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How did it come into being? UNIVERSE | How did it come into being?

Well, man is confronted by a gigantic cosmos and its creation remains a mystery to him…

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 28

Doubters and atheists assert that the whole CREATION supposed to be due to a peculiar coincidence - and that man was also a part of this COINCIDENTAL CREATION. This theory could actually EXPLAIN GOD; because the CREATOR could also be a COINCIDENTAL CREATION, portending the beginning of all being as it were. However, the only possible explanation is:

  • There is no nothingness and there has never been such nothingness. …
From the protocol [What is truth?] – page 30

… such an infinitely gigantic universe can never develop from nothing.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 28

But there was once a non-physical state.

For eons, an enormous INTELLIGENCE lives at the centre of the universe, which continuously developed from a condition. It is the eternal SPIRIT of GOD. …

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 8

  • … GOD was the beginning of all there is. -
From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 3] – page 51

There are scientists and philosophers that reject GOD and ascribe everything to a caprice of nature.These people are unfortunately successful in spreading their message.

This isn’t true. …

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 58

There are naturally coincidences to be found in nature. But it is absolutely insane to ascribe all of CREATION to trillions of coincidences. Every one of these “coincidences” is so planned and meaningful that one coincidence could not have come about without the one that happened before. It is therefore a planned interplay that has nothing to do with one or more coincidences. …

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 33

  • … Nothing can change without thought and planning.
From the protocol [What is truth?] – page 30

I will ask them whether they find it possible that they could build a computer without one single thought on their mind. The same that applies to man also applies to all of Mother Nature. The computer doesn’t come into being by pure coincidence, because an intelligent Mother Nature wants it so. The universe has been planned, pre-calculated and continuously improved upon.

From the protocol [ Messengers of the future] – page 14 - 15

… This is why there is no better appellation for GOD than: “THE GREAT PLANNER.”

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 33

The whole universe is the result of continuing EXPERIMENTS. The universe does however not experiment of its own accord, because this requires a planning, forward-looking and calculating INTELLIGENCE.

From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 7

What would you say if a car would drive past you and the driver would say to you: “Have a close look, this car has created itself all of its own. It has developed to this stage during the course of thousands of years.” - You would assume that you are dealing with a deranged person.

But consider for a moment whether you’re not listening to deranged people when they insist that all of creation, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, has developed all by itself!

From the protocol [The CREATOR] – page 3

The title page of a 13th century bible shows God with a pair of dividers in his hand as he creates the world. The text reads as follows: “Here God creates Heaven and Earth, the sun and the moon and all the elements”; this illustrates a constructive concept of the universe. On the other hand, there is the idea of an aimless creation of the world, Darwinism, which defines evolution as a result without plan and objective, the result of the fall of a dice and coincidence. What stopped man from redesigning the title page of the bible and to create a more plausible theory than Darwin’s?

Because man has relinquished his responsibility. Because it is easier not to listen and not to see. Man has found an opening that allows him to renounce his responsibilities in regards to himself, his fellow man and planet Earth. If he had accepted this responsibility, it would mean that he would have to seriously consider his actions and his deeds in order to accomplish the meaning of his existence here on Earth in a divine sense. This solution has placed him in the position of a neutron, one that accepts no responsibility, thereby trying to shirk the divine LAW of CAUSE and EFFECT.

But this is a fallacy and a false indoctrination!

GOD’S CREATION is based on many successive chains of development, which present you the way you are today. It represents a PLANNED INTERPLAY, one that intertwines and one that makes you take on the responsibility in regards to your development, whether you’re prepared to do so or not. …

From the protocol [Genetic research] – page 3

GOD is supposed to have said at the beginning of CREATION: “Let there be LIGHT!” Is this biblical saying authentic?

This is a biblical statement indicating that LIGHT can enter any darkness, to absorb this darkness and convert it into LIGHT. This demonstrates to you that at anytime, negative entities can also cross over into the divine LIGHT. Dark sides can also be converted into bright sides and all darkness can change into bright, warming and divine LIGHT.

Such sentences encompass imprinted CODE-ELEMENTS, which are anchored within nature. The genesis of everything is created through nature. Nature is the foundation and building block for your own existence. You will find all the answers to all of your question within nature. You can discover the path to all of your hopes within nature.

From the protocol [Working with spiritual LLIGHT] – page 8

Some scientists are of the opinion that there must have been a big bang in the distant past that created the universe. Are they correct?

Well, this assumption is correct. The so-called “big bang” - as you call it - did happen. The universe came into being through the release of an enormously compressed ENERGY. GOD’S SPIRIT suddenly released this compression and this triggered the expansion of the universe that is still continuing to this day. …

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 2

According to today’s accepted knowledge, one assumes that the ENERGY AGGLOMERATION the universe was created from concentrated on a miniscule point. Was this point as small as one assumes?

These ENERGIES flow through such ethereal elemental tracks that they are able to penetrate the smallest of pores. It is a relatively small opening between the dimensions that made this possible, a minute point within the universe, making all of this possible at that time.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 19


… Everybody knows how soap bubbles are created. Let us mentally replace a soap bubble with a sun, one with a relatively small dimensional hole in its centre that represents a passage to the immaterial world. A constant STREAM of ENERGY flows through this dimensional hole to the inside of the solar bubble to maintain its size relatively constant. …

… if the FLOW of ENERGY through this dimensional hole increases, the sun’s diameter would enlarge …

If one expands this model a little, the so-called big bang might have been nothing else but an enormous, energetic IMPULSE through a relatively small inter-dimensional hole. The enormous energy-bubble that eventuated from this is still expanding today. ,,,

You were dealing with a small issue when you started your question. The “big bang” - as you describe and record this event in your science journals - eventuated like that. …

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 20 and 21

… This core contained an unimaginable amount of energy, a CUMULATIVE OSCILLATION or the most extreme heat. This unimaginable glowing sphere in space reached an inner strain that has only occurred once before throughout all of CREATION. The periphery of the glowing sphere hardened at the same time; it turned into a very solid mass, into physical matter, let’s say: ORIGINAL MATTER. …

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 2] – page 46

… When GOD thought the time was right, this nucleus burst in a gigantic explosion and spread liquefied matter throughout the universe. …

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 9

… It was the explosion that took place within GOD’S eternity. The billions of larger and further billions of smaller pieces of debris, as well as trillions of further pieces of debris were flung incredible distances through the universe. It was the CREATION of the cosmos.

Glowing, gaseous and boiling drops of fluid matter raced through space. It began as an enormous chaos, but universal fragments gradually ordered themselves according to size, weight and solidness; they adopted the correct distance in relation to one another. These fragments of the divine UNIVERSAL SPHERE however maintained their formidable impetus or velocity. They maintained the whirl or twist they received through the initial explosion according to their nature or texture. …

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 2] – page 46 - 47

Yes, The answer should have been different. Our medium unfortunately interfered. It should not have been “the centre of the explosion”, but “GOD’S ENERGY”.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 11

As the CREATIVE EXPLOSION took place, the UNIVERSAL SPHERE burst at a “seam” as it were, whereby each half disintegrated separately. The result of this was that the entire content of this glowing mass was flung into space in the shape of a wheel. An innumerable number of these inner core fragments still twinkle in the night sky as so-called milky ways or galaxies.

GOD created the universe in space with this POWERFUL EFFORT. The universe therefore did not gradually come into being, but was created through a nonrecurring act from the enormous greatness of an unimaginable energy source. This also explains the relatively equal age of the stars.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 2] – page 47

… The basic matrix of the physical universe was created.

Once the particles (Atoms) had cooled down, they were prepared to receive the penetrating SPIRIT of GOD. They now act the way GOD commands them to act. Every cell is capable of receiving orders and is forced to do as it is ordered. A whole series of cell can be coalesced together, they all know the part they have to play, even though they have no conscience of they own. They act intuitively.

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 9

According to the prevailing physical laws, the big bang created a universe of pure light - without one single atomic particle, without planets and galaxies. Where did matter spring from?

Matter came into being through GOD’S CREATION, that is to say, matter arose through what was specified to become a solid anchorage. We are dealing with THOUGHT STRUCTURES and MATRIXES put in place by the CREATOR. Matter formed and solidified from ENERGY. All matter contains ENERGY and it can also be dissolved again. …

We are dealing with energetic ascendancies here. Take a stone for instance, it is a solid substance, but it contains energetic VIBRATIONS within. We can dematerialise and also materialise this stone. This is the whole secret.

From the protocol [Universe and extraterrestrial life] – page 20

The basic element of the nonrecurring EXPLOSIVE CREATION PROCESS was fiery energy. Of what importance are oceans then on our Earth?

Water also consists of atoms and these are also just converted atoms of a fiery nature.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 2] – page 48

Was the physical world and the biodiversity of life created because GOD felt alone?

No. The Earth was created to offer souls a chance, something they couldn’t receive anywhere else. The original idea was to further expand the CREATIVE FORCE in order to fill the cosmos. GOD is never alone, because GOD accommodates everything a CREATIVE SOUL needs. The original idea is to equip the all-encompassing universe with CREATIVE SOULS in order to allow LOVE to grow everywhere.

From the protocol [History of the Earth] - page 4

Internal advice: As already mentioned, these descriptions only consist of short, incomplete citations. More can be found in individual protocols. But to the special theme of the “Big Bang”, one or more answers that could provide more information are still forthcoming due to the lack of additional questions.

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