way battery acid is the bearer of electricity!
From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 49

  • Man must create a soul-cosmos for himself from the very first day of his earthly existence, something that is then at his disposal on a spiritual, individual FREQUENCY and capable of storing all his experiences and perceptions and reflecting them back on demand. We are therefore dealing with reflections of physical experiences here that are eternalised within the cosmos and reflected back into one’s consciousness.

This is how this process takes place:

A baby cries for the very first time. This cry immediately becomes its first personal experience and is permanently recorded within the personal soul-cosmos that represents a FREQUENCY within the universe. These VIBRATIONS are not established within the brain, they do not record an engram. There is however such an intimate correspondence between the soul and brain that man’s consciousness cannot do without the assistance of the brain whilst one is still physically alive.

  • The brain is a relay and its purpose is that of sending spiritual impulses that seek out the personal soul-cosmos that in turn immediately reflects them back into man’s consciousness. This process is perpetual, because it receives its ENERGY from the cosmos.
  • Physical matter cannot emit spiritual ENERGY, all it can do is to receive spiritual COMMANDS and intuitively abide by these LAWS.
  • Man’s thought process is not a process that comes from inside to the outside, but a chain of events that takes place outside of physical matter. Thoughts take place outside of the brain the way a radio transmission is created outside of the apparatus.
From the protocol [To all and sundry] – page 8 - 9

Science has undertaken many expensive experiments with mice and rats in order to explore memory. One believes to have solved the mystery. One mentions a so-called “powder of knowledge” of the brain and assumes, again on false premises, that all thought activities are chemical processes.

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 50

  • The brain’s protein cells are constructed in such a way that they are able to receive the intangible VIBRATIONS of the spirit so that they can be transformed, through a kind of conversion, into delicate electric and magnetic impulses.

This enormous fact has duped the serious research scientist up to now. He had to assume that the processes of converting thought into movement take place within the brain. The reality is that we are simply dealing with “reproduction” of the spirit within the brain.

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 48

  • The brain is just an intermediate station. …

  • There might be a chemical process taking place in the brain, but it doesn’t assist the soul. It would perform even better without the brain – because the brain only curtails the soul’s freedom.
From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 50 and 51

  • Consciousness with all its thought processes is not produced by the brain; it is only channelled through the brain.

Therein lays the cardinal mistake!

From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 24

  • A human being can be bereft of all his sensory organs, but that certainly does not hinder him from thinking!
  • A human being can lose his whole body, but this will certainly not stop him from thinking! The only difference is that his thoughts no longer hasten through the body. (The physical body is dead.) This momentous connection between spirit and matter is naturally a great mystery, but it is also a great FEAT of divine CREATION!

Let’s assume that somebody has an accident and that a part of the brain is damaged in this accident. This could result in blindness or loss of hearing. It wouldn’t change his thought processes, only his physical perceptions. What can also happen is that a part of his brain is no longer able to calculate. The spirit can, it doesn’t forfeit its psychic abilities, but he is no longer able to do calculations, because he is fettered to his physical condition the way a driver cannot drive his car because it suffered a breakdown. The ability to drive a car remains, but not with this car.

  • This association between the spirit and the body unfortunately leads many scientists in the wrong direction. Man is deceived, because he believes that the spiritual processes must take place in the brain. The reality is that the brain is the best conductor of the spirit. Vice versa, it also conveys all sensations back to the soul.

For as long as the soul is enmeshed with the brain, it is self-evidently not able to act independently, but it has to rely on the co-operation of the body; it cannot hear or see for instance if these organs do not convey their impressions through the brain to the soul.

  • The physical death of the body restores the soul’s independence, it does forfeit its power over matter, but it gains more power over the immaterial SUBSTANCE of the spirit.
From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 53 and 54

  • Mankind represents the extended arm of the ETERNAL and this is why it is immortal. It will continue to exist for eons of years and every one of its representatives will maintain their individuality. They will always know that they are their own EGO, an EGO that cannot be taken over by anybody else.
From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 46

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