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Psycho-Scientific Frontiers

FAQ | 60 questions about life

Have you ever asked yourselves the question about the meaning of life and looked for answers to the many question marks of our existence? Where do I come from, where do I go? Why am I in this world, here on Earth, and why do I live the way I live? Why am I not rich whilst others have a lot of money and luxuries? Why is there a fate and why are there illnesses? Is there justice in a child in Africa dying of starvation, whilst I have a battle on my hands to keep my weight at ideal levels through a starvation diet?

Why is this so, why are there different explanations to these questions, questions that the sciences and the Churches still cannot satisfactorily explain?

The sciences and as well as the major Churches look for the needle called ‘insight’ in a haystack of numerous questions, but people still do not know why a lot of things happen they way they do, in spite of this.

A lot of questions can certainly be interpreted scientifically and we look to the future with the hope that the sciences will finally realise that not all insights consist of formulas.

Why don’t you come with us on a journey of knowledge called “Questions about life”, questions mankind has asked since time immemorial? Logic must help us to finally find a way out of our perplexity. To be open to new things is an advantage, but nothing should be accepted without asking “when and but”, everything must withstand healthy and critical scrutiny. We would like to suggest that you allow the statements made here to simply have their effect on you. The texts speak for themselves. Prejudices will lose their influence. The source of this knowledge will gradually become accessible to you of its own accord.

The explanations to the questions might give an impetus to your thought processes so that you find the solutions by yourselves. Give yourselves the opportunity to walk along a new path.

We wish that you have a lot of fun with reading and listening and gain lots of insights into the bargain.

A little hint: We compiled a number of answers here from a cache of knowledge that can enormously help and enrich our daily life. These are just a few citations from a plethora of knowledge, they can only provide a small, incomplete insight and they are restricted by our own personal selection. This is how this catalogue of questions, in text and in sound, developed – a brief stimulus.

The complete original text can be found on our homepage and all this knowledge is readily available to everybody free of charge.

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