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Does purgatory exist? HEREAFTER | Does purgatory exist?

Isn’t purgatory enough punishment for the souls?

“Purgatory” got its name from people.

  • The purgatory mentioned in the bible, respected and feared by Catholicism doesn’t exist!

There is another purgatory and it is by far more uncomfortable as the so-called torments of hell. It is the account that everyone who enters the REALM of GOD has to give in front of the throne of the heavenly FATHER. Only here will every individual soul recognise the large and small sins, committed whilst living on Earth. According to these, the soul is classified and sent to the matching sphere. This is the COURT of ARBITRATION that decides over all souls. But the biblical purgatory can still be respected, not the way it is written: “purgatory”, but as a symbol for the accountability before GOD. I hope I have explained this precisely enough for you my friends.

From the protocol [Reincarnation] – page 29

… There is of course JURISDICTION in the hereafter. If many a leader was aware of this, there wouldn’t be another war on Earth and hardly any criminality.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 32

Nobody can avoid the spiritual regions!

Many will not find a moments peace there, because once you’re there, you will blame yourself for having completely failed in regards to the most important things during your earthly existence.

Whom will you blame then?

From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 30

… There is however an active SPHERE of EXISTENCE, it exists between reincarnations and it is in a spiritual realm that offers great opportunities for one’s development and insights.

  • The time this development takes is infinite and man living in the physical can make provisions, that is to say, can reduce the time of his development by endeavouring to be a human being!
From the protocol [Your Earth] – page 29

How does one imagine those so-called IN-BETWEEN SPHERES, where many of the souls from Earth supposed to be? Are they zones of mixed-light, which are always situated between two SPHERES of EXISTENCE?

No, this is not the way to see this. The IN-BETWEEN SPHERES are bordered by SPHERES full of light and the physical planes of existence. They are the zones of the co-called “LAND of MIST”. It is more of a mental state, in which the often blind and undeveloped spiritual EYES of a departed human from Earth looks as in a mist and can hardly distinguish between light and darkness. These SPHERES were named by people, who through an experience of death, a so-called near-death experience, have been there.

  • In the ZONES of these IN-BETWEEN SPHERES live those people, who couldn’t decide whether to be for or against the REALM of GOD, those who worshipped alcohol and succumbed to other addictions.

These human souls live in a “ZONE of ORIENTATION”, where after a while they will be visited by SPIRITUAL ENTITIES from the LOWER but also by ENTITIES from the SPHERES full of LIGHT. These human souls can then decide to which plane they want to return to. In the SPHERES full of LIGHT begins an extensive training, up to the new reincarnation.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 41

What does a soul feel after its TRANSITION to the spiritual realm if it has consumed drugs and alcohol during its life on Earth?

It does not end up in REGIONS that are particularly LUMINOUS. We are then dealing with intermediate stages, …

It is as if you were walking through a thick fog and lost your orientation. It is then alone and also alone with its thoughts. This condition is terrible! As it happens, this is not really a place, because it is simply a case where its underdeveloped spiritual sensors are unable to open up and realise the WORLD that is around it. It suffers from something like advanced cataracts, loss of hearing and absolute loneliness into the bargain. Depending on the severity of the damage done by the drugs, this can drag out for years. Only when the soul cries out for GOD, genuinely asks for help, can a situation arise where a LIGHT might approach and the situation improves or even resolves itself. It varies a lot. …

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 44 - 45

  • Your soul will be judged on what you have achieved here on Earth in a divine SENSE and you are exposed to dangers that should not be ignored.
  • It is therefore important to mention these divine VIRTUES at an early age of a child and also point out the dangers the dark FORCES represent.

Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, all of these are influences adolescents so intensively consume and claim their own. Start early to heal your children’s souls so they can avoid all of these temptations.

From the protocol [The power of thought] – page 24

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