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What did I do to deserve this? HUMAN BEING | What did I do to deserve this?

Death has always been regarded the ultimate end. This is why great discontentedness reigns amongst people; almost all believe that they are extremely inequitably treated by Mother Nature. They can therefore not understand why some of their fellow men are rich, famous and healthy, actually enjoy life in an unimaginable way, whilst they are oppressed and neglected by life.

  • Because of these differences, sociologists search for a compromise.
  • Because of these differences, politicians make unrealisable promises.

But there are no such injustices; there is always an equalisation, because people don’t just live from their birth to the grave. They have eons of time at their disposal. An opulent life on Earth isn’t conducive in regards to a soul’s development most of the time. An evolved soul is in almost all cases well ahead of the soul of an affluent person. You still lack an important insight in regards to this.

From the protocol [ Messengers of the future] – page 12

Many people complain about their lot. They compare their life with the life of others and find it unjust, that they’re worse off than the others. But these people are on Earth to learn. They don’t consider that life continues after death. They also don’t consider that life on Earth is a school that’s supposed to prepare them for an extraordinary life in others regions.

  • He, who doesn’t learn on Earth, will occupy a very awful place in the spiritual world.

Life on Earth is therefore a crucial test. The harder fate tests someone, the stronger his resistance might develop and if he emerges a winner, he will be well equipped for future challenges. A continued struggle with the challenges of life sharpens the weaponry. Important men almost always had to fight for survival. Knowledge is not given away, it has to be earned. But he, who believes that Lady Luck is seeking a fortunes favourite, is sadly mistaken.

  • Everyone has the same chances. The only difference is the shape chance takes and the time it approaches someone. It could also be in another life on Earth. He who is a millionaire this time around, can be a pitiable destitute. How one stands up to the test is crucial, it determines the maturity.

You have no reason to envy your fellow human beings their standard of living, it is not a deciding factor in determining the level of inner maturity. There are people who under primitive condition remain decidedly human. There are also people living in comfort who wither away.

The inner attitude in man is always the determining factor!

Above all, it is important that man has an inner impetus. He must aspire to the top. He must have the strong will to be progressive and a good person in spite of all dangers and oppositions. He who wants to go to “Heaven”, must make the effort to get there by his own volition, he must strife after Heaven, that is to say, strife after greater spiritual heights.

From the protocol [Reincarnation] – page 3 - 4

Therefore, don’t say: “What did I do to deserve my awful fate? Why do I deserve this?”

From the protocol [Reincarnation] – page 6

Could one say: He, who lives a life of luxury here on Earth has earned this affluence in his past life?

One cannot put it so all inclusively, so black and white. Maybe a soul has to learn to deal with opulence with dignity to eventually support other souls with this wealth.

From the protocol [Reincarnation and karma] – page 11

If someone is born into very fortunate circumstance, so that everything is at its disposal, is this the case of a soul who is being rewarded?

No, affluence has nothing to do with it. But a rich person can undergo some very harsh trials. He can also fall. He can turn into an atheist very quickly. CHRIST said: “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to go to heaven.” If a wealthy man wants to avoid this danger, he has to renounce his riches. This is why CHRIST said: “Leave your possesions behind and follow me!”

From the protocol [Reincarnation] – page 40

Could one say: If somebody does alright or even very well that they have earned this in a past life?

This is certainly a possibility; a soul might get to take it easy here on Earth to eventually prepare other souls to what’s on the agenda. But it can also be a case where souls lead a happy, light hearted and cheerful existence without knowing what their actual assignment really is. But they will recognise their assignment when they get an opportunity to do so.

  • Every soul here on Earth has an assignment, it may be big or it may be small. It is not up to us to assess this and needs a DIFFERENT kind of assessment.
From the protocol [Reincarnation and karma] – page 19

Have people who live of the fat of the land earned their material affluence in a past life?

It doesn’t work like that. These are souls who certainly have an advantage - well, you would say so - because money plays an important part in your world.

  • Money is your concern and has nothing to do with the spiritual development of a single soul.

It could be that a soul receives an opportunity here to learn to deal with this money in a sensible manner. But it could also be a case where the soul has lived in such poor circumstances in a past life that it deserves to get to know the other side for a change. There are various reasons why a soul leads such a life here on Earth. There are no general guidelines. The soul’s wishes, goals and development are always taken into consideration so that the soul is not overextended or not challenged enough.

From the protocol [Reincarnation and karma] – page 19

… Christendom has 10 commandments and Buddhism has 5 rules one is advised to abide by. If these are not abided by, that is to say, if “evil” deeds are done, repercussions will follow either in this life or in another life. - If “good” deeds are done, that is to say, if the rules are abided by, the appropriate repercussions also follow. You call this “karma” and it equates to the COSMIC LAW of resonance: Whatever you instigate always comes back to you. One also calls this the LAW of REFLECTION, that is to say, you see the mirror image of what has emanated from within you, from what is inside of you, even if you cannot recognise this. …

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 55

The results of erroneous behaviourism are not always apparent during one’s life on Earth. This ambiguity inveigles one to assume that there are no consequences. If you were however able to see the consequences that lie beyond your physical perceptions, you would get the fright of your life.

  • The personal debts man accumulates must be absolutely expiated, even if this takes centuries.

There are two things that keep you in fetters. It is a completely false concept of GOD on the one hand and furthermore the disbelief that the human soul continues to exist after its disembodiment.

From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 27 - 28

Everyone has a conscience and could listen to it, one would avoid a lot of annoyances and troubles. But you put the voice of your conscience carelessly aside. The more negative thoughts and actions are increasing the more the conscience will be banished.

Everyone can shield themselves spiritually from every positive influence and every assistance. At the end you are saying: „Why have I deserved this?“

The negativity’s affect is like chains of lead – you cannot free yourself from them if you are really captured.

From the protocol [The Guardian Angel] – page 2

  • GOD endowed every human being with free will, with the right of self-determination. HE never applies coercion in any way.

A negative person does not respect GOD’S divine LAWS. He dominates his fellow men and he applies coercion. …

It is written that those that do not want to hear must feel:

  • Therefore, do not complain when a disregarded LAW brings other LAWS into effect that might harm you. GOD wants to keep you save from harm, that you should be harmed is not part of HIS plan.
From the protocol [Transgressions and justice] – page 25

Are there predetermined points for either change or decisions during one’s lifetime that people are inevitably guided to by spiritual ENTITIES in order for them to recognise their life’s purpose and in order to remove karma?

The fact that a soul might not recognise its true purpose of being here on Earth is certainly on the cards. It is possible in cases like that, that the influence of ENTITIES will have a sobering effect on the soul. It could be a case where they try to place a symbolic mirror in front of the soul in order to wake it up. These are situations where the soul has not recognised its true assignment, even though this was all arranged prior to its birth. This is why you have a GUARDIAN ANGEL and a SPIRIT GUIDE and they will undertake these assignments.

How can a person know and recognise this as it cannot remember anything after it is born?

Many begin to reflect on this when they suffer some calamity, when they suffer terrible distress or when they have managed to find a quiet moment to reflect on this. They look for consolation in prayers, something they haven’t done in years. They look for consolation within a religious community. They begin to deal with their own self and they hold an inner dialogue. They receive IMPULSES from there that bring forth knowledge which they concern themselves with and they begin to deal with their individual situation. An illness for instance can bring about a total change within some people’s attitude towards life. These represent upheavals within their life cycle that bring about a standstill and a period of rest and they begin to realise what their illness is actually trying to tell them: What is the reason behind this and what demands have to be met. This quite often opens a door for these souls and it encourages them to begin to allow changes to take place within their lifestyle.

From the protocol [Man and the reason of his earthly existence] – page 21

  • My friends believe me, it is not a punishment to be born again! Oh no, life in the physical is something wonderful and therefore GOD will never let the physical existence die out.
  • It is also no punishment, if one is sickly!
  • It is up to each one of you, how you get the better of your character, only so will you be happy and content on this world.

There are often many reasons in the background, which make a reincarnation necessary.

  • If one of you believes, that he is suffering on Earth, because he wasn’t a positive soul, he is wrong. The reasons are often of a curious nature, they don’t necessarily have to relate to the person, but his environment should sometimes learn from it. But there are also cases where the “great negative” has an influence, this is why this suffering is no punishment - at any rate, not from GOD!
From the protocol [Reincarnation] – page 47

We would also like to advice all of you to internally absorb the things you have learned today, to contemplate them and to integrate them into your life, to open your hearts, to elevate your consciousness, not judge and condemn things, be they within your circle of friends, within the family structure, your own or your extended family; the things that go on there will make you shake your head at times. It is not your place to judge them. You are not the divine AUTHORITY and JUSTICE!

  • The perfect divine LAWS will present every human being with exactly the things he or she needs for their respective development. -
  • You cannot assess the level of maturity of other people’s consciousness.

We see in you your divine CORE, the great divine LOVE that has manifested itself in every human being and that now has to be developed, developed through empathy, compassion and the revocation of condemnations. This LOVE awaits its expression in everyone! - Regard every human being from the vantage point of these aspects, namely that the divine POWER is also present within all of them and that every human being experiences exactly the right situations in regards to their level of development, be it something difficult or something good. It is not within your knowledge to assess this!

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 57

  • Human beings are subject to a higher JUSTICE. For human beings to be disadvantaged in any way is impossible. What was withheld from him or her here on Earth can be given in the spiritual realm or also be compensated for in a new incarnation.
From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 44

  • Every offence punishes itself. Every good deed rewards itself. Only the date cannot be predetermined.
From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 9

  • Everyone is befallen by the things he or she triggered within the divine legalities. You can be assured of that!
  • Every human being acts from within their developed or undeveloped consciousness and must then deal with the consequences. You cannot recognise this - maybe sometimes, but you cannot assess this.

You are confronted by a lot of things that can and ought to make you learn and grow. Even if you think that you were not in a position to select certain people around you. They were sent to enter your life to serve your process of maturity. If you look at those people in your life from this point of view, you will have advanced a considerable amount on your way of leaving your habit of judging and condemning behind you.

  • If you try to avoid everything that is unpleasant to you, you would hinder and prevent your maturation process. Apart from that, this is impossible for you to do anyway, because life would then send you other challenges and you would act against your soul’s will who had something else in mind for its spiritual growth. …

We would like to advise you to deal with the development of your own consciousness instead of that of other people, otherwise you will progress very slowly - you and your soul actually want the complete opposite. You are responsible for yourself and for your own progress. Cease the opportunity and do not wriggle out of it. …

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 56 - 57

Is it true that any injustice always originates with human beings and what seems to be luck, a mistake or coincidence goes deeper than the alleged malicious acts of a capricious creator, as some of our contemporaries maintain?

This shows quite clearly once again that everything has its cause and effect. These are conditions that dwell within you and emanate from you. Everybody has the opportunity to progress either negatively or positively. Calamities and luck are often based on how you grasp your salvation and your positive attitude in regards to yourself and your fellow man. Everybody interprets luck differently. We call it lucky, if you find enlightenment within because it enables you to recognise that you are divine being. This inner peace and confidence show you the way, allowing you to take control of your own destiny here on Earth.

Many people are of the opinion that in their case, GOD always looks the other way.

They wrangle with themselves, because they do not recognise that they are the cause of what they are reaping now. It would also make sense for these souls, in their hour of need, to have a good look at themselves and scrutinise their own life’s situation to date.

From the protocol [Reincarnation and karma] – page 14

Are the situations we find ourselves in always exactly what we deserve?

I can affirm that this is the case most of the time. Everything is adapted to such a degree that you have the opportunity to realise the goal you have set for yourself in the spiritual realm here on Earth. …

Everything that awaits you here on Earth has been well discussed and prepared for in the spiritual realm and one expects of you only what you can presently learn and achieve here on Earth.

From the protocol [Reincarnation and karma] – page 18

We always try to encourage the positive in man. But one cannot ignore the opposition. The antagonist too fights for every soul!

  • On the other side, the soul often choses a task, that it underestimates. When on Earth, the lament begins without ever knowing, that the blame, to carry such a burden, lies with them.
From the protocol [Reincarnation] – page 41

Why are some people born into an environment that affords them every possible blessing, whilst others enter a world of poverty, ignorance and misery or with a disfigured body? Where is the justice of a just GOD here?

This is a question that is asked very often due to a feeling of desperation and ignorance about the true reasons. - There are presently countries with a high birth-rate where epidemics and infant mortality are endemic. These are regions that assist those souls who only need a short time here in order to learn and to develop further. As you said before, it is dependent on the goals a soul has set for itself here on Earth. Which family, which Nation and the prerequisites necessary to achieve this goal has to be co-ordinated in conjunction with the KARMIC COUNCIL.

It is difficult for the human mind to synchronize this and to look at it from the perspective of GOD. Wars, hunger and misery produce doubts and these questions arise, questions that are rightfully yours to ask.

  • But remember that GOD is not responsible for everything, but that you also have to take control of your destiny in order to be able to travel your chosen path here on Earth. You have an effect on some sections of your chosen path and you are responsible for your deeds and actions.
From the protocol [Reincarnation and karma] – page 10 - 11

  • What is correct and proper is that certain souls must, respectively want to lead a particular existence in areas of this Earth due to karmic implications in order to experience the life of a beggar for instance or to experience the life of a suppressed person, if one has pushed other souls into situations of mental chaos in the past.
From the protocol [Children, teenagers and upbringing] – page 15

Why are always the poorest nations affected by catastrophes?

It is connected to the fact that especially in those regions of the ocean, subterranean energy craters are to be found that have opened up because of strong tremors. They represent plugs that open up, because the pressure within your Earth’s crust has become too great. The Earth will always try to maintain equilibrium.

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2004] – page 27 - 28

Do these terrible events not encourage people to turn away from God?

On the contrary! In this regard it has been shown that solidarity, inner connectedness, brotherhood, humility and the connection to other people have regained their value and come to the fore. You have experienced yourselves how all of your media has changed their approach over the last 14 days, because of this event taking place so far away from your own cities. You felt LOVE and desperation within yourselves, in spite of the remoteness and great distance involved and realised just how educational nature can be in its destructiveness. You have stood up and taken notice, all of you and all nations and you were willing to go into battle for these peoples.

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2004] – page 31

In December 2002, the pope said: “People affected by crisis and famine have to cope with an even greater tragedy, namely the silence of God who seemingly locked himself in his heaven as if he was disgusted with the behaviour of mankind.”

GOD will not turn away from this planet and also not from you, HIS children. HE will be here and with his shielding hand enclose everything concerned with this planet. You are embedded in the ENERGY STREAMS of the CREATOR and all you have to do is to accept them and not reject them like a hand offered in friendship.

  • You punish GOD by despising HIM in HIS divinity.

Who speaks openly about GOD? - …

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2004] – page 30

“Where were you GOD?” One hears and reads this question often in the mass media these days. What would your answer be?

We would answer you that you are divine beings and that you have GOD within you, you therefore have to ask yourselves and we would tell you to look into a mirror. Meaning that you have to look for the responsibility not with others but with yourselves. Not with the next one or the next but one, but in the behaviourism of every single one for itself, the way he or she interacts with his or her divine brothers and sisters or with nature. It means that you have to learn to co-operate with each other on various levels to make contact with one another. Presently you are connected with each other on a mental level only.

  • You don’t realise that you distance yourselves from your inner values, even the divinity within you. You didn’t reach out to your neighbour, but are determined to secure your own existence. You only see your own domain and never look across the borders.

These events allow you now to re-open a door and to realise that the fateful event that happened there, can also happen to you here in your own corner of the world. You have realised to look more closely and to allow LOVE and blessings to reign - and even if it’s only about contributing your own little input to help these people in their hour of need.

This means that you respect and accept the fact that there are people that need help and that it isn’t enough to just send your LOVE, but something that is near and dear to you, something that gives you standing here on Earth, namely your money. You are only highly respected here on Earth if you have filled your wallets accordingly. You have now opened your wallets and a flood of donations has eventuated, something that wasn’t quite so apparent before.

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2004] – page 29 - 30

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