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Progress - but how? HUMAN BEING | Progress - but how?

Can you tell us the greatest obstacle arresting our advancement?

Yes, to make it short and clear: You make the huge mistake by wishing the “dead” an eternal and peaceful sleep. No disembodied soul having shed its mortal coil, sleeps or rests. On the contrary - immediately after death, the individual becomes uncommonly lively. All spiritual functions run, as it were, flat out.

From the protocol [Before the landing] – page 31

  • You are unfortunately caught in the tow current of conjectural philosophies.
  • You do not require any philosophy; they are absolutely useless to you.
  • But you do require the TRUTH, real facts, in order to get on with one another peacefully and in order to progressively evolve spiritually and physically.

  • Those that are uncertain about death live in a spiritual darkness that makes it nearly impossible to recognise the TRUTH.

Allegedly intelligent people engage themselves in preparations for war. They invent weapons that make it possible in the near future to annihilate people en masse. They are engineers of death and perdition. On a personal level however, they have not the slightest idea what so-called death is in REALITY. If they were aware of it they would feel extremely stupid and beyond that, abhor all their thoughts and actions.

You will now counter what I say by saying that a threatened nation must protect and safeguard itself against an enemy. The way your world is built on ignorance in regards to the most important questions and answers, this is quite understandable, even though it is certainly not correct. Therefore, before you can change this hostile situation in any way, you must make an attempt to eliminate this ignorance about death.

This is the real PEACE MOVEMENT!

  • Only elucidation can bring about a change on this planet, because your ignorance in regards to the most important facets of your society leads you even further into the labyrinth of animosity and superlative destruction.

This ignorance led you into this situation.

This is at the root of the dire situation your world is in!

You must therefore grab this evil by its roots and replace your ignorance with cognisance. This is the only way animosities will cease and this is the only way you will be able to correctly identify your failed development. Once you have accomplished this, you can destroy your weapons; because their absurdness will be revealed to you.

  • Create more clarity about man’s death and you will solve all your problems on Earth!
  • This is the only way you will take away the fear of death.

Absolute ignorance in regards to man’s life and death seduces people thoughts to all sorts of illogical and misanthropic deformities.

From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 25 and 26 and 28

  • Without peace, there can never be true progress!

Progress can not solely be judged by economic and technological innovations. What we regard as progress is solely the intellectual maturity achieved by a human race.

Your intellectual maturity is frightening! …

For as long as there are bellicose disputes, for as long as bombs and cannons are at the ready, for as long as one fights over boundaries and possessions, for as long as one nation or country wants to force its will on another nation, the intellectual level will remain on the lowest level. This level or standard is not determined by opulence or power and least of all by violence!

  • What is regarded a HIGH STANDARD is a unified brotherliness and mutual respect and considerateness amongst people.
From the protocol [ Too hot to handle (a hot potato] – page 18 and 19

  • As a divine creation, all human beings are equal, even if their appearance might vary.

… What actually separates you?

  • The things that separate you from one another are the things you’re persuaded to believe - and strange as it may seem, you actually believe!

You cannot possibly live on your own on this Earth. You would not have houses, machines, cars, no civilisation, no clothes, nothing -, nothing you find so important these days. If it were not for the valuable co-operation between the communities that make up the human race, you would certainly not possess spaceships that can fly to the moon. What separates you to such a degree that, in your enormous bitterness, you make each other’s life more difficult and makes you kill one another in the most terrible ways?

You complain that your world becomes more chaotic every day. But please contemplate this for a moment! - You neglect the contact between the rest of humanity. There is no injustice, no joy, and no aim that doesn’t include you. GOD didn’t create this world for individual people, for individual families, groups or clubs or for specifically selected nations, but for all of humanity! - Your aim is off the mark!

… There is no actual variation at all in regards to mankind’s aims and goals; they are the same for all human beings, otherwise they would not have reincarnated on this Earth as a community. From a rational point of view, there really is nothing that could lead to animosities, which in turn could degenerate into wars.

From the protocol [Politics, for whom?] – page 38

All of us abide by the commands of one single GOD.

HE is the FATHER of us all and HE wants that HIS children love and support one another when faced with dangers.

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 1] – page 6

… You are all brothers and sisters and connected to one another -, not necessarily in regards to the physical and generics, but through the divine SPARK of your soul. …

From the protocol [Universal Love] – page 8

May the LIGHT in your heart grow so that you comprehend that every person you encounter happens to be a part of you and a part of GOD. He or she is worthy to be esteemed and respected by you. He or she also carries the LIGHT of DIVINITY within and also has - just like you - the right to grow and mature in a divine SENSE.

  • Do not despise those that do not interact with you in a dignified and amiable way. These people also need LOVE in a divine SENSE and acknowledgement of self.
From the protocol [Working with spiritual LIGHT] – page 6

  • All people are pilgrims on the infinite road of the universe. What someone is worth is best found out by a loner; because he’s elated when he meets anyone at all he can communicate with.

Everyone needs help from somebody else sometimes. This is why it’s so hard to understand why people on Earth become enemies and hate one another. The most acrimonious enemies have become the best of friend in the hereafter, because they have recognised that life is eternal. …

From the protocol [Death sets no limits] – page 76 - 77

… The heart, and not hatred, must always speak first. Brotherly love is the only useful foundation for an all-inclusive community here on Earth. Hatred is a demonic indoctrination and power blinds the leaders of this humanity.

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 9

  • You must finally comprehend that there are no different humanities on this planet, but only one single human race that isn’t just restricted to this Earth, but found throughout the whole universe, that is to say, inhabiting many similar planets.
From the protocol [A call from the cosmos] – page 45

  • It is the duty of every human being to strive to be HUMAN. …
From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 41

… Humaneness implies that no negative thoughts are emitted, only positive ones. Humaneness means brotherliness and that one accepts that every human being is a divine BEING. …

From the protocol [Time of death, Guardian Angel and more] – page 6

The universal guidelines are:

  • Recognise yourself and change for the better.
  • Do not condemn, but forgive.
  • Do not hate, but give LOVE.
  • Forgive your enemy, he will turn into your faithful follower.

This is the only way cooperation and a collaborative coexistence is possible. …

From the protocol [From star to star] – page 41

… I already wrote that INSIGHT is the most important part. Once you have grasp this, you can, you will bring about changes, because your thoughts change - and if your thoughts change, your thought processes change and the reality around you also changes.

From the protocol [Humility] – page 5

  • Knowledge alone is not enough, especially if it isn’t abided by! …

  • Knowledge about the danger doesn’t change anything, only one’s good will does!
From the protocol [Our lessons for you] – page 55

As a unit, you have your free will, apply it in a more positive sense and things will change for the better. …

The negative can only be confronted through positive thought processes.

From the protocol [Extraterrestrial life] – page 4

… Every one of you will however spiritually grow and regress. The decision is entirely yours. I do however emphasise forcefully that it is rather more advantageous to be HUMANE, that is to say GOOD, than inhuman, that is to say, than to be evil.

One can naturally train oneself to THINK better. It doesn’t really require any INDOCTRINATION to achieve this, but one has to know that this endeavour is incredibly worthwhile.

  • Each one can shape their own future; because the future is without an end for everyone!

Are you aware of the enormous ENERGY you can develop within yourself, if you take the trouble to better yourself?

From the protocol [ Not from this Earth - Part 4] – page 46

  • You and I mean all of you here on this planet are the ones capable of bringing about changes through the positive power of thought.
From the protocol [Terror attack on the USA (2)] – page 4

  • Only through improved thinking and acting, only through learning to be a better person can man find his way to a better LEVEL of EXISTENCE.
From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 14

  • Everyone has to change him or herself.
  • Everyone is responsible for his or her own development!

The opportunity for DEVELOPMENT is offered on the physical and on the spiritual side. It is everyone’s own affair to make proper use of it or reject it. …

  • Man develops the character!

Even if the environment is very positive, a person’s soul can react extremely negative, resist and sink even lower. It is the same in reverse, a soul will strive upwards in its character, even if the environment is very negative. It all depends on a positive resolve!

From the protocol [Eternal truth] – page 38

You can achieve your development only through constant growth and through your unfoldment. The character is what you have made of it. Neither profession, words, flagships of society, churches and books count for anything, they are just ornaments.

  • Authoritative is only how you really are, how you conduct yourself and what you do with your life. This applies to everybody and nobody is excluded from these LAWS of PROGRESS.
From the protocol [Science, technology and the arts] – page 6

I advise you:

  • DO GOOD!
From the protocol [Mankind's greatest hour „X“] – page 47

Approach every situation in your life with LIGHT and with good thoughts and you will recognise that you don’t just change yourself, but that your environment also treats you completely differently and your relationship with your environment also changes. You are a mirror image of all the souls around you. Every one of you here on Earth is a mirror image of their own self. This insight can have the effect that all of you together can totally change the world - and this for the good.

From the protocol [Genetic research] – page 38

Your answers sometime give the impression that you don’t even take a negative direction into consideration.

We only see the positive and divine in every individual person! Every one of you possesses elements that are turned towards the LIGHT and the SUN, namely towards GOD. You are subjected to duality here. We are certainly aware of that. You are prisoner of your own self and you are vulnerable to negative ENERGY. It is very important to us to continuously show you and make the positive side discernable to you.

From the protocol [Genetic research] – page 46 - 47

… life offers everyone a chance to consciously progress - you can therefore not assess the level of consciousness of anyone else, it also has its justification.

Once you have progressed a little further in your development, once you have dealt with your armour, your wall, your mourning and once you have allowed your heart to open up and have reached a somewhat different level of consciousness, you will be able to appreciate that everything has it own justification - all the things that take place in every individual’s life. This will enable you to look at things in a more relaxed manner.

To practice and to develop composure in this life is on the agenda for every one of you sitting here. The word composure somehow springs from letting go. What are you supposed to let go? - You ought to let go of your habit of assessing and condemning things.

  • Once you let go in the knowledge that everything is subject to a divine, quintessential order, you will become more relaxed.

We would like to turn your attention to the fact that to withdraw from one’s terrestrial life is not the reason why you are here, because only an involved, terrestrial existence offers you the opportunity to grow. Only a terrestrial existence gives you challenges, gives you problems to solve. What are problems supposed to tell you? - They are supposed to tell you that you ought to reassess your valuations. - They ought to help you develop a different way of looking at things.

- In situations like that always ask yourself:

  • What is this trying to tell me? - What changes should I make?

… You ought to allow the DIVINE within you to have an effect and to express the actions of the divine POWER in your terrestrial existence.

What is this divine POWER? - It is ultimately the LOVE, EMPATHY and WISDOM that ought to be unfolded and that ought to be imprinted in your thoughts, feelings and actions so that this LOVE, this EMPATHY and this WISDOM is expressed through you. You will then find that people willingly accept the things you tell them.

Assessment, condemnation, rancour, sadness and anger have no place within these aspects of a divine existence.

Life is constant change. There is never stagnation, because your soul demands growth and progress. This is why there are good times and bad times.

  • The bad times are times of growth! Do not simply regard them as bad times, but as challenges. - There is no stagnation!
From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 50 - 52

Look around you and contemplate all the things you could derive joy from and all the many thousands of things you could be grateful for, because from this gratitude develops even more joy. - …

  • Once you learn to deal with the rise of these challenges with more and more composure, your inner joy will never abate and you will accept the conditions you live under, the things you’re confronted with and you will find pleasure in all the beautiful things around you just the same.

Do not allow yourself to be dominated by worries or thoughts of disaffirmations, thoughts of judgement, thought of knowing better, thoughts of condemnation or assessment. Do not allow yourselves to be dominated by them, but go and look upon the wondrousness of the divine UNIVERSAL POWER within everything around you.

Realise just how much cause you have to be grateful for here in this life. …

From the protocol [Jesus Christ (MAK)] – page 53 and 54

That the future will bring change is guaranteed. But how can we survive the future? How can we turn further changes into something positive?

Through your positive behaviourism, something that denotes you as individual human beings. You can effect a lot through your positive thoughts and the inner deportment you externally express. You often hold the opinion that you, as individuals, cannot change anything at all. This is however a mistake! – There are a sufficient number of souls on an equal footing who think the same and possess the same inner VIBRATIONS. These souls are also filled with fears that can develop from war-like conflicts.

Your souls are subjected to major commotions, because a lot of chaos reigns on planet Earth. But through your inner strength and your LIGHT and LOVE you can mentally change a whole lot. When you unite with lots of likeminded people, you will recognise that RAYS of LIGHT and positive ENERGIES are released in the process. …

From the protocol [SANTINER-Contact 2003] - page 12 - 13

Is there a possibility that the UNIVERSAL LAWS we call “DIVINE LEGISLATION” will also find the necessary observance here on Earth?

This must happen from within. Take for example fruit: it ripens; it takes time to ripen. But the development of mankind is continuously hindered from ripening. The “fruit“, respectively the development of man cannot take place when this happens.

From the protocol [The SANTINER] – page 29

(From a report by H. V. Speer – leader of the MFK Berlin)

  • GOD is pure LOVE!

This LOVE offers every human being individual HELP for the higher development of spirit and soul, of mind and emotions, however it is never forced upon anyone!

From the protocol [GOD and his antagonist] – page 3

  • Abide by the divine LAWS, because they will continue to act as validation of your own worthiness.

Recognise that you are one stone of many in the drama life presents here on Earth. Pay attention to the LIGHT and not to darkness. Pay attention to good and not to evil. Pay attention to your heart and to the information and knowledge it conveys to you. Concentrate on yourselves and do not judge others, but give them LIGHT and confidence so that they can also go their own way.

From the protocol [Psychic (mental) illnesses] – page 39

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