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Perceptible - evidence? HEREAFTER | Perceptible - evidence?

… But the humanity of this Earth gradually separated from the divine WORLD and it began to place so much importance in the terrestrial world, that a “wall” began to form between the visible and invisible worlds. These days, only very few people are able to look over this wall or to converse with the souls on the other side of this partition wall.

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 11

What do CHRIST’S words express: “He, who does not accept God’s realm like a child, will not be able to enter it”?

Children possess the ability to see, to feel and to interact with the ethereal WORLD. This mainly takes place in early childhood. Adult lose this ability due to the powerful influences of the physical plane, which amplifies the older one gets and the longer one lives on the physical plane. You, as adults, must rediscover, sense and reabsorb this ethereal WORLD. You will thereby close the circle of your own development because you once again arrive at your point of departure, namely as a young soul who still had an open CHANNEL, to once again see, feel and recognise the ethereality around you. …

From the protocol [Children, teenagers and upbringing] – page 32

Many children emanate an inner contentedness, are alert, smart, have a sense of justice, are self-confident, partially clairvoyant or sensitive, somehow “knowing” even if they’re unable to verbalise it clearly, but full of joy and eager to take part in the things life has on offer. Why can children do this and adults, in the majority of cases, cannot do so? Why is this so?

Children still possess a strong connection to the SPIRITUAL WORLD, that is to say, they are still very much connected with the spiritual PLANE, something that only wanes with the passing of years. Children often possess clairvoyant abilities and they see ENTITIES, either when they’re wake or when they’re asleep. Children possess this BRIDGE in order to be able to continue to communicate and talk to their ANGELIC BEING. They receive hints and information that have a calming effect on them, helping them to integrate into the physical world here on planet Earth. These ANGELIC BEINGS are the COMPANIONS of these incarnated souls and they gradually take their leave, when the physical plane has solidified for the incarnated soul entities to a degree where they are embodied in the physical plane. They will then lose their clairvoyant abilities and their connection with the world of spirit.

  • The connection to the SPIRITUAL WORLD can only then be accomplished when the incarnated soul is prepared to open up to these ethereal planes. This is why it is so difficult to deal with this in one’s adult years. …
From the protocol [Children, teenagers and upbringing] – page 59

How can children learn to integrate spiritual experiences instead of suppressing them or even forgetting them as they grow older?

What is important to begin with it that adults that interact with children are aware that this phenomenon exists in the first place. The situation as it exists here with you is a veritable piece of fallow land. There are only a few adults that are informed about the ethereal WORLD and who tolerate and accept this WORLD.

  • Only spiritual and psychic people who respect and accept ethereality can intercept and attend to children along these LINES. They will not ridicule children when they express that they can see ENTITIES or REGIONS of LIGHT.

Children are often intimidated by adults to such a degree that they are no longer able to freely report about their EXPERIENCES and about the things that take place between these two border regions. The children then become irritated and cannot understand why the adults around them cannot accept what they are saying.

From the protocol [Children, teenagers and upbringing] – page 31

The spiritual DIMENSIONS are certainly not beyond your grasp; but they are ignored and discriminated against. All native tribes on Terra have dealt with this spiritual plane. They are aware of its existence! Just how they deal with this is another story. But their insights are certainly based on practice and experience.

From the protocol [ Too hot to handle (a hot potato] – page 21

… Contact is made in all parts of Terra. All of Asia, the South Seas, Australia, Africa, South America, North America and all European Countries, yes, the whole world has daily contact with the supernatural a million times, but incredibly as it sounds, alleged scientists declare them to be hallucinations and pathological imaginations.

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 10

The most common assertion is that nobody has ever returned from the hereafter.

  • Ghosts verify the opposite!

Millions of people on Earth experience the spontaneous appearance of departed friends and relatives. Most of them do not talk about it, because they know that they will only be laughed at or felt sorry for …

From the protocol [Spiritualism versus Spiritism] – page 34

The “backward” races, I mean native tribes living in jungles, are better orientated than most university professors. …

Your university professors however say that the people of these native tribes are incapable of correct thought and that they only imagine this spiritual side of their world. These university professors and pundit can however never ever verify these illusions within the brain – and this brings us back to vague assumptions.

Praxis however verifies whether this assumption is correct or amiss.

  • These native tribes had the same experience a million times over, even though they are spatially separated from one another by great distances.
From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 23

The spirit culture of the natives is not a mental disease and is not based on imaginations and suggestions. One has to consider that this culture, in its diverseness, is of enormous magnitude throughout the world. It doesn’t matter if these people had contact with one another …

The spirit culture that is spread all over the world has its origin in reality and not in primitiveness.It is only practiced in different ways.

  • By distancing themselves from the primitivism of the native tribes, man of culture distances himself from supernatural ability.

It is only natural that the perceptions of the spiritual world by primitive man is according to their development, especially as it concerns the members of their tribe which have gone before them to these natural REALMS. Primitive savages will not encounter ANGELS, but primitive wild souls, which belong to the same SPHERE.[1] …

But the fact of the immortality of the inner human I (ego) remains. This immortality is comprehended and accepted absolutely by all native people. It always forms the centre of their whole physical existence. As these people are still aboriginal, the recognition of immortality is a natural given gift, occurring all around the world. The cult is only the consequence of this realisation.

In as far as a cultured person comes into contact with the spiritual DIMENSION, if he becomes clairaudient for example or for a fleeting moment meets a departed soul, one considers him to be schizophrenic. Academic science goes even as far as to make the assertion that these people still have an inherited memory of the precursors of primitive man. - I say quite frankly that these psychic people are not insane, but that the scientists approach this phenomenon completely without sympathy.

The final conclusions are completely wrong!

(Hereto a footnote in the protocol):

[1] Each to its own!

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 23 - 24

I certainly don’t want to allege that the native is more intelligent than the civilised man. Lack of cultural experience keeps them detained on a lower level for a long time. For this reason, it is certainly not correct if you apply their knowledge about the beyond in such a false and distorted fashion. Their conjuring up of the devil, their dancing in a trance and their bloodthirsty behaviour, their senseless demands and their addiction to intoxication are levels, which lead down to an existing hell. In spite of this I still too strongly emphasize:

  • The real fact remains. Everything is born from the TRUTH, even if it gets distorted later on.
From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 25

But I certainly have to admit that these particular natives are in contact with the so-called hell. (LOWER SPHERE) Primitiveness attracts primitiveness on both sides.

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 24

… The European looks down on them, because he erroneously believes that he alone is correct. He rejects heaven as well as hell. With this rejection, he allegedly clears his conscience and in this error feels elevated beyond all terrestrial condition, which he considers as a form of fanatical insanity. - But the TRUTH punishes him hard enough: He finds himself facing lethal tanks and in the background nuclear death awaits. These are the results of arrogance in respect to the spiritual!

The European has neglected to really get to the bottom of the TRUTH. He has chosen the most comfortable kind of research, namely radical refusal. This cannot be emphasised clearly enough.

This has nothing to do with a postulated tolerance towards superstition!

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 25

It is self-evident that the white race is more likely spared by the spirits, as they are lacking the appropriate psychic ability, because the function of the brain in this respect is restricted. Apart from that, the European, being a Christian and also a willing believer, has better spiritual PROTECTION. Everyone has a GUARDIAN ANGEL that suits him or her.

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 24

Where is the evidence? …

There are certain limits set for the people on Earth. There are things people long for that are unattainable no matter what they do.

The entities on the other side are also subject to those limitations. They just can’t go against the LAWS of GOD, no matter what they do. …

  • The spiritual realm also has its limitations and LAWS, which make it impossible to fulfil your earthly wishes.
  • They are the reason why the spiritual realm can’t deliver evidence the way you would like.

In spite of this there are still many opportunities to transmit evidence of a conscious survival after “death”. But unfortunately, the evidence was misinterpreted and derided by this humanity.

The masses of all nations get to hear almost nothing about this infamy!

Accordingly, one doesn’t deliberate over supernatural evidence any more. DIVINE and the devilish evidence have also arisen and have been documented in writing and photographically also a hundred thousand times! But all of this evidence is simply plastered on walls by the guardians of science.

Actually, GOD and the spiritual realm should have got tired by now of delivering one more proof about immortality. - GOD is long-suffering. HE continuously supplies you with proof; in as far as they fit in with HIS LAWS, because GOD’S PLANS of REDEMPTION must not be troubled. …

I will explain to you how things really are on hand of an example, a parable: Let’s assume that a government has formed in a nation on your Earth. This government has taken over all the functions of state and now turns to the public, respectively the rest of the nations, asking to be recognised. But the other nations will not accept this government, because they don’t approve of this regime! - Contemplate this situation for a while; it parallels the efforts of the spiritual realm as it tries to be recognised by those on Earth. -

This non-recognised government is therefore a fact. The members of this government are functioning, but only within their own constituency. Not even the slightest effort to verify their power and their existence to the rest of the world will help them, because all the other nation know that this unique, undesirable government advocates views, that oppose all aspirations for power and possessions. The government exists, but it is negated by all the powerful of this Earth. -

  • The GOVERNMENT of GOD also exists, it is an actual fact, but it is negated by all the powerful of this Earth.

It isn’t an argumentation about this actual fact anymore, but wholly and solely about its world-wide acknowledgment. Just as soon as this acknowledgment has taken place, all the previous earthly laws will be relegated to the background.

But I can tell you that the new LAWS will overshadow everything that existed in regard to order and justice!

From the protocol [The hereafter] – page 10 - 11

As I have often emphasised, all KNOWLEDGE in regards to LIFE in an enormously vast spiritual DIMENSION of other VIBRATIONS is a pure, natural science. …

From the protocol [UFO-Contact I.N.D.] – page 24

You possess millions of valid pieces of evidence at your disposal in regards to the existence of a world of spirit, but you falsely interpret this evidence and take it to mean something else. – One could change the meaning of everything if so inclined.

From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 37

  • ETERNAL LIFE is not a dream, but a true reality. There is enough evidence available.
From the protocol [Invisible truth – page 11]

(Extract from a scientific report of the Homepage Psycho-Scientific Frontiers -
in the category „For more on the theme - Sciences“ - Prof. Dr. Ing. Franz Moser):

A report by Dr. Monika Berthold

The results of scientific experiments verify the existence of a hereafter, a life in new dimensions.

Death is not the end. There is survival, a hereafter. A scientist from Graz asserts this. What’s unusual is that this assertion does not come from a theologian, but from a technician. He presents solid evidence gained from the latest physical experiments to support this.

  • Experiments with electron delivered the evidence that eternity exists – and certainly not a mentally imagined, but a scientifically explainable eternity.

This is promising news for everybody, also for non-religious people, and it stems from University Professor Dr.-Ing Franz Moser, on the board of directors of the Institute for Process Technology at the Technological University, Graz. He refers to experiments within quantum mechanics.

One is for instance aware that pairs of electrons form a system. This in a form where one electron displays a physical attribute (for instance spin) of plus ½ and the other electron of minus ½. If one changes the physical attributes of one in whatever fashion, the attributes of the other changes automatically, that is to say instantly so that the total value always returns to zero. Physicists had held the opinion up to then, that this phenomenon only appear within spatial closeness.

New experiments have however unambiguously verified that this system also remains intact at unimaginable distances.

„Even if one were to shoot one of the electrons to Sirius for instance, a star that is nine lightyears from planet Earth.“

Scientific experiments clearly show that pairs of electrons compliment one another independent of space.

  • These physicists recognised that this reality is an integral structure wherein everything is connected to everything else.

Moser explained that if phenomena exist that can exist independent from space and therefore also independent of time, dimensions must exist that we have not yet grasped. We must be dealing with dimensions that go beyond our known dimensions like length, width, height and time. Ergo a dimension devoid of time and this is eternity, the world of the hereafter, the world of consciousness.

These latest insights place us at the end of the materialistic age and at the beginning of a new, metaphysical age – an age that transcends all hereto made experiences – the scientist from Graz ventures.

“We are presently experiencing the end phase of one and the birth throes of another. Many different metaphysical views of the world existed over the past millennia. We can however understand the new one this time around. This is the first time in human history that an absurd view of the world can be experimentally verified by the sciences.” …

Extract from the scientific report [Physicists present evidence of eternity] – pages 1 - 2

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