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Why did GOD create the Earth? EARTH | Why did GOD create the Earth?

… The Earth was created to offer souls a chance, something they couldn’t receive anywhere else.

From the protocol [History of the Earth] - page 4

The Earth was selected as the planet within your solar system as you know it, where coarse material incarnations take place and where various phases of existence are experienced.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 53

Mankind has up to now not realised just why it actually lives here on this planet. …

From the protocol [ Too hot to handle (a hot potato] – page 5

… This planet is a planet of redemption. Those incarnated on this planet possess a spiritual grade that is not particularly high. A physical life lived under terrestrial conditions ought to lead to a higher LEVEL. Terrestrial man ought to learn to live peacefully amongst his fellow men. Even though man on this Earth learns many things and occasionally develops his genius, character and morality lag behind.

  • Economic and technical success alone is not decisive in regards to the maturity of a person.
From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 15 - 16

GOD created the Earth to be the redeeming planet for human souls. Weren’t there any other planets out there in the universe that could have come into consideration? Did an extra planet have to be created in order to give us human beings some extra opportunities to learn?

Well, it is a question of opportunities to incarnate. If you were aware of the enormous dimensions of the spiritual realm and the huge number of souls, this question would become superfluous. The fact is that there are an enormous number of souls and all of them - well nearly all of them - must go to school and are therefore allocated a suitable planet.

  • The training received in the spheres is not enough.

Souls are not able to cross over to higher LEVELS and higher SPHERES of VIBRATIONS. It is different on a planetary level. We need the physical plane, that is to say, universes in order to receive the opportunity to incarnate. This is why the world you know was created. A world of beauty and full of opportunities to learn. Before the Earth was created, there already existed innumerable, highly developed and underdeveloped planets indicating that this kind of training existed from the beginning of time.

From the protocol [Man and the reason of his earthly existence] – page 15

GOD created a home on Earth for every soul. But in contrast to the spiritual realm – various spheres are intermingled on this Earth. The souls, respectively, the people living here are therefore not separated according to whether they’re good or evil or according to their individual development. … This naturally creates an enormous hotchpotch, but we are dealing with a planet of redemption after all.

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 117

  • You on Earth are a chequered lot without limitations. You possess many opportunities to learn and to comprehend!
From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 10

Every human being is given the opportunity to arrange his or her own (!) HIGHER DEVELOPMENT according to their own estimation.

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 117

It is true, that Earth is earmarked for redemption. But it isn’t the case that only fallen souls incarnate here. Planet Earth serves development, and all people are suitable for that. It naturally happens, that fallen souls of all levels come to Earth, to live a life in the physical.

  • Earth is a school and not a penitentiary for villains.

It is certainly up to you to improve conditions on Earth. If the will is there, support from the positive spiritual realm will be forthcoming.

From the protocol [Reincarnation] – page 43

… Well, this planet is a higher school and not a public or primary school anymore. The Earth with all its - from your point of view - irrational conditions, make the final detachment from the physical possible. This is why the quality of this school cannot be estimated highly enough.

From the protocol [Mental blockages] – page 35

  • The physical world is the preparatory school for the divine GYMNASIUM.
From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 3] – page 33

Why is there so much interest shown in planet Earth and its inhabitants?

The Earth represents an important part for CREATION, for the CREATOR and is also an important part in HIS SEQUENCE of CREATIONS. If these souls would not turn to the CREATOR, the whole SEQUENCE of CREATIONS would collapse.

From the protocol [History of the Earth] - page 8 - 9

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