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Chaos - why? HUMAN BEING | Chaos - why?

Well, all of nature throughout the universe is subjected to a divine order. There would be no universe without this order, only chaos.

Chaos is the opposite of order.

  • This order is extremely important and wherever it is disturbed, great disadvantages develop and they can lead to complete destruction.

Unfortunately, man generally likes to rebel against any duty bound order. The consequences of this are chaotic circumstances that throw mankind’s existence out of balance. Order is absolutely essential and has nothing to do with dictatorship, even if it demands obedience. This type of obedience is a vital necessity. Where order is disturbed, where disobedience reigns, war with all its chaotic consequences ensues. But order demands trust from people; because only absolute trust in order can bring forth this obedience. Therefore, if man passes certain precepts with the aim of making a contribution to effect order, it isn’t necessarily guaranteed that trust in these precepts actually exists. It is therefore essential that this order must be just. …

Mankind’s leaders, respectively a government, can never be just if it does not pay attention to the divine LAWS, because they are here to maintain order. Whatever is undertaken, one has to monitor that order will be maintained. It doesn’t matter whether we’re dealing with family, friends or cooperating on a broader scale.

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 59

… no person on Earth could further his development if he was solely dependent on himself. Man is and remains a communal being. Progress can only made through collaborative co-operation. In order to facilitate life within a community, GOD provided certain LAWS and guidelines. In order to guarantee law and order, man also added his own terrestrial rules. Without order, life on Earth would be impossible, it would lead to chaos. …

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 45

No machine, no computer can function if its construction is not carried out according to the LAWS of order. But it is amazing to see all the things people try to do without taking divine order into consideration. You see the results everywhere, in one’s own family circle, in the whole world situation where murder, wars and destruction are the order of the day. …

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 59

… When wars are fought, you have the proof that the order of peace has been disturbed or trampled underfoot. When individual people bicker and squabble, they unambiguous infringe against the divine LAWS of order and harmony. …

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 60

  • Harmony is a COSMIC LAW!

Enormous chaos would reign without this regulation. Atoms and planets also move uniformly within this rhythm. Everything is subject to this LAW of harmony. But man now makes a mistake: He forcibly extricates himself from this harmony. He blocks and bridles any harmonious influences and turns towards disharmony. He ends up repolarising himself and becomes disharmonious himself. This is why individuals and the world are so close to chaos.

From the protocol [Illnesses and psychic healing] – page 18

Was it stupidity or arrogance that directed mankind into its present disharmony or was it their inescapable fate?

We would like to add that most of mankind is often distracted by what you here on Earth consider to be “good”, “comfortable” and also evil. When I say evil I mean to have the power over others and to strive for that, which GOD has send you as something positive, one way or another. This means: to have power over others is in your opinion to be “godlike”.

  • GOD doesn’t want to have this POWER over you, but HE would like for you to find your way back to you ORIGINAL SOURCE. This is why HE allows you all this freedom and doesn’t interfere in your destiny!

A lot of things here on Earth are “homemade” -, as you’re apt to say. You model yourselves on what your neighbour is doing. You model yourselves by what politics is doing. You model yourselves on the differences of others. You try to swim with the current without realising that you’re the ones that are drowning, because you still haven’t recognised your TRUE EXISTENCE.

From the protocol [Protected contact] – page 15

… everyone believes that he can do as he pleases unless the state stops him from do so. As far as he’s concerned there is only terrestrial punishment and this is what he tries to avoid. But the cosmos represents a parallel to the earthly existence. This realm also has GUIDANCE and also a JURISTIC LAW. Many have probably heard about it, but one regards such a realm a fairy-tale. …

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 20

There is one huge mistake in your whole thought processes: You overestimate the importance of your own existence. You don’t subordinate yourselves to the LAWS of the universe, but you want to be something special, namely the focal point of the whole universe. Just the thought of this is terrible! - Because this focal point is the “presidential palace” of GOD.

There is a LAW you have ignored and it goes like this:

  • The smaller is always within the larger. It therefore follows that the smaller must always subordinate itself to the larger.

But you always want to do it the other way round: The ordinary worker would like to tell the boss what to do. The smaller party would like to reign over the larger one. The smaller nation would like to force its will upon the world and the ungodly would like to conquer the devil.

You now want to achieve everything by going against the LAW. - The universe is supposed to adjust itself to the Earth. - You want to reign over GOD. -

What utter nonsense clouds your mind!

One can only say to this what the lamp said to the sun: “You can trust me looking after the night time, I will act on your behalf with dignity.” - …

From the protocol [The SANTINER] – page 72

Well, one has found out long ago that everything is subject to a LAW of CAUSALITY, namely that every cause is followed by an effect. But this natural law is unfortunately not given enough attention to.

  • Laws of nature are divine DETERMINATIONS and they cannot be changed.

Nearly everybody is aware these days that there is something wrong with the world. A lot of things go wrong and one wonders why chaos is just around the corner.

A law always deals with maintaining order; one can read about this everywhere. The LAW of CAUSALITY is also not excluded from this order. Those that flaunt the LAW of CAUSE and EFFECT have no reasons to be surprised!

  • … General ungodliness, particularly the worldwide ungodliness spread by political atheism is an absolutely serious cause. According to the LAW of CAUSALITY, it can never remain without consequences.
From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 28 and 29

… I can therefore assert with full authority that atheism represents the most illogical thing I have ever come across. Only mistake after mistake can therefore spring from atheism, well actually complete chaos. The world-wide dissemination of this blasphemy, and it encompasses all of politics, verifies your very incomplete intellectual capacity.

From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 29

All existing philosophies must end up in chaos, if they were developed without acknowledging GOD’S existence.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 48

… You believe that you do not know GOD, because you cannot see HIM face to face. …

Through your false view of life and through your ungodly behaviourism you have managed to create unprecedented conditions for yourselves that already worry you no end and make you live in terror. You forget that only your truthful FATHER, who holds your lives in HIS hands, can help you in such a situation, a FATHER who gave you life and who can take your life away without a doctor or a scientist being able to do anything about it to prevent it from happening.

But GOD is MERCY and LOVE and this is why HE does not pretend that you are not HIS children.

On the contrary!

GOD does not lie to you and deceive you, but sends you HIS HELP in your greatest hour of despair. HE will show and prove to you that you have a FATHER you can be proud of.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 25

… if mankind on Earth is incapable of believing in GOD and HIS HIERARCHY in the appropriate manner, there must be something wrong in the exiting faith in GOD. People sense this intuitively and therefore react with rejection. The major churches are unfortunately incapable of recognising the cause for this rejection, that is to say, the cause for atheism.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 48

Could GOD lead people more intensively towards the positive?

This is certainly possible.

The question now arises as to why HE doesn’t do so?

Because you people here on Earth have received something from GOD:

  • Your freedom,
  • your free will,
  • your intelligence,
  • your spirit,
  • your mind,
  • your soul,
  • your heart.

I ask you: Why do you listen to your primitive instincts and not to the pure LOVE within you?

From the protocol [Protected contact] – page 15

How is this going to continue?

It is in your hands and not ours. All we ask of you is to find a way to look out for each other, to grant everyone a place here on Earth and that you recognise that not everything has to be subject to power and money. You are now on the threshold where you‘ll have to decide which way you want to go.

How does one survive this chaotic time?

By pausing and making sure that you don‘t lose yourselves in all this chaos and that you don‘t allow yourselves to be carries away by all these feeling, which are presently rampant everywhere. Don‘t VIBRATE with hatred and retaliation. Stay positive and pray that you‘ll be able to give this positiveness to the divine SIDE, allowing us an opportunity to intervene.

From the protocol [Mental blockages] – page 66

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