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Is hell a real place? HEREAFTER | Is hell a real place?

The Church talks about a “hell” and about the descent of the souls to a darker plane. Is it correct about this?

There is no hell, which coincides with the way the Church imagines it to be. Hell too is a mental state. A human soul, who has committed crimes against humanity on Earth, is confronted daily with their crimes and the repercussions. On the same PLANE with this soul live similar CREATURES, who have also committed crimes. The terrible thing is that they attack each other and - depending on the SPHERE - even try to kill each other. This can be most painful for a soul and causes dreadful agony for it. The inferior soul naturally doesn’t die, but the daily confrontation with such ENTITIES, in a dark, slum-like surroundings and the additional confrontations of its own deeds, is hell!

Each to his own - the LAWS of GOD govern everywhere!

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 4 - 5

  • A returned soul can feel pain even without an injury.

  • A mourning soul can feel immediate joy.

  • A human soul can also fall prey to unimaginable sadness or indescribable spiritual grief. …

  • This condition is the suffering you simply called “hell”.

Whoever falls into this state, is exposed to suggestions and hallucinations he cannot avoid. He experiences agonies, great stench and sees unbelievable hallucinations. …

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 37 - 38

But psychic painters also painted visionary scenes of horror from hellish areas, depicting human souls in a kind of fire.

These were not transferred in their entirety. These glowing embers of hell depicted and orchestrated there, don’t exist in our spiritual realm. …

  • The lower SPHERES contain darkness and in it a closeness of ELEMENTS, which do not feel LIGHT, warmth or lightness. There is a heaviness and depth in these dark SPHERES, where a soul is only in contact with itself, to decide, what it can change and which direction it would like to go in the future.

… This has nothing to do with fire in a sense of annihilation and destruction and is therefore not to be equated with it. It is an image, a concept, the Church imagines the aches of hell to be, when they talk of sinning, so they can to consolidate their power over humanity.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 20

  • There is no purgatory,
  • no sulphur pit,
  • nobody is boiled in oil,
  • no unimaginable heat
  • and no torture.

All of this is nonsense and it only leads to incredibility and non-comprehension.

  • Hell is one sphere within the spiritual realm.

The souls that perforce end up in this sphere, because they have not reached the required spiritual maturity, end up slaves of the antagonist and his helpers. There is no escape or insubordination here. This is slavery the like has never been experienced here on Earth. The worst are the self-reproaches and the absolute loss of freedom and also the feeling of powerlessness when faced with the fact that there is no escape from this.

  • Words cannot describe the status of such damnation. This is utter mental anguish that can only find and end through an endless act of penance and self-redemption. It takes many, many reincarnations to completely heal the results of this damnation.

You don’t take any of this serious, you just laugh about it, because it is too shocking for you to comprehend.

From the protocol [What is truth?] – page 14 - 15

Hell is a state of mind. - One can enter a hellish state of mind in this world already. But it is even more constant and more painful in the hereafter.

  • Hell in the hereafter is a condition an underdeveloped soul creates for itself.
From the protocol [The souls] – page 22

  • There are spiritual spheres that range from the REGIONS of LIGHT down into the depths of darkness in a cascading manner. There are therefore dim and semi-dark spheres – and also spheres of absolute darkness.

Let’s look at the case of an evil man who dies, a man who took pleasure in meting out mental cruelty or somebody who mentally tormented his parents, abused and took advantage of their LOVE, one who commits a premeditated murderer out of self interest or a similar sinner. – When such a person leaves his terrestrial body, he falls into a short sleep to begin with, a sleep devoid of consciousness. But he suddenly awakens to find that he is still alive and fully conscious into the bargain. This gets his thought processes going and he tries to stand up with his body. However he realises that he no longer has a physical body – and that he is surrounded by a deep and terrifying darkness. In one word: Totally blind. – This blindness is compounded by the fact that, apart from his own thoughts, he also cannot hear. This soul now fumbles forward, even though is has no solid ground underfoot and his hands also grope around in empty darkness.

  • Such a soul has the feeling that the whole universe is simply one singular darkness, where he is completely on his own, deserted by GOD and all other creatures.

But his own thoughts grow louder and louder, they reverberate through infinity until they grow unbearably loud – and when this damned soul believes that these, his own thoughts, have reached their crescendo, he is wrong, because that is not the case by a long shot.

  • Such thoughts drone with unimaginable force through the universe and continuously remind this soul of all its misdeeds and there seems to be no end in sight.

You are well aware that a person will hear his own thought very well in darkness, but this soul experiences a terrifying fear, an indescribable dread about his condition, a seemingly hopeless condition.

  • Such a soul can find itself is such a condition for a hundred years and more, it feels terribly cold and it futilely gropes for a spark of LIGHT.
  • But when the soul begins to regret – such genuine regret can also last for years – a LIGHT can approach it that will take care of this soul. A BEARER of LIGHT or a MESSENGER of LIGHT will try to lead this soul out of this self-inflicted darkness, to make it see again.

But the soul will not be able to recognise anything without expressing regrets and doing penance. Its eyes will remain closed until then. Its ears will also only open once the soul has come to terms with all its actions, right down to the last consequences.

  • However, GOD never denies any soul the return to GOODNESS.

Its return will take a lot longer than a lifetime on Earth!

From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 31 - 32

  • … But real hell is a place of many spheres.

I will not bother to describe these places to you because you would consider it to be pathological fantasy, yes, possibly the most pathological that exists. But I warn you about this REALITY - all of you! Staying there surpasses anything in regards to fear and terror this Earth has ever seen.

  • But there is no eternal damnation, the way the Church portraits it. There is the opportunity to escape from there also, but it takes an enormous amount of time.
From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 65

If one imagines the lowest SPHERE in the spiritual realm, where hardly any LIGHT is present, the question arises, what effect does the negative creation have in it?

You cannot imagine the darkness that exists in the SPHERE of Lucifer. The suggestive POWER of Lucifer penetrates all these AREAS of the spiritual realm, as his powers of thought are unstoppable in your region also. The physical PLANE has been put into place as a “border” so to speak, here you find both, the inspiration from higher AREAS and the sometimes suggestive thoughts from the DEEP, so many people on Earth succumb to.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 41

Does the antagonist of GOD feed these negative PLANES of EXISTENCE with his energy or does GOD also provide for these PLANES?

Neither nor. The negative DOMAIN is fed by ENERGIES, which are provided for these ENTITIES by the human souls. The CREATOR has never provided his antagonist with more VITAL ENERGY then was absolutely necessary for him to barely exist. It is the people, who waste their divine ENERGIES and unknowingly leave it at the disposal of such VAMPIRES.

Accordingly, all the negative we send out with our thoughts flows to these PLANES?

Well, you know that thoughts are ENERGIES, which connect with these PLANES and ENTITIES, because they are on the same wavelength.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 5

When your religions talk about hell, they mean a place of damnation.

  • Human beings do not have to be damned by GOD; human beings manage to do that all by themselves and in the course of many lives on Earth will sink from one lever to the next until they have completely relinquished their divine humanness. They disengage themselves from any connection and any similarity with GOD. A terrible situation, but true!

Even an atheist will have to agree with me that no angelically beautiful souls can live in hell.

This is the reason why the great ANGEL of LIGHT, GOD’S antagonist, completely relinquished his once lucid guise. He is no longer an ANGEL; he is an entity of his own making. GOD does give him life, but that’s all. His countenance and his consciousness are neither ANGEL nor human, but that of a creature that does not exist within all of fauna.

Man’s higher or lower development is equally man’s own responsibility. GOD conceded man the chance to become a human being; HE provided man with all the required opportunities, even the appropriate stature. Of what use is a beautiful gown if it is worn by a monster?

From the protocol [ No utopia] – page 40 - 41

  • Everyone is responsible for his or her own development!

The opportunity for DEVELOPMENT is offered on the physical and on the spiritual side. It is everyone’s own affair to make proper use of it or reject it.

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 38

  • There is no eternal damnation!

Even in those AREAS of the spiritual realm there is, by all means, the chance of maturing and further education for the souls present there. The Church very dogmatically differentiates between heaven and hell, but every soul is received in the arms of GOD and is not punished in such a way, that it is destroyed or locked up somewhere or roasted in hell, the way the Church describes it. …

Souls, which are ready, receive instructions by exalted angelic beings, which descent down to the dark SPHERES, to redeem these souls, that is to say, to lead them home to the LIGHT. …

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 20

If souls set off on their way to return to the LIGHT, Lucifer will receive diminishing energetic SUPPORT. Will this eventually lead to the disbandment of the soul of Lucifer so that he’ll suffer a spiritual death or does he get the chance to learn to accept and respect GOD once again?

You recognised the first part very well, but you are wrong in the second part. Like every other soul, Lucifer needs ENERGY of LIFE, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to survive. All souls originate from the CREATOR and HE is responsible for this energy SUPPLY. Nobody else! But if a soul, a human being, has opened the CHANNEL to GOD, it can be compared to an open funnel in the crown chakra, if this person now asks for additional ENERGY, it will receive more ENERGY than it needs to be able to live here.

  • As you have already correctly recognised, Lucifer receives his ENERGY from you, but he receives his basic energy SUPPLY from GOD.

All is ENERGY and consists of the LIGHT of the LORD. The more people are willing to serve GOD, the weaker Lucifer will get, so that one day he will be all alone in his REALM, beneath the energetic, physical worlds. Only then will Lucifer recognise the senselessness of his past actions and return to the HOUSE of the FATHER.

From the protocol [Life in the spiritual realm] – page 41

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