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Contacts possible? HEREAFTER | Contacts possible?

As prehistoric man, the brothers on Earth had the ability to communicate with their BROTHERS from the WORLD of SPIRIT. But as they killed one another, this brotherly enmity continued after their demise. The terrestrial brothers we not just persecuted by their terrestrial enemies, but beyond that, also attacked and even harmed by their brothers that had crossed over to the WORLD of SPIRIT before them. Mutual CONTACT between the SPIRITUAL and the physical world continuously existed during the development of mankind on Earth.

The terrestrial brothers were afraid that the spiritual REGIONS would become visible. They tried to attack them, but they were powerless against the spirits. So they began to revere them, even if they were of a negative nature. – The spirits of the lower spheres eventually demanded unconditional veneration by threatening their brothers on Earth.

  • This is how an objectionable cult of the spirits developed and because of the prevalent ignorance in regards to the SECRETS of CREATION, it led to terrible aberrations and deformation. The antagonist put his foot in the door and influenced this unnatural cult through the mysterious powers of black magic.

Up to that time, almost everybody knew from personal experience that next to the here and now, a WORLD of SPIRIT also existed. Nobody was able to refute this experience. These people however had a false concept of these worlds, because they lacked the right INDOCTRINATION. They asked for material help from the spiritual DIMENSIONS. They actually received this help, partially in the form of materialisations and partially through the procuration of magic POWERS.

As time progressed, this human race built enormous temples with the help of their insights.

They venerated the sun, the moon and the stars.

But they were unaware of the GREAT CREATOR and HIS REALM.

No psychologists or scientists existed at that time that would deny a spiritual existence. The priesthood however had blossomed in the meantime and became arrogant because they felt powerful and connected to the sinister FORCES of the other, negative WORLD. They abused their knowledge and exerted a baleful power over their rulers and fellow human beings.

Then the great revolts ensued and they turned into great wars later.

Wars became the norm.

A whole continent sank beneath the ocean – and with it its entire population and the secrets of black magic.

The continents not affected by this calamity underwent different developments. … but the supernatural remained a fact of experience everywhere. …

… But these people were not aware of the whole TRUTH!

The powerful of the terrestrial world were egotistical, vengeful, avaricious and extremely negative towards their fellow men. They were all afraid of having to leave their treasures behind. This is why they abused their powers

The progressing civilisations gradually tore the band that CONNECTED with the SPIRITUAL REGIONS. …

From the protocol [UFO-Contact I.N.D.] – page 26 - 27

It is difficult to believe that in spite of all the religions and an enormous number of Churches and temples a situation exists that one could describe as world-atheism. There is of course a valid reason for all this ungodliness. To formulate this is very easy and goes like this: “I only believe in what I can see and touch.” - A blind person doesn’t see anything even though it exists - and amputee unfortunately can’t grasp anything, because he has no hands to do so!

But if man fails, technology is supposed to help him.

  • In the mean-time one asks of science and technology to verify that something invisible and impalpable exists - if they can’t, it doesn’t exist.

But who can touch or see man’s consciousness? The thinking process and consciousness can only be expressed by an animated body. - But what happens when there is no body anymore that obeys this consciousness? But that is no reason to assume that a consciousness isn’t present anymore. In this case, it just is incapable of expressing itself!

  • But if under certain circumstance the disembodied consciousness (soul) finds an animated body that reacts to another, invisible and impalpable consciousness besides his own consciousness, we are dealing with a medium. (The bible calls them “prophets”)

This organic instrument can switch itself on and off and surpasses any technology, because it is a divine INSTRUMENT, one that the CREATOR created and not one that came about through man’s talent and diligence.

Why do the Churches not take these divine TOOLS serious?

One certainly gave it a try, but the results were not quite what one envisaged. The fact was that invisible and impalpable intelligences announced themselves through these mediums, but they didn’t seem to be departed people. They derided the priests and the believers, they became inconceivably rude and terrible in their blasphemy of GOD or they told such awful lies that it horrified the people on Earth. Those “researchers into the hereafter” lost interest and wondered what this terrible contact was actually all about. But as these entities could certainly never belong to the divine HEAVENS, they would have to belong to hell. But one entertained some fantastic notions about hell at the time that it just couldn’t be possible that these superlative blasphemers could ever have been human beings. The priests were quick to judge and agreed that they could only be demons from hell.

But one also tried to quote the angels.

But the “angels” that did announce themselves lied or deceived with sweet words, praised GOD and all the Saints, but didn’t communicate any TRUTH. If they were chided about it, they also revealed themselves to be very vulgar spirits. The fun came to an abrupt end and spiritism and spiritualism were “exposed” and condemned as the devils work by the Church and were finished.

The people that had started to research the hereafter were unable to penetrate “hell” and break through the physical attachments. They were no better than those hoaxing and lying spirits within their soul.

  • They attracted this conformity to a natural law, because they glorified themselves, instead of being sincere SEEKERS of the TRUTH.

Their failure was the just reward for the unredeemed and ignorant state of their soul.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 21 - 22

For thousands of years, mankind has been confronted by the question: ”Is there outside the human intelligence a supernatural or extra-terrestrial intelligence, which at times speaks to the people of this Earth”? This possibility has been affirmed for thousands of years. It is only natural that only those people who have direct contact with supernatural intelligence, have absolute certainty. Every other inspiration happens unconsciously and loses therefore its persuasive power to suggest that it really exists outside worldly consciousness. …

  • But it is a dangerous undertaking, then the Earth is enveloped in a spiritual, demonic cloud, which can bring down the inquisitive. Obsession (schizophrenia) is just one example of this.

Genuine LOVE, an honest effort for the TRUTH, infinite patience and renunciation of material advantages are in themselves conditions, which must be fulfilled to be able to push through this demonic cloud. But also a craving for recognition can have disastrous consequences.

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 2 - 3

… Consider, why we continue to point out, that certain rules are to be followed when undertaking psychic work. The negative too, tries to get a foot in the door to proclaim their parables.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 21

The messages can only be as good as the human attitude and the divine ATTITUDE allow them to be.

  • A good medium distinguishes itself by trying to apply the divine LAWS in regards to itself and others. The more this soul lives in a divine sense, the better the channel for divine MESSAGES from the spiritual realm will open.
From the protocol [Test the spirits] – page 5

… One ought to test oneself very carefully to see whether this stability and this LIGHT are present within! Otherwise the DOORS to the dark WORLD could open.

From the protocol [Protected contact] – page 9

The Churches are against making contact with the hereafter. They talk of “idolatry” and “demons”. What can one say about that?

To interact with the spirit world is not a sin, if it deals with INDOCTRINATION. - But if other motives are present, the situation looks a little different.

The spirit world is not here to give advice for business dealings or other chances to make money. The spiritual realm is also not an information bureau in regards to crime, betrayal or revenge. It all depends on how one deals with the spirit world, therefore with the “dead”.

If the Churches talk of demons, it demonstrates that the Church fathers have not handled the contact with the hereafter correctly. The questioners were negative, because they asked selfish and inappropriate questions. If the intentions are negative, the contacts are also negative and one shouldn’t be surprised when evil or damned spirits ply their ugly trade.

  • If there is no respect for the DIVINE present, the communication with the spirit world is blasphemy!
From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 83

  • If your world would accept the LAWS of nature and if life would be lived in a way that would allow the FORCES of nature to find their natural expression, the veil between the two worlds would be lifted and all obstacles would be abrogated.

These obstacles were created by man -, through ignorance, superstitions and prejudice. These three things created darkness and they have to be destroyed so that the fullness of LOVE, POWER and LIGHT can settle down in your world.

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 19

Is it possible that everybody in the hereafter can communicate with his or her relatives?

Many in my world shed bitter tears because they can’t communicate with those they love. Many are greatly disappointed about the fact that so little is done to improve the situation. But all of them are willing to offer their help and energy to those that contribute to the welfare of their fellow man, genuinely helping them organise their life so that they can partake of this overwhelming generosity. Joy and happiness should arise from this; it forms a part of one’s divine birthright.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 30

Can those that returned home perceive our thoughts and prayers and does the POWER of LOVE help them?

All the souls in the hereafter are naturally masters of telepathy. They can receive loving thoughts particularly well, but it is always a question of whether that earthly love turns out to be just an affection or if it is a case of genuine, selfless LOVE.

  • A prayer will always effectuate help, if the prayer is logical.
From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 62 - 63

In one of the psychic messages it states: “Thoughts control everything on the other side. If we on the other side for example think of someone we love, we can be immediately at their side, it makes no difference, whether they are in our world or in your physical world.” - Can you confirm this statement?

… Thoughts are ENERGY VIBRATIONS. Consider, we too are FORMS of ENERGY and thoughts come to us through these LEVELS of ENERGY. You can call us in thought, so we can place a SHIELD around you and protect and guide you. You can also ask a soul that has RETURNED HOME, in your thoughts for forgiveness if you didn’t have the opportunity to do so while they were still here. Through the ENERGY FORM of the power of thought, you have the opportunity to notify a soul in the spiritual realm and to give it information. These are opportunities you haven’t realised up to now.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 14

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