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War - necessary? EARTH | War - necessary?

For thousands of years, a minority of the terrestrial human race has had the audacity to dominate instead of guiding the majority of the terrestrial human race. Human arbitrariness in regards to dominating others threatens the life of every citizen on Earth.

The powerful amongst mankind on Earth did not give their fellow men the right to live and this is why they also do not have the right to take it away according to their wilfulness.

  • Fratricide is no heroic act, no national demand, but a universal crime.
  • War is a violent adjudication accomplished through the abuse of human intelligence, manpower, health, freedom and one’s physical existence.
  • War in our eyes is the perfect proof of an inability to live in harmony, peace and progress with all the people of a planet.
  • He who plans and prepares a war, plans a mass-murderous act, the destruction and annihilation of something on a massive scale and thereby sins against the universe’s HARMONY. He is ignorant, abysmally ungodly and suffers from a kind of mental derangement.

If he were spiritually aware, any thought of such a project would send a shiver down his spine.

From the protocol [Mankind's greatest hour „X“] – page 6 - 7

The powerful and trouble makers amongst nations have always been of the opinion that one can conquer one’s enemy by force and with the right kind of weaponry. Opponents and enemies arise when one challenges them. This is basically a kind of dogmatism that can end up in bloodshed. Eyeing other nation’s real estate and a craving for prestige are also part of it. …

There has never been a victor in all of this, otherwise the victor would have managed to lift mankind up to a more positive level. However, this has never been the case and it is visible proof that even an alleged victor has never been in the right. Every victory has always been a triumph of violence and injustice.

Cruelty is violence’s companion.

Every victor had to pay for his triumph by shedding blood. However, it is seldom the blood of the leader. – Hence the expression: “The victory came at a cost!”

  • A genuine victory cannot be bought, because it is not a commodity, but rather judiciousness!
  • He, who conquers the negative within himself is the real victor.
From the protocol [What is truth?] – page 48

All wars on Earth are based on mankind’s egotism.

  • No war is according to GOD’S WILL, even if it is regarded as the solution for problems here on Earth.

The prevention of a war can only be achieved when mankind understands that it works against GOD.

From the protocol [Peace] – page 3

The most unnatural thing on this planet is the animosity between people. Man’s intelligence stands way above that of animals. The animosity between people is unworthy of this intelligence. We have been aware of this undesirable development for a number of millennia. It is the result of propaganda, instigation, false education and false doctrines.

No citizen of any nation is willing to regard his neighbouring citizens as enemies. The citizens of a country are not inclined to wage war against other nations. The necessity of a war is always conjured up and imposed on the citizens of a country in the guise of being a duty. This is a demonic affair and there is no excuse for it. All differences, even differences of opinion, can be arbitrated without shedding blood.

  • Every human being has the right to live and to exist on this Terra!
From the protocol [UFO-Contact I.N.D.] – page 9

Differences of opinions between people and whole nations may not be settled through wars.

  • Man possesses a SPARK of divine WISDOM and he must correctly utilise this SPARK of WISDOM to gain BROTHERLINESS.
From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 42

Woe to those that kill unnecessarily! War for instance is no necessity. Disputes and differences of opinion can be clarified in completely different ways. However, people must have the same principles in regards to resorting to violence, meaning that they must abhor violence in equal measures.

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 65

The Old Testament depicts bloody wars, which in those days were fought with a vengeance. GOD was the “supreme warlord”. He was on the side of the victors against the vanquished. …

This also is an error!

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 11 - 12

GOD never ever condoned bloodshed. HIS NAME is taken in vain in a lot of ways.

From the protocol [UFO-Contact I.N.D.] – page 17

Almost all nations have always thought that GOD was on their side, because they allegedly fight for a just cause. Does GOD really take sides?

I will not allow any nation, however just it may be, to imagine that the GREAT SPIRIT sides with any party.

  • GOD is THE LAW!

If you do what is right, you automatically place yourself in harmony with the effects of the natural LAW. …

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 45

Religions endorse the view that GOD bears responsibility for everything. This is why wars are supposed to be tolerated by HIM; they are supposed to play the role of educating or punishing man. What is your opinion?

It constitutes a great blasphemy when the various religions palliate war in this way.

  • To bless weapons of war is absolutely absurd.
  • To pray for victory is also absurd.
  • To ask GOD to vanquish one’s enemy constitutes absolute insanity.
  • There is no such thing as a “holy” war!

Every war is bloody, ruthless and cruel. All of these things have nothing in common with SACREDNESS.

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 42

  • GOD is not an AVENGER, because HE is LOVE!

Where hatred reigns, there is no LOVE. Hatred destroys – and GOD never destroys, HE builds, assembles, heals and forgives. …

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 93

The commandment “Thou shall not kill” is not only regarded as binding and obligating by Christians, but by Jews and Moslems also. Why is it that especially those people, who explain that their actions were done in the name of GOD, show so little regard for this commandment?

These people have no connection to GOD, but live their own lives. They use GOD as a pseudonym and as a weapon in order to blind other people.

  • It is an aberration to believe that GOD tolerates such behaviourism and it is wrong to mention GOD’S NAME in conjunction with something like that. It amounts to a blasphemy of the highest order!
From the protocol [Terror attack on the USA (2)] – page 6

  • GOD will never accept all this violence on Earth!

Ever war, every infraction is against LOVE, the divine SENSE and against the things the CREATOR wants to achieve here on Earth. It isn’t right that people murder one another and that this is apparently taking place under GOD’S PROTECTION. GOD abhors violence and HE will not allow the continuation of all this violence in HIS NAME.

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2001 - Part 3] - page 7

* It is impossible for a god-fearing despot to initiate a war! Gandhi showed the world how it is done and he showed what prerequisites are necessary in order to be a positive statesman, namely: To acknowledge GOD absolutely. First and foremost.

It is the craving for power, I repeat power, that clouds man’s judgment and opens gates and doors to evil. Power is something atheists love so much.

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 34 - 35

War is never a means for peace. The only means for peace is the higher KNOWLEDGE that all humanities throughout the universe owe their whole development and existence to a living, super-intelligent and experienced SPIRIT.

  • GOD did not create marionettes, but the devil turns people into marionettes! GOD created man to construct things and HE endowed man with all the necessary gifts and abilities to help in the construction of the universe. But what does mankind on Earth do?
  • This humanity destroys the things it created.
  • It destroys what GOD created.
  • It disrespects everything that exists and all life forms.

This attitude, namely to believe that you can manage without GOD, will eventually destroy you. We are however aware that only GOD the LORD is still able to help you. HE has HIS ANGELS at HIS disposal. HE has people from other star systems at HIS disposal. HE therefore has dominion over the physical world.

  • But where there is coercion, water will turn into stone. This is why the CREATOR prefers the non-violent approach.

This takes too long for you. – You deride HIS slowness, HIS patience. – You blaspheme HIS apparent powerlessness.

I say to you:

GOD already moves the heavens and the stars – and HE will move your Earth tomorrow!

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 28

Political atheism bases itself on a scientifically masked philosophy, the dialectic materialism. It correlates its alleged wisdom by observing nature. According to these observations, nature is cruel and only the strongest survive the battle for survival. Only revolution makes progress possible. Man therefore has to act in accordance with nature. He must vanquish the weaker and he’s allowed to be as cruel as the animals in this battle. Only those that contemplate this in more detail will realise the nonsense behind it: One cannot defeat someone who is stronger. If this fight is against someone who is weaker, one already commits an inhuman act.

  • Animals do not possess man’s power of reason; they can therefore never be your archetype in this way.
  • An animal knows nothing about GOD, nothing about a soul’s existence.
  • An animal is unaware of responsibilities in a HIGHER SENSE.
  • But man is aware of all these things!

Political atheism also knows these things, but it deludes itself by assuming that death is absolute and that it therefore absolves it of any higher RESPONSIBILITIES. Those that go bankrupt also apply this delusion by committing suicide. Their RESPONSIBILITY is then supplemented by a new, far greater responsibility, namely that of suicide!

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 82 - 83

  • The killing of human beings represents the worst chapter in human history throughout the universe.
From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 19

Your philosophers have dealt with all sorts of problems. The fact that they have not analysed and defined political mass-murder is incomprehensible.

  • In place of a philosophy I therefore declare that in regards to human beings, killing in any form or shape, is absolute murder!
From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 18

Could one call the killing that takes place during bellicose disputes mass murder?

It is murder, because every violent act of killing is premeditated murder. There is absolutely no difference between criminal homicide and murder on the battlefield. …

  • Man is not incarnated on Earth in order to be murdered!
  • Even a criminal may not be executed, because death, respectively the act of dying is a divine LAW for everybody. One does not have to support the CREATOR in this.

Killing according to human laws is different from when the divine LAW kills, (natural death). Governments decide over life and death of millions of healthy people in wars. The things governments take upon themselves becomes a problem for individual people when they act out of extreme desperation. However, people have the duty of care to be humane and not to be cruel.

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 66

Are we talking murder when a soldier kills his opponents in a war?

No. – Are you interested if I talk about this for a while?

Yes, please, because it is very important to find out more details in our day and age. How does the spiritual realm assess those that had to kill?

Victims of war end up in a SPHERE of INDOCTRINATION. This sphere is often higher than other spheres. War is cruel and it devours its victims without ever becoming satiated. The soldier is not asked whether he would like to kill. He also isn’t asked whether he has a soul. A soldier is simply confronted with the task of fighting. But he fights for his country, for his conviction that his country is in the right. Most of the times his thought processes suffer an interruption at this point. He will only become aware of the error of his ways after he’s become a casualty.

  • War offers no occasions for heroism. It is the apex of human fiendishness and cruelty. …
From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 66

How should a soldier behave if asked to kill?

… every soldier acts in the service of his fatherland. When a soldier kills in order not to suffer the same fate, isn’t quite the crime you imagine it to be.

  • The motives are always a decisive factor for the SPIRITUAL REALM!

But isn’t war a crime against GOD’S COMMANDMENT? Why are there exceptions?

War is a crime! I was however not talking about war, but about the demanded performance of duties of soldiers. Most times a soldier acts out of great ideals. He by no means acts with evil intentions. Those that bear the responsibility for inciting war have those evil intentions. They either want to satisfy their ambitions or gain fame and fortune. A soldier serves his fatherland in faithful performance of his duties. It would be unjust for the spiritual realm to overlook the positive factors here.

  • The character and the motives are the most important factors in a just appraisal!
  • But we condemn any type of torment and this certainly includes bullying people.
  • Faithful performance of duty is not a sin that cannot be forgiven. …

We maintain that it isn’t a faithful performance of duty when bombs are dropped on civilian populations, but rather the commitment of murder of innocent people.

Of course, this is murder! However, the pilots are not the murderers, because they also fulfil their duty in regards to their fatherland. The pilots suffer great mental anguish when asked to drop these bombs.

  • The actual murderers sit in boardrooms or enjoy the freshness of a summer’s day. – Some of the bombsight operators have become insane because of their involvement! Remember what I say to you, always judge according to motives.

I know of incidents where pilots allowed themselves to be shot down deliberately, because they did not want to go through with their assignment. We are naturally dealing with martyrs here, but this doesn’t mean that there are more highly rated. A soldier doesn’t have a choice, he must obey. However, he, who forces somebody to kill for negative motives, is a murderer. In a war situation, noble feelings and motives can enter the picture and this is why war must never be judged as a whole. My son, GOD’S REALM is unimaginably just. …

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 67 - 68

Man should not kill. How are those judged that do not do the actual killing, but use others to do the killing for them?

The weapon or the instrument used for the deed doesn’t matter. Human beings can also be used as weapons. But it depends on who prompts or wishes for someone to die. …

From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 65

Where do you stand in regards to judicial death sentences?

Nobody, I repeat, nobody here on Earth has the right to decide who should live and who should die. The soul in question is robbed of every opportunity to redeem itself and this is not according to GOD’S WISHES. These souls should definitely be segregated and forced to live with others (their peers), this is also applied in our spheres. Each to his own! If these people do make progress, the reintegration into your society would then be appropriate. But once you have executed them, this opportunity no longer exists! - You could banish these people to islands, there are plenty of islands to choose from on Earth, and supply them with everything they need to cultivate their own food. This would be one possibility.

From the protocol [The greatest mistakes in regards to death] – page 12


Philosophy professor Sir Carl R. Popper once said: “Our primary aim must be to achieve peace. This is very difficult to accomplish in a world like ours. But we must not shy away from going to war for the sake of peace. The way things presently stand, this is unavoidable. It is a sad affair but we must do it, if we want to save the world. Determination is of decisive importance.” - What do you say to this view?

What has to be said right from that start is that whatever you call peace has different interpretations. What is of primary importance is that you, as souls, find your own peace within yourselves. What this philosopher is talking about is world-peace between nations, something - in your opinion - that can often only be regulated through the force of arms.

You have presently an example in Yugoslavia. With the help of one or more people, the dark forces have threatened this peace by destroying human souls in a so-called “fratricide” and this in their own country. According to your present day thought patterns, this can only be arrested through counter strategies which oppose this trend. According to your discretion, these types of wars are necessary in order to secure peace, world-peace.

But this is not according to the divine PLAN!

Killing always means that the negative powers receive additional fertile ground. To conduct such wars does not comply with divine LAWS. We, GOD’S SERVANTS, cannot condone these wars.

The war in Yugoslavia shows the dilemma politics presents. On the hand one would like to prevent a war and on the other hand one is not willing to just sit back and observe how an insane political regime tries to slaughter a whole nation. Did NATO react correctly?

The way you assess the situation based on your present thought and heart structures, there was no other alternative.

From the protocol [Peace] – page 2

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