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Is this the truth? HEREAFTER | Is this the truth?

Christian theology derives its faith from the revelations of the past, handed down through the Holy Scriptures. It assumes that these divine revelations have come to an end and that no new revelations will be added to them. Is this so?

This is one of their aberrations. These revelations will logically always be supplemented. They must also correspond with the current times.

This makes sense to us. The Holy Scriptures do actually come to us from long gone millennia. Mankind has undergone a certain amount of development in the meantime. They also come to us from a completely different cultural background. But not everybody sees it like that. …

WISDOM demands that we deal with this judiciously:

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 10

… The events that took place in biblical times were written down by witnesses who had no other explanation than that they were witness to a divine miracle. Even an electric motor would have been a divine miracle in their eyes - and they would have sworn that is was a miracle!

From the protocol [The Bible] – page 162

Ignorance in regards to natural laws is not a miracle! An astronaut would have been regarded a miracle a few years ago.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 25

The levels of human development have always been different for the different countries on Earth and there were things one could not explain, because one couldn’t comprehend them. Technic and science do not stand still, this is the reason why the gift of comprehension changes to adapt itself to the people living through the ages. What would the people living in biblical times have made of a statement by CHRIST that a great many stars were also inhabited by human beings? …

From the protocol [Jesus Christ] – page 13

When the sciences or technology have to assess something, they do so by comparing whatever it is with experiences made in the past and with generally acknowledged experiences. …

There are however so-called mysteries and enigmas that cannot be measured, because prior, acknowledged experience is lacking. The Israelites were for instance confronted with this situation a few thousand years ago. They experienced a never before seen mystery that could not be explained. …

… It was quite incomprehensible to their pre-technology minds.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 20

(From a presentation protocol by Senior lecturer Paul F. Hagemeister, Berlin)

This is why JESUS said to his disciples just before his deliverance:

  • “The DOCTRINE you hear from me is indeed not my DOCTRINE, but the DOCTRINE of the FATHER who sent me. I have to tell you this whilst I am still with you. The HELPER, ergo the DIVINE WORLD of SPIRIT the FATHER will send in my name, will come after me. IT will instruct you about everything else and it will make you recall the things that I have told you.”
From the protocol [The key to the truth] – page 7

CHRIST talked about a “SPIRIT of TRUTH” he was going to send. Who or what did CHRIST mean by that?

John 16: 12-13: I have much more to tell you, but now it would be too much for you to bear. When, however, the spirit comes, who reveals the truth about God, he will lead you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own authority, but he will speak of what he hears and will tell you of things to come.”

… It isn’t one particular ANGEL that sends these MESSAGES here. …

From the protocol [Protected contact] – page 3

Wherefrom do you believe you can you get to know the TRUTHS of the spiritual DIMENSIONS?

You received information about it from the ENTITIES that live there.

Man on Earth is incapable of giving any information about it, because he has no inherent knowledge about it. This is a significant assessment, because no terrestrial human being can report from within himself about what exists in the SPHERES of the SPIRIT or in the regions of other star systems.

Terra is however not isolated from either one of these regions.

The things man cannot experience from within his own observations are transmitted to him from the INHABITANTS of these other regions. …

From the protocol [UFO-Contact I.N.D.] – page 25

The SPIRIT of TRUTH emanates from GOD and it can - if the prerequisites are in place - reveal itself to the contemporary world via suitable mediums. GOD has put all the necessary LAWS in place and he has imparted us with the mental capacity to do so. The COMMANDMENT to test what is placed in front of us is extraordinarily important and this was also stipulated in the bible:

1. Thessalonians 5. 19 - 22: Do not restrain the Holy Spirit; do not despise inspired messages. Put all things to the test: Keep what is good and avoid every kind of evil.

From the protocol [The Bible] – page 62

Terrestrial mankind has unfortunately not been completely receptive in regards to such REVELATIONS. The TRUTH was therefore branded something incredible, something monstrous.

From the protocol [UFO-Contact I.N.D.] – page 25

You should therefore not be astonished that any knowledge about a far greater world has made so little progress. The TRUTH is like fungi: Fungi grow in the forest, some are fit to eat and others are poisonous. But it has happened that mistakes were made when collecting fungi and these people became ill or died. Because of this occurrence some people shout: “For heaven’s sake, don’t eat fungi anymore! They are all poisonous!” - And even if one knows them very well, how can one feel protected from dying?

  • The messages from the spiritual realm are like fungi, they look very much alike, the good ones and the poisonous ones.

One has to be an experienced collector of fungi if one wants to differentiate between genuine MESSAGES and apocryphal messages. But this doesn’t give anyone the right, not even priests and scientists, to insist that all messages from the spiritual realm are either demonic or apocryphal.

From the protocol [Spiritualism versus Spiritism] – page 28 - 29

GOD reveals himself every day and every hour. If you suppress HIS WORDS, the consequences will soon follow. GOD petitions the GOOD in people, but you have to listen to it! Many are of the opinion that to think and to act better isn’t worth the effort.

They are unaware of the mistakes they make in this respect!

Due to the fact that churches and religious denominations are unwilling to see man’s existence in a universal context, this aberration is supplied with new impetus all the time.

  • Do not allow yourselves to be duped any longer! Make an effort to fathom the TRUTH yourselves. Take time out to study and to meditate. Do not blind yourselves in regards to a spiritual existence after your disembodiment.

You lack object-lessons about the things we, from the vantage point of our WORLD, have to observe.

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 5

  • An enormous world of the spirit is ready to indoctrinate and inspire millions of people. No genuine searcher is rejected.
  • All this enormous knowledge isn’t here for just a “select few”; it is available to all of mankind. However, simple people must also be taken into consideration, people whose general education is not enough to inspire them. This is why this eminent knowledge is offered in various forms.

But as the intelligence of the general public is in a constant flux of development, Church based religion is no longer enough. You have never ever had a better offer than this. Who or where you are is unimportant. You will always have access to the world of the spirit!

  • Once you have learned to harmonise with the spirit, all the treasures of the spirit will pour over you and this is only limited by your capacity to absorb them.

How marvellous is the TRUTH? - But there are unfortunately too many in your world that still refuse to accept it. Only the spirit can change your world!

From the protocol [Spiritualism versus Spiritism] – page 48

You have been placed on Earth in order to fulfil an assignment. All of you are pilgrims on an eternal journey. You must select your accoutrements for this journey by applying common sense. A big dose of common sense and intelligence guides you. Parts of your accoutrements can be found in many books and during many lifetimes.

  • This is why you should only select the things that exert a force of attraction on you!
  • You shouldn’t accept things just because somebody said: “It is good, wise and sacred.” Nothing should be venerated just because it can help you through your terrestrial journey. This is what I can recommend to you to heed.
  • Accept the things your power of deduction recommends to you even if you discard it later on when you have gained more INSIGHT.
  • Do not limit yourself to one book, one teacher and one guide.

I am not a treasure trove of infinite wisdom. – I don’t possess the monopoly on the world of spirit. – I am just one of many that help your world and I don’t assert the claim that I am perfect and infallible. I am just as human as you are. The reason why my outlook is somewhat expanded is the fact that I am a few steps ahead of you on life’s journey and I return in order to share this horizon with you, so you can accept the things I have already found.

It is part of our assignment to bring KNOWLEDGE to your world. This has imparted a great MISSION on us. Many who share my level of evolvement have recognised that there is too much ignorance here on Earth. The results of your ignorance are unfortunately all too obvious. They are mirrored in the dire situation your world is in and they reflect back into our own affairs.

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 50

  • TRUTH remains TRUTH, eternal in its GRACE, infinite in its essence and its reality.

The TRUTH cannot be proclaimed in a way that the masses could comprehend it straight away, because everybody occupies a different level of development and souls still in a state of growth react differently to the same TRUTH. …

Remember, the soul must be ready to be able to receive spiritual TRUTHS. …

From the protocol [Spiritualism versus Spiritism] – page 72

We can observe a universe where provisions have been made for every creature, whether animated or inanimate and every possible circumstance has been thought out.

  • Nothing is hidden from GOD! – There are no secrets, even for you.

However, you must journey the long path of experience and every mystery will eventually become a matter of course. The same applies to the TRUTH we continually point out to you.

  • GOD’S LAWS always apply and they will do so for ever.

A part of our assignment is to teach you that LOVE is immortal and that your existence is eternal. The grave will not separate you, if you are connected to one another with the GOLDEN BAND of LOVE. We would like to teach you that everything can be conquered with good will, if LOVE is stronger.

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 8

How is it possible that the GUIDES in the spiritual realm possess a higher KNOWLEDGE than is the case here on Earth?

We have access to KNOWLEDGE in a way your world knows nothing about. You depend on residual KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE that is gathered by individuals. We on the other hand have all SOURCES of INFORMATION at our disposal, also the information of how one can assimilate KNOWLEDGE instantaneously.

One of the miracles of our world consists in the deliberate and glorious LEADERSHIP that is present here, not just in the realm of knowledge, but also in the realms of the spirit, literature, the arts and music. All of this is instantly accessible, even the things we are still unaware of are at our disposal.

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 11 - 12


We already know that you are responsible TEACHERS. To whom do you have to give account for your lectureship?

We are dealing with wise ADVISORS and they are responsible for the dispersion of KNOWLEDGE through terrestrial channels. They form THE COUNCIL and all of us have to report to them so that we can co-ordinate all our efforts. We learn from one another. We can see where either success or failure develops. Equipped with all this KNOWLEDGE we are able to perform our assignments more intensively. …

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 12

Even if we’re not visible, remember that we are also beings that are subject to divine LAWS and that we have to adhere to the divine PLAN. We will never drop the task we have taken on and been doing for many thousands of years. We will not abandon the fight against the dark side. It is our ASSIGNMENT to continue to bring the TRUTH to this planet and this will continue to take place.


From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 1999] - page 7

What guarantees do we have that all your answers are actually correct?

None! - You can only accept what is right or wrong by sifting all information through your conclusions and feelings.

When we receive answers about the supernatural, how shall we ”feel” whether the answer is correct? This is impossible in my opinion because it is beyond the human mind.

That’s right. It is very difficult to understand. - Check!

  • A healthy mistrust is good.
  • Be on guard from over-discussion.
From the protocol [Tolerance and Forgiveness] – page 14

… It would be a lot easier for each soul, if it possessed the realisation, that this episode here on Earth is only a short stage of their life. The TRUE LIFE is a completely different one. But many people thrust aside these imaginations, because they need proof, which is hard to find here on Earth! Consider: There are VIBRATIONS here, which not only contain the divine, but also the negative. The black ELEMENTS also use their powers to confuse and capture you.

  • Only by asking what’s in your heart, can you find the TRUTH. It cannot be brought to you from the outside.
From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 12

Only you decide what you believe, think and feel. This was planted in you by the DIVINE and through that, by what identifies you to the outside as a being of GOD. Every soul carries within it the responsibility to decide by itself, if the concept of continued existence is real or not. We, as SPIRITUAL TEACHERS, can only inform you. The decision and the inner attitude has to be made by each one for themselves.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 12

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