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What happens when you die? DEATH | What happens when you die?

What actually happens when a person dies?

Theology keeps quiet about this too. –

  • A soul living in the physical is disconnected from its physical body. The spiritual connection is severed. This starts an independent existence in a SPIRIT BODY created from immaterial ELEMENTS and MICRO-BUILDING BLOCKS of the universe. This body has all the organs of a physical body.
  • The soul has to make ample use of its terrestrial experiences whilst in this body so that it can prove its mettle within a greater COMMUNITY and within the CREATIONAL SPHERE. It must assiduously co-operate within GOD’S PLAN on a mental level. …

… It is extraordinarily important that mankind on Earth knows all of this!

From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 19 - 20

Many people are of the opinion that they will soon enough realise whether they will continue to exist or not after their demise.

Everybody will eventually realise this. But one’s otherworldly position will then have nothing to do with one’s earthly position. It grades every individual differently.

  • Under certain circumstances, man can lose centuries of his DEVELOPMENT!

What actually does “died” mean?

To be dead means as much as being separated. The result of something being separated usually means two parts. In this case we’re dealing with body and soul. It means that the soul is released from its carnal bondage.

Does anything unusual happen when this takes place?

The soul gains better perceptibility and the thought process is faster in the spiritual realm. The blinkers of mental prejudice fall away. One’s interests shift, because the life sustaining organs no longer exist and money has lost its value. Spiritual interests gain priority; but only with those willing to make use of them.

The psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud and C. G. Jung are only partially correct, because they lacked the spiritual KNOWLEDGE. But people equipped with that KNOWLEDGE are made fun of.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 36 - 37

Man can cope with his or her existence in the physical world only with the instrument of a physical body. But the supposed “dead” are mentally connected to those on Earth and through inspiration co-operate in any way they can.

When dying, spiritual man separates from the now useless physical body and returns with its vitality back to the spiritual realm, the place of its creation and its original home, with its full consciousness, its personal will and all its sensory perceptions intact. But the body, which has served man as an instrument, is retransformed back into its atoms, molecules and returned to the Earth. The physical body therefore only represents an object on loan from the CREATOR, something that will have to be returned.

Death is something fictitious and unreal!

There is a never-ending coming and going between the spiritual realm and the physical world in regards to schooling and experience. …

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 5

According to the imagery promulgated by the Church, people immediately transform into radiant and indescribably happy beings after passing through death’s door. They will have left all worries, hardships and fears behind.

But this is certainly not the case!

This imagery is far removed from being a true account.

From the protocol [Spiritualism versus Spiritism] – page 71

We are dealing with a relatively simple affair when a person dies; because only the connection with physical matter is disengaged, everything else remains the same as far as the spirit is concerned. This means that all sensory perceptions, all feelings as well as a person’s processes of consciousness remain intact and continue to function independently outside of matter.

From the protocol [ Messengers of the future] – page 11

There is no death as such, but there are changed circumstances. …

Only the physical falls away from man’s existence, he remains alive in spite of that!

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 31

… Most people on Earth believe that dying is a painful experience. This is never the case. Only a pathological condition can cause the body pain.

  • Death in itself is an absolutely painless process!
From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 54

How must one imagine one’s disembodiment? How does this process take place?

You will feel instinctively that the time is near and this without many words. Apart from that, a slight clairvoyance and clairaudience sets in. The dying already see into the spiritual realm and they are astonished to recognise departed relatives standing by their side.

  • Death - or better call it transition - is absolutely painless and the most beautiful experience you can imagine.

But this only applies in normal cases! Materialists, reluctant to let go of their worldly possessions, have a more difficult time than someone that is informed about these things and possesses the KNOWLEDGE. Their transition is considerably easier, LUMINOUS and beautiful.

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 3

But most people fear death. Death should absolutely not be feared, at the most one might fear the particular way of dying, directly preceding death. But there is an enormous difference between the death of a positive, religious person and a negative doubting person.

  • A religious, good person is collected and guided by an angel. This angel approaches with the scent of flowers and in radiant brilliance.
  • But the doubter, the ungodly or negative person is collected by gloomy souls of his own level. The smell terribly and look even worse, thereby frightening the dying person who’ll discard his body full of fear and pain.

This is the difference between a blessed and an accursed death, between fear and joy.

  • Those that love GOD and think and act accordingly, find their hour of death will be the most glorious experience of their earthly existence. He experiences a celebration beyond compare. He enters the SPHERE of DIVINE LIGHT!
From the protocol [The souls] – page 15

The changeover from this side to the hereafter can sometimes be very uncomfortable; in certain cases even painful. It always depends on how one departs this life. But once the separation of the soul from the body has taken place, the soul will find itself instantaneously in a dimension that matches its vibrations. The previously experienced dimension will then only be perceived as something transparent. In this condition, the soul that passed over finds itself in a kind of twilight zone; it temporarily belongs to two worlds at once. This condition slowly changes as it all depends on the level of development of the soul, until it is inevitably accommodated in its appropriate sphere.

The separation doesn’t leave behind an uncomfortable feeling, rather a feeling of relief, because withheld ENERGIES are released, as the physical doesn’t present an obstacle any more. The same condition exists here that someone experience when between an awake state and a dream state. The different reincarnations also belong to GOD’S CREATIONAL PLAN, the way the ENTIRE CREATION has its function.

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 24

Under normal circumstances, that is in most cases, the soul feels an unbelievable sense of freedom and harmony and depending on how far a soul has progressed in its development, this can amplify to a feeling of omniscience. After it has discarded the physical body, the whole cosmic CONSCIOUSNESS of its soul body is at its disposal. I would like to express this as follows: The further a soul progresses into its separation process, the more these feelings amplify and the more all mundane problems fade away. The scales remain balanced until the physical body is completely uncoupled, by then the superlative ABILITIES of the soul are utterly unfolded. This represents normal circumstances. But there are certain differences here on Earth and they depend on one’s spiritual development.

From the protocol [Preparing the soul for transition] – page 13

Imagine the inconceivable despair people must feel when they lose their eyesight here on Terra. – They are surrounded by eternal night and even death doesn’t promise deliverance. It is as if the windows of their home are closed and no doctor is able to open them again. All you deaf and dumb people take note:

  • Your condition does not last forever it only lasts until your disembodiment. Once the threshold of death has been crossed, the soul resumes its independent behaviourism. You can then see and hear better than anyone on Earth in their physical body. GOD the CREATOR is not as ignorant and incapable that HE allows such an evil to afflict you for any length of time. The beauty of the universe was not created so the deaf and dumb would never see it. …
  • Every human being will one day be allowed to see the most distant corners of the universe, even if it might take eons of timeframes to accomplish this.

This consolation is not an opium of faith, but the maxim possible TRUTH, even under the circumstances that your pundit might shake their heads over it. …

  • I would be very pleased if my words would be published in Braille or if one would produce tape recordings of them.

A blind person is only temporarily unable to see. But blind people ought to find confirmation that they will not only see the spiritual realm after their demise, but all the beauty here on Earth besides. What remained hidden up to then will reveal itself in all clarity. There is however a condition attached to this:

  • They may not be ungodly people. Ungodly people will find their spiritual vision and awakening a great disappointment.
From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 25 - 26

When do human beings regain their consciousness after their physical death?

This varies and most of the time depends on the way they died.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 64

… Some of the souls that have suffered from severe pains during their earthly existence need a CURATIVE SLEEP in order to subject the soul to a HEALING PROCESS. They are induced into this HEALING SLEEP to help them recuperate to then awaken in PLACES where they are made welcome by familiar souls.

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 4

Generally speaking, people regain their consciousness and all their faculties relatively quickly after death; but these faculties work more or less proficiently, depending on their earthly, mental preparations.

Very materialistically minded and selfish people forfeit much of their sensory activity, they are sensually ill so to speak, the way people on Earth can be blind or without hearing. These sensory constraints almost have the effect of punishment and it takes a long time until the affected soul is released from this evil.

Highly developed, unselfish people with a strong faith in GOD and solid character traits are a lot better off in this regard. The higher and more advanced the mental quality is, the better the senses work, and they can become super sharp and surpass the earthly sensory activity by far. There are cases where higher SPIRIT ENTITIES in the hereafter can see through physical matter, whilst others are as blind as a bat.

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 64

What happens during one’s transition into the spiritual realm?

What happens right away is that everyone, without exception, is confronted with their past, that is to say, an expansion of the senses, triggered by the dying process, allows an absolute recall to take place. This is in company of the GUARDIAN ANGEL of the person concerned. This can be hell, that is to say, that an inner emptiness ensues if one recognises that one’s ASSIGNMENT on Earth has not been fulfilled. Heart rending scenes are played out here on our side. The GUARDIAN ANGEL is unable to help in a case like that.

You mentioned an “expansion of the senses”. What is meant by that?

The expansion of the senses means: A recall without gaps about one’s earthly existence followed by the recall of past lives already lived. This represents this expansion of the senses. Likewise, clairaudience and also a superlative ability of clairvoyance ensues, something that is not possible in an earthly body.

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 3

Many people have no knowledge about the spiritual realm and what happens to the soul after death. …

This is why it is so important that a soul on the way to the divine REALM is collected and looked after by acquaintances and friends, to avoid fears and a crisis. This soul is received by well-known faces to produce a stress free crossing. …

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 17

All souls are collected by ENTITIES that correspond to their own standing. Naturally also by familiar souls, which helps to alleviate their fears. But they quite often have to leave the departed soul again, because they belong to other SPHERES.

From the protocol [Preparing the soul for transition] – page 19

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