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How large is it? UNIVERSE | How large is it?

The universe is not just space where stars are found. The universe is everywhere where radiation, therefore where vibrations are present. …

… The universe therefore extends a lot further than you assume. Unimaginable forces also control those regions of space where stars no longer shine.

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 41

  • The universe forms a spiral.
  • Looked at from outside, the universe would look like a sphere.

Let’s assume that you were outside the universe, a place where there are no longer stars to be found. You would see the whole universe in the shape of a sphere from this perspective. This is where huge mistakes in the calculations of distances and spacings come from, particularly when objects are great distances apart. You have registered the sizes of suns in an order of magnitude that is incorrect.

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 43

The whole universe moves in the shape of a spiral. It rotates around an invisible axis. This axis is the “person” we call GOD. – New worlds are continuously created from the remnants of the universal CREATIVE EXPLOSION. All systems orbit around GOD and move spiralled further and further away from the centre to fill ever more space. Space is infinite -, GOD also. – The planets seem to move spirally away from HIM. But not in reality, because HIS ARM reaches far and wide, HE is omnipresent.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 3] – page 51

  • The universe has no dimensional boundaries as it were.

However CREATION, in its visible and also invisible aspect, is located within the universe.

There is no such thing as “impossible” in the whole universe and GOD’S REALM is part of this. But there are LIMITS, particularly when one thing or another is not considered advantageous in regards to the universe’s progress, as it might do some damage. …

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 87

The human mind cannot grasp the enormity of space. …

Millions of solar systems make up the divine universe. …

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 43

…In order to give you an approximate idea of the vastness of your universe I can only say that billions of milky-way systems exist that have their origin in GOD. -

From the protocol [ Via Terra] – page 36

What pertinence has the “Milky Way” for us here on Earth?

Well, the Milky Way is an island of stars the way these islands exist in great numbers throughout the universe. They are congregations of various solar systems that belong together, together in regards to the ability to learn and the divine state of the souls that live there. These islands of stars are arranged in the shape of gigantic spirals that slowly rotate around a common centre. Your galaxy takes around 20,000 years to make one rotation. Its function and assignment is to provide physical living conditions for creatures, for GOD’S souls. Because there are an unbelievable number of creatures of the human species, there is also a multitude of such viable islands. But not all star clusters are inhabited by souls, respectively offer opportunities for organic life. Different conditions prevail there.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 60

The spiral nebula you call the Milky Way contains around 100 billion fixed stars, that is to say, suns. In addition to this are planets, comets and moons. The whole universe is unfathomable, but it does contain far beyond 10 billion of such milky way systems.

From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 39 - 40

Spiral nebulas are therefore gaseous remnants of enormous proportions from whence worlds either formed or volatised?

Yes, new worlds emerge from them. Worlds that should turn into bearers of life – endowed with the crowning glory of CREATION, namely intelligent beings that are so intelligent that they are able to cogitate the CREATOR and themselves.

Planetary bodies develop from hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, might there have been too much sulphur involved during the creation of our planet?

Planetary bodies always develop in the same way only the results look different. Life emerges from fire and water on these various worlds. There are however planets that have more water than others. The building blocks remain the same, the principle also.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 3] – page 50

Are the elements found on stars the same everywhere?

The basic elements are the same to a high degree; but certain transformations have taken place on various stars.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 2] – page 47

A few years ago, so-called “black holes” were still pure speculation, but their existence has been indirectly verified in the meantime. What can you tell us about these monsters of gravitation, what is their function?

These so-called “black holes” are portals to other galactic spheres. They represent windows that serve the purpose of allowing energetic STREAMS to flow through, to this planetary region also. We are dealing with VIBRATIONS that are expanding in order to preserve the overall structure of your planet. This applies to your whole galaxy. These are energetic FIELDS of VIBRATIONS that serve the purpose of supplying these regions here with ENERGIES and to provide contact with other galaxies.

Can “black holes” represent a danger to planet Earth?

“Black holes” - as you call them - are portals, portals of elements that are not here to destroy, but to promote development. We are dealing with “wheels of existence” that… - we lack the appropriate words, because terms like “VIBRATIONS” and “ENERGY” are inadequate when it comes to describing the powerful mass that is active there. They are transformers and they penetrate this galaxy and the next. They are portals and they establish the connection between the various life forms of these galaxies. They are custodians of energy and they serve the purpose of connecting your galaxy with VIBRATIONS - like poles.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 39 - 40

Circles of experts discuss so-called “wormholes” within the space-time-continuum. What are we to make of them?

They represent connecting channels between various galaxies and life forms. They are - you would say tunnels - we call them “leaps” between individual energies of development.

Comment :
One assumes that a traveller that enters such a “wormhole” would appear in a different time and in another universe at the other end.

We negate this, because the developments that are on the agenda so far are marked by a different epoch and through a different development. We are dealing with imaginations here that are disseminated by you through films in the form of fairytales. There are galaxies where life forms exist that go about their business billions of units of distance away. We are dealing with inconceivable nexuses and developments and they are unreachable for you. You would not emerge in another time, but certainly in another universe. But you would be unable to carry this out, because you are not in a position to execute this mentally, psychically and physically. They presently represent only mental pictures, wishes, mental dreams and they do not conform to your reality.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 41

Question :
One theory maintains that there are as many universes as there are forms of existences at the disposal of sub-atomic particles. In quantum physics, these particles have countless opportunities at any time. Are there really that many universes?

The things that are still unreachable, boundlessly open and permeated by strong ENERGIES can hardly be formulated in numbers with your powers of imagination. It is an enormous domain and it pulsates and it continues to expand. It cannot be expressed in individual mathematical formulas.

How can human beings ever comprehend this?

It is a question of whether it is on the agenda at this point in time to comprehend this, because it takes a lot of imagination to do so. You do not have this kind of imagination yet.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 40

Is the universe expanding?

The universe experiences the same flux as your LIFE ENERGIES. The universe also possesses an organic advancement and it is connected with all the things you are also linked with.

… Everything is subject to change, …

You are also subject to changes and you also have an influence on what the universe contains and on what happens to individual elements and solar energies. The universe is subject to a pulsating development the way you progress in your own development. It represents a giving and a taking, the way you are subject to bursts of growth here on Earth. …

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 19 - 20

… If the universe actually developed through a relatively small dimensional hole, it becomes clear why this energy bubble still expands to this day, because additional ENERGY still flows into the universe and new star islands and new solar systems develop even now. These inter-dimensional holes act like energetic sources in regards to matter.

You have answered this question yourself. This makes a number of things more conclusive. …

This process brings new life forms and new solar systems into being, with new forms of human incarnations and new species.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 21

There are a lot of cosmological models, the parallel universe, the rotating universe, the super-string theory etc. What can you tell us about the construction of the universe?

The universe represents a huge habitat and it possesses various solar elements, which in turn supply various planets with ENERGIES the CREATOR is connected to. It is a vastness where time and space do not exist and where the physical finds dissolution at its periphery. It is a gigantic series of planets with the sole purpose of providing souls with an opportunity to mature. There are various levels of development, as there are various levels of development within the spiritual realm. It represents a series of stairs that every single one of you has to climb.

  • If you were able to recognise and understand the structure of this gigantic system, you would no longer doubt the existence of the CREATOR and HIS BRILLIANCY!

It is unfortunately a fact that you think in the smallest of units and this makes you miss the overall picture. You are equipped with cell structures that contain divine MESSAGES and that store all the things the future provides you with. You, the people on Earth are a complicated consubstantiality, which, if you would find your way into the LIGHT, would recognise that your brain possesses much more potential than you presently utilise here on Earth. But you are not quite ready to penetrate the secrets of the ORIGINAL SOURCE. But you will become aware one day that it is absolutely beneficial to undertake this journey.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 85 - 86

As far as we’re dealing with the physical part of CREATION, it is excellent from a human perspective; but it is far from being completed from a spiritual perspective. The constant HIGHER DEVELOPMENT that is taking place throughout the universe will never allow a standstill. This is the reason why GOD has never reposed up to now, not even for a fraction of a second. The bible divides the creational process into “days” – and every single “day” comprises an unimaginable period of time.

  • Well, I say to you: If the CREATOR would rest for a fraction of a second, the whole universe would collapse within itself, because it would no longer be in motion.
From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 13

Are the divine laws of nature perfected and completed?

The universe and cosmos are in constant flux. Nothing is completed! Everything strives for higher development. There is no end in sight.

  • This is why new laws of nature are necessary.
  • GOD creates new LAWS.

But mankind also creates new conditions that require new laws of nature. If this wasn’t so, the whole universe would become destabilised.

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 4

  • The whole universe is undergoing constant development. This also applies to GOD and this first and foremost. GOD is the GREAT PLANNER and HIS LAWS implement HIS PLANS.

Every PLAN is based on an idea. One IDEA is ultimately replaced by a better IDEA. – NEW CREATIONS are planned, drafted and implemented. – Existing CREATIONS are changed, improved and modified. Everything is in a constant state of flux. A state of inertia does not exist! Flaws made are constantly remedied. However, such corrections can also contain flaws that will then have to be corrected also.

  • The results of changes cannot always be predicted, because not all ideas put into practice are based on prior examples!
From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 66

  • The universe consists of islands, but billions of years from now the situation will look completely different, because these islands will also gradually converge into unimaginable continents, into a unified divine REALM wherein every one of CREATION’S creatures will have enough space and opportunities for a meaningful existence. Everything finds itself within the preliminaries of development at the moment. But a specific goal has been set right from the start.
From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 43

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